Gabourey Sidibe's 'Elle' cover: Why the outrage?

There’s been a bunch of internet uproar (which to be fair translates to a low hum) over Gabourey Sidibe’s Elle cover. The magazine’s 25th-anniversary October issue features 25 women in their 20s who are really goin’ for it! Sidibe, Megan Fox, Lauren Conrad, and Amanda Seyfried get separate covers, and Gabby’s is the only one that’s framed close-up. People can’t handle it! Among the criticisms: She should do the same pose as everyone else. Her skin seems lighter. Her weave is bad. Sidibe’s inclusion “feels like a weird fetishization that borders on patronizing,” says Salon.

I don’t see what the problem is here. Elle picked Gabourey Sidibe as a game-changer, so she is on one of the covers. Would people be less upset if Elle had put each of these four women into the same tiny dress and asked “Who’s wearin’ it best?” They constructed the Sidibe cover in a specific way so that she would look her best, and she looks beautiful. Is it really so jarring to see someone heavy on a magazine cover that people need to freak out over how it “should look” instead? This is how it looks.

“We have four separate covers this month, and Gabby’s cover was not retouched any more or less than the others,” said Elle in a statement. “We had 25 cover-worthy subjects in our portfolio and we chose Gabby because of who she is….We shot this as a story of exuberant young women changing the world. If you take a look at the portfolio, each of the women were shot in different ways and for different reasons.”

Fair enough?

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  • The Devil

    I’m outraged that Lauren Conrad got a spot.

    • The Devil

      Oh, and for the record, I’m not too sure if her light colorization is attributed to photoshopping (if it is, for shame) or just lighting – but either way, her weave does look horrible. The pose is very pretty, the weave, however, does no favors.

      • Denise

        The photo of Sidibe looks darker on EW than on Salon, and darker on Salon than on Womanist musings, so maybe the culprit there is in the way different computers capture and display content that is coppied from other sources. And Elle’s statement says it all:
        “We have four separate covers this month, and Gabby’s cover was not retouched any more or less than the others,”
        If you’re looking for accurate portrayals of women, be they fat, skinny or “ideal” – quit looking at magazine covers, ’cause you ain’t gonna find it, honey.

      • ew-bot

        well put, Denise.

    • Lola

      Seriously! And what is Megan Fox “going for”? Obnoxious has-been status?

      • JDWurl

        LOL – this

      • tracy bluth


      • Lisa Simpson

        Yeah, I’ll save my outrage for those who don’t belong on this list – Megan Fox and Lauren Conrad.

      • m

        lola is just mad because she looks more like gabourey sidibe than megan fox.

      • jodipo

        m is just being nasty case he/she knows a woman that looks like Megan Fox would not even look down at him/her so is trying to make others feel bad.

      • Laura

        Agree! Megan Fox?? Really??

      • TJ

        M is right, Lola’s hating because guys think Megan Fox is hot while Lola has… her cats. Who probably don’t think she’s attractive either.

      • larry

        I like Megan Fox. I thought it was so awesome how she called her director “Hitler” and got fired for it. She knew she was risking millions of dollars for not being disobedient to that turkey, but she did it anyway. She’s a hero. What’s more, Amanda Seyfried looks up to her, and I love Amanda Seyfried.

        I like Gaborey too, btw. I don’t care if she is fat. She is so talented!

    • jack

      Same but what’s more outrageous is the fact that Annie said Gaborey looks ‘beautiful’. No. She doesn’t- she looks morbidly obese and unhealthy. It’s not attractive and not a good message to send out to people that they can be beautiful no matter what they look like (when in fact they are extremely unhealthy)

      • Rion

        I agree. She’s not plus-size or average-size—she’s obese.

      • Daisy Steiner

        What does that have to do with anything? Annie said she’s beautiful, which, for the record, is subjective. Someone can be both beautiful and fat. Someone can have a pretty face and be a plus-size. Annie didn’t say anything about celebrating obesity.

