Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Episode 2

survivorImage Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSI have to start by saying… “Thank You!”

You guys are the greatest and most loyal audience a show could ever hope to have on its side!

After dominating Thursday night at 8pm for nearly 10 years, Survivor moved to Wednesday night. This was a big move. What would happen? Would our audience stay with us or would this be the beginning of the end?

Well, not only was Survivor the #1 show of the night in all the key demos, holllla…!… but our ratings actually went up from a year ago. That just does-not-happen in television these days.

It’s all because of you. You stayed with us. You changed your viewing habits. Whatever you were watching on Wednesday nights, you’re not anymore.

So.. once again, we say thank you.

Okay now onto the episode.

Hellllllo crazy woman #2! You thought Wendy was a little wacky, hang on, cause here comes Holly!

It’s only day 4 or 5 and already she is losing her mind. Let me preface all of this by saying that I actually really enjoy Holly. I think she’s a good person and she just had a very rough first few days, but man she was going bonkers.

As is so often the case, we didn’t have enough time to show you all the different ways that Holly was losing her mind, but I don’t think you need to see much more than her taking somebody’s expensive dress shoes, filling them with sand and tossing them in the ocean… for what appeared to be no good reason.

On second thought – what’s crazier? Sinking a pair of $1600 alligator shoes in the ocean… or paying $1600 for a pair of shoes?! Dan… sixteen hundred dollars? Really? For a pair of shoes? Alligator, no less? All of it just feels very wrong. Maybe Holly did you a favor sinking those things. Then again you’ve probably already replaced them and plan on wearing them at the live show in December!

Note to Jimmy T: – the reason nobody is asking you what you think is because you’re always telling everybody what you think. God gave you ears for a reason – try listening for a change. Man. I have a lot of patience but I will be honest, I’d be hard pressed not to vote out Jimmy T – regardless if he was in my alliance, if he had six idols, even if his uncle was Les Moonves, my boss. Okay, maybe I’d put up with him if indeed his uncle was Les Moonves. But I’d want proof first. Otherwise – el gonzo.

Hey Marty, don’t start patting yourself on the back. You’re not out of the Probst doghouse either. Granted, you are much more controlled, much more subdued and a far better listener than Jimmy T. But your determination to get rid of Jimmy Johnson is irrational. It’s envy. Pure envy, brotha. You know I’m speaking the truth. You should rethink it… the man can lead. He’s calm.

Did you see the way he talked Holly back into the game. He was very comforting and he did it without judgment. That’s leadership. He understands that people have ups and downs. No big deal. He knows the key is to simply get your head back in the game and everything will be okay.

Marty and Jimmy T – I’m gonna say it again – ease up on Jimmy J. There’s a time and a place for everything but don’t vote him out based on spite. You two should give “The New Earth” a read.

While we’re at it – Naonka, there’s still plenty of room in this doghouse, so come on in and plop it. I’ll even give you a bone to chew on since you’ve been yapping like a dog these first two episodes.

Naonka: (On Kelly Bruno and her artificial leg)
“If we have to race and that leg falls off… she’s outta here.”

And with that line, Naonka moves to the front of the line for “America’s Favorite Survivor.” Touching.

Naonka, did you see Kelly B work her way through that mud and the hay? You may wanna think twice about challenging her to a race! Personally, that was all I needed to see. Kelly’s leg is absolutely no disadvantage. The girl can move.

Naonka: “I don’t want anybody to think that I’m a B-I-T-C-H.”

Hmm… uh.. trying to figure out how to say this without offending… well, that might be tough, so I guess I’ll just say it straight up… no beating around the bush… gonna just lay it out the way I see it.

Naonka, as far as wanting to make sure that nobody thinks you’re a bitch…. Girl, it’s too late. That ship has sailed.

You might be able to turn it around, but for the time being, you are the “bitch” of the show, and the little that I know about you, I’m pretty sure you’re okay with that title.

In fairness to Naonka, as lippy and sassy as she is, she did make me laugh often. She does have a good sense of humor, she just needs to think a little bit before she speaks. Maybe her and Jimmy T should sit down for a little meditation together. Go to China. Meet a Monk or something.

And I’m not even gonna get into Naonka stealing somebody’s socks. These people are out of their friggin minds! It’s only day five!

Thank God Fabio is still sane.

Marty: (to Jill) “I got the idol. I got the idol baby. I got the first idol—(realizing the error of his statement)- WE got the first idol!”
Jill: (knowingly) We got the idol.

