'Big Brother': Evicted Ragan blasts Rachel and defends Jury House villain Matt

Everyone congratulate Ragan Fox for making it to fifth place on Big Brother! (Lord knows he congratulated himself enough during those endurance challenges.) But ultimately the 34-year-old college professor was undone by a showtunes-loving animatronic clam. The newly evicted houseguest stopped en route to the Jury House to enjoy an exclusive video chat with yours truly (and a special guest), and wouldn’t you know it, he unloaded on everyone’s favorite houseguest from hell, Rachel. Ragan talks about their big confrontation in the house — just look at the veins bulging in his neck in that photo! — as well as what it will be like to be reunited (and it feels so good?) with the hot tempered redhead on the jury. He also discusses being tackled by Enzo in the veto competition and the flashbacks he felt to being picked on in high school. One person he does still have kind words for, however, is Matt, even after being backstabbed by the “diabolical super genius.” (Whether those good vibrations will hold up once he gets to the Jury House and finds out Matt was lying about his wife being sick is another matter.) See Ragan in all his evicted glory in the video player after the jump. And if you missed last week’s exit interviews, check out Matt here, and the lean, mean, and head-shaven-clean Brendon right here. Finally, for more reality TV absurdity, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss. Take it away, Ragan…

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  • Sean S.

    I think he hates Rachel cause they’re an awful lot alike. He chose the low road just as much as she did. I don’t mind that, actually, but I hate the holier-than-thou attitude when you’re really no better. Lane, Hayden, Brenden and Kathy are the only ones with any room to talk about cruel words/behavior. The rest gave as well as they took and should stop whining.

    • Shania

      You obviously don’t watch the feeds. brendon was terribly hateful. Kathy did nothing but talk smack. And the southern losers share a brain so they couldn’t afford to be overcritical – too tough on their brainy wainies.

      • Marie

        Really… I guess we see what we want to see. Brendon never hit below the belt… there is a big difference.

      • Viola Sug Campinelli

        Marie, Brendon made homophobic jokes and nasty comments about women. When a woman is beaten by her husband, do you ask what she did to provoke him Marie? scary..

      • mark07

        just last night hayden, lane and britney were making racial jokes about black slaves.

      • Carla

        Lol seems those loser are really winners dear! Seems like sour grapes over Ragan not being the good person you think he is!

      • Steve T,

        Ah yes, the great southern states of Arizona and New Jersey.

      • wakeforce

        No, I don’t watch the feeds. I have a life that doesn’t include needing to know every detail about what happens in the Big Brother house with the worst cast EVER.
        As for Ragan getting picked on since junior high, Get over it! Know that you give people many reasons to hate your scrawny, whiny a** now! And don’t try to use the gay card. I’ve been carrying that one around for 30 years and girlfriend, my credit rating is WAY higher than yours, thank you very much!

      • t.t

        brendon did hit below the belt he told brtiney that nick is cheating on her with a different girl every night etc made her cry
        for a man to make a lady cry is bad enough but to get personal like that? at least britney doesn’t make fun of family members/friends she makes fun of the houseguest

      • Leah

        to Marie – you say Brendan never hit below the belt?? Did you watch the show or the feeds at all?? Like when he mocked Ragan for being gay, told Brit Nick was cheating on her, mocked her for being short, attacked Kathy for not apologizing to psycho Rachel for beating her in a comp? Brendan is a tool.

      • fgh

        Shania – Brendan was terribly hateful? Give me a break. That’s like me saying Bitchney is a saint. Get a life, Shania. You obviously are watching a different BB than the rest of us.

      • Captain Canuck

        Brendon hit WAAAAAAY below the belt, he and Rachel would sit alone and say some truly ugly and unnecessary things about the others. It just all got edited. But they were equally mean. The producers just chose to make it look like Rachel was the evil one and Brendon was her puppet. but the live feeds and BB after Dark showed a different story.

      • Super Patriot

        Yes, Rachel and Brendon hit below the belt, but they NEVER sat around all day talking about 2 specific HGs hours on end, and when they realized their plan wasn’t going to pay off, they more or less stopped bashing all together. They even manned up and apologized to every one several times and Brit/Ragan constantly chose to ACCEPT IT and then go right back into bash mode. So, no… I don’t think Brendon/Rach were on the same level as Brit/Ragan because they didn’t make a meta-show to bash someone and they truly had everyone against them at the time (not that it justifies anything), but they still never made abortion jokes or “I wish he/she were dead/killed,” comments.

