New 'Bachelor' to be named Monday: Will Brad Womack make a return?

bachelorImage Credit: Edward Herrera/ABCWith ABC set to announce the new Bachelor star during Monday night’s episode of Dancing With the Stars, rumors are flying that Brad Womack — last seen in the 2007 season choosing neither of his two finalists, DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft — will take another lap on the journey for love. The Austin bar owner took a ton of public flak at the time for, well, I’m not sure exactly what…refusing to pretend he was in true love with one of them just to make TV audiences feel slightly more comfortable with his life decisions as they sat watching him from their sofas, snacking on nachos? Declining to add to the rather high “failure” rate of Bachelor couples? Oh, right, for breaking those nice ladies’ hearts on national television. Anyway, reports hint he may gamely sign up for more — and he told EW in a previous interview that he’d be willing to give it another go — which would make him the first repeat Bachelor. He also told Ellen DeGeneres in an appearance on her talk show, “I believe in the fairy tale romance. I am so disappointed that it didn’t happen to me.”

Fair enough. I don’t hold it against him for not choosing anyone back then — in fact, I think it was a brave move, proving Womack was as full of integrity as one can be on a show like The Bachelor. But the prospect of Womack starring in The Bachelor: Redemption just…bores me. Maybe because I was so psyched by the idea of Ali Fedotowsky’s dreamy jiltee Chris Lambton, who now seems to be unlikely to take the gig. Maybe it’s because it feels so 2007, and that wasn’t a particularly good year for me. What do you think? Will you watch Womack hit the roses again? Or would you prefer a whole new candidate who hasn’t appeared on a previous season?

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  • Sara

    Brad’s okay, but this show needs someone we’ve never seen before!

    • NT

      Agreed. I really didn’t enjoy that season. I didn’t resent Brad for his final decision at all, but he was a bit of a doofus, and pretty dull.
      Someone fresh and unknown would be great.

      • Jesy

        I totally agree with your comments. I’ve always stated on here the need for fresh blood. I guess ABC/Chris Harrison doesn’t read our posts or they really don’t care (Personally, I think it’s the latter).

    • J

      I was just thinking the other day that the current chain of bachelor/ettes all started with Brad Womack, and now this. End the cycle! Find someone new!

    • Caroline

      i bet it’s because no self-respecting man wants to go on the show. so, they need to recycle.

    • LC

      I found him to be totally blah the first time. I honestly can’t believe they are thinking a repeat! Dull and what if he does the same thing again? Please find someone new–there isn’t a super amazing one we’ve seen that we need to see again…unless you can get Graham from Deana’s season!!!

    • Alex

      WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE! please someone ELSE!

  • Joline

    No, please NO. I love this show and with bachelor pad and now this move, seems like they are trying to ruin it. Brad is not interesting, nobody cares about his love life and he’s had his chance on this show. Enough.

  • Carrie

    I think they should go with 2 bachelors to mix things up!!

    • Katja

      Now that’s an interesting proposition.

    • Vicki

      I like this idea!

    • kperry

      Very interesting concept… I read that Jake wanted to come back. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve had enough of him for a lifetime!

    • Noodle

      I like this idea too. That way the person choosing has competition too….so he/she can get a taste of what the contestants are feeling.

    • abby

      i like the 2 bachelor idea! why don’t they have a girl AND a guy & suitors for both. then what if they ended up falling for each other during the process?!?! tv ratings would soar…

      • Alex

        Just like sorority rush, those girls get a choice 2, they rank the guys 1 and 2 and see who gets who…..that would be a great idea.

      • Jesy

        they tried that already (sort of) remember byron’s season. they had the girls pick between 2 guys. granted it was only for the first episode but still

  • BachelorPadding

    Ugh! Really? He was such a bore, and integrity or not, do we REALLY want to risk Brad not choosing another famewhore-he-just-met-and-is-there-just-so-she-can-score-a-juicy-tv-hosting-gig-or better-still-a-spot-on-Bachelor-pad again?

