'Saturday Night Live': Will Forte reportedly leaving on amicable terms. 'Vagisil!'

will-forte-macgruberImage Credit: NBCAfter eight seasons of portraying eccentric characters like Andy the “Ohhhhhhhh, Noooooooo!” guy and totally heroic ones like MacGruber, Will Forte will not return for this fall’s 36th season of Saturday Night Live, according to the New York Times. Forte’s parting was reportedly at his own choosing and he plans to pursue other projects. [ArtsBeat]

During an interview this May prior to the release of the MacGruber feature film, Forte told EW, “I can’t imagine not being [at SNL]… It’s the longest job I’ve had. But you can’t stay forever. I love working there, though. And I love everybody that I work with. So I would not be surprised if I was back for another year. It’s such hard work, but it’s also unlike anything else, and it’s really an addiction almost.”

Can you deal with a Saturday Night Live without Forte? Who will impersonate Zell Miller?!

UPDATE: EW has confirmed that the actor will be parting ways with SNL. “After eight great seasons, Will has made the decision to move on from SNL to pursue new opportunities. He is eternally grateful to Lorne [Michaels] and all of the incredible people he worked with over the years,” Forte’s publicist said in a statement released to EW.

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  • dan

    I’ll get this out of the way: Who cares? This show hasn’t been funny since (insert year you were about 16 years old)

    • hel

      what a predictable response.

      • ian g

        not really, hel. rather than saying it hasn’t been funny since Will Ferrell left, or since the 90s (including Sandler, Rock, and that crew), or any other time period.
        dan is commenting on the intellectual level that SNL caters to; maturing teenagers.

        i don’t quite agree with dan, though… considering the best sketches involve politics, which few 16 year olds could care about. more like 19 year olds :P

      • Bubba’s mom

        Yeah – we get what Dan’s comment meant, but it’s still predictable. Thanks all the same, for thinking we all lack your supreme intellect. BTW – who gives a crap about what people think isn’t funny – particularly when its an anonymous forum, and you don’t have to venture what you DO think is funny, and make that available for the same type of derision.

      • Bobba’s mum

        You apparently give a crap

      • Mac

        Haha, excellent response the dan’s snarky comment, Bubba’s mom. SNL threads are peppered with the “This show hasn’t been funny since…”. The show is uneven, there really is only one strong woman, although Jenny Slate (sp?) seems to be finding her footing. Will Forte had some great character and was in memorable sketches, and he was as inconsistent no matter what year (earlier this decade, SNL was very high quality, up there with some of the best seasons). Anyone who has enjoyed the show over the years knows the funny is cyclical.

      • Disappointed

        Each season is funny to its own generation. Our new generation is a bunch of sexually liberal, politically correct, spoiled and hypocritical prudes, with attention deficit disorder. But to defend them in some capacity, some of the old jokes from the past have been done to cliche.

    • Storm

      Boom! Awesome comment.

    • Blue Silver

      ….in order to pursue his successful movie career. :)

    • Mark

      Actually I think it’s very funny now. Old fossils probably don’t get the newer humor.

      • Gwen

        Age has nothing to do with it! Either it’s funny or it isn’t.

      • saint of E. 69th st

        as a someqwhat old fossil who stayed up as a 15-year old to watch the first-ever SNL I think the show is still pretty funny..SNL has always been a bit of a roller-coaster with good eps..poor eps..good music..horrid music (from all eras) and that will likely continue…but i remain a true fan…just like your sports team good games bad games some years much better than others..but SNL is still the real LIVE deal!…or in one of Kenan’s better character’s singing voice..good shows..bad shows..good years..bad years.. “What’s Up with That!”

      • @ Mark

        I’m an old fossil. I also actually worked on a skit once. There are some funny things but a lot more that is not. Still it is better than most crap on TV.

      • LOL

        Jackholes love to spew “He isn’t funny!” or “That show isn’t funny!” without ever mentioning exactly why they think it isn’t funny. Typical boring responses. What is funny to you armchair critics?

    • @ dan

      I care. I like Will. There are a lot more misses than hits but I still watch/DVR. And you must be watching too or your couldn’t state that is isn’t funny. Duh!

    • Mallory

      You’re so right, Dan! Since people want to know exactly what’s NOT funny about SNL, how ’bout the 10 minute sketches that are about 9:30 minutes too long? It is sad that Will is leaving, because he’s one of the few cast members in the last few seasons that had very different characters–most of whom were funny. Does anyone remember when he used to do the falconer? I haven’t seen that character in a while, course I don’t ever watch anymore. Anyway, I loved that character.


      Good riddance! Another of the One-Termer’s liberal lackies off the air. Only about a dozen more from that useless cast to go!

      • LOLKAT

        Right on, brother!

        Surely his replacement will be from the Republican Party or Tea Party! Surely!

      • David Roche

        You, sir, are a c*nt.