      • Aisha t.

        Brendon and Rach did hit below the belt, but they didn’t spend HOURS at a time bashing any two HGs, and the thing that sets them apart is that they apologized for their actions when they realized their plans failed and mor eor less STOPPED bashing until given another reason to do so. They also had the whole house against them and were in a state of isolation. Not an excuses, but it is what it is.

        Ragan and Brit, on the other hand, bashed and bashed and bashed for hours and even created a meta-show to bash even more. They never let up even AFTER they accepted several apologies. Neither one of them have a reason to still be bashing 3 weeks after their blowups. Ragan/Brit kept lowering the bar every time they spoke and the things they said were much more vile than anything Rachel or Brendon said whether you’re a fan of anyone involved or not. I don’t recall ever hearing Brenchal making abortion, abuse/assault, or “death/kill” remarks.

    • Susie

      That’s so true. Ragan and Rachel are tooooo much alike, and that’s why they clashed so hard. He rebelled against her even when she wasn’t doing anything or wasn’t around. Ragan, however, comes off worse because of his holier-than-thou attitude and the fact he goes on about integrity one minute and then bashes the next… and then has the nerve to make “jokes” about African kids with aids, necrophilia, and more.

      • Zeak

        Oh and Marie, or is it Susie – next time you post under different names, try to switch up your typing style. Like …

      • Louie

        Zeak = ignorant troll

      • Carla

        Zeal dear you may have a few issues of your own going on there! You do know that everyone can comment! There no rules about agreeing with Zeak !

      • toodles

        Zeak, you’re LAME. Say it with me, troll….LAME.

      • Marie

        @Zeak… I am not Susie and you are an ignorant fool my dear.

      • Susie

        @Zeak… I am not Marie and you are an ignorant fool my dear.

      • Marie

        Well Susie, that is not funny now.

      • carol

        right on aisha t.in the history of bb no other two people have been as bad as the crap that came out of ragan and britneys mouth,worst ever.and will somebody tell me why does enzo think we viewers are hoping the brigade brings home the money,on bbad he talks about book deals,which has to be about we made it to the final three being the dumbest bunch ever.and why does he think they are stars,only for the greatest idiots ever in bb history now i,ll give him that one.he is so high on hisself,i can,t wait for him to read all the comments we the veiwers have wrote so he can drag his ass back on the ground where he belongs.

    • Marie

      At least Rachel can let things go and apologize. Ragan does not… he is such a pussy. I agree with you. Ragan was as bad or even worse because he never stopped and he went below the belt all the time. You are right about the others… except for Kathy on occasion when she was around princess Britney who also brings the worst out of some people.

    • Jen


      I like how you say that you don’t watch the feeds because you have a life, and yet you spend time in your busy life on these forums, making your little comments. Anyway, making comments here and watching live feeds gives us something to do when we are bored. Maybe we all (me included) need to get more of a life lol.

      • wakeforce

        @Jen -I wish we could hang out. You’d be a fun friend to have around.

    • Brian

      It’s interesting that Ragan always talks about being bullied when he was the biggest bully in the house. Constantly focused on ganging up and talking shit about Brendon and Rachel, yet having no discernable strategy of his own, no forming alliances, no targeting the brigade… All he cared about was being against Brenchel.

      He’s the vile disgusting one! And for him of all people to insult Rachel’s appearance?! Um pretty sure he looks like he’s 60 years old and HIV+

    • Kylie

      YOu clearly don’t watch the live feeds since Kathy talked more smack about Britney then anyone in the house (yet sucked up to her whenever one of her friends was in power) and all Brenden/Rachel did was bitch all day about Matt/Britney/Ragan/Everyone Else.

    • KC

      So when Rachel came back in the house and screamed in Ragan’s face “I’m back, b***!” Ragan should have smiled and said hello. I loved when Ragan told her off. I just feel bad for him having to endure her more in the jury house, and with what he will find out about Matt.

      • yeah

        in the game of big brother, yes…if he wants to claim to be a social player..yes

  • Rocky

    Love Ragan so much. I hate the remaining four idiots. As for Matt, Ragan will easily forgive him.

    • GG

      You love Ragan so much? Sickening. If Ragan easily forgives Matt, that much mean Ragan really wants a chance with him…maybe he should get it through his sick little head that Matt is STRAIGHT.

      • Captain Canuck

        You are a pathetic GG.

      • GG

        Good comeback, Captain Suck.

