'America's Got Talent' Top 10: Prince Poppycock is a Yankee Doodle Dandy

Patriotism was alive and well on America’s Got Talent last night. I guess when America is deciding your fate, it can’t hurt to pay a little respect to our founding fathers. Prince Poppycock’s medley of songs sort of felt like a failed audition from the bicentennial (it even incorporated his own mini U.S. Capitol), but I still found myself rewinding his performance and watching it again. He’s unlike anyone else in the competition — I’m not sure if that’s reason enough to win, but it’s certainly reason enough to watch. Check him out below.

Fighting Gravity also paid tribute to a great moment in American History: The first moon landing. I’ll echo what Howie said: How do they come up with this stuff? Especially considering they’re a bunch of fraternity brothers from Virginia Tech (I was nowhere near as ambitious in college).

Who impressed you the most last night, PopWatchers? Is Prince Poppycock more of a talent or merely a spectacle? Did Fighting Gravity draw you in as much as they did with their initial performance? Tonight the Top 4 will decided by voters only; who are you voting for to go all the way?

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  • Alexis-Rueal

    Prince Poppycock is a true TALENT– in the Vegas sense of the word. He brings the glitz and glamor and over-the-top spectacle that thrives in Vegas shows. He is also truly TALENTED in that he has a remarkable voice and is truly able to tell a story in his performances. I ADORE Prince Poppycock and I would pay to see him perform. Can you imagine the shows he can put on with a BIG Vegas sized budget?!?

    • otis

      Poppycock could be the next Liberace… one of the greatest showmen ever to be on the Vegas stage. Wonder if he sould take off the facial make-up and go with the glamor?

      • dacky1

        I think comparing him to Liberace is very apt. The only differnce is that Liberace had a chandelier over him and the Prince wears his.
        But he IS hugely entertaining every time he takes the stage. And even socially relevent-the pic of Harvey Milk as he recited “every man is created equal” hit me like a shot to the gut. The guy is muti-talented.
        Now about Grasso- am I the only 1 bothered when the “tricks” happen when the camera cuts away from him? Thats not a magic act-thats editing!
        Final 4- the Prince, Ev, the kid dancers and Defying Gravity I guess.
        The group dancers should try out on Americas Best Dance Group(?)- the Randy Jackson show.
        1 more thing- sans makeup the Prince is a interesting person n a hottie!

    • wanda

      yes, prince poppycock would be one of the best choices for a great vegas show, if he doesn’t win the talent contest I’m sure he will still end up in vegas.

    • LoveVioletFlame

      Right on, Alexis! Prince Poppycock epitomizes the best, the most fun of Vegas for me-perfect platform for him. I was so sorry to see Anna and Patryk go, they are superb. At least they are winners in publicity – so many in America now know who they are, and I wish them a bright future. America got it right with the top 4 . All are hugely talented – but Vegas is the wrong stage for Jackie. AGT has brought her to America’s – and the world’s- awareness and she’ll have a fantastic career. Carnegie Hall is the perfect setting for her – and she’s already booked there in December. Michael Grimm is fantastic and I look forward to his albums. IMHO, he’s so much better than last year’s winner, but chose the wrong year to compete. Defying Gravity is awesome, and I hope another Vegas stage snaps them up! But I adore Prince Poppycock both in and out of makeup. John Quayle is gorgeous, a thinker, and brilliantly talented, and I love that Prince Poppycock is a persona he knows when to put on, and when to drop. Poppycock moved me to tears in his reaction speech to top 4, saying in his normal voice,”I want to say to every kid out there that feels picked on and feels like an outsider: I want you to believe that life is magical, and I want you to look at me right now and understand that dreams can come true.” Prince Poppycock for the win!
      Best season yet of AGT!

    • gina

      Yes, yes,yes,I totally agree! I too have fallen for Prince Poppycock and not only want to see him win AGT, I would go to Vegas to see him perform!

