'Glee': Who's your favorite new character?

new-glee-castImage Credit: Adam Rose/FoxOMG Glee, you guys! It’s great to be back in the swing of things with our regular McKinley High crew, but the season premiere was more notable for its new faces. As any choral enthusiast can tell you, it’s tough to stand out, which is why this group seems especially promising: Dot-Marie Jones’ Coach Beiste (“it’s French”) might be the perfect new foil for Sue, and Cheyenne Jackson’s Dustin is a worthy successor to Idina Menzel’s Shelby as the head of Vocal Adrenaline. Chord Overstreet as Sam is very cute and all, but the real highlight for me was definitely Charice as Sunshine Corazon. So which new Glee character was your fave, PopWatchers?

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  • Joe

    Cheyenne didn’t have enough of a role really last night to be in the running, but I hope he becomes one of my future favourites. He’s a great actor and singer!

  • sam

    the balls in your mouth joke wins. therefore Sam wins…i’m sure all the glee guys would agree since they loved him so much.

  • tracy bluth

    Love Cheyenne, but I have to go with Chord Overstreet. I really hope he’s Kurt’s boyfriend!!!!!!

    • pennyforyourthoughts

      I was thinking that too, that maybe he might end of being kurt’s boyfriend. The gay jokes were kind of foreshadowing, at least for me it was.

    • Kel

      He’s not Kurt’s BF. They are stilling looking to cast the role.

      • Jay

        um, the casting is complete for Kurt’s bf and it’s Chord

      • Pumpkin Pies

        Jay Kel is correct they are still looking to cast

      • Kate

        i thought the new role their looking to cast was for a new gay character, not specifically kurts bf

  • RCB

    Love love love Charice! Telephone + Listen = perfection.

    • Elysia

      I feel sheepish…I was blown away by her singing, but had no idea she was already famous! One-name famous and all. :-S

  • ggny

    There is no doubt Charice has got a amazing Voice but i just dont like her character and im happy she isnt gonna be apart of ND they really dont need anymore singer to take part away from Character we have already spent a season getting to know…But i do like the new Football coach

  • Viv

    Mike Chang’s Abs

    • Sara


    • RyRyNYC

      Hello, I literally sat up in bed and rewound that a few times… I say Harry Shum Jr gets some more screen time.

      • Strepsi

        RyRy you watch Glee in bed? You dirty birdie… I guess you had to rewind it while you grabbed the bottle of Intensive Care lotion from the bedstand…

      • RyRyNYC

        I DVR it, skip commercials… I was in disbelief how hot Mike Chang is.

      • Elysia

        I agree, and I love that Rachel snidely referenced that he was just there to dance. :-P Is it that he can’t sing at all??

    • GCTech

      Hello hottie!! This totally gets my vote!

    • Strepsi

      Write-in vote for the debut of Mike Chang’s abs.

    • steph

      second the write-in for Mike Chang’s abs!

    • nhellieh

      yup. that was sexy!

    • Melody

      Yes! New characters, who?

  • kevcogator

    I only see four replies thus far, but I am shocked that the discussion is not 100% about Coach Beiste. What a great character, what great casting. I like the new blood on the show, but Dot Jones brings on a whole new dynamic. Sue and Shue working together. No doubt there will be some Shue and Beiste vs. Sue and the best will be when Sue and Beiste join together to bring down the Glee club.

    • viddingwithkyle

      Agreed. She’s definitely the strongest character so far.

    • Ember

      Her delivery of “you’re running wind sprints, and the first 10 guys who puke are off the team” was awesome (FYI…not exact quote!)

    • Cdn GLeek

      I just can’t get past that she looks like the old Coach in drag – blech!

      • jayemeff

        OMG at first I wasn’t so sure it wasn’t!

      • ro

        i really thought beist was tanaka in drag . . .

  • Amelia

    Charice has a good voice, but I don’t like her acting.

    • drjphd


    • gail

      she needs more workshops to be comfortable in acting..

    • chastergleek

      girl its her first acting job so dont expect too much and give her a chance.. she has incredible voice.. and I think she can do more better in her acting next episodes.. just watch out for her :)

  • Moule

    For me Cheyenne Jackson’s 30 seconds of hilarious screentime got me excited about another completely ridiculous recurring character. (Who I only hope we’re lucky enough to hear sing down the line; that man’s got PIPES!)

  • Josie

    Charice’s acting was cute, but not great. Her singing was awesome though. Dot Jones was odd and emotional, but not my favorite. Chord is cute like a puppy and he can sing well, so I chose him.

  • Kate

    I loved Charice as Sunshine. Her voice was better than Lea’s (and she’s way cuter and actually looks the right age). Chord Overstreet is freaking adorable. Looking forward to seeing him in future episodes.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Lea has a better “legit” voice; Charice more of an American Idol-ish pop voice.

      • Jane

        Agreed. And I wasn’t distracted by any arm movements during Lea’s performance.