Damn Marty. You are out of control. Jill was the one who figured out the clue. She then came and told you where to look. Then she came and inspired you to keep looking and when you finally find it, the first words out of your mouth are… “I got it!?” I? I?

Maybe I should just send you “The New Earth” and not wait for you to get it yourself.

Chase, I know you prayed to God to bring you someone you could trust. But who are you kidding? You don’t “trust” Brenda because God sent her to you, you trust Brenda for the same reason every guy would trust Brenda – she’s hot. Just say it. Own it. It’ll feel so much better. Everybody can appreciate falling for a beautiful woman. No slight to God intended, I’m just saying that this decision didn’t need anybody’s blessing. It’s a slam dunk.

But to everyone else — if you’re in an alliance with Chase, you need to get out now! He’s crazy over Brenda and he’s going to tell her everything. Someone put a rope around his neck and drag him back into the shelter. Bring him here to the Probst doghouse. You’ve got to do something or he’ll bring you down.

That was not editing – I asked one opening question and Shannon just started talking. Much like Wendy, he just wouldn’t shut up. The more he talked, the more he influenced the tribe to vote him out. When someone is that aggressive it’s hard not to have a reaction. Shannon was aggressive.

I think he sealed his fate when he asked Sash, out of nowhere, “Are you gay?” And then followed it up with, “New York is full of gay people.”

Too bad the finale for this season is in LA, woulda been kinda fun to get a group and take Shannon out to a couple of gay bars in Manhattan.

When I saw the message Sash had for Shannon as he voted, I laughed out loud:

Sash: “You should have known better than to mess with the biggest bachelor in NY. As they say in Nicaragua, Hasta La Vista!”

I’m not laughing with or at Sash, I’m just laughing because it’s so damn funny. It’s just funny watching Sash with that confident grin of his proclaiming to be the biggest bachelor in one of the biggest cities in the entire world. Sash, we must hang. I want to watch you work your magic, baby! Maybe you, me and Shannon should all go to the Big Apple and party! Hollllla!

Shannon – it’s with mixed emotions that we say goodbye. Your one-liners were fantastic and had you lasted longer you would have given us many more laughs. But the longer you lasted the more unlikable you would have become. It’s true. Doesn’t mean you’re a bad guy, it just means that in this environment you… were… well.. unlikable. I’m only speaking about this game. I’m sure your life is full of love and great friendships. Survivor just wasn’t your destiny.

In closing, I will say what I say to all guys who are much bigger than me. Shannon, please don’t kick my ass when you see me again. I voted for you to be on the show – you delivered a lot, you left too soon, but you weren’t long for the game. You just came on too strong.

See ya next week!

Below, check out a deleted scene from last night’s episode and to see why Jeff Probst had a feeling Shannon wouldn’t last long before the game had even started. And when you’re done, check out Dalton Ross’ episode 2 recap, “A Gay Old Time at Tribal Council.”

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  • henry

    Hi Jeff,

    I know there were many people upset about the use of the Survivor: Borneo theme song during the premiere and once again I’m disappointed this week. There is a sizable minority of fans who are deeply invested in the visual and audio artistry of the show, so to once again open another episode with recycled music just felt lacklustre.

    I acknowledge that to yourself, who has given endless hours to make Survivor the success it is today, this concern may seem menial and peripheral but to many fans, a new theme is part and parcel of the finished product. I can only plead that the new theme song is implemented in future episodes or is released commercially in some form.

    Besides that, this was a fantastic episode. I certainly am warming up to the older tribe. I think Marty and Dan could be the next Parvati and Russell. I would not be surprised if they did some serious damage. Holly is already losing it and will be the next out from Espada unless she forms a tight alliance in the next few days. I think Jimmy J. paternal attitude will get the best of him soon.

    I liked the challenge, I bet production were super pleased that the Medallion lead Espada to victory. Loved the music that played right before the challenge started.

    Tribal: Shannon is douche and deserved everything he got. After his misogynistic comments last week and blatant homophobia this week I’m glad to see the back of him.

    Great season shaping up.

  • challenge

    Hi Jeff, this was a great episode. Thanks for your interesting insights and comment on the blog.It really helps me to get a better idea and understanding of each episode of Survivor.

    I’m still wondering about what happened to the Survivor: Nicaragua Theme. I researched but there isnt any official/credible reason. Is it possible for you to give us(fans) some explaination in your next post like how you did for Survivor Samoa? Maybe in your next post.