  • MIKe

    My Top 4, Fighting Gravity, Prince Poppycock, Michael Grasso, David Grimm…WHAT!!! no Jackie Evancho.
    I think she’s FANTASTIC! but she doesn’t need AGT to make it big. She’s going places and will be rich enough without winning AGT. Let her grow and let her voice develop more.

    • marge

      I hope you meant Michael Grimm.

      • MIKe

        Sorry, yes I mean Michael Grimm

      • carolyn dyer

        i love michael grim. he has a wonderful voice.i would buy his records.

    • Dawn

      I could not agree more

    • AMO

      I agree.

      • lbunch

        i could not agree with you more. michael grim has THE voice. I am 50ish, and he sounds like a combo of steve winwood, chicago, and michael mcdonald. keep it up Mr. grim



      • Dandy


    • evah aftah

      i totally agree! i hope you all voted for these talented bunch!

      • Mitch

        I total agree with the choices for the Top 4, Fighting Gravity, Prince Poppycock, Michael Grasso, Michael Grimm.

        Jackie Evancho does not need AGT, she already has an album and WON a Vegas competition that helped her get her album and $100,000.

        As well, we already have had an opera singer when two years ago. (NEAL BOYD)

    • Craig

      It never ceases to amaze me as I read this blog and many others how many people seem to naturally resent, ridicule, and are unaccepting of people who have truly been blessed with “God-given talent”. Jackie Evancho has been blessed like no other contestant I’ve ever heard on ANY reality TV talent show and is therefore immediately subjected to misinformed allegations of lip-synching, vocal overstrenuation, stage parent abusiveness, potential child star psychological damage, etc., etc.,…….
      I am surprised that there was no mention of Miss Evancho’s Top Ten performance, even though her performance of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s version of Pie Jesu was absolutely FLAWLESS!! If you doubt this, I recommend you compare it to other versions available on YouTube like Sarah Brightman’s or Charlotte Church (especially Miss Church’s debut performance of this song on the BIG BIG TALENT SHOW at age 11). When Church sang it at age 11, she sounded like an 11 year old singing opera. When Evancho sang it, she sounds as GOOD as any ADULT professional artist AT ONLY AGE 10!!! We will be following Miss Evancho’s career for many, many years to come and in that regard, most of the blog haters are correct…Jackie Evancho does NOT NEED to win AGT to be a “superstar” (in the words of Piers Morgan)…but she SHOULD because she is just THAT GOOD!!!

      • llrain

        How about this.. it’s completely unfair that she’s even in the competition.. the YouTube contestants didn’t have to perform in all kinds of different locations and situations.. constantly having to come up with something new.. she made a video and was suddenly in the quarterfinals.. i say unfair advantage

      • Craig

        llrain, last time I looked the show was called “America’s Got TALENT”, not “America’s Got Fairness & Equal Mediocrity For All”!! And BTW, Jackie tried out for AGT in 2009 (and didn’t make the producers cut) and then tried out again this year and was directed by the AGT producers to audition via their new YouTube Audition Round (where she was the TOP votegetter). I’d say she definitely followed the “rules” and if she has an unfair advantage it’s only because she has GOT TALENT!!! Nobody else has been called a “superstar” on AGT!!!

      • Jean

        I think she sounds like a freak !!!
        Well it is not normal

      • Kiley

        I have two comments:

        1) While Jackie was terrific, if you Have heard the Charlotte Church or Sarah Brightman (not necessarily comparable since she is Older) renditions, then you realize Sharon Osborne made a good point about not understanding the words Jackie was singing, without realizing she did. Unlike the other two singers, it was difficult to make out the words Jackie was singing… but she’s still an incredible singer.

        2) This isn’t just a show about Winning a Title. It’s also a show about the next great Las Vegas Act! As incredibly talented as Jackie Evancho is, she is not a Las Vegas act at her young tender age. Let some record company sign her and make her Millions that way! She’s too young to be in a 90 minute show on the Vegas strip.

      • Craig

        Well, Jean, I think Prince Poppycock looks like a freak!! He is definitely not normal! And if I paid to see his “highness” in a Las Vegas show, I’d probably ask for my money back on the way out of the theatre. But then again, I’m more of a fan of good music than of cheap low-brow stage theatrics!

