Ellen grills Lady Gaga about VMAs meat dress

Today’s season premiere of Ellen features a post-VMAs interview between vegan DeGeneres and carnivore-couture spokeswoman Lady Gaga. (Video’s embedded after the break.) PETA has already responded to the “meat dress” designed by Franc Fernandez that Gaga wore to accept the award for Video of the Year by issuing a statement including the rhetorical question: “What’s next: the family cat made into a hat?” Don’t think she won’t take you up on that, activists! Anything is possible.

Lady Gaga’s response to Ellen’s gentle prompt — “What is the purpose of the meat?” — was about as jam-packed with crazy as a Top Round London Broil is crammed with protein and other important nutrients. Behold:

“Well, it’s certainly no disrespect to anyone that’s vegan or vegetarian….I, as you know, am the most judgment-free human being on Earth. However, it has many interpretations — but for me this evening it’s that if we don’t stand up for what we believe in, if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re gonna have as much rights as the meat on our bones. AND, [holds up Japanese Vogue, on the cover of which Gaga appeared in a (real) meat bikini], I am not a piece of meat.”


Everyone reluctantly applauded! Then Ellen gifted Gaga a kale bikini (pictured, right). And they all lived happily ever after, except for the animals.

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  • tracy bluth

    ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t ever leave us again.

    • anthony

      lol… meat is great, shut up PETA… certain times you are needed. However, this, is not one of those times.

      • @anthony

        get stuffed, LOSER

      • Jamie

        I agree – where was PETA when Tyra made the Top Model contestant wear meat bikinis?? I can see them protesting fur, but do they honestly believe that people are going to run out and start buying raw meat dresses and raw meat accessories? Get REAL people. And I also don’t get all of this concern for “animal rights” – unless you live under a rock you know that there are groups of real people whose rights are being denied every day all around the world. Unless you are doing everything in your power to protect human rights as well I don’t wanna hear your BS about animal rights.

      • mal

        Meat is great. I love meat. I hate factory farming.

      • @ Jamie

        PETA released a harsher statement with the Top Model case than this one.

      • jado

        The meat dress is not an original concept. Artist Jana Sterbak created a “flesh dress” made of meat back in the late 1980’s. It was shown in several art galleries around the world. Very controversial and noteworthy at the time.

      • DD

        Forget PETA or animal rights or all that fake talk. That meat dress was HORRIFIC!!!! The colour of the beef also changed from the VMAs to Ellen’s show. SICKO GAGA!!

      • @jado

        just because something is disgusting, repulsive and different and controversial does not mean that it has any societal merit – except to pretentious pseudo-artistic types like you that like to stand around sipping wine, making your vacuous comments and seeming like you know a lot, when in fact, you know NOTHING

      • Bosco


      • sashay

        This is EXACTLY when a protest is needed. When an animal is used as food or clothing, an argument can be made that it’s a necessity (whether it’s a good argument or not can be debated), but this is just an example of taking apart an animal’s body to shock and make a point. Completely inexcusable. Lost any respect I had for Lady Gaga. Ellen – I understand this puts her in an awkward position. The biggest move she’s ever made – or is likely to make – is to come out and proclaim her sexuality. She’s not a courageous comedian like Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. Her popularity is far lighter, and combines light comedy with celebrity hosting. I’ve never seen her take a stand with one of her guests, nor challenge them in any sort of way. It’s always softball interviews, and any controversial viewpoints come from her guests, not herself. So I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m not as big a fan of her as I was in her younger days (pre-coming out) – she seemed to take bigger risks then and was much funnier in my view.

      • Vicki

        I certainly agree. Noth the time PETA, not the time!

      • Blah

        It’s wasteful and some people are lucky if they can even afford food. Steak is a luxury in our house so seeing some overpaid celebrity prancing around in it is irksome to say the least.

      • Miro

        Really? Shut up PETA? Wow, why don’t you have donate some of your meat for Lady Gaga’s outfits, if it’s such a great idea?

      • Cris

        For those of you complaining that the meat went to waste: It didn’t. It was turned into jerky and was consumed. Please get your facts straight before you end up looking judgmental and stupid. :)

    • myconsumersearch


  • Ayn

    She looked like a piece of meat to me…

    • Aaron

      She’s such a freaking psycho. To me, the fact that she’s trying so hard to be original and unique makes her SO UNORIGINAL. She’s the stereotypical “individual expressing themselves.” Sorry Gaga, you’re just like all the other freaks in the world who do the same – you just happen to have hit records.

