'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' reunion recap, part one: Everybody just stay on the couch

Real-Housewives-New-JerseyImage Credit: Andrei Jackamets/BravoThe biggest question after part one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion: What’s the deal with Teresa’s nephew?

Just like the word “foreclosure” before it, “nephew” apparently has the power to set Teresa off. I can’t believe that the other ladies insist they’ve never seen Teresa get upset before; she has had the biggest and best meltdowns of the entire show, and it doesn’t look like it’s the first time she’s cursed someone out. You expect me to believe that she’d remain calm if someone insulted Gia’s natural talent? She is from Paterson, remember?

After a montage of baby Audriana and baby Nicholas, the ladies scolded Danielle for not reaching out to Jacqueline after the birth of her son. Rather than fully defend or explain herself (then again, why should she? Why would she reach out to Jacqueline after the way last year’s reunion went?) Danielle turned the question on Teresa: “Did you acknowledge your nephew? Did you?” The woman really knows how to push her buttons and really has her hands on some inside information, which it may take a year for us to find out. Do your research, Andy! “Yeah, of course I did,” Teresa initially replied, before letting the words sink through the pounds of hair spray atop her head and deep into the crevices of her brain, where her cursing and fighting lobes are located. Wait for it…and, go:  In two seconds Teresa was hovering over Danielle, screaming, “DO NOT BRING UP MY FAMILY!” before the former stormed off set, and the latter needed to be held back by Andy (needed to, but didn’t want to, hence her tough shoving of the Bravo SVP which knocked him off his feet and back into his chair).

The other women tried to calm Teresa down but she was stuck on an expletive rampage of  “motherf—er”/”f—ing bitch,” that was quickly reduced to a frightening stammering of “she is, she is, she is….” Watch the clip below, and tell me, when did the Housewives reunion turn into an exorcism?

And that was just within the first 15 minutes alone. During the melee, the ladies retreated to their hair stylists and makeup artists for touch-ups and emotional support (they better be paying them double for therapy costs). Danielle’s entourage encouraged her to think of “amazing things” in order to calm down, which is apparently the new “love and light” philosophy (prescribed by Sarai?). Andy, suit still in perfect condition despite the fall, did his best to encourage the ladies to return to set, but of course Danielle felt physically threatened by Teresa. This is terroristic, Andy Cohen! Don’t you see? Even you aren’t safe! In order to save his reunion show he had to lock Teresa down to that tacky Borgata couch:
“Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me, you can’t get off the couch.”
“Believe me I won’t hit her, she’s not worth it.”
“No I don’t care, I don’t care, but I don’t want you to get off the couch.”
“She’s not worth it.”
“That’s fine so then if she’s not worth it, don’t get off the couch, I’m really not kidding, you can’t get off the couch, okay? Is that a deal?”

Kudos to Andy Cohen, who not only put himself in grave physical danger, but kept the ladies on task and continuously pressed the uncomfortable subjects, from Teresa’s finances to Danielle’s sex tapes. The ladies were packing verbal heat, and Teresa didn’t waste any time before firing the first shot at Danielle. When asked what they thought of the other Jersey reality show (Jersey Shore), Teresa described it as a bit promiscuous and not a great example. She backed away from an easy dig at Danielle, but then decided, I’m on a TV show, bitch! So why not?: “I think Danielle could relate to them, right Danielle? Because after a week  you met Steve, you slept with him at my shore house in front of your kids. That was okay, right?”

The ladies took any opportunity to cut Danielle down or prove her wrong, which again seems pointless if they claim to be so far above her. Caroline, who was chosen to share a couch with Danielle (although you would never tell, as the space between the two ladies was bigger than Teresa and Joe’s dream house), was on eye-roll duty while Jacqueline inserted digs at Danielle’s ex-husband, her rumored relationship with “bodyguard” Danny, and had her very own “you’re a piece of garbage” moment, even if it didn’t have the same effect coming from Jacqueline’s meek, sweet sounding voice. Andy let her off easy last night compared to the other ladies, which means a discussion of Ashley, her parenting, and the hair pull is coming next week, right?

Things we learned, part one:

++ After last year’s reunion left Caroline in tears and Danielle known to us all as garbage, the ladies confirmed that the drama was over reports that Danielle had tried to take Dina’s daughter Lexi away from her. Last night Danielle played dumb, as if she had only recently learned of this claim. “Why would I do such a thing, ever? I don’t have any reason to do something like that, ever. I don’t think she’s an unfit mother!” she insisted. She did admit that her attorneys tried to silence Dina after she “lied in a four-page article” about things that Danielle claimed to be untrue. But we can’t speak about it because Dina’s not here. Why does the juiciest stuff go down off camera?

++ Danielle introduced Jacqueline to the fertility doctor who helped her get pregnant…and now either wants her child, or a replica of her head stuffed and hung on the Laurita’s wall in honor of her selfless gesture.

++ Despite filing for bankruptcy, Teresa’s home is still not in foreclosure. She also denied reports from New York Post that their debt included $100,000 in credit card debt to Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s. “Do we believe everything the New York Post writes?” she asked. Oh, and that anniversary ring Joe gave her is a yellow sapphire, not a diamond. A diamond would be like a half a million dollars, and who do you think those Juicy Joe is? There’s a lot of competition in the Jersey pizza market these days.

++ Danny Provenzano was married during the first weeks of filming his stint on the show, but conveniently filed for divorce shortly after. The ladies seemed to think that he and Danielle had an affair, which led to the dissolution of his marriage (not his time in jail?). “That’s disgusting, I never had an affair with him, ever,” Danielle said. “I don’t hang out with him, I taped with him and that was it.” (Taped…what exactly?)

+++ Danielle has two sex tapes in existence, one from Sex Tape Steve (who I’ll believe is 26 years old when I believe those long locks were Danielle’s real hair), and another, which she couldn’t afford to prevent being released (which means it’s available for purchase online!). Jacqueline called it a “bad acting porn,” but Danielle insisted it was not made by a third-party, and her clip-in extensions can prove just how long ago it really was (because we all know those things are sewn in these days).

Best quotes:

“I just don’t appreciate anyone talking about my private life in public.” — Danielle, who is on a reality show where she underwent her breast augmentation, her search for her biological mother, and her daughter’s first trip to the gynecologist on camera.

“You are really strong. You don’t work out at all?”– Andy to Teresa, who had no hard feelings after the push.

“I’m talking about you right now because we’re on a TV show together, bitch. I never talk about you! Unless it’s on camera, thank you.” — Teresa, who simply could not look at Danielle without ending a sentence in “pig,” “bitch,” or “whore.”

