'Castle' returns. Beckett wears stilettos on the job. Discuss.

castle-katic-stilettosImage Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCCastle returned last night with a season 3 opener that saw Castle (Nathan Fillion) having to earn his way back on to Beckett’s team after he didn’t keep in touch with them during his summer in the Hamptons — and was found holding a gun over the body of a dead woman. (He did that by winning a bet with Beckett that he would figure out the connection between the multiple victims first — they were involved in a counterfeiting ring and were being eliminated by two cohorts. The dead woman was a sculptor from whom Castle had purchased pieces. She’d invited him over to talk because she thought she was in trouble. He’d shown up right before the police, found her dead, and picked up the gun she’d had to defend herself when he heard someone entering her apartment and assumed it was her killer.) The hour climaxed with Beckett and Castle pointing guns at one another — or rather, the bad guy/gal standing behind each other waiting to fire. (Did Castle take target practice in the Hamptons?) We ended with warm fuzzies because Beckett smiled when it was suggested that she let Castle win the bet. She¬†does want to continue working with him. It was a solid premiere that has stayed on my mind all day… because Beckett wore stilettos.

Now, Beckett is a sexy woman, and it’s nice to see a female detective embrace that side of her personality. (Plus, it made me stop and wonder if she hadn’t been trying to look her best, hoping each day was the day Castle would return.) But Beckett is also a smart woman who — even if she’s as good on heels as Dancing With the Stars‘ Cheryl Burke (who’s sporting four-inch ones this season to stay in the same frame as her partner, Rick Fox) — would know that running in stilettos puts her at an unnecessary disadvantage. She’s isn’t on a dance floor — she’s (supposed to be) on the streets of New York, where she’s occasionally chasing after people who’d happily kill her. (And where there are subway grates in which her heels could get caught.) I thought maybe she just wore them around the office and changed before she went out on a case. But no, she’s wearing them at the end of that shootout. (And frankly, switching shoes would seem undignified for Beckett.)

So, are you happy that Beckett is a character capable of routinely catching bad guys in stilettos (this wasn’t an undercover gig), or, do you see it as being out of character?

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  • Leithen

    I’m going to go with suspension of disbelief, here, as her successfully chasing someone down while wearing stilettos is about on par, at least for me, with the idea that there would be a mystery writer embedded within the NYPD homicide unit.

    I enjoy the show not for its realism, but for its charm, and to be honest, part of the appeal is the sexiness. In other words, I don’t mind.

    • Casey

      Yes, definitely suspension of disbelief here. A good example is Castle being allowed to potentially tamper with a crime scene.

  • MKS

    I actually LOVED Beckett’s outfit in the scene when they’re going to the club. Where’s the Style Watch so I can find out what the heck that outfit came from?

    • ASK

      I think top was Burberry.

  • EMB

    I was just having a conversation with a friend the other day about the unprofessional clothing/hair of TV cops. I can’t imagine that many real-life cops wearing stilettos (I could be wrong). It seems dumb. It’s not that I don’t think she should look hot on the job, but that it would keep her from getting work done. I’m also bugged by how many TV cops seem to constantly wear their hair down and styled, even when they are supposed to have been called quickly to a crime scene. Plus long hair down would probably just get in the way. OK, rant over. I loved having Castle back last night.

    • California Lady

      @EMB: Ditto! I’m the HR person for a small city where our female cops would *never* wear heels like that. Det. Beckett isn’t the only offender – I’m looking at you, Det. Dani Reese of Life – but she’s probably the most egregious. Det. Rizzoli at least wears boots she can run in without risking a broken ankle. And you’re also correct about their hair. Sigh – guess it’s not wise to look for realism on TV…

    • Lex

      agreed but that’s just the annoying glamorous hollywood side of things that we’ll have to deal with. There are multiple examples of people on TV looking unnecessarily stylish/well-dressed while they’re working… Cam on Bones, Cuddy on House, etc. Ah, well.

  • Kaybar

    She could wear Uggs and still look hot. The stilettos didn’t bother me at all.

    • Pennsy Pal

      No one, NO ONE is sexy in Uggs!

      • Curtis

        wunna hook up?

  • Joseph

    With those gorgeous gams (legs), Beckett can wear anything she wants. With Halloween just over a month away, hope we see Castle don his Firefly browncoat once again. When Beckett mentions he’s worn it before, Castle can snidely exclaim: “Somethings never go out of style.”

    • Jennifer

      I think I read that this season they are doing a Christmas episode instead of a Halloween one. It’s a shame that couldn’t do both. Last season’s Halloween episode was a hands-down favorite of mine.

  • Mary

    Forget the shoes, didn’t anyone notice her covering her belly at all times?! She looks pregnant. How on earth will that play out.

    • Chelly

      I thought the same thing! Is she really pregnant?

      • jane smith

        No, neither the character or the actress is pregnant. Just because she chose to switch up her outfits with long, airy tops, it does not automatically mean that she’s hiding or disguising something. It could be she’s just experimenting with different fashion styles. After she broke up with Demming, and watching Castle walk out with his ex-wife/publisher Gina, she probably figured she could use a little change. Some women cut their hair; she let hers grow. As part of that same needing-a-change theme, she could have just as well decided to complete the whole look with new clothes.