      • jford

        I agree totally with Craig, Jackie Evancho is a PHENOMENAL talent. But it seems to me that there are a lot of people who are jealous of a little girl with a God given talent when they have none. They should just be happy for her and enjoy the gift that she brings with her voice. I do hope she comes in 2nd behind Fighting Gravity or Prince Poppycock becouse shes to young to be a Vages act but she should travel the world so everyone will know that Angels do exist.

      • Craig

        Kiley, you can make a very good comparison if you listen to Pie Jesu by Charlotte Church at age 11 and Jackie Evancho at age 10! Also, what Sharon meant when she said she “didn’t understand a word of it” is because it is in LATIN! My TV reception must be better than yours because I heard every word Miss Evancho sang….

        Pie Jesu,
        Pie Jesu,
        Pie Jesu,
        Pie Jesu,
        Qui tollis peccata mundi
        Dona eis requiem
        Dona eis requiem

        Agnus Dei,
        Agnus Dei,
        Agnus Dei,
        Agnus Dei,
        Qui tollis peccata mundi,
        Dona eis requiem
        Dona eis requiem

        As far as your second point, AGT is not JUST about a “Las Vegas act” (which has now been expanded to a 25-city/20-state national tour). It’s about TALENT!!!! If it was just about “Las Vegas” type of over-the-top showmanship, then why on earth did BIANCA RYAN (Season 1) and NEAL BOYD (Season 3) end up as AGT winners?!?!?!

      • Stargazer

        I agree that she’s a talented singer. She’s just BORING, sorry. I couldn’t imagine paying to see her in Vegas.

      • Pisces228

        I live in Vegas, and Jackie would not be able to sell out a show night after night. Her talent is something people would want to “listen” to on a CD rather than “watch” on a stage.

      • Polarcupcheck

        Every time I hear Jackie, I am like, “Watcha’ say sucka’?”

        Nobody knows what she is saying.

      • wendy

        craig???? Patricia and others who say Prince Poppycock is a freak or not Vegas.Have u been to Vegas??? Lets see the Phantom, Cirque,Blue Man Group etc MANY shows in VEGAS are in costumes, so I guess 90% of the shows are freaks lmao. Most Vegas shows are Broadway shows too, so negative comments towards Poppycock make no sense.He is a TRUE TALENT!!! He can change his acts,costumes just like a Vegas Show, OMG I would pay to see Prince Poppycock or Defying Gravity at a Vegas show, the other singers a concert after thier a few hits, but not Vegas.They should be on American Idol or maybe they can be like last years Chicken Coop guy,lmao Poppycock made it to the top 4 because America loves him!!!! PRINCE POPPCOCK ALL THE WAY

    • otis

      I agree with your fab 4 and also with your opinion of 10-YO Jackie Evancho. Maybe in 10 years she will be ready for Vegas, but not now and by then she should have made her name in the opera world and be a world acclaimed singer.

      • Craig

        Otis, I don’t think America agrees with you that we need to wait 10 years to hear Miss Evancho perform. Her debut album (“Prelude to a Dream”) was already released last November (2009) and is not only in the Top Ten on iTunes & Amazon.com but was also the fastest chart climber on Amazon.com (where it is currently SOLD OUT!!!). I think America is ready for her NOW!!!

    • Kitty

      I think that Poppycock is fascinating. Evancho is just amazing, but she doesn’t need AGT to further her career; I’m sure that agents are fighting over her as we “speak.” Poppycock will get a Vegas show regardless of the final outcome; so will Defying Gravity. Michael Grimm is terrific. That beautiful, soulful voice of his reaches in and grabs us in ways that are magnetic. I hope he wins.

  • Suz

    Prince Poppycock deserves to win, not because he’s unlike anyone else, but because he’s immensely talented and could actually lead a Las Vegas act. And isn’t that what this competition is all about? His voice is stellar, his ideas are brilliant, and he’s a gentleman through and through! His fans love him because he is humble man with an enormous amount of talent and an even larger heart!