“I was asked to come to present a check!”
“For what? For being pretty? You didn’t give a dime!” — Danielle and Caroline, on the Emanuela benefit at The Brownstone. Emanuela’s father claims Danielle has yet to donate any money.

Was that all you hoped it would be, PopWatchers?  Did you expect the push to come so soon? Anyone want to defend Danielle? What’s literally in the bag next week? Are you excited to see Kim G.?

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  • Julz

    I don’t care if it’s “typical Jersey American-Italian” behavior but Teresa needs to get her butt in check. The way she acts is ridiculous no matter what Danielle has done to her. She needs to take a page from Caroline and vent her anger in an adult way. Either way Danielle is still a wackadoo.

    • OMGq

      I truly can’t wait for kharma to bite Andy Cohen in the behind for unleashing all of this negative BS into the Universe.

      • Marsha

        ita, he should be tarred and feathered

      • NYC

        He’s just doing his job.
        He didn’t create the franchise. Blame Bravo

      • Diggity

        He did create the franchise.

      • ginger

        Andy did create the franchise. And he’s laughing his tarred and feathered butt all the way to the bank. I wonder though if he had an “oh sh#% moment when Teresa flung his ass down onto the chair?

      • Karen

        Andy didn’t create the franchise. It was created by a guy in South Orange County, California. I think his name is Scott Cohen or something like that. He started with the Real Housewives of OC which was originally being discussed in early 2005. I lived in So. Orange County at the time and my son played baseball with Jeanna’s son, Colton.

      • Jane

        Andy may have created (or at least co-created) the franchise, but he’s not responsible for what the ladies choose to say on air, how they choose to act on air, etc. Whatever “negative BS” (as you called it) has been unleashed is purely the responsibility of the ladies, not Andy. If they wouldn’t act like such drama queens all the time, then all this stuff wouldn’t be out there for us to talk about. These ladies have aired their lives for us to view, dissect, and discuss. It’s all on them. And we are eating it up.

      • VTD

        Don’t blame Andy. It would be off the air in a heartbeat if people did not watch it.

      • NYC

        Did not know that he was involved in creating the show.

      • Jay

        And you watch because…..?

      • James MD

        He’s always tried to keep his hands clean but I think last night revealed that he is THE ONE stirring the POT. No matter what the tangent he’s always there with the bravotvcom emails that support whatever drama he wants to push. Going off on Danielle’s “parenting’ was below the belt and made me want to take a nice long shower afterwards. U G L Y Andy.

      • betsybug

        OF COURSE he is “THE ONE stirring the POT” and culling the emails that directly address the sensational moments of the season.

        Part one of this reunion brought in the most Bravo viewers of the season to-date, and it was #1 show last night for the coveted 18-49 age demographic… and that was only Part one! Do you really think Bravo would get those numbers if we focused on how Gabriela packs her lunch for the first day of school during the reunion special?!

        It’s a very lucrative pot, and it’s only going to continue to be a cash cow if the Bravo team can continue to provide the drama to the viewers.

        I reconciled with myself long ago that I watch this trash, and I like to watch this trash. Like Jane said above, the ladies are all adults, and it’s their respective responsibilities of what they say and how they represent themselves. Andy’s job is to make sure it makes for trashy, #1-in-the-key-demos television, and he is doing a good job!

    • Liz

      And Teresa is raising 4 girls to act the same way. That is what should scare everyone.

      • Gail Norell

        Liz, you are 100 percent right. She should be ashamed to act like that. She has a dirty mouth. Her daughters have no chance after being raised by her. Look at Ashley. Gail

      • ceebee

        I totally agree, she is setting a terrible example of how to behave. Of course, so is Danielle. She is a disgusting example of womanhood.

      • Jay

        I LOVE how Teresa looked down at the Jersey Shore gals for being promiscuous. She thinks her violence counts for nothing. That 2-head of hers apparently holds in the world’s smallest brain.

      • Belly

        Theresa is a close to illiterate out of control woman. Did she even go to high school? What kind of job does she have? I’m sure she loves her girls but what is she actually teaching them to become?

      • Pharp

        And, let’s remember, Teresa AND Joe are not even American born. Both were born in Italy (recall the tour of the town on the hill). What’s up with this? Are they citizens?

      • Carol V

        Teresa has the worst mouth that I have ever heard. And they call Danille trash?

      • Dan

        I think Theresa is pretty hilarious. I saw her on the Wendy Williams show pushing her cook book. Wendy asked her about one of her rings or something and Theresa called it a blood diamond. Wendy was speechless.

      • Honey

        Amen! Theresa needs to chill out and try to remember she needs to teach through EXAMPLE.. wow what are they going to learn from this GREAT mother??

    • Evelyn

      Danielle should fire a few lawyers so that she can hire a stylist. Her outfit was beyond trashy.

      • Someone

        Totally agree! Her outfit was so slutty. The black bra and the stripper skirt…EW!!

      • Sylvia

        Danielle needs to get back into the gym…

      • tick_as_teeves

        Caroline looked so great now that she has lost her baby fat.

        I wonder if she jogs with Bernie Kerik?

        Was quite a touching story about her poor son who was booted from law school. An American tragedy! Someone call Horatio Alger!

        And then there’s Teresa and Monkey Joe. Wow. If anyone is dumb enough to believe that her reaction was just out of frustration with Danielle–then you are dumber than this backward clan.

        The bottom line is that Danielle knows things about each of these hypocrites that they do not want known. It’s quite obvious.

        Or maybe bounces Teresa’s nephew on her knee?

        Good thing Caroline didn’t cut Danielle with the razor she uses on her face.

      • Lynn

        Their father is currently trying to get custody of the younger daughter. I guess the older daughter is past the age of consent.

      • Long Balls

        Definitely love them MILF mammarys. I need to start watching this show.

    • MissBlue

      Have you ever known someone who lies everytime they open their mouth? That person so such a liar & so skilled at lying & just overall disrespectful, they look you in your eyes & lie … I believe Theresa is so fed-up w/Danielle & all the crap she’s put out about everyone (T’s children included) that she feels the only thing that will shut this board up IS a good-ole-fashion Patterson beat-down! Just remember these 4 “words” T … J A I L !! :) So don’t do it T – don’t do it !!

