Fox News is shocked -- shocked! -- by John Cusack's tweet

John-CusackImage Credit: Armando Gallo/Retna ltdJohn Cusack Calls for Satanic Death of Fox News, GOP Leaders,” blares the headline. Not just death, mind you, satanic death. Diane Court would be stunned.

Cusack, a political progressive who contributes to the Huffington Post, had responded to a question on Twitter on Sunday about the proposed Ground Zero Islamic center, implying he was for it and tweeting, “I AM FOR A SATANIC DEATH CULT CENTER AT FOX NEWS HQ AND OUTSIDE THE OFFICES [OF DICK] ARMEY AND NEWT GINGRICH-and all the GOP WELFARE FREAKS.”

Well, Fox was outraged. Outraged!!! So were many other offended parties who expressed their anger at Cusack online. Yesterday, Jo Piazza of Fox responded with an online story that included passages like, “Cusack went on a caustic Twitter rampage,” and “he has stooped to the level of making threats.” She interviewed experts who warned that Cusack’s “vituperative words” could inspire some disturbed fan of Cusack’s to violently attack Fox and its conservative friends. Not once in the article does Piazza concede that maybe Cusack’s Twitter was just a crudely flippant joke. Fox simply was not amused.

Do you think Fox sees half-baked pronouncements like Cusack’s as opportunities to fire up their audience? Did Cusack cross a line, even if he was kidding? Do you think it’s wise for Fox — which boasts some of the medium’s most popular and opinionated talking heads — to link outspoken citizens to subsequent criminal activity?

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  • the girl

    The way his tweet reads, it sounds like he’s all for building a cult center at the Fox News headquarters. He’s not calling for anyone’s death, satanic or otherwise. But, it would be outside of the character of Fox News to interpret that correctly.

    • jansenark

      I love it when these Hollywood idiots do something this stupid! I just read how much movie going was down this summer….people are tired of celebs telling them what to think.

      • RJB Boston

        So you are OK when someone who worked on Inside Addition (Bill O’Reilly) becomes the conservative voice on TV? Like his creds are that impressive? What makes “hollywood idiots” any less qualified than anyone else to make any commentary they choose to? Clearly John Cusack is a thoughtful guy who keenly participates in political discussion – we’re not talking about the Kardashian sisters here!

      • Christopher

        In fact, the article, which I stumbled across on a rare trip to to find some coverage on Glen Beck’s whoop de do last weekend, assumed that the comment was a joke, but worried Cusack’s followers would take it seriously. Honestly, I read the whole article as satire on the way people take the statements of conservative entertainers so seriously.

      • marspyramid

        RJB Boston is right–no one ever seems to remember that all the right-wing “journalists” on Fox are all just former shock-jock radio hosts (Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh) or tabloid news show hosts (Bill O’Reilly) who could care less about politics until they saw a market in it. Instead of screaming inane, sensationalistic, uninformed things about celebrities, do the same about politics. There’s more money and fame in it. It’s also a lot more dangerous though when mental deficients start believe the nonsense these guys are spewing.

      • John R.

        Hey Jansenjerk – show me in that tweet where he tells anyone what to think. He states his opinion, “I am all for…”

      • Scott

        It’s actually clever. He doesn’t like Fox partly because they are idiotic god-believers. So what better way to offend them than to build a death-cult center in their front yard. (Btw, that’s a place where people kill themselves over their idiotic beliefs (eg, religious), not a place where people kill others outside their cult – something Christians and Muslims cannot say.

      • CD

        Re: Hollywood so-called Icons giving their opinion. I have to agree,..they should keep their opinions to themselves. Most make fools out of themselves. I have lost all respect for several top entertainers who make stupid comments like,”If so and so wins,.. I am leaving this country.
        They are all still here, and making millions while they criticize. NOT SMART..John Cusack.
        I work the studios, and your remarks could come back to bite you
        Who cares what you think? Your fans
        do. What a turn-off.Right or wrong. The smarter actors or entertainers keep making their money,and everyone still loves you.
        Tom Cruise,Barbara Strisand, Alec
        Baldwin are still in America, even tho, they promised that they would leave. So much for all you big mouths out there.Just show up and vote. Don’t watch FOX if you can’t handle it. It is just another opinion. What happened to Class?