      • evah aftah

        i hope you voted for him! i wanna see him win so i can plan my trip to vegas!

      • flojoj

        PRINCE POPPY deserves to win..he is so talented in all he does..not just a one trick pony, As far as Jackie,she sounds exactly like SARA BRIGHTMAN..and that is who she has copied. She cannot carry a show in vegas..and should not at her age. How boring just to hear her singing and no other talent to go with it. Hers is a case of PARENT PUSHING.
        Give her time as others have said ..when she is a teenager around 16 she will be matured much more than she is now.

    • Patricia

      Prince Poppycock is talented and entertaining, however, he would be better on broadway in a grand musical. He is not Vegas.

      • vader1013

        he’s not vegas???? are you completely mad?

    • Pisces228

      Prince Poppycock is Vegas-ready in a way the city hasn’t quite seen before. Sure there are acts with over-the-top costumes and lots of back-up dancers. But Prince Poppycock has that amazing voice that transports you to the places of his imagination that he brings to life on stage. I have to give the title to him over everyone else because he’s even more magical than the magicians who litter The Strip.

    • Judy

      Exactly! He is fantastic, The other acts were great, but honestly he’s the only one I’d pay to see. Jackie is amazing but she picked a bad year to enter because any other year she’d win hands down but with all the talent in the top 4 I just don’t see it happening.

    • carolyn dyer

      i think poppycock is real showman ship. he has a gift for his costumes and stage apperance. he definately needs to be in vegas even if he doesn’t win.

  • Jean

    Last night’s show was great but Prince Poppycock is the best! I’d pay to see his show in Las Vegas as I’ve paid to Terry Fator. I wouldn’t pay to see a 10-year-old opera singer.

    • Craig

      Jean, if you wouldn’t pay to see AND hear a 10-year-old opera singer perform in Vegas (or ANYWHERE for that matter) who sings (in the words of the AGT judges) “heavenly like an angel”, did you ever stop to think that you too may also be a “cultural ignoramus”?

      • makattack

        @Craig – everyone is entitled to their opinion, and frankly I agree with the people on the board who don’t think Jackie should win or even proceed to the next round. While she does have a lovely singing voice, I think she needs another year or two of proper training in vocal technique to really bring out the tonal quality, and also training to ensure that she doesn’t end up destroying her voice by straining her vocal chords, etc. She is obviously very talented, but I don’t think she should win or even proceed to the final at this stage in her life.

        In my opinion, the Prince should win, followed by Michael Grimm and then Fighting Gravity. I don’t care who comes in fourth.

      • Craig

        makattack, I agree with you that everyone is entitled to their opinion. This blog is full of them! What concerns me is when people continue to spread their own misinformed conjecture, speculation, and prejudice to (mak)-attack an innocent little girl who has clearly become America’s overnight “superstar” sensation (based on YouTube AGT performance hits, itune/Amazon.com sales, etc.). Every music professional (including myself) that has spoken professionally on the record has tried to squelch this misbelief that Miss Evancho is doing or will do any “damage” to her voice. And at 10 years old, her “mature” tonal quality is far beyond that of Charlotte Church (at age 11) or of Bianca Ryan – AGT Season 1 Winner (also age 11).
        The only reason people don’t want her to proceed to the final round is that “THEY” don’t “WANT” Miss Evancho to WIN!! As the saying goes, you can hate the game, but don’t hate the players!