      • Seriously

        I guess I will be the one who sides with Danielle. Danielle has sex and video tapes it, so what..Danielle brings thugs to a dinner, so what..Danielle has a past of more than 25 years, so what.. Most of us have sex, married or single, we all have a past and while the thugs at dinner is still out.. These same people who from season One made fun of her and judged her when it was convenient..She may have brought thugs but I guarantee she knows more about these people than the viewers do..These women are catty, judgemental, frustrated with their lives and bitter…Ray Charles can see they resent her…She is a mature woman of a certain age who lives her life the way she see fits, she is not out there defrauding her creditors, being an overbearing, controlling wife and mother or being a dimwitted, insecure, phony friend who cannot control her teenage daughter. I bet the kings ransom that next season they will be at each other’s throat seeing each other for who they truly are and continuing to talk about Danielle even though she will not be on the show…How many people do you know with INTEGRITY has to continue to remind you that they have it??? I know, phony control fanatics without it…

      • ceebee

        Agree, Danielle’s lies and denials have driven the others to such frustration that they cannot contain themselves. The deliberate lies would drive me crazy too.

      • Jennifer

        Teresa should beat her up? Since when is Teresa some kind of moral authority? The woman doesn’t even abide by the contracts she enters. Her word means nothing. She is as big a liar as any of them. I hope she knocks herself out during another one of her tantrums. Teresa needs help.

      • Clt

        I agree. I couldn’t believe Danielle even tried to lie about calling Theresa’s kids “dogs”. She dressed her kids in lace and crinolin and her dogs in leapard. “Just a message” and tried to make it seem harmless. Her daughters must be humiliated by her and their father is a disgrace to not take custody with all those gun carrying felons coming in and out of her house.

      • Benoreno

        I don’t agree with everything the other ladies have said or done, but I truly believe that Danielle’s a sociopath. She “uses” those convicted felons as her minions to do her dirty work. She seeks and finds dirt on each of the housewives or she knows what makes them tick, figures out what their insecurities are, and she uses this information against them. For Caroline, she attacked her looks, saying things like Caroline wasn’t stripper material because men wouldn’t pay money to look at her. For Jacqueline, it was Jacqueline’s husband, Chris, manipulates her and that Ashley isn’t Chris’ biological daughter, so Ashley feels like an outsider in the Manzo family. For Theresa, it was too easy. Foreclosures, bankruptcies, severe financial issues, Joe’s love child, the way Theresa spoils and dresses her kids, Joe’s drinking problems, etc, etc, etc. And if Joe’s had one affair, that we know of, there’s probably been more affairs. That’s why Theresa’s always going on about their wonderful sex life. And poor Dina had to leave the show because Danielle went after Dina’s daughter and could’ve caused Dina to lose custody of her daughter. Now, if you know someone’s dirty secrets or their insecurities and you let it slip here and there, you know you’re gonna stir the pot. Danielle’s good. Very good. But one day, what goes around, come around. That’s why Bravo had to get rid of Danielle. She stepped way over the line. Now, I’m not saying that the other ladies are justified in everything that they’ve done, but could you rationally deal with someone like Danielle? I know I couldn’t. I would do like Dina did. I’d leave the show and never, ever speak to her again. A few years from now, Danielle will be the new Dina Lohan. And I’m sorry, but Carolne was right. Danielle’s kids look very sad and there’s no light in their eyes.

      • henrietta

        Well, i’m tempted to give a shout-out to you (Teresa) but it occurred to me that there’s no way Teresa could ever use the word “disrespectful” in a sentence…though your post was peppered with many other misspellings/grammatical errors, etc. that are reminiscent of T. And…if you want this board to shut up, ummm…why don’t you just leave? Go away, and you’ll not have to hear us.

      • patricia

        how do you know shes lying. i think the FAB 3 are lying out of their teeth. they are bullies and liars to boot.

      • MissBlue

        1) To reply to Jennifer – stated on Tue 08/31/10 3:25 PM: I’m not saying anyone should fight anyone … I AM saying what I feel was a major ingredient for Theresa’s outbursts and desire to wipe that az@: Theresa’s tired of Danielle and her constant bs – Truth or lies … Theresa’s sick of Danielle and has had enough of Danielle’s mouth. Danielle knows she can talk trash-n-run … and that’s what she does. Danielle’s a coward! An ADULT stands up for ANYTHING they say – Not deny & run away. If one can’t stand by what they say, perhaps … just perhaps they shouldn’t say certain things?

        2) To reply to Patricia – YOUR QUESTION: ”How do you know she’s lying?” … MY ANSWER: I watch the show.

        We all watched Danielle say what a WONDERFUL friend Kim G. is (in one segment of the show) and before that show was over, she stated the total opposite (you must have missed that show). Now that she & Kim G. aren’t friends, she stands by that … But wait … Why was Kim G. such a wonderful person when she was GIVING Danielle all she asked for? Now that Danielle’s “Freebies by Kim G.” party is a wrap/is over, Danielle says Kim G. was never a good friend … This is only one of MANY examples – Check out mcs1006 on August 31, 2010 at 11:04 am (on this site) who says it BEST & gives a list of “Dam#-Danielle/s”! Huh, watch Monday night’s reunion show – they showed just how MUCH she lies …

        Here’s my formula for the Danielle/Kim G. mess:
        Danielle used Kim G. + Kim G. used Danielle = “An even swap ain’t no swindle!”

        Most of Danielle’s lies are obvious. Like most liars, they tell SO MANY LIES, THEY FORGET what they say – however, her lies are taped, we SEE/HEAR Danielle say one thing at one time – Let the cameras continue rolling and she will SURELY contradict herself SOONER than later. They ALL lie in one way or another – Why I stand again Danielle is because she’s NASTY with hers: She involves children when she can’t get to the adults

        HEY PARIS HILTON ARE YOU OUT THERE? Did you REALLY tell Danielle that nonsense about the cell phone: “When you don’t want to speak to someone, act like you’re on your phone?” How silly! What’s worse: Grown az# Danielle DID IT … WITH PRIDE!!! Danielle needs to leave the younger ladies alone and stay in her age group – perhaps she’ll LEARN something! PARIS HILTON? … C’moooonn!

      • Please

        Ok, please, Danielle knows the down dirty secret about these women and they get upset when she tries to put them on front street. Hello!! It is obvious that the Manzo Familia has some skeletons in the closet and they like to play as if they are innocent– I think this is why they put Danielle on the show. I’m glad Danielle is done, no one is going to watch this trash- NJ, what a disaster.

