Glenn Beck launches hot and bothered news website.

glenn-beckImage Credit: Fox NewsGlenn Beck wants (to strangle?) you! Or at least he wants you to peruse his new website, The Blaze, which launched late Monday. Think of the “news” site as The Huffington Post for the conservative set, complete with articles about the leftist agenda, the Fox News star’s Lincoln Memorial rally, and a letter from Beck himself explaining his intentions:

“If you are like me, watching the news or reading the paper can be an exercise in exasperation. It’s so hard to find a place that helps me make sense of the world I see.” Bonus points to Beck for word choice, pointing out he’s looking at a “world I see.” (No doubt through a pair of Wonka-tinted glasses.) And additional bonus points to Beck for compiling the site “in just two months,” which is just 53 days longer than God took to create Earth. But, just as God made mistakes, so will Beck, as he claims: “Of course we will make mistakes. Honest mistakes. And we’ll be quick with corrections.”

Also, apparently Beck plans to be to his writers as your Aunt Sue is to your email inbox: “I intend to keep them busy by sending a zillion story ideas at all hours.” Forwards are fun! But enough about the site’s content. Let’s talk about that name: The Blaze. Not to be confused with a gladiator. Or Harlequin’s series of romance novels. Vote!

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  • Andy

    UGH!!!!!!!!!!! The white noise just gets louder and louder. Please pay no attention to this used car salesman or any other one on TV today. It’s not Dems vs. Repubs or liberal vs. conservative. No it’s rich vs. poor and all these losers are on TV distracting us of this truth.

    • clay

      apparently you didn,t see his latest ralley at the Lincoln Memorial and see him praying with Dr King’s neice. Also, have you ever got a job from a poor man?

    • Jim

      I just wish there was at least some honesty from the idiots. Stop pretending to NOT have an agenda and just open up about it. Beck states, “And too many times we see mainstream media outlets distorting facts to fit rigid agendas.” This is exactly what he does too. He shouldn’t pretend to be any different. Fox News is just as conservative as MSNBC is liberal.

  • Andy

    …and they are all rich! So whose side are they on?

    • FYI

      Can’t stand this richard head. O’reilly is bad enough, but Beck gives A$$holes a bad name.

  • eyeball

    I honestly hope somebody shoots Glenn Beck and kills him.

    • wa76

      hopefully they shoot u 1st

      • eyeball


      • wa76

        good comeback what i like is when people dismiss beck without having heard the speech. isnt it amazing no riots or arrests were made even though apparently his audience and the tea baggers are rascist and intolerant?

      • eyeball

        What I like is when a grown adult tries to have a serious political conversation but can’t manage the little things like correct punctuation and capitalization. FAIL

    • MultiPass

      not worth a bullet.

      • wa76

        isn’t an adult grown?

    • jsherman

      You are one sick individual, and what is it that caused your anger for Mr. Beck? Is it so wrong for Mr. Beck to unite and to stand of for what our founding fathers believed in? How about the fact that Alveda King and many other well known and respected speakers were part of his rally?

      But you would know about all of that, because your so one sided that unless it’s biased media from the Huffington Post or similar media you wont even watch, listen or learn.

      • glorybe1929

        Jsherman… you are so correct. I think Glenn Beck is the greatest! I think he’s tired of all the “crap” he has to hear. He is as honest a man, as I’ve ever met. I’m proud of what he has done with his life and the lives of all Americans that he cares so much about.”. I have and he’s real, tells the truth with sometimes hillarity, and sometimes somberness…. Which ever way the Spirit guides him. Judge not..”Check but ferify” ,Reagan

  • Susan

    Will Andrea Zuckerman be on staff?

    • Karate Pants

      Niiiiice. :)

  • JJ

    The Blaze was, is and always will be the school newspaper of West Beverly. From editors Andrea Zuckerman to Navid Sharazi, the Blaze has a proud journalistic commitment to excellence that should not be co-opted by idiot Glenn Beck

  • Jonn

    A few strong opinions here and as this is America, you are entitled to your opinions. So, here is mine.

    I think that it is not so much this political party vs that, or the rich vs poor as it is the people vs the government. At least the government as it is today.

    I have heard Mr Beck speak and from what I hear, his intentions are to give the power back to the people of this country where it belongs and help us all to regain the history we have lost due to the lies and omissions of past government officials so that we can protect ourselves from the manipulations of today’s government.

    I am not as opinionated as Glenn Beck, but I do believe that we Americans are getting dangerously close to losing our freedom.

    I for one am going to use my voting power to hopefully stem that change. So must we all to keep America free.

