Ryan Murphy's new procedural: Should it just be one season?

ryan-murphyImage Credit: Insidefoto/PR PhotosRyan Murphy, most recently of Glee and Eat Pray Love fame, is teaming up with 24 producer Howard Gordon for “a high-concept character-driven procedural that deals with making people face their worst fears and phobias,” according to Deadline. The show will also have “supernatural” elements.

This is my big wish for this show: That Fox pick it up as a one-season-only series. Did 24 ever get better than its first season? Hell to the no. Nip/Tuck started strong and had a decent enough second season, but then it fizzled and started repeating itself at every possible juncture. (How many serial killers can one show that’s not really about serial killers have? Way too many.) Popular was showing signs of strain when it got canceled. Glee has an incredibly tough task ahead of it, especially given that even the first season got a little repetitive. (Sue is mean…but deep down, she is okay!)

And yet these are fantastic shows. Fascinating, titillating, exciting, distinctive — hooray for everything. Image all the goodness of these shows jam-packed into 22 episodes; imagine a creative endeavor that never had to “top” itself to stay relevant; imagine it is about a supernatural phobia-curer. Kinda great, right?

Who’s with me, PopWatchers? I’ll probably wind up watching this show no matter what, but a girl can dream, right?

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  • Bruce L

    Wait a second… 24 never got better than its first season? That’s a joke, right? It got better the very next year. And even better than that two years later. And even better than THAT the year after! (It kind of sucked the years after that, granted.)

  • Mary

    Wow… apparently you missed Days 5 & 7 of 24, which were every bit as good as its first, if not better.

    • melissa

      Yup, Season 5 was the best.

      • Melissa

        Melissa’s agree… season 5 was AWESOME!

    • Woot

      Seriously season 5 was amazing. While not as good as 1 and 5, 2-4 were great too.

    • jordan

      season one was NOT the best season of 24. and even if it was, all the other seasons are still good (some better than others, of course… like ALL shows). this is a very strange article.

  • tracy bluth

    Glee should’ve ended at Sectionals. I love Jon Groff and all, but with those “theme weeks” and what not the second half of the season wasn’t great.

    • Sam

      That is the God’s honest truth, Ms. Bluth.

    • Kylie

      Definitely. I LOVED he first half but even that was slightly uneven. The second half was a bit of a mess. I think it peaked at the Madonna tribute for me. The finale was good but does that really make up for half a season of mediocre episodes?

  • Gage

    Oh boy, here we go with the Glee hate. If you don’t wanna watch the damn show don’t watch it. If you wanted it to end with sectionals then just tell yourself it ended then and no longer exists. I for one thin Glee is only going to get better and better. It packs a double whammy; as soon as i’m done watching the amazing show I can haul a** to my laptop and download all the songs. IT’s fun, it’s entertaining, and there’s nothing else like it. And I’m sure people are going to reply to this and say I need to take a chill pill, or “it’s just an opinion.” Whatev. Watch it if you like it, don’t watch it if you don’t. GLEE FTW.

    • MW

      I LOVE Glee and I have never missed an episode. I am stoked for the premiere and I intend to watch every episode this coming season because it is currently my favorite show on TV. That being said, I agree with the people that said the first half of the season was stronger than the second half. I felt as though the first half was more character driven, whereas the second half was more about the music and creating stories that would fit with the songs they wanted to use. While there were some beautiful moments in the second half (a few of which even reduced me to tears) I still feel that, as a whole, the first half was better. It’s similar to liking certain tracks on a CD better than others. Just because people don’t think every single episode was GENIUS doesn’t mean they HATE the show.

    • veronica

      @Gage Word to your entire post!

      • Carrie

        I give Glee this season, and maybe another year before it descends into the over-the-top uneven mess it’s threatening to be.

  • Sam

    You’re nuts! 24’s first season was it’s weakest (okay, maybe Day 6 was bad, but come on.) Days 2, 3, and 5 were some of the best, most tightly written seasons of television ever created. And Nip/Tuck didn’t grow old until after the fourth season. And Popular NEVER did. So… yeah.
    That being said, we really don’t need another procedural on TV. Go serial or go home.

  • Kylie

    I would argue that Popular’s 2nd season was just as good if not, better then the 1st.

  • dee123

    This isn’t really fair you could say the same thing about some of the J.J Abrams series.

  • ES

    The writer of this article has it all wrong when it comes to 24. Season 2, 3, 5, and 7 are just as great as the first season.

  • bruno

    it would be nice if ANY series just got a one season order…but we know good ol american tv just doesn;t work like that marge.

  • nick

    this girl needs be fired from ew. 24 5th season was the best season of the show and reason it was great was cause they build it up for 5 seasons then all characters we loved died or came back… most tv shows run great for 5 seasons, after that they go downhill x-files,24, hence why lost ended in 6 seasons, if a tv show aint good enough for more then one season then it aint a good tv show period.

    • Carrie

      She should be fired because she has a different opinion than you? What a privileged life you must lead.

  • Tom

    Margaret, maybe you should just watch Dancing with the Stars. Ok, thanks.

  • theshowmustgooff

    WHAT? Popular was every bit as awesome in its second season as it was in its first. And if we’re already talking popular, what’s taking Ryan Murphy so long to get Mary Cherry to join Glee? even for a cameo, it would be a dream!

  • NoNo

    Margaret… Are you on any painkillers or something? 24, Nip/Tuck and Glee are some of the best shows ever… You should really educate yourself about TV

    • Carrie

      Nip/Tuck and Glee were and are both incredibly uneven shows. Even a fan should be able to see that. Why should she “educate” herself when she works for the magazine and you’re just a TV watched?

      • Carrie


  • C C

    One season? I think there’ll be four.

  • Mole

    I wouldn’t trade season 5 of 24 for anything. Nonetheless, a one-shot season may be a great experiment.

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