      • Florina

        Aannd you’re not tired of the extremist right-wing nutz rants of Fox. They are not worthy of the word “News”. GO JOHN CUSACK! Rattle their cages!

      • marc

        oh come on – might me a laugh – I wil join if you will == what sort of food do you think thay serve – guess not much goes off — they pit a spell on it to keep it fresh – dont tell Mickey D or they might want the center at their head office

      • Lebron! @James

        yo RJB. Keith Olberman??? Sportscenter to PYSCHO LIBERAL! His creds are impressive though right

      • dntbstpd1

        CD – Rush Limbaugh said the same thing about universal healthcare…he’s still here too. You forgot to mention any of your conservative rightwing nut bag friends in your list, lol.

      • blah balh blah


      • Carol V

        Yea, and we’re tired of Fox distorting the news and their pundits just making crap up!

    • Lucy


    • greenbombadil

      Way to go John!!! “Courage is Contagious”

    • Jeff

      More intelligent discuss from the left.

      • Mike

        Fighting fire with fire.

      • Matt

        More incomplete sentences from the right…

      • Disappointed

        Sure the left has ideas, but they are always executed half assed and susceptible to corruption by narcissistic liberals who have too much money that they are too comfortable and bored to live in their current existence. Libs can go blow it out their…

      • Dug

        The left DOES have ideas. And what does the right have…hate, rhetoric and disdain for anyone outside their ideologue.

      • person

        The left seems to have plenty of hate for anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

      • Leslie


        hmmm this lefty thinks you might have meant discourse.

    • akcita

      It is obviously as wise-assed comment, but Mr. Cusack has lost in my esteem. This is too important an issue to be flip about given his high profile.
      I believe the American Muslim community is being quite weak in its efforts to moderate the Islamic faith, but that a mosque near the WTC should be allowed. People in America are torqued off all the time, and freedom to practice their faith within the boundaries of the law should be preserved. I served in the military, to further this ideal, and we better remember it.

      • Rowan

        I disagree. Humor is a great way to show the ridiculous lengths the Anti-Muslim movement (which is spurred on my Fox News Commentators on a daily basis) goes to in order to try stifle the first amendment rights of Muslim Americans.

    • JJ

      John Cusack, you are awesome!

    • Mike Westby

      Dude I love you—
      fox hardly ever tells the truth

      • c dog

        well seeing as msnbc has the most ultra liberal snobs whose only purpose is to try and bash fox news I cannot believe the hypocrisy. Amazing how liberals own the schools, the media, the newspapers and television yet it is never enough.Just goes to show you how scared they are of sane thinking people.

      • sarah


        Could you let me know a lie that fox news had told. At least one example please.

      • MissVampireDiaries

        LOL @ c dog. I think it is you and your friends you find Liberals a threat. It is sad that MSNBC has to always fact check FAUX Noise, but someone has to.

      • vinmac

        very funny that liberals own the schools (see texas teaching the bible as origin of life), the media and newspapers (see Rupert Murdoch). hmmm, believe everything you see on Fox?

      • Rowan

        @Sarah- You want one example of Fox News’ fabrications? How about the seven that it took me all of three minutes to locate.

        Bill Hemmer reported that Department of Education official Kevin Jennings knew of a “statutory rape” case involving a 15-year-old student but “never reported it.” In fact, the student was above the age of consent.

        On the news show “America’s Pulse,” E.D. Hill described Barack and Michelle Obama’s fist bump at a campaign event in the summer of 2008 as a “terrorist fist jab.”

        In March 2009, Fox News’s Martha MacCallum presented a clip of Vice President Joe Biden saying “the fundamentals of the economy are strong” — and presented it as from an interview that weekend. In fact, the clip came from a 2009 campaign event at which Biden was quoting John McCain.

        In April 2009, Fox News’s Wendell Goler reported on an Obama question-and-answer session that was truncated to make it seem as if the president wanted a health care system “like the European countries.” In fact, he was just restating a question — he went on to say that he opposed such a system.