      • Gfon

        Wow, you just explained why girls have eating disorders. We can’t be beautiful unless we’re a size 4. Oh, is that too fat? Size 2 okay? Or will we be beautiful when we’re an emaciated 00?

      • lisa

        People can be both beautiful and unhealthy. People think models are beautiful.

      • Nathaniel Poe

        Agreed. Gabourey looks very unhealthy. Morbidly obese and unhealthy IS NOT beautiful under ANY circumstances for ANY race, color or creed. Morbidly obese and unhealthy IS NOT something to celebrate. EVER!

      • ZoeStars

        They aren’t saying that someone has to be a size two to be considered beautiful. They’re saying that someone who is morbidly obese should not be celebrated as they are not healthy in any way. Average-sized, plus-sized, she would be gorgeous. But her size should not be celebrated as it is dangerous and competely and totally detrimental to her health and she needs to realize that. I’m really getting sick of so many people fighting to have obese women looked at as normal. If you exercise ever day and eat properly and healthily and you’re still bigger, then I would say that that is your normal body type and you are gorgeous. However, if you’re eating horribly and not exercising at all, you should not be celebrated as you are setting a horrible example for children in a country where obesity is becoming the number one cause of death.

      • David

        F**K OFF!

      • gataroo

        Agreed. I hate seeing anorexic and I hate seeing obese. They are both seriously unhealthy and not something to be celebrated. Show a healthy size 6 or 8 woman, not a size 0 or 20.

      • bringbackrocky

        And are all you people criticizing her size in perfect shape and at the perfect weight? If not, shut up.

      • Jay

        Her weight isn’t the point. The magazine cover is celebrating Gabourey herself and her accomplishments at her age. Nowhere does it say “Celebrating being overweight.” If this cover was implying that, then every single public appearance or magazine cover she has done would be considered promoting obesity, which is ridiculous.
        The magazine cover puts less emphasis on her body, which actually might be a good thing, considering how many people are upset just because an obese woman is on the cover to begin with.

      • Susan

        People are not always obese because they overeat and do not take care of themselves. I had thyroid cancer 17 years ago. right after i gave birth to my daughter. I have been on several different meds over the years and i do not overeat and i am morbidly obese. No matter what i do, exercise diet i still stay at the same weight. all the meds do is keep me from gaining more weight. sometimes you are stuck in a body you did not choose.

      • Lilia

        Yeah, but anorexic people are beautiful, and their anorexia should be celebrated. And I agree with Jay, they are not celebrating her weight, they are celebrating her accomplishments. I know all you who hate fat people and think they’re ugly would like them all to hide in their rooms so you’d never have to see them, but fat people are still people, and have just as much to offer the world. Why should this woman be pushed aside because she’s large, and only women with their bones jutting out of their bodies have their accomplishments matter? And mind your own business. Gabourey Sidibe is allowed to weigh whatever she wants to weigh! It doesn’t matter if it is healthy or unhealthy, it has nothing to do with you! Stop policing other peoples bodies! What creeps.

      • Ames

        People who are morbidly obese do have an eating disorder — it’s called overeating or maybe binge eating. It is unhealthy, as are all eating disorders and other types of addictions. No one wants her to replace one eating disorder with another.

      • Alissa

        she’s allowed to weigh what she wants. and she’s allowed to be happy weighing that. but the fact of the matter is, she is cutting down her life expectancy and is leading an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. being plus size is a completely different thing from being morbidly obese, which is what Sidibe is.

        ALSO. I get really sick and tired of people acting as though being a size 2 is such a terrible thing. I’m a size 1, not because I’m anorexic or diet or anything, but because I am naturally built very slim. Some people are built to be plus-size, some are built to be slim. Nobody is built to be that obese. Stop championing it. Also, does anyone realize that it hurts naturally skinny girls when plus size girls are constantly touted as being “real women” and that “this is what a real woman looks like”? Real women come in all shapes and sizes, I am no less of a woman because I have less curve. Jesus!