      • Zach

        Get over yourself. You wish you had 1% of the talent, creativity, and success she has.

      • Jessica36

        She has a very good voice when it’s not being covered up but all of that electronic nonsense and over the top theatrical mess. But she is just too weird for me. Madonna on shrooms.

      • u

        “Madonna on shrooms”, ha ha… good assessment. :D

      • Aaron

        Wow, Zach, you REALLY GOT ME THERE. To be perfectly honest, I just wish that someone with such raw talent like her could channel it in not such a distorted way. It’s such a shame. To me, she’s wasting herself away with all that crazy, and its actually quite embarrassing to watch. So sad, so pathetic.

      • Billy

        What can anyone ever be but an individual expressing themself? Isn’t that one of the joys of existing in this world? Maybe someday you can be “just one of those individuals expressing yourself in the world.”

      • DD

        Yup, she has awesome TALENT I agree, but that dress makes me puke!!! Gaga is going to lose A LOT of fans by doing this, just watch!

      • kimberly

        it okay trying to be shame about lady gaga….. that the way she was born that she want to be cool … so i believe she is trying to be original to herself and other !!! and that is cool…

      • @zach

        get over yourself, Zatch, you d*ouchebag…1% of Nothing is still NOTHING

    • Jethro

      Actually at first glance, she looked like Madonna in a Donatella V’s hair piece!

      Sorry but look real hard at that photo!

      • Joes

        I really don’t think anyone gives a sh!t that much Jethro :P

  • The Jackal

    It would have been classic if while walking down the red carpet she was attacked my a pack of wild animals. I don’t like Lady GaGa but dislike PETA and vegans with their holy than thou attitude even less.

    • ashley

      Yeah, why anyone gives a flying fig about what PETA thinks is beyond me. They believe that we shouldn’t have pets, and the pets we have not should be euthanized! WTF? a meat bikini seems pretty tame compared to that.

      • samantha

        actually the president of peta ingrid newkirk says that sometimes a euthanization is a blessing to some animals rather than being abused so get ur facts straight

      • Madison

        PETA loves pets… And believes in euthanization to put them out of theyre missery…I think u should look into things a little more instead of believing everything ppl tell you, because what you just said is the opposite of PETA. Good job!

      • aimee

        you’re out of your mind. PETA is extremely pro-pet, and in fact believe that sometimes owners should euthanize rather than opting for dangerous and painful treatments that sacrifice their quality of life. spending 5 minutes on PETA’s website would have made this abundantly clear. do your research before you spread misinformation.

      • BC

        the idea that peta supports unnecessary euthanization is a rumour, spread by pro-factory farming lobbyist groups [represented by companies like tyson foods, etc]

        every organization has its problems but please do your homework about things like this. there are two sides to every story.

      • @ashley

        peta believes we shouldn’t have pets or euthanize them? I guess you don’t need facts to back up the crap that spews out of your mouth — here’s an idea…let’s Euthanize your sorry As*

      • Brenda Barrett

        @ Samantha, aimee and BC: It’s nice to read comments from thoughtful, rational people. ITA with you.

      • Ryan

        Hey PETA fans, can you deny that PETA euthanizes many animals every year? Can you deny that these are animals taht they could not find homes for? Is that right of an animal loving organization?

        Also does anyone really think that PETA is really doing anything useful by protesting crap like attack dogs in a video game? Seriously what does that accomplish? Oh, it gets PETA’s name in the news again.

        I LOVE animals of all sorts, but I also realize that eating meat is a natural thing and actually good for us. PETA to me is the WORST organization of activists in the world and the world will be a better place with out PETA.

      • Jessica36

        Ryan? “PETA to me is the WORST organization of activists in the world and the world will be a better place with out PETA”

        Big fan of Westboro Baptist then?

      • Heather

        PETA official stand is that animals should not be used for ANY human benefit. That means as food, as pets, in a zoo.. ANYTHING. Those of you who don’t know that should dig a little deeper before you start giving them your money because if you have a dog, a fish, a horse you are on PETA’s list. The HSUS believes the same thing.