    • To EW

      EW or anybody, Has anyone seen her sex tape? Was there a 3rd person(camera man)

      • maj

        you can watch it online.. i watch like 45 seconds of it till I was disgusted.. but like Jacqueline said,it convenient doesn’t show many faces or mention names, unlike a tape you were actually filming for a significant other might.

      • Cee

        Lol I actually left the youtube website on here last night but popwatcher took it off, it was a preview of a porn that Danielle did… its all around mass email I am sure one of these days you will get it, if not just type her name with husler on youtube….

    • wakeforce

      Teresa is way crazier than Danielle. And her daughter Gia is a DOG. Not model material!

      • Jay

        Not cool, Wakeforce. Leave the children out of this.

      • wakeforce

        Teresa put her child in beauty pageants. She should have kept her out of the spotlight. Fair Game!

      • Jean

        Well we all know that all mothers think their kids are cute….How whould I put this Oh, I know “They are Not” and I blame the agencys for stringing them on, probably just because they get a free spot on TV.

      • Sara

        It does not matter if she is on TV or not, any kind human being would not comment on a child’s appearance in such a disgusting way. You should be ashamed of yourself. People like you make me sick. Not only are you going on a website to pick on someone, you are picking on a child. You are a coward.

      • teresa

        Wakeforce: That “dog” is about 8 years old. What is wrong with you calling a child a do? Grow up. There are plenty of adults on that show for to insult.

      • sylvia

        That’s right wackorce or wakeforce who is the Dog now picking on children !

      • pat

        no child is fair game. Knock it off.

      • wakeforce

        So Sara, people like me make you sick, but what is this board but folks going after someone on a website. And your going after me makes you no better. Publish your phone number and address and you’ll see how much a coward I am.
        Yeah, didn’t think so!

      • idgie

        Wakeforce, you actually wrote “Publish your phone number and address and you’ll see how much a coward I am”. We are discussing a show where 4 women conducted themselves like animals (even Jaquueline)and they all should be so ashamed and embarassed by their behavior. Then you go and write that threatening statement, after Sara calls you out on your totally inappropriate comment about Teresa’s little girl Gia. You behaved just like those women, you re pathethic…you bully

      • seriously

        wakeforce are you part of danielle mob?

      • msgirl

        I don’t agree with everything Danielle does but the other women make me sick acting like they are so much better than her. Pleazzzz !! I would love to see Theresa get her butt beat by somebody . Sorry to say but she is the psycho one. I’m glad Danielle keeps her composure. If they let Danielle go I don’t know if I will watch the next season or not . The others are too boring they need her to keep it interesting!!!

      • Shelly

        Funny how Seriously supports the mean girls commenting that Danielle’s girls have “dead eyes,” but no comments are allowed about a girl who is put in the public eye, inviting comments on her looks. If she (Teresa) doesn’t want anyone judging her daughter that way, she should keep her a normal child, out of the spotlight.

    • Jen


      • Shelly

        I agree with you 100% Jen. The hypocrisy involved in the thug gang against Danielle are every bit as bad as she is, maybe even more. I haven’t seen Danielle get physically violent or use the language that Teresa uses. THEY are the ones who started attacking Danielle’s girls, saying they have “dead” eyes, but Danielle isn’t allowed to say anything about Teresa’s girls? If she puts her little girl in beauty pagents, then she is inviting comments about her looks. Jacqueline asked Kim G if it was junior high, with Danielle telling friends how Kim G stabbed her in the back, going to Jacqueline, but THEY have all told everyone not to be friends with Danielle!! LOL!! Caroline boohoos over her son’s “learning disability” saying it takes him longer to learn and complete work, but who wants an ATTORNEY who is going to ask judges for more time during a trial? Maybe the legal field (or medical!) isn’t the right place for him. Teresa is the one who stopped Danielle when Danielle was walking by her without comment. For her to act like she just wanted to be friendly is ridiculous. They are all a bunch of psychopaths.

    • henrietta

      OMG. I thought kelly bensimon was loony, but must say that teresa puts her to shame in a huge way. I thought last night was absolutely ridiculous…teresa,caroline and jacqueline were the quintessential embodiment of the “mean girls” we’ve all known in junior high or high school…and whereas I agree that danielle is no prize, she did not deserve to sit through an entire hour of malicious hazing, by 3 uneducated idiots on a reality show. It just got old, after a while…and teresa’s tantrum, while fascinating on some weird level, was just…disgusting. And yes – boring. Hope she doesn’t do it again next week…she needs to add something else to her repertoire. Can’t beLIEVE andy/the producers chose to leave Teresa the Terrier on the show, and instead gave danielle her pink slip. I would seriously be VERY worried for my safety, were I ever to come within 10 feet of teresa. *gaggggg meeeeee*

      • Sigood

        Shane Patrick – Nate Merry Christmas to you and my favorite famliy in St. John’s NL! How was your day? I’m back in upstate NY at my parent’s new place. All’s well with me, but it’s about time i did something about my job situation. Time for a new gig! Anyway, Jan 1 will mark my one-year anniversary with my boyf Paul. You’d like him some of his traits remind me of bits of you. Your pics are improving all the time excellent work! Very impressive. From the looks of things you had a great trip to Florida of late? I was there in March my parents are now doing Jan-Apr there to escape the worst of winter.Have a Happy New Year. Give my love to everyone there!- Shane

    • Marti W

      Amen. What Julz said.

    • BFD

      What’s up with Theresa’s hair? How come no one ever asks this question? Doesn’t anyone else think she looks like she’s wearing a wig badly?

      Now I can understand that Danielle is just pushing buttons and in desperate need of a reality check but they’re all a bit loopy.

  • Maureen

    It’s interesting how the other ladies (especially Teresa) call Danielle trashy. And I agree she’s done things that are questionable, but at least she’s not jumping in people’s faces and screaming like they’re possessed. I don’t blame Danielle for leaving the show; the ladies are just bullies and Teresa is an idiot.

    • rain

      Danielle is crazy!! lunatic! Have you watched both seasons?

      • Tracey

        Yes and the crazy lunatic who loses control and all the time is Teresa!

      • bevvie

        Teresa is a lunatic!

      • Shelly

        I agree with you Tracey. It is Teresa who gets physically aggressive and shrieking curses, not Danielle. Danielle makes sniping comments, but so do the others… worse because they are the gang of “mean girls.”

    • Marcy


      • Carly

        I agree with Tracey. Teresa looks and acts like an ape.

    • Tracey

      You are so right.