        In May 2009, Fox News’s Jon Scott said the network had decided to look back on how the stimulus “grew, and grew, and grew.” In fact the entire report came from a Senate Republican Communications Center press release – complete with typo.

        In October 2009, Fox News’s Trace Gallagher and Bill Sammon claimed that Senate Democrats would like provisions of the PATRIOT Act that helped catch a suspected terrorist to “go bye-bye.” It was a total distortion of both the proposed changes and the terror case.

        Chris Wallace had a former Bush administration aide Jim Towey as a guest on “Fox News Sunday” in August 2009 and together they pushed numerous falsehoods about a VA pamphlet on end-of-life issues.

        Fox News has a long history of making innuendo and then reporting it as fact. Watch sometimes and count how many times they use the phrase, “It has been said…” or “Some people are saying…” without any reference to who is saying it. That’s because no one said it. They make it up, report it as fact and wait for it to be repeated. Deplorable!

      • Jason

        Sarah, party of one, your table of ownage is ready.

      • Strawberry Sparkles

        Rowan, will you marry me? I mean, I assume you’re a guy, and a smart one at that, but at this point gender doesn’t even matter. MARRY ME.

    • Karl

      Your standards are too low.

    • TJWawa

      Boy! I have no problem with this at all.

    • KRG

      John you have made yourself more relevant, sexy and nteresting than ever.. I’ll get in your hot tub time machine any time!

    • Mia

      Always a fan, John. Couldn’t agree with you more.

    • LOL

      Faux News: We Distort You Comply

    • kmd

      Last I checked, we are not on the Fox News website.

    • Will

      Worst actor ever! Did u see 2012- how could anyone think he has anything sensible to contribute!!

    • Cecille

      When I do not want to hear the truth…..I watch Fox news! Refreshing honesty from John Cusack.

    • Rowan

      Are surprised that Fox has spun a very funny and pointed post into a non-existant death threat? Nope. It’s all about ratings and doing whatever underhanded crap is necessary to get them.

      You know, it used to be that when a TV network was verbally reprimanded, they responded with dignity (albeit peppered with legalese) like a corporation run by adults would. Fox News responds they way high school mean girls do when they find out their boyfriend kissed another girl. Libelous accusations (Cusack, could claim this is damaging to his reputation and sue) and childish taunts seem to be the default position for the Faux News.

    • AJ

      Absolutely agree.

      Funny. O’Reilly incited violence with his cries of “Tiller/Tiller the Baby Killer.” Just to name ONE of the zillion instances of hatred/demogogery on Faux Nooze.

      Dish it out. Can’t take it.

    • low

      Oh yeah!

    • DeLisa White

      @the girl – Nicely put!!

    • Lebron! @James

      Cusack sucks. his movies suck. we should build a mosque in his backyard

    • Scapular

      I was the biggest Jon Cuasack fan…but Jon Jon for the past 20 years you have been the most saddest melancholy guy guy ever in the movie biz…you went from high energy to being like in a fog never ever see Jon smile in his movies or make people laugh – 2012 was a joke …you had so much promise as not just a comedic actor – but a super breakout star ..its like you want to be Sean Penn or something ..but all you do is bytch and moan bout life..and this last rant was just weird ..there has been a democrat in the White House for most of the 1990’s and now wtf is the problem? plus wasn’t 2012 from Fox studios ? Not too bright…you need a Red Foreman kick in the $$ to lighten up!

      • casualobserver

        If you like high energy, you must like Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Brendan Fraser. Cusak doesn’t smile in most of his movies because they’re not comedies. Cusak promoted 2012 and 2012 promoted Cusak. The crappy movie that resulted was just a byproduct of them getting paid, and neither party cares I’m sure. Cusak’s rants promote Cusak and Fox’s replies promote Fox. You know? Publicity? It’s just another day at work, do you really think he cares? Besides, he’s a much better actor than his sister.

    • Long Duk Dong


    • Nancy

      If anyone had a brain John it isn’t you. You are so caught up in your own mind you don’t outside of the bubble you are in.

  • the girl

    Of course it would be outside of the ability of Fox News to interpret his statement correctly.