        In conclusion, anorexics and morbidly obese people are unhealthy and should not be celebrated. People who are fit, plus size or not, should be. Let’s focus on that. Sidibe is a large girl, if they’d put her in the same pose as the rest of the girls it would have looked like they were mocking her.

      • @Alissa

        Good lord, are you really trying to drum up sympathy for “naturally skinny girls” because an extremely small minority refers to plus size women as “real”? I mean, did I read that correctly? Well then… let me just say how trying it was for me as a white, anglo-saxon protestant who grew up in a gated community because people liked to point out how the underprivileged kids at my ivy league school were “real fighers”.

      • larry

        Gfon says now we know why people get eating disorders. That’s baloney. Women get eating disorders because they want to look like little boys. That’s what the psychoanalysts discovered, much to their amazement.

      • LInda

        So true. It’s like “the Emperor’s New Clothes”, us all feeling we need to agree that she looks great!

      • Liz

        You don’t think shes beautiful because she looks morbidly obese? your an idiot, Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes not just a size 1 like most girls are trying to be it’s not attractive either but beauty comes from within, people like you are to self absorbed to see that. Beauty doesn’t just come from the outside, to be able to have true beauty you got to have it on the inside.

      • Anastasia

        That is 100% pure, unsubstantiated crap.
        Eating disorders, when they don’t have a biological component, arise from a desire for control — control your body, control your life. This feeds into a desire for ‘improvement’, i.e., getting thinner.
        I was anorexic for so long I’m surprised I ever recovered. Not once did I ever think, “God, I want to look like an eight-year-old boy.”
        Maybe these psychoanalysts of yours should do some actual analysis, hmm?

    • Kate

      Ha! That was my first thought too – what the hell is Lauren Conrad doing there? All of a sudden dumbing down America is a positive change in the world? (yes, I blame Conrad for The Hills, which is responsible for some of the most awful “celebrities” I’ve ever seen.)

      • GGG

        This is the best post ever!

      • Erin


    • Susan

      I can’t help it if I’m obese.

  • WTF?

    Really? It’s a small miracle to get a black woman on the cover of ANY fashion magazine, even to this day. An obese black woman? In a favorable depiction? That’s something to be celebrated, not nitpicked and whined about because it’s not up to some imaginary standard.

    • Damon


    • Kristen

      She is a gorgeous woman (of color and size). The uproar is about the fact that she should be photographed as if she is a beautiful woman, NOT as if she is a BIG woman. Besides, the close up makes it seem as if she takes up more space than the distant shots of the other girls. If the scaling were similar than it would be obvious that she is NOT actually filling up the whole cover anymore than the other girls. It is condescending to say that we should be thankful she is on the cover. She DESERVES to be there (more than “reality” stars).

      • yup

        She’s so huge she really should have had all FOUR covers.

      • Brett

        She displayed talent in “Precious,” and she has a nice smile, but let’s not get carried away. She’s not gorgeous.

      • PsychicSecretary

        This makes no sense! If Sidibe was shown 3/4 (none of the covers shows a woman head to toe), the difference would be obvious. I think the editors made a good choice.

    • Ace

      So you’re saying that marginalized people should just be happy to have any positive attention? I think that’s crap.

      • Mole

        No, he’s saying that everybody should enjoy positive attention.

    • Devin Faraci

      She doesn’t look beautiful at all. She looks horrifying.

  • Mike

    Unless Gabourey herself came out and said she was upset with the cover… it should really be a non-story. If anything the way she is shown makes her look better. And I agree with The Devil. The real outrage is that Lauren Conrad is considered one of the top 25 and cover worthy.

  • Josh

    My issue with the cover is this; people keep saying ‘She’s embracing who she is. She’s real, she’s not a stick figure like other actresses’. That’s b.s. She’s morbidly obese!! We shouldn’t say it’s ok that she’s being who she is because it isn’t ok. She’s ridiculously unhealthy. And don’t give me the ‘you can be big & healthy’ argument. Yes you can be. She is not big, or heavy…she is obese! It’s the same as putting an anorexic girl on the cover and saying ‘she’s embracing who she is’. It’s an illness and she needs to get help. End of rant.