    • TJ

      Correction: Danielle didn’t leave the show, she was fired! And for good reason! Someone calls your kids dogs, you have a right to jump in their faces and slap the taste out of their mouths if necessary! I’d love to see Danielle pull that crap with the RHOATL! LOL

      • ani

        I don’t think she called her kids dogs. I think she said that teresa dresses them the way one might dress a dog. I don’t know if i’d disagree…teresa is ridiculous with those girls, and they are getting to be out of control.

      • Connie

        Oh, please. “I dress my dogs in leopard.” (smirk, smirk) “Just a little message for Teresa.” Rationalize away, but she called Teresa’s daughters dogs. I suppose when she called Ashley a “crack whore,” she just meant Ashley dresses like one?

      • RyRyNYC

        Actually, anyone with intelligence and wit would know Danielle was saying Theresa has no style… comparing her fashion sense for little girls to the fashion sense of pet owners. DUH…

      • dani

        Yep just like the “Jersey Shore” kids..

      • Lacy

        So true RyRy

      • MissBlue

        YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOO RIGHT – Danielle KNOWS who to play her mess with … Carolyn shuts Danielle down ALL THE TIME!! Carolyn makes Danielle look worse than the FOOL Danielle IS!

      • Connie

        Ohhh, so it takes “intelligence and wit” to decipher Danielle’s delusional cruelty, RyRy? Allrighty then..I’ll just leave you to that.

      • Phoebe

        Yeah, Connie. Don’t you know it’s all about “fabric?” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
        Some of these people are as whackadoodly-do as Danielle.

      • Veronica

        I never took the comment about Danielle dressing her kids in crinolines and lace and not leopard as comparing Teresa’s children to dogs. I took it as Danielle dressed her girls as sweet little girls, not as little whores.

      • Jennifer

        There are a bunch of idiots who didn’t understand what Danielle was inferring. She was commenting on how Teresa dresses her children. Her opinion is that little girls should wear lace not leopard print. A lot of people hold that opinion. It’s funny how Danielle can make people completely unassociated with her look like morons. Get a grip, people.

      • Clt

        She also threatens all of the other cast members beginning last season “I’ll come knocking on your door and I won’t come alone”. “If the boys get started won’t be any stopping them”, “I brought guys with guns”. Etc.

      • CrazyLady

        @Clt Danielle is not a really threat to those women, she is like the Hurricane (danille) that never made landfall and was never a threat to the US, but just caused a dangerous rip current that if you were dumb enough to go swim in the ocean you might get caught up in the drama. Danielle is all talk.

      • henrietta

        What is UP with this?? Danielle did NOT liken teresa’s children to dogs. Not at all. She referred to the clothing that each wore…not the actual persons/bodies/whatever of the children/dogs. Sheesh.

      • mcs1006

        ‘I dress my dogs in leopard’.. this is classic Danielle! She attacks people with provocation , and then denies that she does it!

        For example;
        The dog comment,
        The comment about Ashley being a crack whore
        Her comments at the fashion show about how Theresa was jealous and bashing her, when we see Theresa really happy for Danielle’s daughter.
        Her comments about Gia not being a super model
        And on and on
        She knows how to push buttons!

      • Jess

        Danielle calls Teresa and her husband “animals” all the time. It’s not a stretch to assume, when she references ‘dogs’ in the same sentence as Teresa’s girls, that her meaning is pretty clear. But because she does it in such a smarmy, underhanded, passive aggressive way, she can (apparently, at least with some of you) play innocent. Her overdone look of shocked outrage, “GASP! I never said THAT!”…that doesn’t work on me. Or anyone else with half a rational bone in their body.

      • Carol V

        RyRyNcy – I agree with you.

    • Cheryl Sirote

      I agree w/you also, Theresa kept saying during the filming of the show that she is a “LADY”. Oh come on a lady doesn’t swear like she did, scream in persons face, or swear period. She’s no “LADY” in my view, nor could she ever be a “LADY”.

      • CrazyLady

        None of these women could be called a Lady.

    • Gael

      danielle isnt “leaving” the show, her contact wasn’t renewed. so no matter how they make it seem, she got kicked off the show.

    • Tess

      That Danielle knows they don’t like her and boy oh boy is she good at getting them to show their true colors. I think she is a little off but so are the others (not the red-head). Theresa is going to end up in jail or have a stroke, geez lady you need a chill pill. I’m sure there are a ton of doctor’s out there that are willing to help.
      Whatever happened to staying away from someone you don’t like. Too simple I guess. Some people love to live in the drama!

    • Well

      Sex tapes
      Telling your children EVERYTHING and showing off your questionable friends in front of them.
      Making your child go to a gyno on TV
      Pimping out your child’s birthday party as a charity event just to get everything DONATED and FORCING her to say on camera that she wants to fore-go all gifts and instead have people donate.
      Forcing them to have “dreams” of fame. Neither child seems to be able to say no or handle the pressure she puts on them.

      This is a TERRIBLE woman and an awful example for her children. I cannot see how they are still living with her after this show…

      Theresa is just crazy. Violence is never the answer. If Danielle is such a liar, then someone should make a statement about it… INCLUDING BRAVO.

    • whatever

      It’s so refreshing to hear this. It’s clear Danielle is off her rocker, but the other girls seem obsessed with demeaning her. Danielle sometimes raises her voice, but beyond that, she doesn’t really lose her composure like these other crackpots. From what I can see on the show, I don’t understand why the women are so upset with Danielle. She says crazy things, yes. Just stop talking to her. For instance, at that benefit, Theresa started in with Danielle, not vise versa. Just move on, avoid contact.

      • CM

        Agreed. Theresa is the one who always starts everything. Last years season finale, the fashion show, and yesterdays reunion. She is trashy and nowhere near classy. Her girls are cute but the way she has them dressed is hideous. I mean what they were wearing at the final dinner in Italy was ridiculous. She is the one always stirring the pot not Danielle. And her lies about not knowing she has financial problems were crap. Chick, you don’t even have furniture in your living room. “Hello”! He kept on telling her that they were having problems (“we’re going to have to live over the pizza shop”) and she kept doing what she wanted to do. She is a fake and a disgusting person, who needs to get control of herself.

    • Christine

      Honestly have you watched the show? Because from what I remember aside from the country club incident, the only crazy I saw was Danielles skeleton face, and her maniac eyes popping out on the screen with her insane paranoid proclamations and complaints. There is a reason no one likes her, and she has no family or friends, its because she is a nutbag, at the reunion she just held herself because she knows she cant defend herself out in public against the three other women, she is a fake coward.