    • Jacob

      Either that or they’re looking for any lead they can on any sort of story that would “bring down” a celebrity. Pathetic attempt in this go-round, no doubt.
      Can’t wait for them to start taking The Onion tweets seriously…

    • Leslie

      right on…lmao

  • Winston

    Come on, now. Careless, hatemongering proclamations are for riling people up to commit violence against Muslims, not for pointing out the hypocrisy of Fox News.

  • Minutiae

    If a conservative tweeted this about some left-wing cuckoo, you guys would be all over them. I don’t expect political fairness from EW, but you shouldn’t be hypocrites, either.

    • Robert

      If a conservative tweeted this, that was obviously tongue in cheek, we wouldn’t care. It’s a joke. Get over yourself.

      • Doyan

        more liberal BS. You would be whining like a little girl and thats the truth. Go watch your hero Olberman.

      • Jeff

        The dummocrats are going to be destroyed this November!

        Ha, Ha, Ha. Laugh that off dummies!

      • jason.

        Wow, Beaudelaire, that’s some quality satire you’ve got going on. “Dummocrats”. That’s almost as good as “Obammunists”, but with just a hint more second-grader thrown in.

        You forgot the obligatory raspberry at the end, though.

        If the U.S.A. wants to go back to having a president who can’t pronounce “nuclear”, yet has to deal with the word on a regular basis, that’s up to them, I guess.

        “We now return you to the end of your Empire, already in progress”.

    • Dude

      Cool story, bro.

      • Remy


      • LOL

        Faux News: Scaring White People for Profit

    • Fatima

      Um, no. Because any rational person would read it as a joke.

    • @Minutiae

      You know, conservative posters like you are ALWAYS saying this type of crap. I have yet to EVER see an example of this. If you could provide authentic evidence, maybe you wouldn’t sound like such a talking parrot.

      • Liver

        We can’t give an example of it because there aren’t many conservative celebrities and they’d be out of jobs if they even considered saying this. Heck, they’d be out of a job just for saying they’re conservative.

      • Jeff

        Hey, all you uneducated hollywood liberals, how’s that hope and change you can believe in workin out fer ya so far?

        Yeah, Monkey Boy is doing a great job! 9.5% unemployment. Ah, the summer of recovery.

      • Dave

        That’s enough of your racist BS, Jeff! Take it to!

      • Disappointed

        Jeff is obviously not a conservative. Conservatives are not that brash.

      • miss k

        Wow Jeff. Really classy. I hope you feel so much better about yourself for spewing racist comments. Time to wake up to the 21st century.

      • Person Who Talks

        @Jeff: As a conservative, I must say that you are hurting our cause whenever you spew this racist bullsh*t…so please, shut up!!!

      • Leslie

        ummmm Liver aka Spleen…

        Glenn Beck is a conservative celebrity. Bill O’Reilly is a conservative celebrity. sooo puh lease lay off the guff and haw about no conservative celebrities.

      • Chris

        It is funny how most people on here support John Cusack and his rant on Fox. Ok, I don’t agree with him but I see the satire in for what it is. But all of you who support Cusack have attacked anyone on here that does not support him.

        Neither Beck nor O’Rielly are conservative or Republican. One is a Libertarian and the other is an Independent. Maybe if you understood what that meant you would not be so critical. Besides, if you have ever actually watches the shows you would know that they pick on anyone and everyone not just the anointed one (play on words, the same as Cusack)

      • Jason

        O’Reilly is a registered Republican. He keeps claiming it’s not true (on Fox the Fox news channel no less)and he’s been called out on it many, many times. To be fair, he does say he filled out the form incorrectly. So maybe he’s an independent who’s also a moron? And I would argue they’re both conservative even if they aren’t registered as Republicans. I can tell you for a fact most libertarians want nothing to do with Beck.

    • spongekill

      Well no, because if you read the actual tweet, and not Fox’s idiot headline, you’ll realize there is no threat involved. Rather it’s a marginally humorous satire of the construction of a Muslim center near ground zero.