      • kylla

        GG, you should have typed “Captain CaSuck.” That would have been a much better comeback to a comeback!


    • nicole

      I agree! Love Ragan. Hope he wins America’s Choice. His intelligence and ability to form a proper sentence made up for the constant stupidity we had to endure all season long from Enzo, yo. Hope to see you in All Stars Ragan!!

      • Rodney Wollam

        If Ragan makes All*Stars, it’ll be because he’s the most despised player in BB history.

  • Marie

    The worst and most disgusting BB Houseguest ever. I hope Karma comes his way since he does nothing but whine. Such a cry baby. Thank God he is gone.

    Also, he was handed the money for being the saboteur. Such a joke.

    • Zeak

      Let me guess. You have gay friends?

      • Marie

        Believe it or not… I do. And like any group there are those who are good and those who are crappy… Ragan is a crappy human no matter what. Good try, trying to use the gay card.

      • Zeak

        I wonder if a black person had racial slurs thrown their way in the house, and defending themself, you’d still say the same thing Marie. I bet if you had felt some of the hatred Ragan felt, you might sing a different tune. And it actually might be nice to listen to.

      • Louie

        The hell? First of all, Ragan said more than his fair share of bash worthy thing, including some tht were on the verge of misogynistic. No one confronted him. He went on about it for 4 straight weeks. You, like him, can get over it, especially when Ragan never said anything to Enzo who said worse things than Rachel.

      • Ragan is Disgusting!

        Shut up, Zeak. Ragan nice to listen too? Yes, I will sit and listen to him talk like a filthy human being. Yes, I will listen to him talk about aborting Rachel’s baby if she got pregnant in the BB house. Yes, I will listen to him talk about BJ’s on BBAD. Yes, I will listen to him BASH every single person, especially Rachel, when there was and is NO need to. Yes, I will listen to him talk about making jokes about African children have aides. Yes, I will hear him making jokes about necrophilia. He is a college professor? I hope he is out of a job soon. He’s a whiney little b*tch. I can care least if he was picked on, he sure in the h*ll did a lot of picking on people himself inside the BB house, when there was no need too. He got by easily in the house, just another floater trying to make it to the end. I’m glad Enzo knocked his a** out of the way and took that CD, and then had his a** evicted from the BB house. I hope Rachel slaps him silly with her hair extensions. He was a terrible Sabatour too, he didn’t deserve that $20,000. On top of that he said he has integrity and class? Right, and I’m the Queen of England. He is a disgusting excuse of a human being, and so is his side show circus, monkey girl Britney. They are BOTH sorry excuses.

      • Scott

        Can I get an AMEN to the above post Ragan IS disgusting!

      • Marie

        @Zeak And now you are trying to use the racism card. You are so good. Always trying to make someone into a victim aren’t you. I don’t give a shit what background a HG has… I don’t care about color… we all bleed the same. For me there is one race of people and who you love is not of my concern. I am more concerned of hypocrites and those who do nothing but hate and claim to be holier than though like this dude, Ragan. One of the worst ever.

  • Moana

    You should’ve won the whole thing, Ragan. Love ya so so much.
    In my book you are the best player in the history of BB house.

    • Sammy


    • darclyte

      I sure hope Moana was being sarcastic.

    • LAJackie

      Don’t be silly. We all know that Natalie was the best player in BB history.

  • Lori

    I love you Ragan! Wished you could make it all the way. True fighter to the end!


    RAGAN i love you!! you were so fun to watch. when you go to the jury house get er done and do not take anything from that parrot


    RAGAN i love you!! you were so fun to watch. when you go to the jury house get er done and do not take anything from that parrot.

  • food

    this guy is such a douchebag

    • dally

      Yeah. And a hypocrite(sp?) which bothers me more than anything. And he could just not let go his obsession with Rachel. And he was just as mean as anyone else.

    • marcia ribera

      Which brings up the question – Ragan and Enzo, the 2 most disgusting. Does that mean America liked them when they voted for saboteur, or that the viewers hated them? Which begs another ques. Will America vote those two again, for the 25 Gs?? Or, will Matt, the best and hippest player get the 25. I hope!

  • eb

    loved your video and editing. love ragan. so bummed to see him out of the game.

  • xoxojalal

    It annoyed me how Ragan (and pretty much the rest of the house) took everything so seriously and talked about morals all the time.

    I liked how Rachel just looked at it as if it were only a game when it came to people not liking her.