      • mcs1006

        she does have a family… those two beautiful girls that she is already exploiting her girls, and hope to hop onto them to make it herself…. i fell so bad for those kids! they are so good despite her, in because of her!

      • mcs1006

        This is what I meant to say!!!! Lol Danielle does have a family… those two beautiful girls! She is already exploiting them! See them through her eyes?? I feel so bad for those great kids! They are awesome despite their mother, not because of her!

  • l

    Caroline OWNED Danielle. The other two fall right into her traps and make themselves look crazy too but Caroline is calm and careful and allows Daniele to show what a truly crazy bitch she is. Jacqueline and Theresa need to take lessons! Just like on NYC when they stopped going at Kely bc she’s actually crazy…. Fight w a crazy person; get on their level and you look like an idiot! Caroline so deftly handles Danielle making her eat her words and look like the fool she is! Go Caroline! (great reunion! Can’t wait for part 2)

    • ani

      uh yeah…bc that OK corral comment was so clever, as was all that clapping. I do think Caroline understands the psychology behind Danielle’s tactics more than the other 2 idiots, but she still engages her when, as she herself says, she should just step off because danielle is just delusional. you cannot reason with that, and insulting/threatening her will not snap her out of the delusion, it probably just pushes her further into it.

      • CrazyLady

        yes. Caroline isn’t all that great with Danielle. If she were skilled she would not need to call her garbage.

      • lori


      • henrietta

        I don’t agree for one second that caroline exhibited class last night, in her “owning” of Danielle. There was one difference, and ONLY one—she did not scream. Which was nice. But she’s every bit as much a “mean girl” (the ones we all knew in junior high) as the other two are. I particularly loved caroline’s having appointed herself the moderator…barking “NO! CAN’T TALK ABOUT THAT! END OF STORY! NEXT!”

    • Leah

      Totally agree Caroline was great! Also hate how Danielle never admits doing anything wrong at the Brownstone and going after Caroline’s 19 yr son. Her group of thugs didn’t even give $ that was just classic Danielle. She is a good BSer, but Caroline was not going to let her talk her way around the issues. You go Caroline!

    • Sisterwoman

      Caroline is not nearly as smart as she thinks. She tells her own truths. So does Danielle. Also, Caroline sounds like a wannabe “Don” who thinks other people need her validation. She is the one who talked about having Danielle investigated last season but now says that she never had her investigated. Danielle pushed the right button when she asked Caroline about the indictment of her friends (meaning Bernie Kerik). That caused Caroline to flip out and resort to name calling. Maybe before trying to put an end to the nonsense with Danielle, she should have used her influence to really guide out-of-control Ashley. Danielle is a nut, but she can make Caroline act nuttier.

    • bevvie

      Caroline is no saint. She just lets Teresa do the dirty work. Then she can step in and look all angelic. Carline is a skillful manipulator.

    • mari

      Caroline kept Danielle in check. Teresa lost any arugment when she started screaming. They haven’t settle wether the house will up for foreclosure yet, that is why she can say “no” when asked if it is in foreclosure. Not a Danielle fan, but the only difference between Teresa and Danielle is hair color and one has sex tapes, that is all.

    • Elizabeth

      Any esteem Caroline garnerd this season has been lost during the final episode and the reunion. She looks just as irrational and petty as the rest.

  • Jake

    I gotta say the other women come off as being just as bad as Danielle in my eyes.

    Teresa is a narcassistic pig who is a complete liar.

    Jaqueline is basically stuck in high school and desperatly trying to get into the cool clique.

    Caroline is obviously a control freak who things her dookey don’t stink.

    Danielle well she’s plain crazy

    • D

      OMG You totally captured them all. I totally agree. They all have issues!

    • GabbyAbby

      I have watched both seasons of this show and I think Jake hit the nail on the said with his assessment of each one of them. I wish I could spend $11 Million and then file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and be able to discharge ALL MY DEBTS. All the money in the world CANNOT BUY CLASS!!

      • charlane

        my friend

      • Katya

        oh, yeah

      • Drew

        Where is the Countess to remind these ladies of that last part when we need her???? ha

    • ceebee


    • VTD

      Jake is so right. I felt like Jaqueline was a day late and a dollar short last night, always piping in after everyone last night just to prove who’s side she is on. Danielle is crazy but Teresa is an instigator. First question she went to get a reaction out of Danielle.

    • TruDat

      i also agree with Jake, all these women are nuts and no one is better than the other…although Teresa works real hard to be the worst with all her violent tendencies…..

    • Tess

      You got it!

    • mcs1006

      Good for Dina… the only one that left before she lost her self respect!

  • Rahiq Syed

    Teresa is very common. She is a classless trash and her gargoyle daughters are brats.

    • will

      How about Teresa’s comment: “He was all shookin’ up.” I don’t watch these ladies but I saw a little bit of it last night.

    • tymann

      Not only are they brats but they look like monkies!

      • Callie Fornia

        I think two of Teresa’s girls are cute and two are “not cute”.

      • Bonnie

        Think of the time these kids will spend on the couch when they see these comments. (And they will) Anyone whose kids are on a reality show should have their head examined. It puts the kids up to the worst kind of scrutiny. From 11 year old commenters who think it’s funny to mock everyone in the meanest way possible to bored 70 year olds to every idiot in between with a random opinion.

      • Dana

        I completely agree with Bonnie. Trashing Teresa is one thing, because she is trash. But leave her kids out of it. No one can help having a looney toons for parents. And commenting on a child’s looks puts you in the same catagory as Teresa.

    • Scobes

      And HOW. This entire pack of women is disgusting.

    • R.

      “Gargoyle daughters.” Ha!! I love it! Perfect!

      • L.A.

        Wow…attack their children’s physical appearence to make a point. Puts you on the exact same level as the houswives

      • cdw

        I agree L.A. Let’s remember how insecure we all felt as children. and refrain from attacking the kids. Teresa is fair game because she chose to be on the show. Ashley is fair game because she’s legally an adult (if not emotionally & mentally). But, Teresa and Jacqueline’s kids have no choice about being on this show. Their parents put them on show. I’m ok with commenting on seriously bratty behavior. But, it seems petty, mean and unnessarily spiteful to pick on children’s looks.

      • Clt

        Post a picture of your kids.

      • kross


      • Wow

        Let’s see what you all look like. Only really sorry a@@ people would attack children. And you are judging the housewives. Look in the mirror.

