Levi Johnston regrets apologizing to Sarah Palin...and never lies. Except that once.

Playgirl model/former vice-presidential candidate’s daughter’s fiance-turned mayoral candidate-reality star hopeful Levi Johnston granted an interview to CBS’ Early Show that aired today (watch it below). Showing slightly more charisma than the sack of marbles it sounds like he has in his mouth, Johnston touched on everything from accusations of fame whoring (“I’m just taking opportuntiies as they come”) to that “scathing” interview he did in Vanity Fair last year. When asked about the apology he issued to Sarah Palin after saying some unfriendly things about her family in that article, Johnston said he only said he was sorry because that’s what his then-fiancee, Bristol, wanted. “I don’t really regret anything, but the only thing I wish I wouldn’t have done was put out that apology because it kinda makes me sound like a liar, and I’ve never lied about anything.” Hmm. Gotcha.

LJ also talked about his plans to run for mayor, reportedly as part of a possible reality show. When asked how he can win with zero experience leading anything, he replied: “I really don’t think mayor is about qualifications. It’s really about the people liking you and believing in you.”

That would be strikes two and three right there, no?

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  • Sheli

    This guy is such an a**hat. Seriously.

    • Quirky

      Yup, Levi = K Fed 2.0

      • Jengi

        LMAO x’s a billion

      • Khristina

        Hey- at least K Fed has some actual talent (rapping excluded)and danced in some big time music videos )…What “talent” does Levi have besides being a giant douche bag?…

        To top it off he thinks he’ll win the mayor office..qualifications- pffffttt. Apparently you don’t have to possess them when running for office. Yeah, OK then…what a delusional tool of complete idiocy.

      • tomm

        K Fed actually takes care of his kids, and maybe has more to say. Levi has poor communication skills, never knows what to say!

    • Dave

      Please, a**hat is far too kind of a term for LJ. In a “family” of such blatant fame-wh*res he stands head and shoulders below the rest, and that’s saying something!

      • Jane

        is it just me, or is LJ totally HOT!?

      • Khristina

        It’s totally you…

    • MrsDolly

      It is interesting that Sarah Palin called him “Joe Hollywood” and Bristol said he’s obsessed with fame when they are the ones responsible for putting him in the spotlight in the first place.

  • Al

    The “Early Show” is the bottom of the barrel among morning shows. Having this guy on just solidifies that.

    • dctoronto

      Bottom of the barrel also includes Dancing With the Stars if Bristol is going to be on it.

      • Ap

        But she needs the money to feed her baby and also to continue being the spokesperson for abstinence…with a baby. Only in America

      • Saracen Riggins

        Now, regardless of why Bristol is/would do DWTS… I think it’s kind of a low blow to say that about her being a spokesperson for abstinence with a baby. You can support abstinence whether you’ve remained abstinent or not. Everyone makes mistakes and learns from them.

      • LB

        To be abstinent means to go without (something) for a period of time. Not that you’ve never done it or won’t do it in the future, you’re just not partaking right now.

      • googliezoo

        Abstinence is unnatural for the vast majority of human beings. It’s a religious construct that doesn’t fit in a society where people no longer marry at fifteen or sixteen years old. It’s much better to teach your kids how to protect themselves by using condoms and to put teenage girls on some form of hormonal birth control.

      • Kat

        googliezoo – it’s not just a religious construct. It makes perfect sense – kids are dependent idiots. Doesn’t matter how good a student he/she is, how wonderful a child…they’re dumb and they’re not always great at using protection and they aren’t equipped to deal with the possible consequences. From an evolutionary perspective, it’s unnatural, but it makes a great deal of sense these days. Humans (at least those in our kind of society) are in a unique biological position. We are capable of reproduction as many as 10 years before we are actually able to care for any offspring produced. In my mind, that makes a broad sex education approach extremely valuable. Yes, teach them how to use condoms, how to minimize the risk of pregnancy and STDs, etc…but also teach them the surest way to NOT have to deal with any unintended consequences is to not have sex at all. It has nothing to do with religion for me. I wouldn’t mind a little instruction for kids about less risky behaviors that they can still enjoy…much as it might mortify Health and P.E. teachers everywhere to have to talk about it. :)

      • googliezoo

        Kat- I agree that any parent would hope their child wait for sex until they’re a responsible adult. However that’s just not always gonna work as kids are gonna do what they’re gonna do. Always have and always will. By all means stress that not having sex is the only way to 100% prevent diseases and unwanted pregnancies but I’d put equal emphasis on how to protect oneself since the majority of people start having sex before they’re married and before they’re ready to have children.

      • tomm

        I am sure Sarah didn’t tell Bristol about facts of life and birth control. Levi probably said ‘you cant get pregant the 1st time’ ‘ill pull out and then…’

        Not telling the facts of life leads to misinformation and teen moms.

  • Wottadoosh

    McCain’s mess is still flaring up. Seriously, the old dude’s pandering has infected celebrity society, and this sheet is luggage for life.
    This numbnut still hasn’t realized he is a dingleberry on celebritydom’s rear end.

    • ZackBauer

      Maybe even a syphilitic chancre on the sweaty beanbag of humanity?