      • reba

        Also @ Craig. Be careful of whom you deem a “cultural ignoramus;” that title might well fall back on you. Just because you can rattle off a few names like “Charlotte Church” and “Sara Brightman,” and know how to read the lyrics off of a CD insert, does not make you any more of an expert in “classical” music or “opera” than any of the judges. You yourself pointed out that Sharon did not know the words because they were in Latin, and your point implies she has little experience in this style of music. Then why do you use the same judge’s flattering remarks to back up your opinion? I wonder, Craig, how many actual live concerts and operas you’ve attended, much less personally performed in. And, does your wealth of knowledge extend past the singing styles of Church and Brightman? Does your listening experience even extend beyond opera (and apparently new-age)? How well would you understand, without a CD insert, an aria sung in German, French, Russian, Czech, Hungarian? Does your CD repertoire include chant, renaissance, ethnic, Eastern, modern, Broadway, pop, experimental music? Have you ever visited overseas? Would you be confident enough in your knowledge and abilities to coach young children the age of JE? You back your opinion with the fact that the girl has released an CD, which has sold out. There are several grade B singers who have sold albums; and what you would have no way of knowing is, how many of these CDs have already been traded in at the CD store, when after one hearing, the consumer has decided it was not a keeper. CD sales are not a good benchmark for talent; it is a benchmark for a good (or at least, aggressive) agent. This is not about hating. This is about – well in the case of the untrained, the right to opinion. You think Jackie sounds good, others do not. For those of use who are trained, experienced vocalists, who especially have experience in training young children (hence our experience with the woes of the ever-changing adolescent voice), we would rather the young girl be a girl. Allow her to mature, vocally and emotionally. Let her be sure this is what she really wants to do with the rest of her life.

      • Craig

        reba, my comment regarding “cultural ignoramus” was a comic reference to Piers Morgans similar comment about Howie Mandel (or didn’t you watch AGT that week?). And Sharon Osbourne’s comment last night was also a “comic” reference…hence her phrasing her comment as “I didn’t understand one word of it OBVIOUSLY”…(or didn’t you watch last night either?).

        I would say that 26 years of experience in the music industry encompassing every genre from pop rock to christian rock, from alternative jazz to cross-over classical, and from Broadway to Opera does qualify me somewhat (albeit admittedly with more of an emphasis on music promotion & marketing than on music teaching & education)to give my “opinion”. I have attended literally thousands of musical concerts and stage performances around the world and have also performed in many (although it was back in my more artistic younger years). As far as what Miss Evancho really wants, if you knew anything about her career to date and how it has evolved (from her first talent competition at the Kean Theatre in Pittsburgh to her upcoming scheduled performance with Tim Janis at Carnegie Hall in December), you would know that this is EXACTLY what she wants! And BTW, I challenge you to show me a more “emotionally mature” and poised ten-year-old anywhere in America on or off the stage!

        By all means express your opinion, just don’t spread around or base it on misinformed conjecture, speculation, or prejudice…especially when it involves an innocent little girl!

      • GavinStrick

        You are kind of scaring me Craig.

      • Becky

        I think you sound like a creepy stalker – or maybe a member of her family. You seem to know a LOT about this little girl and are VERY defensive.

      • Julie

        I do think there is a side show aspect to her popularity. The biggest value of Jackie right now is the fact she is 10 years old. I think her parents will push her for maximum return because she will garner the most interest NOW because she is only 10 years old. She will get older, have a fabulous voice, but then will be just like others out there.

    • Jean

      Neither would I, unless it was in a freak show

      • Craig

        Jean, I’m pretty sure that you would be disappointed because even back in the days when “freak show” and circus side shows were popular, little girls who sang like “angels” could only be found in upscale theatres, opera halls, and performing arts centers. However, today’s circus’ are still full of performing clowns wearing too much makeup who pride themselves on looking like buffoons! So, enjoy!

    • Stargazer

      I agree 100 percent, Jean!

    • @TKeep123

      So you prefer puppets and drag queens…ummm…nothing wrong with that.

  • Stargazer

    POPPYCOCK ALL THE WAY! No-one else even comes close! He is amazing. He should have his own TV show so that we fans, his “poppies,” can watch him week after week after week! LOVE him!

  • Mike

    Prince Poppycock FTW

  • Tiffany

    I think both acts deserve their own show. They are in a class of their own.

  • kevcogator

    It was a game changer for me. I thought Poppycock, Grasso and Fighting Gravity were all less than spectacular last night. Jackie Evancho, Michael Grimm and Studio One Young Beast felt like the standout acts. Given that the whole thing is a popularity contest anyway, I am guessing that the favorites going into the night will survive….Jackie, Poppy, Gravity, and Grasso….