      • CM

        Its rude to attack kids. Its not there fault there mother dresses them like dogs. (and yes danielle was right about that comment, the clothes are ridiculously hideous), or that they are completely spoiled brats cause Theresa lets them go crazy in the stores and then buys them whatever they want anyway. They are cute girls, but there mother has turned them into monsters.

      • Jess

        CM, we seeing the tiniest percentage of any given moment in those kids’ lives. For all we know, those girls could be absolutely delightful little angels the other 23 hours and 57 minutes of their average day. And why can’t people just say “I don’t like the clothes Teresa picks out for her kids.” Why can’t we just be decent people and NOT compare little kids pejoratively to animals. They can’t defend themselves, and it’s not their fault (or even their problem) that you take issue with their wardrobe.



    • Moises

      Holly, I don’t know if I want to tell you all of the things I suck at!Here we go curlnetry I suck at cooking, but only because I don’t like spending the time on it. I used to be a great cook (ask hubby about my cooking before we got married:-)I’m not a good copywriter and would love to be good at it, and I’m working on that!I can’t sing and would love to be able to, but don’t want to learn how.I’m not very good at rock n roll dancing, but would love to be good at it. I’m not real good at controlling what I do with my time sometimes I spend hours trying to work out how to get something working, when I should give up and ask a professional. But, something nags at me I just have to get it working before I go to bed. I’ve been known to stay up until 2 am, just to get it to work. Is that enough Holly LOL!Julieanne van Zyl recently posted..

  • Crazy

    That was the most ridiculous show I saw. Caroline has been talking like she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Danielle, and how classy she is, well she has no control and is basically feeding into Danielles comments. From the start of the show the comments started flying towards Danielle out of these other women. I don’t get it. I was hoping that they would be able to be better than that, except crazy Teresa, she just nuts. I thought Caroline and Jacquline could be calm and handle Danille. None of the women are ok in my eyes. I will not be watching next season. I am finished. They are mean and crazy, no entertainment involved. Just plain Gross.

    • Marcy

      Yes, people think Caroline is ‘normal’. I disagree. Listen to her vocabulary. All she does is repeat the same sentence over and over. All of these women lack vocabulary. The only reason to watch this show is for a case study for a college psych class.

    • Connie

      I totally agree with you about not watching this show next season. Who will be the next sacrificial cast member. Pitting one person against 4, then 3 other family/friends is really unfair even if Danielle is despicable in some of her behavior. I can see where anyone would get paranoid being surrounded by women in a family/friend pack. She accurately called them animals & that was what I was seeing-pack animals. I doubt many would be interested in watching a series of loving, supporting family & friends. How boring will that be?

    • msgirl

      I think the others are jelous of how well Danielle kids have turned out . They don’t have light in their eyes??? Thats bs!! It was her daughters idea to donate money to charity instead of gifts for her!! Even if it did get the party donated I think that was a great thing to do!!!And she looked like she was having a ball!!

  • confidential

    Theresa is an animal and Andy Cohen pacifies these beasts for the ratings. Andy Cohen is the devil.

    • wipeout

      And why the 3-against-1 approach? Even if you think Danielle is awful, it was ridiculous the way the reunion just facilitated ganging up on her. Used to love Andy…but I do think Bravo is nearing Jerry Spring status and that’s not good.

      • wipeout

        Meant to say Jerry Springer

      • Julz

        Were there other options? It’s not like any of the ladies like Danielle? How would you set it up? I was actually surprised that they had Caroline on the same couch as Danielle.

      • confidential

        Yes, Wipeouot. The 3 to 1 part is what I found most astonishing and how Andy did nothing but let it happen. He is truly a deplorable person and these women aren’t women. They’re werewolf extras from True Blood. Just gross.

      • pamb

        This show was always 3 against 1; with Dina it was 4 against one. Bravo set it up to be this way.Danielle would have been the outsider no matter what she did. Bravo stacked the deck with this cast in a way that determined the outcome from the beginning. If you’re not in the (mean, petty, high school) clique you’re out, and now Danielle is.

      • Lacy

        I totally agree Wipeout..I can’t help but wonder if I was being tortured by these women like Danielle is,if I might get a little crazy too.

      • henrietta

        Systematic bullying. Systematic bullying. (And a one, and a two, all together now!!”

      • Eve

        Agree with the bullying.I though I was back in high school. These are grown women with a mob mentality, everyone thinks that Jacqueline is so sweet, they were friends in the first season, until Caroline told her that she couldn’t be friends w/her if she expected to be a part of the family, so Caroline is lying when she said she’s been neutral, she’s been pulling the strings from the beginning. So easy to forget the ring leader, J is so far up Caroline’s behind she’s looking at the world through Caroline’s eyes. Teresa is by-pol, she’s up & down so much she needs meds. If they get rid of Danielle they wouldn’t have a program. Bravo you should bring D back and someone who has her back that’s not afraid to go up against those crazy women, if you don’t there’s a lot of people that will not watch this show anymore. Andy stop being a bitch your suppose to be neutral, but you made it clear that you were on the side of the other ladies and left Danielle out there by herself, how bitchy of you. They are mean women, please send crazy T to our part of the woods, she wouldn’t be screaming in the faces of the women that I know.

    • m1

      Agree….he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

      • amy

        I live in their area. Danielle went to a salon in a much more upscale town than she lives in, not around the corner, either. Seems to me she was trolling the rich ladies for a patron/friend and found Jacqueline. She wasn’t part of their set, and it showed from episode #1. Bravo is doing Danielle a disservice by feeding her insanity. (BTW, I think Teresa is unstable, but at least her anger is directly caused. Danielle was never threatened physically, yet she keeps screaming that she’s afraid. Stay in your own town, you’ll never see those big mean girls again!


      I TOTALLY agree Andy only cares about how fat the check is going to be.

  • Lem

    Not a fan of Danielle at all, but the other three stooges came off really bad last night. Teresa might be the most vile woman I’ve seen on television.

    And I love how they tried to make an excuse for Joe’s DUI.

    BTW, apparently the nephew thing has something to do with JOe having a love child with someone else during an affair.

    • lac

      that wouldn’t be a nephew, but a stepson.

      • Diggity

        Unless Teresa has a sister that Joe had a baby with… Dun dun dun.

      • Lem

        Yes, i know. But she tells people he’s her nephew. Get it??

    • Texas

      Apparently according to FB, Teresa’s husband had a love child, aka “nephew” during an affair & the child is biracial…thus never acknowledged.

      • SaraS

        WHOA…. Teresa is seriously abused by that man.