  • Chris

    I’d believe him over Sarah any day.

    • Cherry


      • Ajay C

        I double that one…

    • PA

      So you believe that prior to meeting Levi, Sarah didn’t know how to shoot a gun, as Levi claims? Funny. Sounds like you guys all have a legitimate bias.

    • Gabby

      Actually he makes her sorta likable by comparison, which is quite the feat. He’s a useless, stupid creep.

    • Pat

      Yeah he’s the one thing that makes me hate her slightly less. Which is why I’ve always thought people who dislike Palin have made a mistake pushing Levi. What you don’t realize is you’re making those of us who hate him and would strongly dislike her otherwise, slightly dislike her less. If it’s between him and her, sorry as much as I don’t trust Sarah Palin, I’d have to take her word over his. He is one of the few people has an even longer track record as a liar.

  • blp

    I’d say that this kid is a horse’s patoot, except that it would be an insult to horses. He needs a serious dose of reality. I’d say that Bristol and son are better off without this egotistical, not too bright jerk.

  • Ayn

    Wow. All I can say is wow. And also, ROFLMAO at the term “FAME WHORE”!!! Love it!!

  • Anne

    I forget which cartoon character said it but….” what a maroon “

    • kelsey

      Daffy Duck. And you’re so right.

      • Bugs

        It was me, not Daffy

      • bootsycolumbia

        It was Bugs Bunny.

  • Mark

    The whole family is nuts. First they sell their “happy reconciliation” for big bucks, then break up. Now both he and Bristol are looking for fame and don’t get me started on Bristol’s mother.

  • karen

    Quit giving this looser the ‘fame’that he is after. He is a creep in the worst ways, irregardless of what political side you are on.

    • Tom

      Looser? How about loser? Looser would be Bristol’s definition of abstinence.

      • LB

        Go look up Abstinence. I think you’ll be surprised by what it means.

      • BMiller

        why are you being so judgmental towards Bristol? She made mistakes while she was young, and she seems to be trying to take care of her baby and clean up her life. How can you take potshots at a person like that? Youre judgmental.

      • Khristina

        Looser? Yes, while it’s sad to see “looser”- at least the could POSSIBLY be a typo. I’d much rather make a typo than to spew words that DON’T exist:


    • courtney

      irregardless? yeah… not so much a real word there.

      • chris

        “why are you being so judgmental towards Bristol? She made mistakes while she was young, and she seems to be trying to take care of her baby and clean up her life. How can you take potshots at a person like that? Youre judgmental”……..
        -BMiller- ok bmiller do you think a single mother of an infant should be parading around on dancing with the stars??

      • Stewart

        Irregardless is an actual word. It’s a stupid, unnecessary one, but a word nonetheless.

  • Joe

    As much of a dope as he is, he’s 1000x more harmless than his mother-in-law. She’s infecting millions of moms out there with the virus called “She would make a great president cause she’s just like me! Who needs ‘qualifications’? “

    • tracy bluth

      True. Matt Damon was spot-on when he compared it to a bad Disney flick.

    • PA

      The infection is voters with a skewed perception of what ‘qualifications’ are for public service and leadership and representation. Better to have done good things in two years in office than do nothing or less in 20+ years in a senate. But who needs qualifications is right, we elected Obama after all.

    • JIm

      He’s harmless NOW….I’m sure someone said that about Sarah 30 years ago. How about we keep the idiots away from politics while we still can. When he starts running for President, I’d say it’s too late.

  • Clete

    What did this guy ever do to rate the publicity he’s getting? Does he have any talent? Does he ever say anything of any importance? Why is anyone paying any attention to him?

    • JIm

      The sad part is, In Alaska, he just might have a chance.

    • BMiller

      Johnston is getting publicity because liberal media wants to smear the Palins.

  • tiebaojin

    I will forever hate John McClain for fostering this sorry bunch of losers on America, and I don’t know how in the world we’re going to get rid of them.

    • anon-i-mouse

      As long as we all keep reading the stories and posting comments, they will never go away. Once we all lose interest, the media will stop covering them.

      Unfortunately, they are all like watching a slow-motion train wreck. You know it’s ugly and you know you shouldn’t look, but you just can’t help yourself.

      • bootsycolumbia

        You forgot “and voting for them”, Anon-i-mouse.

    • MelindaB

      John McClain? You mean the character from Die Hard? :-)

  • Disappointed

    This guy and Spencer Pratt need to get in a ring and kill each other.

    • jayemeff

      Best. Idea. Everrrr!

    • katy

      Now theres a reality show special I’d actually watch.

  • Chris

    If anyone ever creates the show “Ow! My Balls!”, I nominate him to be the first contestant. Preferrably the hour long premeire.

    • Ethan


    • Katja

      LOL. Except the “Ow My Balls!” guy was a celebrity, singing the national anthem at events and everything. So he was basically using his testes for fame, just like Levi!

  • 14:59

    When will his 15 minutes of fame expire? Really this inane idea of making anybody a “star/celebrity” needs to stop. Maybe just maybe his run for mayor and his baby mama on dancing with the “stars” will be the deathknoll of people being famous for just being famous. Enough is enough.

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