'Big Brother 12's' Brenchel: She's moving to UCLA! (To her, that's a city)

Rachel was none too pleased that Britney won the $25,000 popularity contest — she thought her man Brendon should have won! — but the 26-year-old cocktail waitress from Las Vegas still thinks she walked away from Big Brother 12 with the grand prize. After the jump, she and the 30-year-old swim coach from Riverside, Calif., talk about professing their love on national TV, and whether her personality style was misunderstood in the house. When you’re finished with Brenchel, don’t forget to enjoy Lane and Enzo’s final thoughts, and our interview with the champ himself, Hayden Moss.

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  • Rion

    Love Rachel! Rooting for Brenchel as well.

    • lee

      brenchal sounds like someone throwing up
      perfect name :D
      brendon stay away from rachel and seriously rachel britney doesn’t deserve it?! its america’s choice not stripper’s choice!

      • SLB

        These two are so gross and so delusional. The only two people that didn’t get along with Britney was these two obnoxious idiots. That stupid laugh will end this “relationship” real quick. Your not “from” Vegas you dumb b*tch.

      • ann p

        “only two people that didn’t get along with Britney was these two obnoxious idiots”

        hahaha its easy to see why you are a britney fan. pretty much everyone in the house manipulated britney, ragan AND LANE included. that is what you call someone luiking you? ill bet you are the same. ppl irl constantly manipulate you and so you think thats a normal way of life.

      • @SLB

        Obviously you didn’t watch the feeds. If you did then you would’ve seen the obnoxious person Britney was that CBS refused to show on primetime TV. She made fun of almost EVERYONE–including Lane who she called stupid. She has no class and is the biggest fake of season 12. She didn’t like her sorority sisters looking down on her when she was driving around in a clunker and working at a job YET she (and Monet) pretty looked down on everyone in the house. What a fake and Queen of the Hypocrites. Well, I guess I can’t expect Britney fans to have much intelligence since their idol isn’t altogethere there.

      • Jo

        You couldn’t blame Britney for not finding anything to like about most of this season’s cast. I think America would agree with her. As for the others, including Ragan and Lane, not liking her, that’s far from the truth. Manipulating or trying to manipulate someone doesn’t mean you don’t genuinely like her.

  • Danielle

    I’m in the minority, I know, but, I actually kinda like Brenchel. I mean, sure they were nasty in the house, but, if you watch the feeds you know that Britney was a “Mean Girl” prototype and way nastier (at least behind everyone’s back) than Rachel.

    • jmcg

      then we’re both in the minority because I liked Rachel too. Yes, she’s loud,annoying, wore hair extensions, and tight clothes but she was never a pretender. She was genuinely who she was and you could take it or leave it. She was never fake or nasty behind people’s back unlike Monet and Britney; or just plain mean like Ragan. Ultimately, it was why the other girls never gave her a chance as soon as she stepped in the house and why she was booted out.

      • Derek

        She was never plain mean? What show and live feeds were you watching? She unnecessarily attacked people all the time. She is a narcissistic nutjob.

      • caryn

        I agree… she is pretty genuine. Yes, she is annoying but I would rather be friends with her than Britney, who would just talk about me behind my back. And Monet? I wouldn’t be able to be around that stank attitude.

      • David

        minority – I liked Brenchel. At first, I HATED them, especially Rachel. But after that nasty Ragan attacked her, and everyone started being really mean to them, I started to like Rachel and Brendon way more. Ragan started acting like kids did in way back in elementary school… making ridiculous faces and noises and stuff. I hate him. He has no class. I really hope he gets fired for his embarrassing public displays of immaturity. I mean Ragan got upset at Rachel because she was ok with talking to matt in front of him? Calling them a pair, off-handedly?

        I think the lowest point for Ragan was his comment about Rachal’s pimples. And the lowest point for Big Brother was probably interviewing Brendan’s ex-fiance.

        It was popular to hate on Brenchel. But they were way better than Ragan.

      • KC

        Never a pretender? Pretty genuine? See, I knew there were 2 people in America that would think Rachael’s crying jags were real!

      • Ooo

        I liked Brendan and Rachel too. Britney is a fake and awful person. I can not believe people voted for her to win. Regan was awful, but atleast he was never fake. By far, Matt, Britney, and Monet were the fakest people to ever play Big Brother.

      • RAC

        Simply put; Rachel is genuine and Brit is a phony period.

    • jen

      So you like Rachel being a mean girl, but not Britney?? huh??

      • PJ

        Britney was two faced about it, as was Ragan – nice to their faces, saying horrible things behind their back. With Rachel you at least knew where you stood.