    It would be great if you could give us some explanation to help clear the air and misunderstandings among us fans.

    I’m sure that in both Survivor & life, communication is vital to prevent misunderstandings among people.

    I must say that I really like this seasons intro with the Survivor Borneo Theme although I still feel that a big piece of Nicaragua is missing.Thanks again for your interesting insights & valuble comments.


    • Al

      I have a feeling that you and about 7 other people actually care about the theme music, but to each his own, right?

      • Rachel

        I care about the opening music.

      • Meg

        Me too

      • Lil Tuts

        I like the Borneo theme and think it works with the opening, but it defintely loses that little something without its own opening. It’s just a little thing that changes each time, it’s a shame to stop that.

      • Matt

        Shannon Elkins for season 24: Second Chance season. Make it happen! That guy is hilarious.

      • challenge

        Hi. I agree with Lil Tuts. I hope that we get to hear the actual Survivor: Nicaragua Theme soon.
        If not, I hope that Jeff would give us some news why it wasn’t used soon.

        Thanks for reading & supporting my post.


      • BFD

        Taking a d*mp in the ocean is what he’s worried about. Thank god he didn’t take his clothes off and walk off naked.

      • Dr. Zechariah Zenith

        Great blog Jeff.

        Still episode 2, I have no idea who I am rooting for.

        But I am sure I am beginning to dislike certain castaways now.

        Naonka looks like every angry woman who gets on the show. She reminds me of Yasmin from Samoa.

        Shannon is a clear jerk. He makes Ben Browning (also from Samoa) looked better. Clearly for the 321 Survivors who joined I would ranked him somewhere in the bottom. An alpha male who clearly failed in using the power of diplomacy.

      • ThinkWingRadio

        I love the opening music. The first season was best, but I feel like the last two seasons have gone back to those musical ‘roots’.

        Before my house fire, I had that 1st season CD, and I really miss it! :(

    • trina

      hahahahha…what a fabulous episode! Too much fun. This season is delivering way better than I expected!

      • NICK

        I agree! It’s been a great ride so far! Usually Survivor is slow in the beginning..

      • Sam

        And FABIO is soooo funny. I want to see a bunch of Fabio outtakes.. c’mon. It’ll be pure comedy. Make it happen Probst!

    • RCB

      Dan could actually file a criminal case against Holly for stealing the shoes. Dan could present a copy of this episode as his evidence, plus she confessed too.

      • Little Lady

        Yeah, but it happened on foreign soil, so no US Court has jurisdiction.

      • Soap On A Rope

        I think that it might be something Judge Judy would be interested in. I can just hear her say “GET OVER IT”.

      • ac

        That’s the price he pays for bringing a $1600 pair of shoes when he knows he’s going to be stranded in the netherregions of Nicaragua for over a month.

      • Soap On A Rope

        I’m sure that if Dan wins the million dollars, all will be forgiven. If Holly wins the million, she will be able to buy him a new pair of shoes.

      • Dr. Zechariah Zenith

        Russell burned socks. Rupert stole some shoes too. Even though I don’t like them taking other people’s belongings going to court seems over the top.

      • musica1

        Yeah, I was surprised she was allowed to take them out of his bag. I knew that on survivor anything you left out and around was fair game (as the shoes Rupert found in his season), but I really thought you couldn’t mess with people’s bags. Survivors have found hidden immunity idols in bags before and didn’t take them. I thought they weren’t allowed. But maybe they could have.

    • starbbycat

      hey Matt high five on Season 24 staring Shannon – this dude was amazing — last week i thought this season would be boring – hellllo week two – bunch of crazies out there in the wilds of nicaragua!!!

      • jibjab

        Come on People, do you never watch the show, I’d wear 2 pairs of socks,2 pairs of underwear and the most comfortable running shoes (that can get wet). $1600 loafers for survivor. The dress up like they going on a job interview. Thick stranded on a desert island! Duh!

      • Matt

        Thanks! They need to bring him back for season 24. 2 episodes of Shannon wasn’t enough!

      • Dude Bro

        Shannon was the biggest d-bag they’ve ever dug up to be on this show. I’m so glad the people who were in his alliance saw that.

    • Alan

      My question is WTF is up with all the crotch blurring? Every time they show a male contestant in his underwear they blur his crotch. I mean come on! If straight guys can see the women in the boob cleavage, why can’t gay men and women see un-blurred crotches?

  • big momma

    where are you brown suga?

    • brown suga

      i’m right here big momma!

  • Q.H.