      Conservative versions of this tend to be things like calling out Dem women as physically unattractive and “dogs”, or portraying Obama with a bucket of chicken and a watermelon, or telling your supporters to “RELOAD” and then putting crosshairs all over a map of democratic politicians. You tell me which one is more likely to incite rage or violence.

    • B

      i don’t expect political fairness from EW either, mainly because it’s an entertainment mag. So what’s Fox’s excuse?

    • Wendy

      Well SAID!

    • Mike

      otherwise known as the Glenn Beck show…

    • regguy

      Your name is pretty ironic, since you seem to miss the whole point.

    • debi

      the IQ level of most of these posters is nauseating as is john cusak. he’s an actor who plays pretend for a living…always hated him now i know why- he’s a dumbass!

      • casualobserver

        Thank you debi for such an enlightening post. I feel smarter already!

  • ShotgunShogun

    Let’s all just continue to hate each other. That will get things solved.

    • Elizabeth

      Good point… and appreciated it by someone nauseated by all of it ;)

      • casualobserver

        Not as nauseated as I am with your north face jacket and your ugg boots.

    • Katja

      I so agree with you and Elizabeth. Though they ARE taking this Cusack tweet thing too far, let’s not be drama queens about it.

  • Elizabeth

    “Do you think Fox sees half-baked pronouncements like Cusack‚Äôs as opportunities to fire up their audience?”

    You realize that “firing up their audience” using “half-baked pronouncements” is in the company’s mission statement, right?

    • Ap

      I was going to post the same thing. Firing up their audience is all they do. If you watch the channel you’d think the world was ending tomorrow.

  • David Owens

    Time to add another Hollyweirdo to the personal boycott list.

    • Mole

      So basically that’s everyone but Charleton Heston and Fred Thompson on there, right? I’d say to enjoy your Law & Order repeats, but Jerry Orbach supported theatre, and therefore, gays. Sorry ’bout it.

      • Ap

        And Kelsey Grammer

      • Kal

        And Adam Sandler.

      • Merry Bear

        Dennis Miller flipped out after 9/11. You can watch him, if you can still stand him.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        And James Woods.

    • Alyssa

      Funny speaking the truth makes us weirdo’s. I am not from hollywood and I agree with him joking or not. A blind man can tell that Fox News is for the rich Fat Cat GOPS to sit and ramble on and on just to start a mudslinging fight and then leave us to handle it. YOU really believe they give a damn about you. HA! right.

      • Doyan

        How dare FOX put a conservative slant on their news. How dare they beat the liberal MSNBC, CNN, PBS and all the other Liberal News broadcasts in the ratings. Don’t they know that the only credible news is liberal news? Liberals are so pathetic.

      • Kiki

        Where do you live, Doyan? I want to move there! My CNN isn’t liberal enough, and my PBS channels don’t show any kind of news. :-(

      • Thomas

        will wait till we get bombed again and then you all will start boo-oohing like you do after 9/11, and calling for us conservatives to do something, oh what Obama is in office good luck

      • Benelli

        Alyssa- What YOU consider to be truth is NOT what I consider to be truth- DUH, that’s why this country is practically split with Liberals AND Conservatives… and it will always be that way. So LIVE and LET LIVE… what a novel idea!

      • CapricaEight

        Doyan…a conservative slant. REALLY? There’s a different between slant and outright fear mongering and lies, which Fox News is notorious for. You want examples? The “radical imam” responsible for the community centre they claim has ties to Hamas? Yeah, he’s the second largest shareholder of their company.

      • miss k

        Benelli- Last time I checked, there was more to politics than liberals and conservatives. I’m pretty sure independents, moderates, etc. are still out there.

      • vinmac


        There have been plenty of popular (ratings) wackos out there. because fear and hatred and very powerful emotions. one channel for one view – democracy at work. lets spread it around the world

      • amerikkkathebeautiful

        Thomas – If you remember correctly, we didnt get bombed. It was two jets full of passengers that flew into two buildings. After which, Mister bush went an invaded a country that had nothing to do with it. Single minded republicans, keep waiting for your savior.

    • @Minutiae

      David, I’m sure Cusack is crying into his coffee right now because you are no longer his biggest fan.