    • AMO

      I think Studio One was awesome too, I just think they’re going to get a Vegas show no matter if they win or lose this contest. I hope Grasso makes it!

      • lilly of the valley

        i too hope michael grasso makes the finals! he was awesome and seems like a really nice person. he’s also cute!

    • Kiley

      I’m fearful also that Fighting Gravity will not make the Top 4 because of one less-than-spectacular performance. Totally agreed with Howie’s comment, unlike most all the other acts, Fighting Gravity can Only practice in that theater. Prince Poppycock, Jackie, Michael, and the dancers can practice Anywhere! It will be a shame if they don’t make top 4 because of that. :(

    • Patricia

      I don’t understand the hype over fighting gravity. They do the same stuff every week, just with different props. Frankly, I am bored of them…

      • Craig

        Patricia, I couldn’t agree with you more regarding Fighting Gravity’s “moonlanding” performance. At this stage of AGT you have to keep getting better, and (IMO) FG “peaked” with their semifinal “skateboard” performance. Although they will probably make the Final Four (along with Jackie, Poppycock, and Grimm), if there is any “upset” tonight I feel it could be Grasso knocking off FG! Regardless, it should be a very interesting Finale next week!

      • Pisces228

        They remind me of Blue Man Group, with the black light and all, but are not EVEN as entertaining. I’m with you: I’m bored.

  • Sean

    While I think both acts are deserving of Vegas Shows. I agree with what all the judges said that we are watching something special when Jackie Evancho takes the stage. If doesn’t win this thing the show is a joke because she by far has the most talent.

    • Rock Golf

      I predict it now: Jackie Evancho will have a Billboard #1 album by Xmas 2010.

      • OJ

        Not likely given her style of performing. She may be the next iteration of Luciano Pavarotti (female version) but Michael Grimm is more likely to hit the charts.

      • toOJ

        Jackie is the next Pavarotti? She would have to gain 200 lbs., have a sex change and become a tenor. yOU ARE SUCH A MORON.

      • Rock Golf

        I’m not saying she’s a great opera singer. But that face on a CD at Christmas will be the album you buy granny. Look how many albums Susan Boyle sold and she didn’t even concentrate on the American market.
        And I’ll state as a fact right now: Michael Grimm (nor any other AGT singer, Poppycock included) will never appear on the entire Billboard 200 albums chart. Not even a single week.
        Check the history on previous AGT winning singers. Their albums all flopped.

      • matty

        I’m pretty sure OJ meant that regarding the type of music moron not looks.

      • Emily

        She’s like Charlotte Church (remember her?) She has an amazing voice, but she will only sell a Christmas album or star in live Operas…

      • Craig

        Emily, FYI Jackie Evancho’s debut album (“Prelude to a Dream”) was already released last November 2009 and is not only in the Top Ten on iTunes & Amazon.com but was also the fastest chart climber on Amazon.com (where it is currently SOLD OUT!!!). I don’t believe there were any Christmas songs on it…but I can’t wait for her “Christmas album” to come out!

      • Patricia

        Obviously, you have not heard her album. She only has two operetta songs, one of Amazing grace, and the rest are songs such as concrete angel by Martina McBride. Jackie Evancho’s debut album is also skyrocketing on multiple bestsellers lists today. Jackie released “Prelude to a Dream” in November 2009 and the album is currently climbing Amazon’s bestsellers chart. As of this publishing Jackie Evancho’s album is also sitting at the No. 2 spot on iTunes Classical Bestseller’s list. Amazon has sold out.

      • jb

        Jackie has already been on Billboards top 200 albums with her self produced album which went to number 121. So that blows that theory out the water that she won’t make it. And Bianca Ryan’s album was number 57. So there’s another person who was on the chart. Alexis Jordan also from Season 1 had a number 1 dance record this summer with “Happiness.” The video is cool too.


      she doesnot have “the most talent” Hello Poppycock is an even better opera singer..and he doesnt just stand there with a pretty little dress on.