        So, can we please stop this absurd speculation? Thanks.

    • Kari

      I thought maybe it was just their way of showing that she’s a bit guarded since Castle left — like maybe she’s a little vulnerable now? It seemed more like a prop to me. When I mentioned it to my husband he said, “she’s carrying it how girls carry it. guys carry books and things with straight arms and girls bring them up to their chest.” I thought that was interesting because I never considered it. He says they are showing her more feminine side.

      • Shan

        Definitely more on the feminine side… but I think that’s part of her character’s evolution. Like she wants to look like a girl now because of Castle’s presence! I love her hair long, too! Just don’t lose her great coats/jackets and I don’t mind portraying her a little more feminine.

      • Emily Michelle

        I hadn’t thought of that, but it makes sense. I feel like her dressing up was sort of a front she was putting on, not only for Castle but for her team. Remember that everyone was watching when Castle unintentionally broke her heart last season, which was probably extra uncomfortable for her because she works so hard to be taken seriously by her fellow cops. Upping her fashion sense is like a show she’s putting on for everyone–“Clearly I’m fine without Castle and I don’t need him”–while deep down she’s hurting.

    • lv2bnsb

      Nathon Fillion looks more pregnant than her… actually he’s just put on a little getting to 40 weight.

  • nich

    I noticed the stilettos right away also and the not at all suitable for copwork top she wore. I feel like last season and the season before she wore things that made sense for, you know, being a cop. Like comfortable shoes that she can chase down perps in.

  • Leigh

    Yeah, the shoes were high. But last season during “Boom!” she was wearing high heals or high boots and she chased the bad guy to the train. All in all, if she can wear them and do her job – so be it! The episode was GREAT though and I can’t wait until next week!

  • Jennifer

    I will never get behind female cop characters wearing heals. Emily Procter on CSI:Miami does it all the time too and it annoys the hell out of me. I remember a scene where she is walking on the BEACH in 3-inch heels. Give me a freakin’ break! That being said, I LOVE CASTLE and won’t stop watching because of the stupid shoes.

    • Leithen

      Emily Procter wearing heels is not as bad in my opinion as her wearing all white to a blood-spattered crime scene, which I feel sure I’ve seen.

      • Jennifer

        Oh, yes! They do that too! Those crazy kids in Miami. What are they thinking?

      • Di

        It’s all part of how CSI: Miami’s color schemes match up with the story of the week. I haven’t watched that show in a long time, so I don’t remember all of them, but here I go:

        Purple – Mob related story
        Green – drugs

        … okay so I can only remember two.

  • queue55

    Am I imagining things or did anyone think Stana Katic looked different facially? Like maybe some nose work done? JW!

    • Stormy

      I don’t know if she had some work done, but I noticed that she was stunning and looked better than last season.

      • Garry

        She does look gorgeous–better haircut this season. And her profile is amazing.

    • Katarzyna

      Stana indeed had some nose work done, but it was at least 3 years ago…

  • laylagalise

    Weird and out of character– Beckett seems to take her job seriously and cops don’t wear stilettos. In fact, she seems like the kind of character who would make sun of a cop who wear stilettos and be kind of offended by it.

    • nich

      I agree. It feels like something Castle would have Nikki Heat do and Beckett would laugh at it.

  • vjw

    I thought Beckett’s outfits last night were early 90’s throwbacks: Leggings, oversized, long blouses and heels. She looked frumpy to me.

  • Shan

    I find it funny that we’re talking about Beckett’s stilettos :D They looked great on her, and she’s so talented, she could probably catch any bad guy wearing em’! Anyway, loved the premiere! It was oozing with goosebump-chemistry! Great acting in this one!

    • Stormy

      What about Maura Isles wearing heels and jewelry in the autopsy room on Rizzoli & Isles? Equally ridiculous.

      • V

        But part of that character, whereas stilettos are a little out of character for Beckett…

  • Kari

    SOOOOO excited this show’s back. LOVED every second of it. Beckett’s shoes seemed like just one change about her — she’s noticeably girlier this season! Pinkie lip gloss…stilettos…even a pouty lip scene with Raley and Ochoa. Something’s up. I swear there was so much tension between her and Castle I actually though the writers were going to give in and give us some contact, but no, of course not. Nevertheless, I will keep watching until it finally happens. I love this show.

    • Meg

      :) Raley and Ochoa? Love the Naked Heat reference.
      I also love how Ryan & Esposito are getting more elaborate character development as the show progresses. Their scenes are getting better and better!
      I agree though, about the girlishness coming through a lot more with the pink lips and drapey feminine clothing.

      • queue55

        Loved when Beckett chided R and E about missing their “girlfriend” Castle!

      • Emily Michelle

        Yes! Ryan and Esposito have always been one of my favorite parts of the show, and last night didn’t disappoint–I loved when they wheeled over on their chairs and were trying to give her comforting/concerned looks. They are fabulous parts of what is, for me, a practically perfect show.

  • shelly

    Am I wrong but does’nt Brenda on the Close also wear hills?

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