      • Mimi

        Rachel’s obnoxious, delusional, and I can’t stand her, but I agree that Britney was a mean girl. Britney not only talked behind Rachel’s back, she even talked behind Ragan’s back — her supposed friend!

      • ann p

        jen doesnt understand the difference between talking s%it to someones face and constantly talking behond sopmeones back. talking behind peoples back is apparently jen’s way of life judging by the way she defends britney and ragan

    • Here & There

      I agree with Danielle & jmcg. Viewers who only watch what CBS fed us drank the Britney kool-aid. Anyone that watched live feeds or BBAD saw the real Britney, Ragan & Monet. Most of the time Rachel & Brendon were by themselves & NOT talking about anyone else. Britney & Ragan talked about Rachel 24/7, long after Rachel left the house. Brat & Ragan were cruel, vile & disgusting.

      • Flaming Moe

        Saw much of it all (BBAD, feeds and CBS) & still like Brit better. Too bad you backed the wrong horse. What could you like about Rachel?

      • Teresa

        Here & There… that’s just crap… I watched the live feeds and that just isn’t true…

      • RAC

        It’s true. Watch the feeds again, but this time really watch them.

      • TJ. Church

        @H&T–I only watched CBS, but I still would never have voted for Britney.

      • CDM

        I watched the feeds too. Yes it is true. Britney and Ragen are two of the most vile and disgusting people ever on BB. Even other houseguests tired of their attacks on Rachel. What scum!

      • Cal

        I agree completely, H&T. Britney – I hope you read all this one day soon. You may have won some money but you will feel like the scum you are when you see that many people think of you as a shallow, disrespecting, backstabbing vile person. Rachel could be annoying but I really respect someone who doesn’t talk behind backs and gossips. What kind of a coward does that? Rachel is at least a stand up, in your face, kind of person.

    • Rion

      I also like Rachel. She’s total campy fun. Plus she has a great personality and wasn’t a raging evil, cruel psycho like Britney and Ragan.

      • vilma

        Come on now! Rachel’s not psycho or delusional? Nobody wanted her boring man as nuch as she may believe she has the catch of the century. And who started all the fights that were on tape that were brought into the jury hiuse? Who denied starting those fights even if they were on tape proving she did? If that is psycho I don’t know what is. Rachel-Atasceradero state hospital has a bed for you.

    • Nick

      I’m with ya!

      • RAC

        I agree.

    • ann p

      i liked rachel too. but lets not forget that the juvenile personality is drawn to backbiting ‘mean girl’ types like britney and people who confront you to your face are shunned by juveniles. that is britneys fanbase. people who sat and worshipped the mean girls in school but could nevdr be them or date them and apparently they are still worshipping them.

    • Akane

      I do like them, she is who she is and is not affraid to show it in national TV, good for her, and I would love to see in a year that they are still together. Now Britney not even worth talking about her, nor Ragan both very annoying, yes more than Rachel!

      • TJ. Church

        I believe that Britney had some moments on the live feeds & other things I didn’t watch where she was worse than on TV. But worse &/or more-annoying than Rachel? Impossible!

  • spice

    well technically she is moving to ucla, that is where he lives, graduate housing!

  • Jack M

    Obviously they are not intelligent enough to be objective when they pick a winner. They voted as if it was a popularity contest.

    • TJ. Church

      @Jack–You are not intelligent enough to know what “objective” means & use it correctly. Move on.

      • vilma


  • vanessa

    Ok!! why do people like brenchel! I just don’t get it!

    • SLB

      Not many do.

    • bbchicksrdumb

      all the chicks on this bb where dumb as a box of hammers; they cried when people picked on them and they turned around and did the same thing to someone else

      • Big Dave

        If you’re going to call other people “dumb”, you should probably learn proper capitalization, and the difference between “where” and “were”.

      • AcaseofGeo

        However, Big Dave, it WAS proper use of a semi-colon. I gotta give propr to that cuz not many even know what its for.

    • caryn

      I think it’s sort of an underdog thing. They were so mercilessly talked about that I feel bad for them.

  • Eshia

    I dislike Rachel because she’s one of those people who think they are smarter than other people, when they are really just over confident. She needs a reality check.

    • ger

      That personality trait is a requirement for anyone who wants to be on a reality show, though

      • TJ. Church

        @ger–If you think that, you need a reality check.

      • RAC

        Better to be over confident than dumb.

    • CDM

      Now Britney is the one who thinks she is smarter than everyone. Just listen to her diary rooms. She’ll tell you herself that she is smarter and better than everyone else. Barf!!!!!!!!!