      • livon

        Now that kind of crazy, I’m so far to the right I’m off the spectrum talk is funny!

    • Bebe

      I never thought about it that way, Hel, but you are absolutely right. SNL caters to the sensibilities of 16 year-olds. THAT’S why I haven’t cared about the show or its performers since I was a teenager!

      • Bebe

        Sorry, DAN was the person I should be complimenting. Hel’s response was absolutely wrong (and predictable).

    • Anne

      My 16 year old son and his friends loathe SNL; they continually question me as to how it’s remained on the air this long. So… not quite sure who they cater to, but I don’t think it’s teenagers.

    • Spinal

      Will Forte has a publicist…REALLY?…

    • UncleWalty

      it was actually funnier when I was 17

    • lilbit280

      I am sooo…..with you Dan-
      not since Eddie Murphy n the crew

  • Kevin

    I’m shocked. Guess there will be no more MacGruber but Will Forte is so hilarious and a great comedic presence. SNL will miss you.

  • Jim

    Forte was one of my favorites. Not excited for the upcoming season.

  • Michael

    I hope this means he will be on 30 Rock more.

    • axel

      forget 30 rock, lets see him as the new office manager on the office.

      • deedee


      • xmarisolx

        Woah! He would kill it in that role!

  • Ceballos

    I believe SNL retires its recurring characters after they make the leap to the big screen, so there really wasn’t that much for Forte to do, other than play random weirdos. (Though, I’ll probably miss his ESPN2 color analyst character.)

    More than anything it seems like a curious time to leave to “pursue other projects” seeing as how MacGruber bombed. (I know it only cost about $10 million to make, but a $9 million gross is still pretty pathetic.)

    I hope he pops up on “30 Rock”, where he was pretty funny. (And a surprisingly good looking woman.)

    • Daniel


      • Ceballos


      • Ceballos

        ESPN Classic*, not ESPN2

      • cgee

        It takes the rash off of your gash.

    • Karate Pants

      Gina Baloney was legendary. Definitely one of the best guest appearances ever on 30 Rock!

    • Ceballos

      …and I just remembered how sad I’ll be over the end of Jon Bovi.

      • Karate Pants

        But at least we can look forward to seeing him sometime early next year on Parks and Rec as some dude who loves Twilight! Can’t wait for that character.

  • Jay

    The people who watch this show each week care, obviously. Idiot.

  • u

    Yay, the show will SUCK some more!

  • Heather

    Awww… who’s going to take over the teacher role in the Gilly skits? :(

    • TV Fan

      I hope they don’t do anymore of those Gilly skits. They are awful, and repetitive. When that character hosted the Christmas primetime special, that made Gilly worse. Hope to NOT see it return.

    • cgee

      If I never see a Gilly skit again I would be a happier person. I wish I could burn that horrible skit from my brain. Arrrrg.

      • Gilly


      • Megan


      • kat


    • Roma

      I’m sure they can get Kristen Wiig to play the teacher in the Gilly skits. If enough people leave she can do SNL as a one-woman show. Of course, only one person will be watching….

  • Elizabeth

    OK, well as a fan of the show and not a pompous tool who gets on blogs just to slam things… I’m really bummed out about this, but wish Will the best of luck.

    • Hannah

      Amen. Will was one of my favorites, but hopefully I get to see him in more things in the future (hopefully more 30 Rock!)

    • Dinjab

      Bummed about losing Will Forte? No one stands out in that cast. The only valuable players have been the occasional talented guest star.

  • Lemon

    I will miss his songs. “An Open Apology to Mother Earth” and “Silly Silly Gays” are STILL hilarious to me.

  • kthomas

    He’s a great guy, lotta class. He will be missed.

  • xoxojalal

    He wasn’t one of my favorites. I love Bill Hader and Seth Meyers and I will continue to watch as long as at least one of them is around and they have great hosts.

    • Matt

      When was the last time Seth Meyers was in anything other than weekend update?

      • Jenn

        Meyers is head writer now, that’s why he’s never in skits.

  • Shannon

    I’ll miss his “Tim Calhoun” character (I probably spelled that wrong) and the ESPN classic skits! Forte was one of the few players I truly enjoyed left on SNL, here’s hoping Sudeikis doesn’t leave anytime soon!

    • joblo

      Food Court.

    • cgee

      Sudakis doing the running man in What’s Up With That!!!!

      • Ceballos


        Sudeikis absolutely dances his a$$ off in those “What’s Up with That?” skits!

  • Cat

    Love Will Forte. If Bill Hader leaves, I’m out.

    • Mark

      Forte never really got many good roles on SNL. I never liked the original Macgyver, so Magruber was uninteresting. I think one of his best was playing straight man to Gilly.

  • Ryan

    Jane Krakowski did an interview already saying we will see Will back as Jenna’s boyfriend Paul.

    • PompousTool

      We call them “opinions”, Elizabeth, and in case you didn’t get the official notification, we’re all permitted to have them.

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