    • maria66

      i totally agree. If instead of being oscar nominated she was a regular teenager from Harlem, everybody would be talking about the dangers of obesity.

      • Dorkophile

        I agree also. I hate how we have to tiptoe around the issue of obesity when it has to do with “a famous female and their weight!” Talking about the extra 5 pounds Jennifer Aniston is gaining is a whole different issue from talking about Gabourey. It’s great that they put her on the cover, but the story SHOULD be about how she will not live past 40 if she doesn’t lose some weight. She’s not “beautiful the way she is;” she’s SICK the way she is- I mean ILL. Her body is dying and suffering and I bet she can’t walk a flight of stairs without panting or have lunch outside in the summer without soaking her clothes in sweat. She desperately needs to lose weight and she is a bad influence on young girls just as the anorexic models are.

      • johnnykagewins

        actually, if she was just some regular teenager from Harlem, NObody would be saying anything constructive about her at all. Just like all the other regular teenagers from Harlem.

      • Laura

        A bad influence on young girls? Really? You think some young girl is going to see this and say, Oh mommy, I want to be obese, just like Gabourey!
        Yeah, I really doubt it. Society’s perceptions of thin=beautiful are wayy to ingrained for that. And yes, I get that being obese is not healthy and no one should make it a goal. But your assertion that seeing Gabourey on a red carpet or magazine cover will suddenly drive young girls to obesity is preposterous.

    • Terry

      I agree. Now a heavy black woman that is very attractive is Quenn Latifah. Gabby does look very unhealthy and (sorry) far from beautiful. I actually was with the writer until she said that. If Gabby is beautiful, then every woman is beautiful. The quote of “she’s real” reminded me of the scene in Arthur where Arthur’s fiancee says that it would take a real woman to get him to stop drinking. Arthur replies, “SHE’D HAVE TO BE A REAL BIG WOMAN”. But I don’t have a problem with her on the cover. At least she won her celebrity the honorable way, with talent! Unlike some other “famous” people like the Hiltons, Kardashians, Jersey lunkheads, and that horse faced Gossellin woman.

      • Terry

        Oh, and why the outrage? Thats funny, I think it’s more like WHERE’S the outrage? I mean a few idiots gripe about Gabby and EW throws this in just to get people worked up. I’m on the computer all the time and this is the first I’ve heard about it.

      • Dorkophile

        Haha, so true Terry. That didn’t even occur to me- I haven’t seen one word about it until this article either!

      • Sarah

        It’s been on Yahoo! all day.

    • Amber

      I completely agree. It’s one thing to be a little chubby (which I am) but quite another to be dangerously overweight. This is not a role model in my opinion.

    • Inez

      … except that they put anorexic models on the cover and celebrate “how she is” every single month, on nearly every single magazine. The ones that aren’t anorexic, they airbrush to look as if they are.

      • Dorkophile

        yes, and we constantly criticize magazines for putting anorexic chicks on covers too. So what is your point? It’s not BETTER to put a morbidly obese person on. Why are these the only two choices you are posing? We are trying to say that they should put some normal healthy looking girls on.

      • Ames

        But people can be thin without being anorexic. It’s certainly not rare. But for a person to be obese without being an overeater is rare.

    • Rebekah

      Please. When people are drug addicts or alcoholics or reckless drivers or huge bitches (a dangerous game itself), there isn’t an uproar. Their life choices or expectancy aren’t any better than hers are.

      People go off because her health/safety issue also happens to be unattractive, so they have a justification to pick on her.

      Until I can kill every unhealthy vice I have, I won’t say a word against her.

      • hedge

        Thank you, Rebekah, you’re absolute right. As long as people could hide their high blood pressure and deadly levels of cholesterol in a size zero dress, we’d be told by these same people who now claim “concern” for the obesity epidemic that it’s none of our business. What hypocrites!