    Is this a “Survivor” record for most people we already can’t stand after just 2 episodes? Seriously, I’d love to vote out about 9 people already. No more casting calls at the mental institutions!

    • Lil Tuts

      This cast is hilarious.

      • Lucy

        agreed!! great episode!

    • CP

      100% agree

    • Soap On A Rope

      I think most of them were recruited at “The Belly Bar” in L.A.

    • Lisa

      I’d take this crazy, entertaining cast over irritating Russell any day of the week! Hilarious!

      • Soap On A Rope

        If that is the case, prepare yourself to be irritated in Survivor 22.

  • Pat

    On Wed night, you’re up against Hell’s Kitchen, one of my other faves. I taped it, will watch it tomorrow after work. Go Survivor!

    BTW, glad Shannon’s gone. Bet the editors are happy – no more having to blur out his crotch. hehe

    • Soap On A Rope

      I think that you have stumbled on to a possible replacement for Jeff if he ever leaves Survivor. That loud mouth host of Hells Kitchen would be perfect. At the conclusion of tribal council he could yell at the person voted off and say”GET OFF OF MY ISLAND”.

      • RBlues

        The ONLY person i would accept as a replacement for Jeffie would be Boston Rob Mariano.

  • Sanntay

    Wow, what a tribal council! I could not believe what Shannon was spouting. How could he be so stupid so early?! Anyway, I believe Naonka will be ousted next. She is really full of attitude, and it is not cute. Holly was a bit over the top, and her actions were unnecessary, but I have to wonder why Dan would bring a pair of $1600 shoes out in the wilderness? Jeff, maybe you can ask him that if/when he brings it up at the next tribal council.

    • Laura

      So are you of the mindset that they haven’t filmed the next tribal council yet? lol.

      • Lil Tuts

        Omg IKR this person is srsly stupid.

    • Cheese



      • dwshill

        That’s pretty sarcastic and unnecessary but whatever….however, one of your points isn’t very valid. You only need to look at Big Brother to see proof that it is possible to record and edit a one-hour show over a period of three days.

      • Sanntay

        WOW, so I made a mistake. Guess I got too wrapped up in the episode. What I should have said was: “I hope that question was asked at a future tribal council.” Feel better now?

        I’m sure all of your posts display the utmost insight. Geez, lighten up, it’s just a TV show!

  • edi

    nice episode! It was far more intense than the last one. At the time of the tribal concil, I was jumping up and down with excitement.

  • A

    I really want to know if Hidden Immunity Idol clues are being given to the tribe that doesn’t have the Medallian.
    Also, Jill is becoming my favorite person. I know Sandra just won the last season but I don’t think enough older women have won. We need women to win who haven’t been able to manipulate the women with their “assets” to prove that women can manipulate just as well if they don’t look like a model.

    • MCS

      Alina and Kelly B found their clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol, the rest of the tribe doesnt know

    • Lil Tuts

      Yes because Jenna, Parvati, Amber, Natalie and Danni clearly just won because of their hot bodies. It had nothing to do with being athletic or intelligent or a nice person. Women are dirty! All of them!

      • Jody

        Natalie won because the jury hated Russell.

      • davey

        …and Sandra won last season because the jury hated Russell AND Parvati (who so completely deserved the win).

      • Soap On A Rope

        I would be happy to give all of them a bath.

      • Ben

        Err, Natalie winning had EVERYTHING to do with her being a nice person.

    • Anna

      Jill lost me the minute she went running and blabbing to Marty mere nanoseconds after figuring out the cryptic. It’s like Shambo 2.0. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

      • calciox2000

        OMG you are so right Anna, Jill is a Shambo 2.0! Too funny. And then Marty kept saying, “I found the idol” right in front of her! So, so stupid to tell him the correct clue. She should have told him the wrong clue and went to the tree mail herself!

      • Lisa Dee

        I know – why, why, WHY did she do that? I would have found it and kept it – only played it if I had a strong vibe I was going to be voted off. Who wants to give up that kind of security? Sheesh.

      • tennisfan

        Yeah, why on Earth did she do that? I didn’t get it, what was the point? ALWAYS get the HII in your own hands…

      • princesspr

        OMG!!!! Hello! I will never understand how you get on the island and DO NOT THINK!!!! It is worth a MILLION why are you giving up your strategy?

        oooh it is lost one me for those who do not watch the show and think this game is ALL PHYSICAL… it a mental and you MUST use your interpersonal skills!…heck Russell showed us that.