  • BB Fan

    I am glad Ragan was eliminated. He acts like a child. I am shocked he is a college professor. Hopefully his employers didn’t watch this season.

  • Katie


    I really wish that you could have won that veto. You played a great game & I think you may very well have won it. You communication skills served you very well and I’m happy that you didn’t let Rachel get by with her homophobic comments. You’re a true competitor & your Dad would have been very proud of you! Hope you can find it in your heart to forgive Matt. Hope to see you in BB All Stars! Best of luck with the new semester!

  • Jane

    For those who think Ragan is such a stand up guy, explain this to me: on Sept. 1 at 1:43pm (check the Flashbacks on the live feeds if you have them), Ragan said the following: “I will take an Aids infected needle and go to Africa and start stabbing babies with it.” I don’t think ANY houseguest ever on ANY Big Brother season has EVER said anything more disgusting and vile. There are some things that are just unforgiveable, and Ragan just put himself in that category.

    On Aug. 31 at 10:42pm, Ragan said, “I wonder what it will be like to smoke pot again.” This is a college professor at Cal State University, Long Beach. Last time I checked, smoking pot is still considered illegal, thus a crime. Sure, this doesn’t come up to the level of murder and rape, but a crime it still is.

    Ragan CONTINUOUSLY joined his BFF Britney in bashing Rachel ad nauseum. This is someone who accepted her apology post-fight during her 24 hour visit and even hugged her after she extended her apology. He then leaves the room and starts bashing her to the house. And HE talks about integrity and how he’s full of it?

    If you go to his personal website (raganfox.com), it has been bombarded by tons of postings by people who have seen the above plus tons more on the live feeds, and I’d venture to say that the ratio is easily at least 15-to-1 postings AGAINST Ragan and what he did in that house. Those who just watch what CBS shows 3 times a week have NO idea the evil, vile, disgusting things that Ragan said constantly. And he wants to come out of the house, proclaiming his integrity and how wonderful of a person he is, all the while still bashing Rachel. Compared to Ragan, Rachel was an angel of integrity. Ragan is in for a rude awakening when he gets home and sees what people REALLY think of him and the evil things he said. His comment about the babies in Africa and infecting them with AIDS has turned SO many people against him to a degree that he is just about beyond redemption. Ragan, please see what you can try to put together and say to America that can explain such a vile statement.

    • Carla

      I agree with you Jane and I think it was well said! Great job!

    • dally

      Ditto. What we see Sun/Wed/Thurs is heavily edited except for the live eviction. The people who watch the feeds ae getting the unvarnished houseguests and sometimes it isn’t pretty and people aren’t like they’ve been portrayed, at all.

    • Buffy Freak

      I don’t watch the live feeds either…is this clip on YouTube or anywhere else? The first time you posted this I was skeptical but I’ve heard the same thing from other people too…if he really did say this he is even more vile than I thought before.

      • classy

        A lot of the feeds typically end up on youtube, especially if it was on BB After Dark. CBS sometimes has the clips on their site as they did when Ragan/Brit/Hayden hosted the bashing of Rachel/Brendon show labeled, “Just the Tip.” I believe they took all those clips down though. I think it’s one of the few times…. Ragan didn’t………. have those long….. pregnant…. pauses……….. .

    • LEE

      your so right, Ragan is a trip, his crying, and whinning has nothing to do with Gayness or the Big Brother House, Millions of Gays have Pride and Integrity, You Couldn’t tell in A Million Years if they Straight or Gay Just a Good Human Being, Without a Weak Lable of why they act so Helpless Weak, No Need To Be a Drama Queen,

    • darclyte

      It’s not fake. People who subscribe can “flashback” to past moments in case they missed them. There is a flashback time for this, and MANY people have gone back to confirm it. He also said that Julie Chen “owned” a “little person,” and he also stated that he wished BB sent them a “little person” who they could BBQ and eat! The guy needs SERIOUS help.

    • Scott

      I don’t have the flashbacks on hand but I remember him saying those things after the zingbot competition and he’d say ZIING after saying them. He obviously has VERY bad taste in jokes. For a professor of communication he doesn’t seem to realize how what he says can be offensive to somebody watching. Ragan is a total hypocrite. CBS has done a great edit for both Ragan and Britney as they both have said very nasty and evil things behind peoples backs that CBS would never air on TV.