      • Lauren

        “People go off because her health/safety issue also happens to be unattractive, so they have a justification to pick on her.”

        Perfectly stated, Rebekah.

      • Kate

        Yes. This 100%.

      • Mimi

        Thank you Rebekah!! Everybody has vices, issues and flaws, but isn’t it convenient how people get to front like they’re not f’ed up, and point their finger at someone whose personal flaws can’t be hidden! We shouldn’t “celebrate” her? Why the hell not – is she worthless? She’s not worthy of any good thing because she’s fat? I swear people kill me. Let this girl make her way in the world, flaws and all, JUST LIKE YOU DO. Hypocrites!

      • Laura

        Thank you! I agree 100%… people are so condescending and hypocritical.

      • Jenn

        Perfectly said, Rebekah.

    • Pete

      Yes, but they DO put extremely skinny women on the covers all the time and proclaim them to be models of what a woman should look like. Neither is healthy, but people only gripe about the obese people.

    • Casey

      Exactly. She’s not “curvy”, she’s freaking obese! People like Scarlett Johansson and Christina Hendricks are curvy. Gabby Sidibe? Not so much.

      • Kate

        Wow, the fact that you think Scarlett Johansson is “curvy” (implying bigger, more voluptuous) completely illustrates the sickness in America regarding body image. So as long as you’re as thin as Johansson, you don’t have a problem with weight? I’m freaking hooped.

      • JD

        @Kate – Scarlett Johansson IS curvy. Your “so as long as you’re as thin as Johansson” reply was just you not wanting to waste a perfectly good opportunity for self-righteous indignation. Sounds like you got a great deal on soapboxes at IKEA this week.

    • Samsara

      Shall we disclose the unhealthy habits of all models and actors that grace magazine covers? The thing with weight is that it can’t be hidden away. It’s so THERE. Just like skin color. It’s all so ready to be picked apart, judged and dissected. Maybe Amanda Seyfried is a smoker, maybe Megan is a bulemic, perhaps Lauren is addicted to prescription pills – all of which can be hidden and will eventually kill a person. And non of those habits/vices/illnesses are illegal. Just because someone is fat or obese doesn’t mean that we have to also discuss the fact that she’s unhealthy and may die an early death from it. Gabby is an actress and I would imagine wants to continue to be an actress. I want to enjoy the movies without knowing or caring about every minute details of their life. There will always be obese unhealthy people in the public eye. It’s life. Let it be.

      • Jay

        Very well put.

      • Alissa

        I think the point is, there won’t be able to be very many movies if she dies much earlier due to being overweight. she’s talented – we’d like to enjoy that talent.

      • Anita

        @Alissa – you just missed Samsara’s point. All those non-obese actors who smoke or abuse alcohol or are unhealthly thin (binging, etc.) are are severe risk of also dying young. Do you understand now?

    • Jennk

      Josh – I’m going to have to disagree with you about the comment that you can’t be morbidly obese and be healthy. I was morbidly obese and didn’t have any health issues. I didn’t have diabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure, and I had no heart problems. I passed company physicals, and could run circles around my trim best friend. I chose to lose weight because I wanted to fit into cute little clothes (yes, it was totally a vanity reason – I’ll fess up to that). Now, I weigh what I weighed when I got married 20 years ago, but my health is exactly the same – perfect. I know that my situation isn’t the norm, but until you know what hers is, you don’t know how health or unhealthy she is. Making a sweeping statement about her health without knowing the full story is wrong.

      Regarding the cover art, I think that she looks nice, but I agree with the person who noted that having a head shot that takes up the whole frame just makes her look bigger. They could have left a little of the background in the shot. I also agree with the people who posted that she’s a better choice than Lauren Conrad. When a reality “star” is a choice for someone who is in their 20’s and going for it, it shows there aren’t a lot of choices out there.

