'Modern Family': This week's cover! Exclusive scoop on Mitchell and Cameron's big kiss!

EW-COVER-1122-ERICTV’s funniest (and Emmy-winning) comedy is back, and what better way to celebrate than with three special Modern Family collectors’ covers — one for each couple. But does the cast kiss-and-tell about the hotly-anticipated lip-lock between Cameron and Mitchell in the Sept. 29 episode? You bet they do! We were on the set as they shot the big scene, and spoke to the smooching stars, Eric Stonestreet (Cameron) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell). Was it, in fact, a response to “Let Cam & Mitchell kiss!” Facebook page that sprang up in May? “It’s nice that people care so much, but it kind of bums me out in that now it looks like we’re doing something because somebody begged us to or pressured us to,” says Stonestreet. “The [writers] wanted to tell a good story and not just make a moment out of it. It should just be normal, natural, and sweet, and done in a really great way, which is how they’re doing it.” Ferguson agrees: “I thought it was really sweet that the fans were so avid about the show and wanted to see that happen….That being said, it’s not a Choose Your Own Adventure type of show. We have amazing writers. And we’re not just going to give the fans whatever they want to see.”

Among the things fans will see this season: an earthquake, Cameron in a disturbing pair of bicycle shorts, a female ex-flame of Mitchell’s, and a guest starring spot from Nathan Lane. Of course, if you want some true hilarity, check out the kids of Modern Family taking on their new jobs as Entertainment Weekly beat reporters. Their first beat? Their on-screen parents! Watch the video below to see the tykes grill their folks for all the essential Modern Family details, leading to the question: Is there anything Rico Rodriguez (Manny) can’t do?

For more on the new season of Modern Family, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands September 24.

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  • LOL


    • MSlatt

      That is MY old teddy bear on the cover!!!!!!

  • Adam

    Meh. Parks and Rec. and The Big Bang Theory are both funnier than this overrated and derivative show. I had to wait two weeks (and what was up with making the Fall TV Preview issue a double issue???) for this?

    • Sarah


    • Traci

      You didn’t ever notice that most of the double issue are published around american holidays? You know so the staff can spend time with their families.

    • LOL

      Big Bang Theory? lol nerd

    • Strepsi

      Yes, Modern Family is definitely more derivative than Parks and Rec, a spin-off of a re-make of a British TV series.

      Hush Adam, and drink your juice.

      • Adam

        How exactly is Parks and Rec. a spin-off?

      • Bitey

        I think the reference is that Parks and Rec is similar to The Office, which is a remake of a British series. Correct me if I’m wrong. :)

      • Strepsi

        NBC Press Releases from 2008: “NBC plans a spinoff of workplace comedy The Office and a reprise of action show Knight Rider in its 2008-9 TV season.”
        – would you prefer I called it a ‘derivative’ of the Office, or will that only make your point weaker?

      • Heather

        its a spin off because its created by the same people and in the same style- for a while (before it aired and while its premise was being developed) it was dubbed “The office spinoff”. It’s set up very similarly to the office…because it’s linked to it

    • Annie

      Big Bang Theory funnier than Modern Family? You can’t possibly be serious. I watch both and that’s a flat out ridiculous comment.

      • Liz

        REady to have your mind blown? Cougar Town? Better than both.

      • Badger31201

        Ugh. I really wanted to like Cougar Town, but it’s a dreadful bore. Camera angles were real clever— in 1990.

      • davey

        Cougar Town is the funniest show on TV!

    • Screw you adam

      Big bang theory? Every comedy on CBS is AWFUL!

      • Right On

        If a show doesn’t have a laugh track, how do we know when to laugh?

  • Liz

    I’ve never found their lack of kissing to be wierd. Mitchell doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who would be into PDA.

    • shenali

      I agree…..I loved last year that their homosexuality wasn’t played up in pda. I thought it was completely out of their character that I got to know during the first season….and i hated it.

    • Meloni


    • sooo

      by that account they don’t kiss in their home or bed either?

      • Liz

        The premise of the show is that they are being filmed for a documentary, they are being watched, when you are being watched in your home you tend to act as you would in public.

    • Stacie

      No kissing, ok whatever. But they barely touch on that show. It always seemed weird to me.

      • SK

        Mitchell kissed Cameron last night. OK, it was on the top of the head, but it was affectionate and it counts!

      • Belle

        I saw that too. It was sweet. Actually reminded me of my parents because my dad would do the same thing to my mom.

      • MC

        Where’s the uproar about Jay and Gloria’s lack of PDA? It seems like people are making a political issue out of something that doesn’t warrant it.

      • whatevs

        I agree with MC. This show has very little PDA all around. People need to get over themselves.

    • Badger31201

      Totally spot on about tightly wound Mitchell. I think all the uproar is nonsense.