        He clearly deserved to win…but, his “getting along with other skills” were the worst and he lost for no other reason that JURY hate him, not once but TWICE!

      • Dude Bro

        Well, she said she was trying to build an alliance, and certainly Mr. “This is so money” should realize he’s indebted to her somewhat.

    • Tom in STL

      Sandra is not old, she’s only 36!

  • Sir Effingvivor

    All I have to say is that tribal effing rocked! HAHA I hope the rest of the season is as good as this episode, HVV is a tough act to follow but so far so good.

    Thanks for the blog dude.

  • MCS

    Firstly Jeff, how is it in 10 years you don’t age? Ever. Secondly, craziest tribal council ever. In 20 seasons of Survivor I have never been left so speechless as I was at Shannon’s stupidity.

    • Cheese

      Watch the first season again. He’s aged.

      • CE

        Like a fine wine, baby, like a FINE WINE. He’s better-looking now than he was when this all began. Holla.

    • Ashley

      Jeff’s certainly aged, maybe we’re just aging along with him so we don’t notice too much =P.

      And yes, I could not believe Shannon. It’s hard to tell what may have been said because of the editing, but I really hope someone stood up to him after he started ranting about Sash being gay. I would have. I thought from the first episode that he was sexist, but it turns out that he has many more vices than that. So glad he’s gone.

      One last thing: from Benry’s profile I thought he was going to turn out to be a total douche. I’m surprised we haven’t heard more from him yet.

    • victor

      Seems like in one season he jumped from La Flor to Espada. His ageing really hit me when they zoomed in on him in the premiere.

  • myprettypony

    Whoa Shannon is an intolerant bigot! Why would he say that at tribal council? Did he think that people would be like minded and revile Sash if he was gay? Idiot. Glad to see him go (and my husband was too because he loves Brenda).

    • MCS

      It seemed like he wanted them to be like minded, but no one was. You could see them all cringe as soon as he said it – some of his alliance like Benry looked embarrassed to be there with him.

    • Cheese

      You’re an idiot if you believe the edit like that. Shannon didn’t even say anything bigotted. He just asked if Sash was gay. There was obviously more to it than we were shown.

      • Ashley

        I disagree. There was really no reason for him to ask that question at tribal, and I don’t care what editing they did, he clearly showed that he was a bigot. He’s been showing this since day 1, so it’s not anything surprising.

      • MCS

        Shannon, is that you?

      • wakeforce

        Cheese needs to have his head examined, he screams and calls someone an idiot, when he clearly is. There are spoiler sites which already that have the winner of the season. Then, he believes that the statement “New York is full of gay people” is not homophobic. Well, Cheese I am from San Francisco and while it may be true that the city is “full of gay people”, not everyone is gay! (Gasp!) Not even everyone is a liberal. (Horrors!)

      • Kathy

        The film clip of Shannon is very revealing. He’s obviously an pig, the way he talks about being married and how awful that is. Must be fun to be his wife.

      • Ceci

        And the “New York is full of gay people” wasn’t bigoted? Uh…yeh! So he’s bigoted AND a mysoginist…lovely. I’m thrilled—usually they keep these twits around WAY too long. I wanted someone to ask Jeff if they could vote off TWO people and get rid of Shannon AND NaOnka—that would have fixed tribe unity right there.

      • princesspr

        HUMMM…EXCUSE ME…did you watch the show and read Jeff’s blog? Shannon was NOT provoke, he was out on his own…his OWN alliance did not keep him….Shannon became a liable….. real quick!

    • Did You Climb in From Space

      When Sash was flapping to Nay on the beach, I said to my husband ” Awesome, they do have a gay guy this season”. I thought he was too.
      If he is not gay,(?) then that sucks that they don’t have the mouthy gay guy this seasons.

      • Dawn

        I also think Sash is gay. He can protest all he wants, but he gave off the vibe. lol my whole family thought he was gay from the very first. I just don’t think its a negative.

      • Ashley

        I’m pretty sure he is gay as well, not that it matters at all. And I don’t necessarily think he denied that straight up at tribal either.

      • Facts

        Sash may not be gay but his real estate company advertises in a lot of gay-interest publications.

    • texangal

      But it was ok for Sash to form his “minority” alliance. Nothing wrong with that, right?

      • uhhh

        Everyone seems to overlook the fact that Sash is the biggest piece of garbage out there. He’s the one that brought race into the equation. I’m glad he was called out because the only reason he’s “not gay” is because he’s still in the closet…homo for sure

      • victor

        That’s how you make an alliance: finding common ground with others.