    • cibele

      Why do you have to hate all vegans because of Peta? You’re worst than them.

      • Randi

        Amen. People who hate on either usually can’t spout more than lies about either.

      • jj

        @ Ryan uh the worst organization is the tea party.

    • RLW

      THE JACKAL… I’m sorry, but PETA and vegans are “holy than thou”? I’m a member of neither group, but, apparently, you don’t respect them. Maybe you should stand for something worth a damn before you bash other people’s beliefs.

    • @jackal

      or is that jackas* — a holier than thou attitude is still better than being a useless moron

    • huh?

      you… dislike them less? EDIT!!!!! Fail.

    • snarkyspice

      Wow, way to generalize a whole group of people. How many vegans do you know?

      Based on your comment, I could say I hate all meat-eaters with their dismissive, smug and superior attitudes – but that wouldn’t be fair now would it?

      I find it interesting that, whenever I say I’m a vegan, some people get defensive. I don’t care what the hell anyone eats if they don’t make me eat it too so I do wonder where that defensiveness comes from. Maybe a little guilt?

  • sara

    translation – there was no point to it, other than she is just desperately in need of attention, and wants to shock just for the sake of shock. It’s really rather pathetic.

    • The Jackal

      It’s to draw attention away from her music, hoping nobody will notice that aspect but would just want to talk about her outfits.

      • teresa

        She doesn’t need the outfits. She sings beautifully.

      • @teresa


    • Sarah

      well…it’s working

    • Madison


    • Mark

      Look at me, look at me, look at me!!! Then act shocked about it. Rather transparent.

      • teresa

        She’s a performance artist. That’s what they do.

      • Kiki

        Not a huge fan of Gaga’s but c’mon!

        ALL entertainers want someone to look at them. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Getting attention IS the point of being an entertainer or else you’d stay in your parent’s basement and sing to the cement block walls. She’s just more transparent about it than most.

      • whitneyredhot

        to teresa: HOLLA!!!! Exctly.

    • Kristin

      I totally agree. It was completely stupid. Plus what she said on Ellen was utterly dumb. It made no sense. I think she is talented, but cannot get past her weirdness factor. PETA is a great organization, but come on now…There must be more to the story, or else she is just craving attention as usual.

    • jethrine

      lady GAG is a no-talent hack who has perpetrated a massive hoax conning millions of FOOLS into buying her schtick – WHAT SHE DOES HAS NO MUSICAL VALUE whatsoever and if everyone would just wake up they would realize the emperor has no clothes. Alejandro. Alejandro. AleAlejandro. Wow…OOOOh, AAAAh.

      • Hurleyskt

        No talent!? Have you even seen any of her live performances?? I’m guessing not so why don’t you watch a few THEN post something here…

      • caryn

        It’s fine to not be a fan but to say she has no talent just makes you seem bitter.

      • @hurley

        Your stupid comment makes me want to HURL. I wouldn’t waste my money or time on that useless no-talent tr*shbag.

      • @caryn

        what the h*ll are you talking about — she has no talent…you’re the fool for believing she does but if you want to waste more of your useless life watching her antics and oooohing and aaaahing, then knock yourself out, honey

    • Sam

      and it’s f*cking disgusting! seriously, what does wearing a meat dress have to do with equal rights??

    • Mikka

      Ah, you do realize this is made of fabric? It looks to be some cotton poly blend that looks meatish. If you want to call someone discusting, shake your fist at leather shoes or pants or a wool jacket or mohair sweater. Those are actually animals. Gaga seems to be actually wearing plants and chemicals.

      • Alia

        I agree with the assessment that wearing meat is morally equal to wearing leather, but I think you’re wrong about it being fake. Most of the articles I’ve read indicate that it was real meat. Which, regardless of the right-or-wrong aspect or why she chose to do it, is just icky.

      • Stacie

        I would certainly hope it really was plants and chemicals. Using actual meat, specially around the “private parts” can create some nasty infections, can it not?

  • Liz

    Why do interviewers let Gaga get away with this empty garbage she spouts? Producing music that makes people want to dance is fine. A perfectly respectable thing to do. But Gaga is increasingly full of pretension, puffed up beyond reason about her own importance, and assigning some great significance to her mindless pop tunes. Perhaps she should take her own advice: Just Dance.