  • georgialei

    The Prince got my votes. If he doesn’t win this, someone in Vegas needs to snap that boy up. Between the voice and the design aesthetic, he is perfect for them. We would love to see a duet between the two opera singers, Poppycock and Jackie!

    • lalalovesEW

      … or a showdown to celebrate both entertainers!

    • hey stupid

      sure, a duet between an adult and a child – AGT should have a freak-out trying to mike that one

    • Rock Golf

      Actually, Time To Say Goodbye would make a terrific duet for Poppycock/Evancho, using the Andrea Bocelli/Sarah Brightman version as a template.

      Make it so!

  • Bobbie

    Prince Poppy Cock!

  • Rock Golf

    I don’t think Fighting Gravity will make the top 4. There only so much you can do with black light and fluorescent spheres.
    Jackie Evancho & Poppycock are likely to get thru, and I suspect the other two will be the kid dancing pair Anna & Patrik (sympathy for recovering from a stair fall) and the utterly tepid Taylor Matthews because teen girls think he looks cute.
    The two who should join Jackie & Poppycock are Studio One Young Beast and the stunt bicyclist because they both made my jaw drop and I can’t imagine what they’ll do next.

    • Kiley

      OOPS… meant to put my earlier comment here. :)

      I’m fearful also that Fighting Gravity will not make the Top 4 because of one less-than-spectacular performance. Totally agreed with Howie’s comment, unlike most all the other acts, Fighting Gravity can Only practice in that theater. Prince Poppycock, Jackie, Michael, and the dancers can practice Anywhere! It will be a shame if they don’t make top 4 because of that. :(

  • Marci

    Jackie is amazing, but it certainly isn’t the first time one of these talent shows has uncovered a child prodigy. I have to say, she creeps me out a little bit and I hope she isn’t ruining her voice by overdoing it while she is so young. Anyway, she doesn’t need the win, I’m sure she will be booked from now on regardless.

    • Alan

      Hopefully, Jackie’s parents won’t push her too hard and turn her into a train wreck like so many other young stars who don’t need to be named. Best case scenario is that she disappears for 10 years, and then comes back as an adult ready for super stardom.

      • @alan

        she seems to be ready right now

      • janine

        Jackie has an excellent voice, true. Now she needs to grow vocally and physically to sing on the great opera stages – as demanding (vocally and physically) as professional sports, in their own way. Alan, you have a good point – she needs training and conditioning for the next 10 years, then she should come back and Kick. Butt.!

    • bubbapao

      I agree! I want to smack her around (FIGURATIVELY) and tell her to go play with some dolls or go ride a bike, and back off on the canned gestures and too perfect responses to every question. No doubt she was absolutely fabulous last night, but a Vegas show? POPPYCOCK for the win!

    • hey stupid

      the only thing “creepy” is you and your idiotic comment

      • @hey stupid

        Or maybe you and your stupid comment.

  • Randy Jackson Random Comment Generator

    Would it be mean to suggest that among the patriotic medley by Prince Poppycock it might have been appropriate to add “God Save the Queen”?

    • Michael

      If you are trying to be funny at the expense of a gay man, then no, it wouldn’t be appropriate.

      • Sine wave

        Benefit of the doubt – you said that because of the two English judges, right?

      • hey stupid

        Lighten up, mikey.

    • lalalovesEW

      @Since wave – That’s what I thought RJRCG meant, also.

      • Randy Jackson Random Comment Generator

        Uhh, yeah! That’s it.

        Also, he performed a Queen song last week.

      • andy

        there are no English judges, moron! There’s a Canadian, an Irishman and an Aussie.

  • Kyra

    The Prince should definately win! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching and listening to him; it’s always something new!
    Fighting Gravity’s great too, always been a fan of them. In fact, I’d love to see both of them in the finals; two VERY different acts that always please! But I am a loyal Poppycock fan down to the bone! <3

    • Joey

      definitely agree! The Prince and Fighting Gravity should definitely be in the finals. I’m getting tired of Jackie Evancho’s act. It’s the same thing week after week. Nobody knows what she’s singing. Even she probably has no idea what she’s singing. PP all the way!!!!!

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