      • wakeforce

        The Brigade from Big Brother had its straight white guy alliance. So your point…

      • Dan

        “The Brigade” wasn’t advertised as a straight white guy alliance. You’re argument doesn’t even match. You are awarded no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

      • wakeforce

        Stupid a**holes!

      • lori

        White guy alliance on Big Brother, minority alliance on Survivor…each as disgusting as the other. What I do find interesting is that neither Dalton nor Jeff saw fit to mention something so disturbing. My guess is that if a “white” alliance were being formed on Survivor they would have mentioned it.

      • benny

        I was waiting for someone to bring this up—-this was just as racist/bigoted as any comment shannon made. Can you imagine the uproar if fabio had said something to this effect–Iwant to bring as many white people into the final as possible.?? Does sash just get a free pass?? You’re right, it is the 21st century and racism is racism no matter who says it.

      • PK

        Exactly! If you had three white people stating the wanted to have a “white” alliance, we would be hearing the outrage on all the news channels. Racists and bigots come in all colors!

    • texangal

      But hey, it was ok for Sash to form a “minority” alliance, no racism there, right?

      • nomoretrolls

        No, there is nothing wrong with that. No, there is nothing wrong with that.

      • marc-ly

        Although calling it a minority alliance was somewhat distasteful, it isn’t any different than when coincidently the white guys or white girls (of which there are always way more than minorities combined) for an alliance. The white survivors aren’t doing it because they’re racist, it’s just who they feel comfortable with or whom they feel they relate to more. It pretty much always excludes minority players. But yeah Sash was an idiot for making that comment AND for basing an alliance on being a minority. don’t worry with Nay and Brenda both being targets it won’t last too long.

      • Dan

        The difference is the fact that they don’t state “Lets be the all white alliance”. Just because it happens to be all white people, doesn’t mean they are racists. If they said it, then they might be.

      • wakeforce

        Straight white men don’t have to state they are straight white men. How is this different from boys sticking together,or women forming an alliance? May God, if he exists, run you over with a Mack truck!

      • Minority Alliance

        The minority alliance rocks! Finally gays, blacks, and asians can come as one and kick the whities butts!

      • jenkay

        Finally minorities come together?? Are you serious?? NAACP anyone? If you want to stop being considered differently stop putting yourself out there differently and then use it as an excuse for any imagined wrong that has been done to you! I live in an area where white is the minority however I’m not considered a minorty…stop using it as an excuse! (Don’t call me racist either i’ve adopted a 10 yr old hispanic/indian daughter and i love her with all of my heart)

      • Did You Climb In From Space

        So besides Sash being a Non- Gay man… I also thought his pants were on fire when he said his Dad was black… SQUEEZE me.. but I don’t see any Black Man there.
        Ploy for alliance perhaps?

      • Lex

        The difference is that there is a history of white men subordinating, dehumanizing, mistreating, enslaving, and stratifying society to their benefit.
        Now you’re going to get upset because a person of minority status proposes uniting with his fellow minority status people to form an alliance on a reality tv show?
        BTW the definition of racism (since clearly you are ignorant about a lot of things) is “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races and any type of prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on that belief”
        Forming an alliance based on similar minority status is not racism. FOOLS!

      • onedigger

        Apparently you not only have forgotten history Lex but you choose to rewrite it and ignore reality by your hypocritical statement.
        “The difference is that there is a history of white men subordinating, dehumanizing, mistreating, enslaving, and stratifying society to their benefit.” Open up your eyes Lex. Many in Africa who happen to have black skin are still at it with the mass rapes in the Congo just this summer. That’s not progress Lex, that’s practicing just what you denounced. At least in Western Civilization we have moved beyond that with the exception of those like you and individuals like Sash and Naonka.

        Sash and Naonka are two sorry racists who define themselves by their statements by basing decisions on their somewhat similar skin color versus those who don’t look like them rather than the character of the individual.

        Sad state of affairs when the focus of their lives are so shallow. Good riddance to them both asap.

    • starbbycat

      So agree with you Kathy – total pig.

  • madduxfan

    Jeff, great post as usual. Thanks for doing this for the Survivor fans. All I can say is the world is made up of so many interesting people with so many different points of view on life and I will leave it at that.