    • Scott

      OK middle America (the Big Brother audience) clearly doesn’t get his sense of humor. Guess what, he doesn’t REALLY WANT to stab African babies with AIDS needles. Are you people dense? His brand of humor is incredibly over the top (if you listened to any of his podcasts, you’d know this). P.S. medical marijuana is legal in CA where he lives, so you can’t assume he broke any law.

      • PJ

        I’m pretty sure “middle America” gets it, they just don’t find it funny.

      • ger

        Scott, you are so right. I still can’t stand Ragan, but not for his bad AIDS jokes or smoking pot. I can’t stand him because he thinks a little too highly of himself, but that’s really a pre-requisite for being on the show …

      • Marie

        I can’t find any way how those things said in the podcasts funny or what he said live on the feeds funny. It has nothing to do with “middle America”. Sure, if you are a sick human with strange ideas… maybe it’s funny. I don’t see it. I guess Racism and bigotry and cruelty and so on is funny. NOT!

        Nobody could pay me enough to listen to that vile BS.

      • nicole

        Thank you Scott. It’s amazing the level of stupidity out that would support a douches in the Brigade over an intelligent man like Ragan. People need to lighten up, stop being so PC and get a sense of humor.

      • Anna, The Other One

        Oh yes, because stabbing infants with AIDS infected needles is soooooo avant garde sidesplittingly funny. I understand Howard Stern is considering giving up his radio program. Maybe Ragan can apply to fill in the space. That way, all you humor sophisticats could gather up with your like minded ilk and laugh and laugh and laugh yourselves right into a hernia. Put your comic book down, there isn’t so much as a scintilla of funny to be found in Ragan.

    • murphy

      I didn’t watch the live feeds, and just based on what CBS showed, still couldn’t stand him. Whiney baby and can’t stand listening to him talk. Glad he’s gone.

    • Marie

      My point exactly. The guy is a joke, and it would be funny if he was not a teacher and a hypocrite.

    • karyn

      Wow and here I thought rachael was mean.Ragan should have left BBH long ago.

  • rose

    It’s a shame he had to constantly bash Rachel and Brendon even long after they were gone from the bbhouse. It’s like every time I started to like him again (he was one of my favs going in) or root for him, the bashing would start. He just came across petty and mean on the show and in the live feeds. In the end, not a fan of Ragan at all.

    • sharon

      cuz they are the most disgusting people on earth. I just want to throw up all over myself whenever I see their faces.

      • wakeforce

        Worse than Hitler? Charlie Manson? Sandra, clearly you don’t actually believe that, or are you 12 years old?

      • last time i checked, hitler’s not on earth anymore, dear.

      • Diana

        Shallow much? Worse ppl on her rape 4 year old little girls or murder and torture people. They don’t go on a reality tv show. Get a grip on what is real and important. Clearly looks to you determine someones value on tis earth. Your inmaturity is showing.

    • Dalla

      Love Ragan, think he played a good game. Cannot stand Rachel and Brendon, so glad they are out of the house. If I were in that house I would have been slamming those two constantly too. Yuk, Gag, Burp. They disgust me.

      • classy

        so you’d be just as deplorable as Ragan and Brit and show that you weren’t raised with any dignity or class? K.

      • Teresa

        @classy… are you saying you think Rachel and Brendon HAVE dignity and class??? bwahahahahahaha, what a joke!!

      • classy

        Clearly, if one can read, they’d note I didn’t bring up Rachel or Brendon. I clearly spoke on Ragan and Britney. Whatever YOU chose to draw from that is your OWN conclusion and your OWN ignorance to possess.

  • Scott

    Ragan is such a tosser…literally! He was throwing competitions every week. His zingbot jokes were offensive. Ragan was obsessed with bashing Rachel. Ragan bashed Rachel every single day in the house even 3 weeks after she was evicted he is STILL bashing her. I think Ragan is the VILE DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING! Ragan really needs to look himself in the mirror and review the words that comes out of his mouth and stop worrying about others…..ZZZIIIING!!

    • nomoretrolls

      Ragan’s a bully, pure and simple. I’m gay and I know his type too well. They skewer any one for any reason and think it’s just oh so clever, but when someone directs a little of the venom back at them they suddenly turn in to Blanch DuBois. Whining about how they were mistreated in gym class. Oh boo hoo hoo, get over it. If you can’t take it you shouldn’t dish it out. Ragan was never funny or clever or cute. He’s toxic and he’s a loser and I can’t imagine how any of his students are ever going to have any respect for him after watching him this summer.

      • Rodney Wollam

        It would really make my day if his college fired him after this for conduct unbecoming.

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