      • henrietta

        @Sara – Teresa is abused by Joe?? I don’t know what you’re watching, but Joe is thoroughly cowed by Teresa. She calls the shots, she shrieks and barks the orders. As to the affair…how could you be married to Teresa and NOT have an affair???

  • Amy

    Teresa is so CLASSLESS!!!!!! She is disgusting and anything but a lady.

  • New Jersey Fan

    It’s hard not to see a resemblance between these woman and the cast of New Jersey Shore.

    Incredibly stupid, immature, self-righteous, and confrontational.

  • Theresa

    Too bad that they all fall into the Danielle trap. She pushes the right buttons and they (mostly Teresa) go crazy and lose the fight ’cause it’s too raw. Jacqueline handles Danielle the best – she waits her turn and then zings her with a really good comeback. I like that and wish that Teresa could follow suit. Too bad that Danielle is such a jealous “b” – I remember just how evident that was when she was trying to tear down Dina who she has jealous rage for. When she could not win that battle – using Jacqueline as the go-between to get in good with the Manzos, she went conveniently waaaay rogue and then tried to mask that with a religious conversion. She’s a publicity whore who is trying desperatly to maximize on her 15 minutes of fame. Her kids are great as are Caroline’s. Even Ashley is basically a good kid with some issues, but not ones that are irreversible. Teresa’s kids need a real strong hand to get them on the straight and narrow, otherwise, they will be full-fledged monsters and society will have to deal with them. As to Joe’s accident, THE GUY WAS PLASTERED. Let’s be real, the guy drinks liquor like it’s water just as a habit, then goes out for a night on the town ’til the wee hours, then has an accident. But, we’re supposed to believe that he was not drunk before the accident, but after it? Come on; let’s enter the real world.

  • Julz

    Not sure why my first comment didn’t post. Teresa needs to get herself in check. People may say this is typical “Jersey, Italian-American” behavior but I just see it as juvenile. She needs to take some lessons from Caroline about venting her anger in an adult manner. Danielle just keeps skeeving me out more and more. Also, it looked like all of the ladies had had serious plastic surgery on their faces. It was scary.

    • Sylvia

      totally agree

      • T

        First of all I’d like to say that not all Italian-American’s are like Teresa so please don’t lump us all together. Some of us have class and conduct ourselves better than that.

        Teresa is setting a horrible example for her children. The thought of Joe having a love child made me ill (he is so ick). I am so over this show and this franchise.

      • Julz

        @T, if that was directed towards me I want to clarify that I don’t see all (or even most) Italian-Americans that way; however, I have heard many people from Jersey (even Kelly Ripa) say that’s how things are done. I think it’s ridiculous and I think Teresa is a bad example.

    • Bry

      Caroline behaves in an adult manner? Really? When she is the one who started this whole fued by looking into someone’s past and then passing it around town so she could feel superior?

      Then after doing this she pulled back and acted so above it as if this was some form of wisdom.

      Then, she contradicted this and called Danielle and proceded to make demands of Danielle, and when Danielle wouldn’t do as she instructed, started name calling, calling her “garbage” again and a “clown”.

      This is mature behavior?

      Caroline is anything but mature. She is a sh!t starter, a narcissist and a bully.

  • kim johnson

    Caroline should have just smacked Danielle………HARD!!!!!!

  • Jake

    Ironically, the more these women try to seperate themselves from Danielle the more they show us that they are each no better than she is. Self righteous, self serving, losers trying to be famous

    • Julz

      Agree with the exception of Caroline. She handles herself well I think.

      • Crazy

        No, Caroline is behind it all. She just tries not to look bad. But, she is self righteous and self serving. She makes it look like she is helping her family but she is doing it for herself. She would be better if she just took care of her own family and didn’t butt into her sibling families. She isn’t perfect enough to do that.

      • Callie Fornia

        Caroline came across a bit “holier than thou” to me last night….turnoff.

      • Jay

        I almost agree Julz, until she said she doesn’t see a “light in their eyes” referring to Danielle’s children. I don’t watch the show often, but those girls are clearly just little girls, and to insult them wasn’t cool.

      • Jessica

        @Jay, I think Caroline was saying that she doesn’t feel like Danielle’s kids have an innocence about them because their mom shares way too much with them. And I agree with Caroline, if you watch the show, Danielle’s kids always have this blank stare and seem so depressed. IMO.

    • wipeout

      Absolutely! Couldn’t have said it better.

    • Karikata

      The thing that irks me is that the animals can insult and dig at Danielle all day and she is supposed to just sit there and take it! That’s BS, and even more the fact that Andy didn’t get up when Teresa did and let her get in Danielle’s face. WTF. That’s why she needs SECURITY!

      • dani

        I agree, the others can call Danielle whatever they want and they keep claiming Danielle has no class. Danielle pushed their buttons so much, they all wanted to jump off the couch…but she is making them look like fools.

      • Lacy

        So true!

      • TruthBeTold

        She needs security because she ratted co-felons out and got to stay outta jail. Now they’re out and coming after her. If these ladies wanted to harm Danielle, they would have done it. Not talk about it. She’s a drama drag queen.

      • dvelcro

        if you watched the show at all, you could see that they are not insulting Danielle, they are trying to get the crazy woman to stop lying about everyone and everything. Have you ever noticed in both seasons, that Danielle NEVER does anything wrong? She is always “Ms. Do Good”, and won’t EVER admit to lying, telling “half truths”. It is one thing to put stuff out there and be able to back it up, another to put stuff out there and then say you can’t talk about it because “your lawyers” asked you not to. She lies, manipulates, likes to stir the pot, but when it comes back to bite her in the a$$, she wants to claim victim, OH PLEASE! I am so happy she was FIRED. Bravo probably had no choice, to many people/companies/attorney’s suing them for Danielle’s BS.

      • Sylvia

        Danielle is just a drama queen. I am glad Caroline stood her ground and told Danielle off!

      • Clt

        She snitched on the Medillian cartel. That’s why she needs security. Not from some desperate housewives from N.J. with too much time on their hands.

      • mcs1006

        Really! Who is paying for all this security? If is the taxpayers, all bets are off when you go on a reality show.. You should pay for it yourself!

  • Julz

    Okay why isn’t EW posting my comments?

    • Jethro


      • Julz

        Just wait. They’ll probably show up in 20 minutes. All of mine did and now I look like a wackadoo myself. :)

    • henrietta

      @Julz – mine either!! I don’t even know why I bother…I get all worked up as I type my indignant posts and then feel better for having vented…and then it just vanishes. aarrgghhh

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