  • majamababe


    Love your blogs – they add a lot. And, like Dalton’s recap too. His comments and interviews with the contestants are great. Keep them coming. Actually, I don’t care about the theme music – I don’t watch for the music – I watch the show. I like Jimmy J. and hope he goes a long way in the game; but my favorite is Jane. When I first read her bio, I knew she would be my favorite to win. GO JANE! Thanks again, Jeff…and Dalton.

  • Padrila

    How on earth did the poor editing chaps get all this stuff together in one episode!!! It was a delightful watch!

    Sash looked so offended when Shannon called him gay! He was pissed off that new york’s ‘biggest’ bachelor wld be thought to be gay! twat!

    I hated shannon so king of glad he’s gone…but then again bittersweet. he was fun while he lasted.

    oooh…so brenda and chase are new romber is it? I dont think she cares for him too much. She was telling Naonka that he’s not the brightest bulb. Ouchh! She’s a smart girl though, she’s going to use him and throw him when necessary.
    Great post Jeff. I can also see that you are enjoying youself in NIcaragua. You seem mildly amused constantly.

  • Sash blows

    “Hey let’s take all the people who are not white to the finals!” -Gay Idiot

    • UM

      Yeah, that did sound like he was being a little bit reverse racist, but you didn’t have to call him a Gay Idiot.

      • benny

        There is no such thing aa reverse racism. There is racism or not.

    • Dan

      Yeah it’s usually the minorities keeping racism alive as seen in this episode.

      • Rachel


      • Dan

        See, point made. I’m not racist but someone here is accusing me of it. Do you know me? I’m simply stating some observation. The white people on the show did not make any racially driven moves.

      • shann

        nothing wrong with forming a minority alliance, I could form an alliance for like eye color or formerly myopic people or whatever as well. it’s just not very wise since that isn’t a quality like physical strength, strategic ability, etc. that is essential in this game. But if you want them for those reasons, you could angle it instead from a minority POV to appeal to them :P tho I think Sash just decided it based on race alone..

      • Dan

        Exactly right shann. However, I am saying Sash was wrong for the simple fact that he did base it on race alone. He could have had the same people in his alliance and it wouldn’t be a problem if he said “I like you, Brenda, …” and left out race.

      • shann

        I don’t think leaving out race is speech makes a difference if there is the unspoken intent to form an alliance based on that, just as “wrong”. I just think it is retarded to 1. voice it out loud 2. form based on alone that since it isn’t extremely strategic.

      • Chris

        Dan is absolutely right, Sash makes it sound like coming into the game, he wanted to alliance with the minorities regardless of anything.

      • Sam

        I feel I am not a racist person because I feel GOD created each person EQUALLY because I have a major problem with anyone of any race or mixed raced or sex of religion belittling another. Now with that said, I have a major problem when anyone use their race, sex, etc as a way to get favortism. That is just as wrong. What I don’t understand is when you are mixed race, for example, b/w race and you call yourself black, what is that saying about your white parent or the white race. Why? I feel it is because they know that the white race has no rights to protect them from discrimination! so let the best man or woman of any age and race or sexual orientation win! I would love to see a season where they were either all of the same mixed race (b/w) and equal number of m?w. Lets see how that would play out. I love survivor regardless!!!

      • caryn

        People of mixed (at least black/white) race usually identify as black because in the past it didn’t matter that you had white parentage, if you had a black parent you were considered black. Or at least society would label the individuals as black, along with the racism that came with it.

    • Lil Tuts

      I agree so much!

      • texangal

        I agree!

      • benny

        Ok yeh you can form an alliance based on race alone but the point is that if a white person made these comments on the show would you all be saying the same thing??

      • To benny

        What comment?

        Sash’s exact comment to NaOnka was “I’d like to bring as many minorities as I can to the end as possible”, . That’s not the same as saying “I don’t want to take any white people into my alliance”.
        In fact after doing that they actually invited 2 white people into their Minority Alliance (Kelly Purple and Chase). Which is more than can be said for their white teammates who formed an alliance and couldn’t bother inviting any of the minorities to join it.

    • John Debono

      Since when did Sash become a minority? I thought there was a pretty clear reason when Brenda laughed at Sash’s idea.

      • sww

        Sash said he was half black because he had a Jamaican father.

      • Soap On A Rope

        Which half of Sash is black? The upper part or the lower part? The left side or the right side of his body?

      • Soap Fall Off The Rope

        Soap on a Rope!
        Soap fall off the rope.
        Rope shot out of my hand,
        Rope tie up that man (Sash)

        Thank you Wizards! :)

      • Roap Shot Out Of My Hand

        Btw, Sash lied.