    • RB

      How would that possibly be something that ‘we’ were ‘risk’ing? How does him not choosing someone have a negative impact on your life? I watch the show because it is entertaining, and who he chooses or doesn’t in the last 5 mins of the show has no bearing on the rest of the season for me.

  • Arlene


    • Ember


  • Danielle

    New contestant please!! And a minority if we can manage…but maybe I ask too much :)

    • Maureen

      Danielle, I’ve been hoping for a minority contestant forever!! Even just having Roberto this last time was nice. But it’d be pretty neat to see someone like him as the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Sadly I fear that I’m asking too much as well… ;)

  • Beth

    PLEASE bring someone NEW not someone who couldn’t make a decision the first time! Chris from Ali’s season would be AWESOME!

    • Jeanie

      Chris didn’t want to do it.

  • Vicki

    Hate it if they have a repeat bachelor….lots of people will not be tuning in to watch this if that is what is planned…

  • KC

    Seriously??? No way should they bring boring Brad back. Please pick someone totally new and not a reject from The Bachelorette. Chris L. is way too normal to be The Bachelor.

  • Scooter

    i read somewhere the rumor that Ty (from Ali’s season) was being considered. that would be almost as bad as Brad. borrrring!

    • etm


    • J

      When Jake was picked I was really disappointed that the Bachelor was rewarding someone who was clearly so sexist and somewhat misogynistic by giving them the gig. And it’s not like Jake has proved me wrong at any point – he’s just as creepy now as he was then. I’ll be VERY VERY disappointed if ABC picks Ty because he showed the exact same mentality. Remember that he got DIVORCED because he didn’t want his wife to work??? Please keep misogyny off the air, ABC!

    • Spikesgrl

      I totally disagree. I think Ty would be a great choice. I liked him from the moment he stepped out of the limo. I don’t see how you can say he is boring when we didn’t really get a chance to see the “real Ty” during Ali’s season. I say give Ty a try!!

  • jillyro

    I did admire that he did not feel obligated to choose someone he did not fall for. However, I think that this is just a way for him to get more dates because he has gone through a 3 year dry spell and not finding someone on his own. He had his chance, needs to try something else maybe like that Dating in the Dark show but not be The Bachelor again, done that.

  • Andrew

    If they could not get Chris from last season of “The Bachelorette,” then they should have gotten Ty from Ali’s season. Why would any woman want to date Brad after what he did to DeAnna and Jenni?

    • Rhonda

      YESS!!! I TOTALLY would watch if it were Ty. He seemed the most genuine and he’s a guy’s guy.

      OR they could do something crazy, like i don’t know, pick a non-white person to be the bachelor/bachelorette…

    • Big Dave

      Yeah, how dare he not fall in love with one of the producers’ selections! The nerve! *rolls eyes*

    • J

      Ty got divorced because he didn’t want his wife to work. THAT is someone who “genuine”?

      • Spikesgrl

        What man actually WANTS his wife to work? I am quite sure most of them would love to be the one who supports the family, it is just not possible in this day and age. I totally love Ty and think he would be a great bachelor!

  • Betty

    Why can’t they get someone new? Although this is not a previously eliminated contestant we haven’t had a new person since Matt in spring 2008.

  • BeBe

    I was really hoping for someone that we have never seen before…. I’ll probably still watch though

  • BeBe

    I just read Danielle’s comment and completely agree. I would be nice to have somebody on there that is a minority…. Is this against the rules or something? They have had how many Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons and there has never been anyone of color….

    • NT

      Agreed. Now THAT would be new. And long overdue.

    • Katja

      This is why I was kind of hoping Ali didn’t pick Roberto. PURELY for the diversity that might finally happen when they inevitably asked him to be the next Bachelor.

      • Alex

        How about Reid. So cute…..

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