      • ti

        im in healthcare and there is no such thing as morbidly obese and healthy. u may not exibit diabetes, elevated cholesterol etc presently – but believe me, u will. its sad when it takes 4-6 nurses to bath and turn a patient b/c of their size. just b/c medication is taken and attributes to a larger size is not an excuse to become morbidly obese.

  • rey

    lets celebrate a large black woman is on the cover of a magazine the spotlights stick figures and calls them models.

    • Rumplestiltskin

      She isn’t “large”. She’s FRICKIN HUGE and that is ugly and unhealthy and someone should do an intervention.

      • Anita

        Let’s celebrate a fricken huge black woman who is on the over of a magazine – a magazine that is not celebrating what her size is, but a magazine that is celebrating and honoring what she has contributed to society

      • Katja

        LOL well said, Anita. No one is celebrating her size – Elle is celebrating her career.

  • daisyj

    Really? You don’t see what the problem is? All the other women have bodies that “deserve” to be seen, according to the magazine, while hers has to be cropped out of the shot. If it was a stand-alone cover there wouldn’t be nearly the same problem, but the contrast here is striking. And are you really going to imply that she “looks her best” as long as most of her isn’t visible?

    • crazydaisy

      Maybe her body DOESN’T deserve to be seen. We don’t want children to think its okay to be this fat, do we? “Look girls! You can be morbidly obese and still be on the cover of Elle one day!” I’m not liking that message.

      • daisyj

        Right, it’s much better to let kids think it’s completely unacceptable to deviate from the norm at all, and ingrain hatred for their bodies at the youngest age possible so they have a good run-up for starting their eating disorders. “Look, girls! You can be on every other magazine cover everywhere if you puke up all your meals!”
        If we didn’t let anyone who did anything unhealthy be in magazines, they would all be blank.

      • Bleh

        @crazydaisy, I don’t necessarily agree with daisyj because obesity is a bad message to send, but so is anorexia. I’d prefer a perfect world where magazine covers embraced a normal healthy looking person. I hate double standards.

      • crazydaisy

        I 100% agree with you Bleh. Glamour magazine has lately been impressing me with their attempt at showing a wide array of HEALTHY women, not anorexic and not obese.

      • daisyj

        I just don’t believe that one magazine cover with a picture of an overweight woman on it is going to be “promoting obesity.” Any overweight person, particularly kids, is going through their days being constantly reminded (explicitly and implicitly) of how unacceptable the world finds their appearance, in ways that have absolutely nothing to do with concern for their health (though it may be masked in those terms). Encouraging people to hate themselves and insisting that they should be invisible, or at least unphotographed, if they do not conform to accepted norms of beauty isn’t going to improve anybody’s well-being.

      • Mimi

        Why the F do people always drag kids into every single societal issue?? Please. Kids don’t give a s*** about Elle magazine in the supermarket, they’re too busy begging for Skittles and Starburst and M&freakinM’s!! If anything, THAT will make them fat, not Precious on a magazine cover.

      • Laura

        Daisyj, thank you for being a voice of reason… I said the same thing further up the thread. You knew it wouldn’t be long before someone yelled, “Think of the childen!” Please. Like society’s perceptions of beauty are going to suddenly be erased by one magazine cover. Young girls everywhere will yearn for obesity, despite the mocking, cruelty, and judgment that will come along with it. All because they saw Gabourey on Elle once. Yeah, that’s really plausible.

    • Lynn

      I don’t think she needs her whole body on the cover…you can tell from her face how obese she is, and I don’t think ANYONE wants to see her in a dress like the other girls are wearing. She needs to stop being rewarded for having 1 role where her obesity helped her play the character and get healthy.

  • Sarah D

    Why do so many people have issues accepting that “equal” and “different” are not mutually exclusive?? All 4 women look beautiful, and their covers show what they are best known for. 3 of these girls sell themselves as sexy slinky actresses, and one promotes herself as endearing and funny. It’s not a bad thing that we all look different, why is it a bad thing that we all should be photographed differently??