      • Roap Tie Up That Man

        Sash is as black as Jeff Probst himself O_O

    • Rock Golf

      Even dumber, “Hey, let’s take all the minorities to the final. But better not take the cripple.”
      Yeah, because, ya know, having prejudices against people based on what the look like is just sooo wrong.

      • benny

        Perfect comment.

      • To benny

        Except that that’s not what Sash said.
        What he said was:

        “I’d like to bring as many minorities as I can to the end as possible”,

        Which is NOT the same as saying ” I want to take ONLY white people to the end. Besides which they then invited Chase and possibly Kelly purple into their alliance which is more than can be said for the “Whites only” alliance (that included Kelly B “the cripple” as you call her – actually the correct term is ‘amputee’)which couldn’t be bothered to invite any of those minority players into their ‘whites only’ alliance.

    • Riz

      Reverse racism at it’s finest. Seriously, can you imagine if someone said, I only want to bring white people to the finals? All hell would break loose!

      • wakeforce

        The Brigade had its straight male alliance. So your point… Ever since Obama became president, white folks have screamed reverse racism. So here it is, Stop whining. MOVE ON. Stop playing the “race card”.

      • Dan

        Ever since Obama became president, black folk and democrats have screamed “all white people are racists”. The fact that people don’t like Obama could possibly stem from the fact that his policies don’t align with theirs? No not possible, they just hate him because he’s black.

      • Ember

        Umm, wakeforce, I think you just played the “race card”

      • benny

        Wakeforce, you are the racist.

      • Lex

        Look up the definition of racism!!
        Why are there so many idiots reading your blogs Jeff??
        I think on your next post you should encourage all of your readers to EDUCATE THEMSELVES! Forming an alliance based on similar minority status is NOT racism… seriously I’m blown away by the amount of ignorance prevalent in these posts.

      • Jerri

        Reverse racism? How ridiculous….

      • Bob

        So, Lex, rather than proclaim how everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a “fool” and “uneducated”, let’s analyze this.

        Per webster’s online dictionary for racism:

        1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

        2: racial prejudice or discrimination

        Definition of “discriminate”

        2. to make a difference in treatment or favor on a basis other than individual merit

        I agree that Sash’s goal does NOT fit the first definition or racism. However, how does “forming an alliance based on similar minority status” not fit the second definition? The context in which Sash used the term “minority” was solely based on race. Non-minority races are excluded from his goal based on race, not on merit. Walks like a duck, talks like a duck…fits definition 2.

        Other folks (you didn’t, so kudos!) have said that the “minority alliance” includes white people so it’s not racist. That makes me laugh because I hear jokes about how white people “prove” they’re not racist by having a black friend.

        That aside, the fact that some non-minorities were included in the alliance is irrelevant. Sash’s stated goal is to “bring as many minorities as possible”, which does not preclude including non-minorities from the alliance; only that minorities will be given preference in the alliance. Besides, given the “majority rule” tribal council in Survivor, Sash needs to have enough votes to keep his alliance (and its minorities) intact. Bringing in non-minorities is simply a necessity. Personally, I doubt that the minority alliance will hold to this goal, but that does not mean that original goal was not racist.

        Now, while I think this particular goal is racist (per the definition of racism), I’m not saying that Sash is a racist. I don’t know him enough to say.

        However, I do think that many folks would be quick to scream racism if a white person had the similar goal of bringing as many white people to the end. Cue those folks who bring up that Shannon’s alliance only had white people. Yes, it did, and perhaps Shannon’s goal was to only bring white people, which would be just as racist as Sash’s goal. But Shannon did NOT state that (as far as we know). We can only speculate about his reasoning for including the people he did. Maybe they all have a dog named “Butch” or perhaps they’re homophobic like Shannon appears to be. The point is that we don’t know. What we DO know is that Sash explicitly stated his racist goal (per definition of racism).

    • Mary

      I find it very offensive that the gay incident has gotten so much print and yet this overt racism has not even been mentioned in most “official” commentary. If anyone had suggested a white alliance, that would have been on all news channels.

      • To Mary

        That’s because it was NOT racism.

        Only in the deluded demented minds of the lame “We want our country back” crowd could what happened in the episode be termed as racism.
        It’s a good thing the CBS folks and Jeff himself knows better than to indulge that nonsense.

        And tell me, how many minorities were included that that “Whites only” alliance in the La Flor tribe? So are they racist too?
        Grow up!

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