    • DottieHNJ

      I agree. Boycott any and all stars who go over the top like John has done. Let’s put our dollar to work by with holding it and fight these people peacefully.

      • Mic

        Screw that, let’s fight them violently. Put your dollar to work buying a bat and let’s settle this once and for all.

      • Jason

        Exactly! Lets beat into thier heads once and for all that we are a nation of peace!

    • B

      Too bad.. you would’ve LOOOOVVED Hot Tub Time Machine.

    • nunya

      No doubt… I can’t even watch an Arnold flick anymore without getting pissed off at libtards in hollyweird thinking their opinions rank higher than mine because OMGosh!!! they were in a MOOOOVIE! They are soooo smart! and soooo talented!

      Cusak is like the French now.

      Dead to me.

      Just another entry in the “Refuse to give my entertainment dollars to” catagory.

      • erin

        um, Schwartenegger is a Republican, “con-tard.” By the way, it’s really impressive how you gained 50% of your 300-word vocabulary directly from Bill O’Reilly.

      • Benelli

        Erin- you’re just a plain “tard”.

      • UncleWalty

        you mean Cusack is like the French in that you have an irrational fear/hatred of him based on the fact that he didn’t want get involved in a war which he knew would be a giant clusterf*ck and which most people now admit was a mistake?

      • Jason

        Well, at least now we know who’s watching all those “Left Behind” movies…

    • vinmac

      stop watching movies altogether. thats a great idea since Hollyweird is full of ‘em

    • Leslie

      gosh you have a boycott list? what a way to learn about your enemies. Make sure you stay in that nice safe self-imposed bubble.

  • Bill

    Well, since FOX News is already Satanic…maybe just a good old fashioned exorcism would be in order.

    • Kim

      You are a nutcase!

      • pee wee herman

        I know you are, but what am I?

        Back to you and more of it!

  • G

    Once again another celebrity sticks their foot in their mouth while trying to express an opinion and get publicity at the same time. When will people learn that these celebrities’ opinions mean jack and that they probably know as much about politics as a dog does?

    • Peter

      His foot isn’t in his mouth. Fox put words in his mouth. He did not say what Fox says he said.

      • binaryinsanity

        Really? I’ve got a screenshot of John Cusack’s Twitter page and a screenshot of Fox’s reaction quoting Cusack’s Tweet verbatim down to the punctuation. Fox elaborated on it in the same manner that the rest of the media would have elaborated on it if the Tweet had been made by a conservative against liberal figureheads. Both sides are guilty of spin, but Fox quoted Cusack correctly. We may not agree on ANYTHING, but lying from either side is just disgusting and perpetrators of such lies are the ones that need to be the guests of honor at the “Satanic Death Cult Centers” that Cusack referred to. And, YES, this comment applies to both sides of the political divide.

      • Eyeswideopen

        Really? Do you have a dictionary that defines SARCASM?
        What has happened to us that we can no longer understand a joke…good or bad.

      • dntbstpd1

        @binaryinsanity – Fox quoted him correctly but translated it incorrectly. He did not wish any death upon anyone, just sarcastically states he supports building a satanic death cult center at Fox HQ. Fox then stated he called for a satanic death for Fox news and GOP. THAT is a lie. He only supports the building of a satanic death cult center there. Of course, you’re a conservative though, and probably can’t read the difference, le sigh…

      • @dntbstpd1

        The fact that you try to distinguish the two is just another example of typical liberal semantic disingenuousness. Kind of like saying “I didn’t say I wanted anyone to die in the building, I just said they should let a serial killer lose in there”.

      • dntbstpd1

        haha, did you ride the short bus today? Does it have a flat tire? I say this because I really don’t think anyone on the conservative right can read. He’s making similar statements as all of the conservative right only making fun of them while doing it. They are all up in arms over this mosque which in no way poses any threat and has been investigated and proven that their money doesn’t come from any terrorist organization. In fact, one of the leaders of said mosque is the #2 shareholder of Fox News Corp tehmselves!!! They are making false statements that the people building this mosque are going to terrorize the entire country. He is making a joke, get over it.