    • jctv

      uh oh, john. you have dared to (kinda) defend glenn beck. be prepared to be called a right wing loon, rascist, ignorant, jesus loving whackjob. i DO think it’s hilarious that the very people who are so hateful of the man seem to have no true idea of what he stands for (which you so eloquently stated). i don’t understand why people are so afraid of others standing up for THEIR rights?

    • MultiPass

      HIS intentions are to make money off idiots. How is it that you people fall time and time again for these snake oil preachers? So freakin dumb. Beck can “give back the power” to anyone, he’s a TV personality. We lost our freedom when we let corporations start running the government in the 80s.

      • jctv

        said the moron who sits at the feet of the current administration and laps up all the kool aid they preach. don’t even for one second think that ANY politician is in it for ‘the good of the people’. if you think that obama didn’t print his ‘memoirs’ to cash in on his victory then you are dumber than dirt. we lost our freedom when we gave ALL the power to the politicians. they forgot who put them there and they stopped working for US and started working for themselves. i will be more than happy to vote them out in nov. if glenn beck wants to inspire people to get out and vote, then he can go for it. if he does nothing but make you CRAZY then he is doing is job. i LOVE watching you people go totally apoplectic over your hatred for him. enjoy getting your panties in a twist over nothing. he he he

      • Otter

        jctv – please point out where in MultiPass’s post they stated they were a democrat or liberal or whatever the buzzword is? Maybe this is someone who just isn’t liking what Beck is selling. I used to watch Glenn Beck when he started his show on CNN. After a couple of months I began to notice a distinct change in him. I stopped watching when I realized he was going off the deep end. I think that once he got ‘big’ he started to emulate what his audience wanted to hear and he lost himself. Please understand that just because you so completely follow whatever the front men of your party tell you that other people can think for themselves. It is, believe it or not, possible to want a Republican in the White House and still think Beck and Limbaugh and Palin are nutjobs.

      • Doug Chance

        You sure do make a lot of assumptions with very little evidence.

        And by the way, Obama’s “memoirs” were written and published long before he got elected, so it’s hard to see how he wrote them to “cash in on his victory”.

    • Zoey

      John, when you say, “give the power back to the people of this country where it belongs” – what does that mean? Our government has functioned in the same way for over 200 years – you vote for elected officials, and they represent you and your interests (unless you’re African-American and/or a woman, in that case you haven’t had much power in government until recently). What about “help us to regain the history we have lost” – what history in particular? Or, “dangerously close to losing our freedom.” Freedom to do what? We all have our own opinions and I’m not trying to be snarky at all, and I think Beck’s followers seem like reasonable, perfectly nice people. But I just think that these conversations tend to be heavy on rhetoric and light on facts.

      • Katja

        So much agree. Although a few of Beck’s followers are cray-cray, most are nice, good people. (Just like fans of any TV personality.) I very much disagree with them, but I learn in elementary school how to be civil about disagreements. It’s so nice when I see other rational people leaving thoughtful comments that don’t involve “ur just 2 stupid 2 realize [insert party/politician of your choice] is runnin the country in2 tha ground.” Thanks, Zoey!

  • Dia

    JJ — came here myself to say The Blaze immediately makes me think of 90210! Hee.

  • MDS

    Great, another outlet for Glenn Beck’s special brand of fear mongering.

  • buddyboy

    My my, the peace loving liberals all have their knives out for one guy who preaches America’s greatness. The country is much more aturned to Mr. Beck than to the Hussan Obama crowd.

    • MultiPass

      Keep sending him money. He loves you.

  • Ugly Jenny

    Wow, Kate, biased much? It’s clear from every EW article I’ve read in magazine and online that everyone on staff has a disdain for Mr. Beck. While everyone is entitled to their opinions, you have to keep in mind that, like myself, there are conservative subscribers. When I read things like this makes me question whether or not I would want to renew my EW subscription. What I want to know is why does EW feel to comment on political matters when it is clearly an entertainment publication?

  • Ben D.

    Wow, what a loser! Who the hell believes a word this guy says? He’s like a cult preacher and conservative pundit rolled into one. Yet there are people with such a low level of intelligence who think he’s got all the answers. Way to go America it’s now wonder the rest of the world thinks we are all stupid.

    • glorybe1929

      From letters like yours who have never heard a real word he has said, they must think of real “stupid” You are a poor specimen to judge anyone.

  • ?

    I’m just waiting, patiently waiting, for him to declare himself as a full-blown prophet…He’s riiiight on the edge…

  • bort

    Will the site have banner ads for Goldline and Rascal scooters? Or maybe a site to buy vials of Glenn’s fresh-squeezed tears and/or back sweat?

  • MultiPass

    LOL!!! He is going to be so fcuking rich. Keep sending him money dumba$$es!

  • noona

    The dog barks, the caravan moves on ..

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