      • TJ. Church

        @CDM–I don’t know about better, but when it comes to some parts of game-play, she may indeed be smarter than the others. (Not like that’s saying much!)

  • spice

    again with the bashing people, the show is over!!

    • TJ. Church

      @spice–Yes, but here’s Rule #1: When you compete on a TV reality show, act like you know you’ll be on TV. These people left us enough stuff to bash them the rest of their lives.

  • Joanna

    I was going to read the article, but then I realized it was a video. I refuse to voluntarily listen to Rachel’s vapid thoughts and her stupid laugh.

    • jmcg

      But you’d rather comment instead …

      • andrew

        that made no sense why not comment?

    • andrew


  • Wretchel

    Britney may be a nasty and mean-spirited person, but I certainly get the impression that she was that way only to those who begged for it. Same goes for Ragan. Watching those famous scenes of the hammock battle between Brenden and Britney/Ragan, and the epic between Ragan and Rachel, they provoked everything that came their way. Rachel is an infant, who kicks and screams when she doesn’t get her way. Brenden is a meathead bully.

    • jen


    • t.t

      true dat

    • austinrob

      Perfect description.

    • PJ

      Watch a few episodes of BBAD and you might change your mind. Those two were a couple of mean girls gossips who were talking crap about people LONG before the hammock battle.

      • CDM

        And continued talking crap right until finale night. Get over it already.

    • ENP

      Keep in mind when Brenden was attacking Brit & Ragan in the hammock it was staged because he was trying to get himself voted out so Rachel could stay. He is not a mean bukky- it was all purposely done. He didn’t go around behind people’s backs weeks after they were gone talking trash and degrading them like both Brit & Ragan did.

      • ENP

        Sorry that should be bully not bukky.

      • David

        yeah. these people talking bad about Brendan and Rachel are saying ridiculous things. Brendon was not mean. Ragan especially got what was coming to him.

      • yup

        Ha, i was wondering what the heck “bukky” was. LOL

    • caryn

      And Rachel and Brendon were confronting people on their behavior. Ragan attacked them on their appearance and personalities. For the hammock issue, Ragan at first was doing Rachel a favor by telling her how she came off to others but then he was just mean to Brendon.

      • TJ. Church

        @caryn–Rachel… confronting people on their behavior, which only happened b/c of the way she acted to other people.

      • peachesandcream

        i was so glad when rachel got voted she was so annoying and all the house guest thought so. so i guess it dont really matter what you think being that you wasnt there…lol

      • peachesandcream

        reagan only attack rachel when she asked for it.. always in peoples space and talking nasty..go reagan THE ONLY THING REAL ABOUT YOU RACHEL IS THE PIMPLES ON YOUR CHIN…NOW THATS WAS FUNNY

    • Teresa

      You got that right!!!

    • ann p

      hahaha if jen agrees with you, you kinda of know your a fool.

      • peachesandcream

        funny he just gave away 500.000 for that stank..how sad oh yea she did win 5,000…ahahahaha

    • annabelle

      Brebdon = meathead, retarded baboon, outcast & leper that pretends to be a jock.
      He doesn’t even know who he is.Sad.

      • TJ. Church

        I think he might know who he is when he’s not that close to an airhead; He was getting “contact” idiocy.

  • big brother fan fan

    I love it all. The personalities the back bitting. All of it. That is what big brother is all about ; Putting a bunch of people together that would never agree to the same social event in a million put them in a mouse maize and see how long it takes to turn on each other. who’s still standing in the end. Woo hoo great season.


    • deedee

      back biting?

    • yup

      This season blew big hulking chunks!

      • TJ. Church

        @yup–I agree that most of it did, but not all.

        A lot of “houseguests” were idiots, but the joy of it was that there were a lot of them, so there was an equal chance often that any one of them would outsmart another/the others.

  • Buffy Freak

    OMG that laugh is just so freakin’ annoying. I thought she was a good competitor but dating her must be a whole lot of work…

  • TVWatcher

    Ah hahahahaha.

    Ah hahahahaha.

    • peachesandcream

      too funny i was thinking the samething. im sorry but she just look DUMB!!!

  • J-Dawg

    Now appearing at the Slots O’ Fun casino……….Ra-tress!!

    Cocktails! Cocktails!!

  • Andre

    Every time Rachel says “social game” I’m more and more convinced that she has no idea what it means. Somebody gave her a buzz word (words) and that’s all she knows what to say now with the idea that it will make her sound more intelligent. Not working.

    • peachesandcream

      i agree with you she also was dumb

  • SaraS

    Rachel is my least favorite houseguest ever. Yes even moreso than Nasty Natalie in season 9.

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