      • dntbstpd1

        In addition, the fact that you cannot read comprehensively and understand it’s a joke is completely hilarious! Because he said this are you now also going to claim that he worships satan?! lol

    • Fatima

      But your opinion matters?

      • Benelli

        Hey FAT ima! Just showed your age with that comment, “But your opinion matters?” Waaa! What do you think this is a COMMUNIST country and only your opinion and other LIBERAL opinions MATTER??? NOT! You’ll find out election day that you’re dead wrong.

      • UncleWalty

        you really don’t have the first idea what Communism is, do you Benelll? You’ve seen the right-wing talk about it on TV, but you really honestly don’t know a thing about the movement or how former/current Communist countries were/are governed, do you? You just used the term “communist” because in your world it means “bad.”

      • @Benelli

        Good for you, school let out early today. You must be excited.

    • D’s Advocate

      If he was just trying to get publicity, wouldn’t he have more effective ways of getting it than posting a single Tweet?

      • Mikos

        Come on folks, G is obviously one of the rabble rousers who knows this stuff is nonsense but it’s his or her job to go around trolling while keeping their own useful idiots engaged with crackpot nonlogic.

    • B

      I’m in agreement that celebrities opinions don’t really mean jack… when will Fox realize it? I mean that was at least a 1000 word article to defend themselves against Cusack’s satanic attack! hahaha

    • Deb

      Since when does being involved in a certain occupation preclude you from having an opinion? Sure, there are a lot of flaky celebs out ther, but there a re a lot of flaky politicians and pundits, too.If I have to take statement from Sarah Palin, John Cusack, or Glenn Beck, I’ll bet you Cusack has more factual knowledge to back up his claims than CryBaby Beck or SnowBilly Barbie.

    • Zakry

      Yeah, dummy, if his opinion means so little, why FoxNews so upset?

      • Jason

        Ratings! Fox clearly understands thier ratings are higher when the people that watch them are angry about something. Pretty smart of them to stir up this kind of thing I think. duh…

    • Leslie

      I imagine that a celebrity knows as much about politics as any of us. And Cusack is entitled to his own opinion. You know, thinking for yourself, deciding on an opinion for yourself? No wait, that is something that Fox does not want you to do.

  • noizeegirl

    If you can’t take hate, Fox, don’t dish it out.

  • Kevin

    It’s “Satanic-Death-Cult”, to be read as one phrase… at no point does it imply any kind of threat against Fox News.

  • Eddy

    I think his account got hacked!

    • FYI

      Could be. I’m a huge Cusack fan, and the most surprising thing about this is that he even has a Twitter account. However, that being said, my guess would be that Jeremy Piven put it on John’s computer to punk him.

      • JenR

        I’m a fan too, but I had to stop following him on Twitter because his posts were just too confusing. Maybe he’s figured out how to use Twitter since I stopped following him, but his early tweets were so disjointed and nonsensical that they hurt my brain.

  • Chris

    Who cares about this? When is Kate Gosselin going to be back on the air? That’s what matters.

    • Kiki

      She’s busy baking cookies for the Satanic-death-cult.

      • Leslie


    • casualobserver


  • Peter

    Sigh. Yet another thing I’m going to have to correct my co-workers on when they start spreading this.

    • Jamie

      I hear ya! I think that is what annoys me most about Fox “News” – I don’t watch because, well, I have a brain and yet I still can’t avoid it because I find that I am constantly having to educate people when they start repeating their lies.

      • 713Stacey

        I keep looking for a website that tells me what Fox says and why it’s wrong so I can print it off for my parents!!!

      • Amanda

        That is a great idea! I would do it myself except I would have to watch Fox.

      • veronica

        @713Stacey – Try – that’s what my mom uses for her Fox-quoting friends.

      • Gyrefalcon

        @713Stacey – is another good one.

  • Laura

    I’m glad (joke or not) that he said what he felt. All this pc crap really annoys me. Fox News just likes to stir things up because they can.

    • LOL

      Faux News: When Facts Don’t Matter

      • Hear hear!

        This needs to be Fox News’ slogan!

      • kjgarbutt

        Love it. Well done.

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