'Survivor: Nicaragua': Jeff Probst shows off his heavy metal singing voice while offering a sneak peak at the new season

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I caught up with Jeff Probst on location on day three of shooting Survivor: Nicaragua (which premieres Wednesday at 8pm on CBS) and the host was not a happy camper. The first immunity challenge had not gone according to plan. The challenge department had spent countless hours prepping for it to be performed one way, but the contestants had outsmarted the production staff and gone their own route. Was it a bad omen, or a testament to what makes reality TV so compelling: the fact that you cannot control what happens once you say those three magical words, “Survivors, ready‚ĶGO!”? In the first two sections of our four-part chat (parts three and four will be upon Wednesday), Probst talks about what went wrong, why he’s so nervous coming off the greatness that was Heroes vs. Villains, why he was initially skeptical about revisiting the Old vs. Young twist again, and why the phrase Medallion of Power should only be repeated while doing your best Dokken impersonation. Check out the video player below for all the intel and some exclusive on location footage. And for more Survivor scoop all season long, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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  • Steven

    Jeff, HvV wasn’t even as great as it could of been. All the characters we haven’t seen for a while were out too early and all the ones that we just saw less than 2yrs ago made it far. Personally it wasn’t as satisfying as it could be.

    • Jersey Jeff

      What are you talking about? Colby? Sandra? Ruppy? That chick I can’t remember? Only Russhole and Parv made it a long way.

    • SLB

      I don’t think it was great either. H vs. V’s was the first season of survivor ever that i stopped watching half way through the season.

    • Rosalie

      Make it a two hour show so we cna see more of what’s going on. That would definetealy make it better. I loved the season premiere because it was 2 hours long. It also gives us more time to see the contestants doing something different from strategizing. My favorite scene in the entire season of Heroes vs Villains was when they were playing poker. That’s why the first two seasons were so great, you saw people trying to bond in a hostile environment.

  • AlysabethInAustin

    Boston Rob. There are no words to express my disappointment at his ousting. Rob,I love you.Get back on my TV somehow.

    • ltchy

      While l may have been disappointed that he went a bit early (man, that guy held the team and was STRONG), you have to admit that the WAY he went was brilliant! lt may have just been the editing, but that episode will long stand out in my mind as one of the BEST, ever! :D

    • Lea

      I feel the same … I was bummed out for days after he was out. Pathetic, I know, but I just love to watch that guy work his magic!

    • kisstine

      He will. Seems to be his mission in life. Hated his invasion of my beloved Amazing Race. The /only/ time I have /ever/ enjoyed watching him was for the half an hour that I thought /maybe/ he could get rid of Russell.

  • Jethro

    Sick and tired of this show, bringing back old farts who can no longer play the game need to be kept on exile island forever. This show has moved to Wednesday for a reason, time to call it quits and axe this show. Will never Survive on Wednesdays!!!

    • Jody

      Well Jethro, why do you keep watching it, reading about it and commenting on it?

  • Dalla

    Bad sign when they start moving the night your program is on. Please, just keep Russell off for a few seasons. I’m sick to death of him. Parviti — anytime.

  • Ember

    I’m so excited for the new season. I go through withdrawal when Survivor is off the air.

  • Greg

    You Boston Rob lovers, ought to love the winter season of Survivor!
    it is Russell vs. Rob.

    • wino

      please dont tease :)

  • BillyBob

    GREG: watcha talkin about???

    • Greg

      It’s a joke, BillyBoob.

      • Greg

        Please do not speak for me
        it is true.
        look up survivor sucks.
        its all over the place.

  • Dean

    Wow, Probst has an excellent heavy metal falsetto!

  • Dave

    I’m an old fart. I’m going to root for the young cocky tribe just because I’m not supposed to. Go, you young whippersnappers! Go! You can do it!

  • Jenn

    Damm Jeff, you’re rocking some serious dimples. Why have I never noticed them before??? I’m looking forward to this season! I really hope the young tribe gets shown a thing or two. I can’t stand cockiness and the young kids need a good reality check!

  • Paul

    I’m excited for this season but I’m not expecting much. Frankly, Survivor just won’t be nearly as entertaining a show without Russell Hantz.

    • MCS

      Russell Hantz not being on this season is exactly why I am excited

  • Paul

    The man took out a huge 7-3 alliance, then infiltrated the other tribe, got them to give him their immunity idol (I mean seriously), broke his alliance with Danielle and Parvati, made a NEW alliance with dumbass Rupert who he had just told to go to hell, and won the final immunity challenge in one of the most riveting final challenges ever. You can’t write that.

  • Tressa

    Dalton, can’t wait to read your blogs….they are the best man. You got a talent with words!

  • Rachel

    I’ve gotta agree with Jeff, the challenges are just a devise to create conflict back at camp. Otherwise the challenges are not really worth watching.

  • Karen H

    When you talk about young & cocky, you have to think of Survivor Africa. Wow! I loved when the youngsters thought they were running things & suddenly were split up. Talk about a reality check. It was awesome! I was thrilled!

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