      • Sue

        OMG, the arm movements. It looked so “Celine Dion” that I had to fast forward. That was annoying. I must be in the minority, but I don’t care for Charice. She can sing,I’ll admit that, but I still don’t like her.

      • Casey

        That’s what I thought! I mean, the girl can definitely sing, but the windmill arms were insanely distracting. So yeah, you’re definitely not alone, Sue, because Charice annoyed me.

      • gail

        talking about arm distractions.. you can hardly see arm distractions doing broad way thing (if that’s what it calls it..? i’ve noticed the hands/arms (whatever) are in purposeful movement. whereas, if you’re auditioning.. you feel competitiveness – like if you could throw you hands at them that it could do justice for acceptance. that’s what i thought.

      • TRUTH

        What is a “legit” voice exactly? You might want to check out the thousands of Youtube videos with Charice performing live or acapella. Charice is a vocal prodigy with a 5 octave range.

      • LVholic

        Charice is different from Lea. Lea won can perform theatre, film, tv, pop, classical etc. She’s been performing since 5 yo until now. Charice’s career is just begining. They’re from a different generation so you can’t compare the two. : )

      • TRUTH

        @LVholic You state that Lea can perform in film and tv. Does a singer need to have a specific voice type to perform in film and tv? When you state that she can perform pop do you mean the auto-tuned Glee pop? Also, you state that Lea can perform classical does that mean opera? I’ve never heard Lea perform any operatic songs. If she does what classification does Lea’s voice fit into? Charice’s voice is classified as a mezzo soprano with a dramatic upper register, who can hit a G#5. Charice is also versatile she can sing anything from opera to jazz to R&B. Lea may have started performing at a young age, but so has Charice. She has been singing professionally since the age of 7. Not on Broadway, but in singing competitions numbering in the 100’s, she has honed her vocal skills by bettering other singers. You seem to know something about Lea , but try to learn something about Charice before you comment about her.

      • chastergleek

        for me it was not distracted. because i love her voice.. and its normal when your auditioning in broadway or even in not broadway you will give your all.. charice gets her strength by moving her arms even her feet. and thats what you call a great performer! .. but when it comes to singing i bet charice is far far away and better than lea.. charice can sing all kinds and types of songs.. unlike leah.. lea should choose what kind of song is fit for her thin voice..

      • maan

        @TRUTH you just nailed the truth. 100’s competitions baby.. competing and singing different types of genres to win. mastering the moves, stage presence, eye movement.

      • jeff

        not distracting, charice performed very well, i would prefer watching someone singing with body and hand movements than someone singing like a statue who seems like he/she is hiding something on her/his armpit.. so charice hand movement in singing “LISTEN” is great.

    • Levente

      Completely disagree when you said she’s cuter than Lea. She was an okay addition, but I’m not sold on her.

      • gail

        it’s good you let your heart out. she’s just an okay addition because she’s not fitted into “A chorus line” thing.
        not fitted in a broad way setup. it’s a good exposure for her. her hardships paid-off.

      • gail

        and yes,the way i see it in my world, charice is not cuter than lea. if it’s the size u mean.

      • chastergleek

        @levente your not sold because her exposure was not really exposed as leah michelle in glee.. do you get what i mean?.. uhmm charice has only 4 or 5 short scene in that episode and short lines..and lea is mainstay in glee while charice has 10 episodes only.. and i think the more you have exposure per episode the more the fans will be sold! :)

      • Bolshoi

        It’s OK if you’re not sold with Charice. But admit that LEA is older than charice. Charice is CUTE and has that SMILING face with a refreshingly small mouth! CHARICE ROCKS GLEE 2… Love her!

      • kate

        charice rocks that glee episode

  • eliott256

    The Panther deserves more respect than this. Long live The Beiste

  • Fatima

    Definitely Coach Beiste! Although I know I’ll love Cheyenne because duh.

    • jasper

      why duh?

      • tracy bluth


      • Rion

        Who is Cheyenne Jackson? I have never heard of him.

      • Strepsi

        Cheyenne Jackson is the full package: singing, acting, great guy, openly gay. Love him. Saw him on Broadway in Xanadu, and he not only hit some notes that blew the roof off the joint, he did the whole play in jean hot pants and roller skates. HOT. BTW, he’s also on 30 Rock as the Canadian cast member of TGS.

  • a person

    Love the beiste..but hate that she calls herself the panther…im pretty sure one of the teams McKinnley High would play in footballs mascot is the panther b/c its the most common mascot ever(my high school was and we played like 3 other schools w/ the same mascot!) didn’t like Sunshine either (Rachel is so much better) and I loved Sam even if his mouth is HUGE and distracting!!! :) watched the episode w/ a group of sorority girls who r all in love with him now! :)

  • Hannah

    Cheyeeeennnneeee! Fingers crossed for a disco number on roller skates.

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