    • KarenNJ

      100% agree Liz! I couldn’t have said it any better.

    • Jewel

      @ Liz – Couldn’t have said it better myself

  • Stacie

    Does this mean I have to come up with an explanation for every outfit I wear?

    • jen

      if you dress like a raging psycho, yes.

      • Angie

        NO ONE owes anyone any explanation for anything you might wear, if someone does not like it tell them to KISS YOUR A$$!!!

      • Jennifer

        I think dressing liking a raging psycho requires no explanation – it says “Look at ME!” pretty well on its own.

      • Mik

        And why an entertainer would want people to look at her or get more attention is beyond me. ;)

    • aimee

      if you’re wearing flesh, absolutely.

      • ger

        So flesh requires an explanation, but skin doesn’t?

      • Mellissa

        Well, if someone was at the VMAs nude, I’m sure that someone would want an explanation.

  • barock

    Ellen likes saying she’s a vegan to please her wife, but she ain’t no vegan as my own can attest to

  • Patrick

    Ellen “grills” Lady Gaga??


    • Kristin

      LOL…I get it, that is funny. Put a little BBQ sauce on it..

      • Jethro

        and Heinz 57, meat sauce, get it?

    • cjr

      I never even caught the pun until just now. Funny!

  • lady

    so would people be bitching if she wore all leather? she eats meat and is not anti fur so this should not be new fuel to the PETA fires. atleast gaga isn’t being a hypocrite. im surprised to see so many of her close friends on here who think they know her. atleast she can 1) write music 2) sing (yes, she can google her a capallea/live) 3) play instruments 4) has opinions and stands by them. i APPPLAUD her for the escorts (servicemen and women affected by DADT. fake bitches and slaves to the industry like britney and now katy perry go to bed dreaming they could be more like LG

    • hobokendave

      yep you said it!

    • @lady

      if you call that drivel that comes out of her mouth “music” then you’re as lame as she is — no taste – no talent – you are stupid to fall for it

      • Jethro

        Rah Rah ah ah ah ah, ro ma ro ma ma ma ma ma, ga ga, oh la la la….
        What these are not words of the English language.

      • u

        No talent? Did you not hear her SING last night? If you consider that no talent, then your criteria for talent must be unattainably high.

      • @u

        that’s right U, GAG will never attain it – was that “singing?”

    • Rachel

      Actually, Lady Gaga is anti-fur. http://blog.peta.org/archives/2009/08/lady_gaga_wears.php

      I think that leather is just as bad as fur, but every bit of progress helps.

      I think the meat dress had to be fake. There’s no way it could have endured being worn like that, unless it was treated with something. Totally gross, but I think maybe with the right kind of approach, Gaga won’t wear meat again. I did lose a little respect for her cause of this.

    • DD

      Leather is different you dumb A**. It’s nice to look at. Raw meat is f*cking disgusting, get it??? If all you Gaga fans are really into raw meat why don’t you all just wear it next time at a Gaga concert!!! What a bunch of loonies!

  • bekindtoanimals

    I hate her..

  • Mikka

    Thanks, Annie. I so need your odd wit this morning. I also love when Gaga doesn’t make much sense. My, god, she is NOT a piece of meat.

  • Whane The Whip

    Loss of rights on a steep increase: true. Using “meat on the bones” analogy: fail.

  • Jesse

    The reason she wore the dress, she said “If we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our own bones.”

    • Long Balls

      So what the f*ck does that mean?

      • meat lover

        means eat me !!!

      • Lisa Simpson

        It means nothing. The outfit was just to get attention. There was no statement being made, just PR.

  • Batfangirl

    She seems to contradict herself: Lady Gaga is trying to dismiss the idea of people seeing her as a peice of meat, yet she’s always scantily clad and acting lewd (remember the Mets game incident?) and her lyrics suggest otherwise (her “Teeth” song).

    She’s doing all this for attention and nothing else.

    • Christina

      I totally agree with you.

  • savannah

    Peta have pets themselves, so I don’t know where this comes from that they don’t want you to have pets..I get alot of advice from them with their monthly pet magazine. It is not about rights with wearing a meat outfit it is more to do with Lady Gaga being a huge show-off and doesn’t know what she is talking about plus an attention seeker. Who would want too wear something so disgusting.. What about the animals rights

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