  • Carrie #2

    The bigger outrage here should be that Megan Fox looks like she’s wearing nothing but a towel. What a slut, I can’t stand her.

    • Jo-Jo

      It’s because you are jealous of her babe. You don’t know her so how do you know she is a slut?

      All the ladies look great. I do have a slight problem with Gabourey Sidibe’s weave but her smile makes up for it.

    • Terry

      Slut? I’m not the biggest Fox fan but she recently married her longtime boyfriend. Unless the definition of slut has changed, I don’t understand why you would call her that. Plus, why the hate on her? It’s not as if she’s the one who made the comments about gabby. Do you have to run down someone else to defend Gabby?

    • Anita

      Again – you are missing the point. You might not like her. You can’t stand her for what you see her for. Would I like the shot to be different? Yes. But she is on the cover not for her weight or what she is wearing. The magazine is not celebrating what she weighs or what she wears (though, before you snip at me, they will use that which allows them to sell more magazine). The magazine is celebrating what she has done. It is subjective – we have the right to disagree. We don’t have the right to tear these women apart.

  • beth

    She looks like a happy young woman. What is the big deal? Many, many young women in our country are big women – it has got to be empowering to see someone her size on the cover of a fashion magazine!

    • Ap

      Good point!

      • Allison

        The big deal is if you’re that big, you’ve made a few bad decisions over and over for years. I don’t want to be able to count rib bones on cover models, and I appreciate that GS has been recognized for having talent, but she’s not a healthy role model. Like someone else said, Queen Latifah is absolutely gorgeous, bigger, but obviously also works on being healthy.

      • PsychicSecretary

        Queen Latifah and Oprah are big. Sidibe is enormous and should not be compared with the other two women,

  • gleefan2

    The outrage is because she is very obese and unattractive. Duh.

    • Doctor Pu Tang

      That is what I am saying fo reals.

      • jodipo

        so the big deal is there is a large percentage of people that are horrifically shallow? I agree, its a problem.. maybe we should send all you pathetic sickos who call others ugly because they are not your ideal woman to an island and “accidentally” nuke it.

  • the photographer

    Sorry about all the controversy but I simply forgot my wide angled lens that day….

    • Doctor Pu Tang

      Ha ha. Good one bro. Precious need to get my numbers and get me fried chicken.

  • Penny

    Gabby looks beautiful.

    • Doctor Pu Tang

      Yeah she is smokin hot if fat, black chicks that smell like chicken grease are your thing.

      • alia

        Troll better or go back to troll school.

      • Doctor Pu Tang

        Alia lick my ass.

  • Ely

    it’s disgusting

  • rebecca

    we all know that she is over weight and maybe the magazine didn’t want to show her full figure compared to all the other people who are skinny. but seriously she does need to lose weight. she is very pretty, but she is only like 25 or something and to be that big is very unhealthy

  • Sara

    Okay so first up, her skin has been dramatically lightened. I don’t care what Elle says. If you see candid photos of her, you’ll notice she’s much darker. Second – yeah that weave is pretty bad. And third – yay putting a curvy woman of color on the cover, but by only using a photo of her face and not her full body like they do with the other (skinny white) girls, it’s like Elle’s saying “eh…we’ll thrown a bone to girls like Gabby, but we all know you’d be pretty horrified to see a fat woman’s whole body so we’ll spare you that sight”. It’s just icky.

    • raingods

      If they put a fully body pic, she’d take up even more of the cover than she does now.

    • MikeyNYC

      So Gabby is wearing foundation that makes her skin appear lighter than usual and that is a problem? There isn’t one woman on the cover of ANY fashion magazine that is showing the “true” color of her face, since they are all wearing foundation as well, not to mention lipstick and eye shadow which certainly aren’t “natural” colors. I’ve never heard people being critical of a white woman who wears dark foundation or tanning solution. Are you really so ridiculously moronic to think that now no one will recognize that the woman is BLACK? You’ve sniffed too much nail polish remover!

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