  • Sarah

    Manny’s pajamas are awesome!

  • Dav

    It’s a good show but funniest…I don’t think so. Cute cover though.

    • Vivi

      Right now, I think it’s the funniest Comedy Show on TV. Or, to play devil’s advocate, EW gave the show that title due to their recent win at the Emmys.

  • Traci

    I find it weird that it’s a big deal to have a couple kiss at all. Is it still a big deal to have two men kiss? I hadn’t even noticed it.

  • Ed

    Love Modern Family. Excited to read the article tomorrow. Hoping that this season stays fresh.
    I do not want it to become like my other favorite comedy Big Bang Theory. It once was great…however if I see (knock, knock) Penny (knock, knock) Penny one more time I’ll scream.

    • Liz

      (knock knock) Penny. It’s three knocks.

    • Ian

      Ya…. that’s not going anywhere.

  • Adam

    Traci – The Fall TV Preview issue has NEVER been a double issue. I’ve been a subscriber since 1990. For the longest time, there was always four double issues – Summer Movie Preview Issue, mid-summer It/Cool/Must Issue, Fall Movie Preview Issue, and Best of the Year issue.

    • Traci

      I am aware that this is the first time they have done the fall preview as a double. They used to do new shows and returning shows seperatly. I don’t think they sat around saying I really want Modern Family on the cover I know let’s do a double fall tv issue then we can have Modern Family on the cover the next time. They could have just had Modern Family on the cover of the returning shows issue. We were getting Modern Family either way.

      I like the double fall tv issue better then the two separate issues. Everything is all in one place you don’t have to compare between two magazines.

  • Jose

    Love Modern Family, but if they have individual covers for each couple why didn’t they show them?

    Plus I wqant a Community cover, maybe for the Christmas episode. and Adam the fall TV Preview issue has indeed been a double issue for a long time.

  • Karate Pants

    I thought last night’s season opener was pretty disappointing – the storyline was cute enough, but I didn’t laugh much and even cringed during some of Mitchell’s overly dramatic moments – BUT I loved it last season and I’m glad to see it on the cover all the same.

  • Sabrina

    I didn’t realize that they hadn’t kissed already. Is this seriously still a big deal?

    • Monty

      I think that the reason people are making a big deal is because it hasn’t happened yet. I much perfer how Whedon handled a very similar situation. When Willow finally kissed her GF there was no network announcement, no “very special episode”. If they want it to be natural, then you DON’T make it a “very special episode”.

      • Silent Rage


      • lettergirl

        i agree. what’s the big deal? they obviously can show affection for each other without tongue wrestling in every ep. i think they are a sweet couple and they love each other on the show. i think they just aren’t the ‘touchy feely’ type on the show. it is NOT a big deal…

      • Carrie

        …And then he killed Tara off and Willow went crazy. I love Joss, and I agree that there shouldn’t be a Very Special Episode surrounding the kiss, but Joss isn’t always the best example to follow.

    • nodnarb

      Mitchell actually kissed Cam on the top of his head last night… and there was no announcement or “very special episode” branding. My guess is most people didn’t even notice.

      • Karate Pants

        I bet you’re right.

      • tgmee

        I didn’t.

  • Adam

    Not sure if my previous post got sent, but I did want to point out that while Fall TV Preview issue has been labeled a ‘Special Double Issue’ in the past, it has never been an actual double issue. There’s always been an issue the week following. Last year the Patrick Swayze issue came out the week after the Fringe Fall TV Preview. In 2008, the House issue came out the week after the Gossip Girl Fall TV Preview issue.

  • dctoronto

    Anyone know why I can no longer see these videos? Ever since I had my computer cleared the images loose their pixilation.

  • nodnarb

    I like to rip on EW’s covers, but this one is all sorts of awesome.

  • couchgrouch

    hopelessly over-rated, derivitive mediocrity. if MF didn’t bend over backwards to please every possible politically correct demo, people would see it for the sit-com pastiche it is.

    • ShotgunShogun

      Makes sense, over-rated, “derivative” mediocrity. That must be why it won an Emmy.

      • philman

        Correction… Several Emmy’s.

    • philman

      Couchgrouch – “every possible politically correct demo”??? Please explain that… do you mean white people, columbians and gay people? Boy, that’s all of them isn’t it? Crawl back into your coal mine with all the other haters.

      • couchgrouch

        I actually watch the show…it’s just not as good as it’s said to be. the last half of season 1 was no better than The Middle. the show was obviously designed to appeal to a large demo. if you think that cast was assembled on a whim, your head is the coal mine. if it wasn’t over-hyped and a pastiche of several better sit-coms, I wouldn’t care. geez, most sit-coms wait a year or two before hauling out the old family portrait episode. hey, if you like it, you like it.

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