Original Blue Power Ranger reveals that he was harassed on set for being gay

david-yost-power-rangerImage Credit: Everett CollectionAlmost 20 years after back-flipping onto kids’ TV sets as the nerdy Blue Ranger on Fox’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, David Yost opened up to No Pink Spandex about his stint on the show. And during the three-part interview, Yost revealed just what happened behind-the-scenes when his character was written off the show (and sent to live on another planet): Yost actually walked off set one day after being teased about being gay.

“The reason that I walked off is that I was called ‘f—–‘ one too many times,” Yost says in the clip (which is embedded after the jump). “I had just heard that several times while working on the show from creators, producers, writers, directors… Basically I just felt like i was continually being told I was not worthy of being where I am because I’m a gay person. And I’m not supposed to be an actor. And I’m not a superhero.”

After leaving the show, Yost says he experienced a nervous breakdown. But he’s been doing just fine since then, working behind the camera as a producer for reality TV shows like Temptation Island. Still, the fact that such intolerance might have taken place on set of Power Rangers kind of kills the nostalgic buzz we all have for the show, no?


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  • Liz

    Go Go Power Rangers! It’s ok blue ranger, you were always my fav!

    • Bec

      Go Yellow Ranger!!!

      • Diotima

        The yellow ranger died years ago…

    • ew

      silly f@ggot dic*s are for chicks.

      • Dreamii Starr

        Stupid dummy, Its sad you exist. Retard.

      • Blargity HA

        Oh lighten up and let people make fun of each other. The world’s too serious as it is already =)

      • chicagogam

        oh my gosh! did you mean that to almost rhyme “it is sad you exist” heh :)

      • kalua

        @ew that’s messed up but i totally get u. gay people always complain about everyone hating them and always want people to like them. get over it not everyone is going to accept you.

      • HollyBee

        Silly homophobe, air is for decent human beings.

      • Cornell Beltcher

        @ Kalua we don’t want everyone to like us we just want ignorant people like you and ew to just keep their bigoted opinions in your heads where they belong!

      • lol HAHA

        I take a very strong stance on this subject! I am not sorry to say this but GAY and LESBIAN people are going to HELL, where they rightfully belong. The Bible is very clear, Also continuing that if you don’t think that there is anything wrong with this that you will suffer the same fate. End of Story.

      • Taser

        You are an idiot. That is all.

      • KI

        lol HAHA,

        I sometimes forget that the Christian thing to do is to constantly judge others and generally make an uneducated nuisance of myself on internet forums. Thank you for showing me the way to Eternal Salvation.

      • T_T

        @ew You are why I hate humanity.
        @kalua Not everyone accepts gays, but there are some horrible things done to gays. They just want all the hate to stop.

      • Frank

        @T_T you are my idol.

      • :#

        Ummm i have one thing to say to lol HAHA. God loves everyone one and plus i want u to show me one place in the bible that god says gay people will go to hell? Come on show me ohh thats right u cant cause he made everyone the way they are and if he made all of us the way we are then he should come to hell with us to!

      • John

        I’ve got various gay and lesbian fans and I still think that comment was hilarious, and my gay friends think so too. Grow a freaking sense of humour. And for the little religion fanatic there, dude, you and your kind are the cancer that’s been destroying humanity for two thousand years.

      • Chris

        EW, you really need to grow up…

    • wendy

      David Yost was and will always be the best power ranger. His honesty and courage in talking about what he experienced makes him a hero in every way that counts.

  • therealeverton

    Nostalgic buzz? For Power Rangers? Oh dear.

    Seriously though it’s sad to know that that happened and still happens to people the world over today. Some people really do seem like a waste of skin. You just hope we keep moving towards a world where intolerent people and people who think that’s “just a joke” are truly rare.

    • jordan

      Very well written i definitely agree.

    • Phil

      This just re inforces a conversation I was having with some mis informed staright folk a few weekends ago. They couldn’t understand how Hollywood of all places wasn’t more accepting of gay actors. I quickly pointed out that one of the few OUT actors who continues to get work & rave reviews is Neil PatricK Harris. And then one guy goes, what about the dude from GREY’S?! I go thank you for proving my point, he got written out of the show a while back, and what has he done since?! Thank you for helping answer your own question.

      • WhitneyD

        Please don’t use TR Knight as the rule. He opted to leave Grey’s because he didn’t like where they were taking his character, and has been doing theater quite successfully since then. While he hasn’t done any more projects on Film/TV, he hasn’t really taken a break from doing theater.

      • WhitneyD

        Not that there aren’t plenty of actors who didn’t go anywhere after they weren’t outed, but it’s too early to see whether or not being outed ruined his career.

      • Craig

        To Phil, not that I don’t agree with you BUT the actor you’re referring to from grey’s (T.R. Knight) left the show to pursue work on the stage and since leaving the show has been in productions of The Marriage of Bette and Boo, Lend Me A Tenor, Truth or Consequences, Parade, The Laramie Project and A Life in Theatre (this year). So he has in fact done quite a bit since leaving the show.

      • Yes, but…

        @Whitney and Craig: TR is a very strong actor, but your arguments that he has done a lot of work since leaving Grey’s may actually corroborate Phil’s thesis: that HOLLYWOOD is not a particularly good place for gay actors. Success on the stage and success in Hollywood are not at all the same thing.

      • thin

        Until you know for a fact that he was trying to get work in Hollywood and used stage work as his fallback career, it doesn’t mean anything. Many actors much better established and sought after have taken breaks in their film careers to spend time doing stage work because that’s really what they want to be doing. I don’t know if that’s actually the case with TR or not, but I suspect that you don’t either. If he’s trying for film or TV and not getting it, your point is correct. If he’s trying to get away from that to pursue stage for now, it doesn’t do anything to prove or disprove how Hollywood accepts gay actors.

    • HM

      Actually, I’m pretty sure that most people who were between the ages of about 4 and 12 when Power Rangers came on have a nostalgic buzz for it. No “Oh dear” about it.

      But I agree with everything else you said.

  • jordan

    go go power rangers!
    unfortunately america is extremely homophobic,im glad hes better though.

    • Martín

      i’m glad, too. billy was my favourite ranger in the show. and oh, i guess that when u said america u didnt mean the whole continent. ’cause i live in the same continent and in my country same-sex marriage is legal ;-)

  • alex

    I always thought the pink Power Ranger was the gay one.

    • Jammers

      Dang, beat me to it.

    • kevin

      not funny

    • CodeArrow

      So did I lol. Never really gave Billy much thought.

  • Jammers

    I thought Kimberly was the pink Power Ranger.

    • BostonSteve

      yeah, and she was DOPE

      • Deej

        And now on Flashpoint

  • topazbean

    This is depressing in many ways. One – it is always depressing that any industry should be intolerant of someone’s sexuality to the extent that it affects an individual’s career or wellbeing. Two – it confirms that I am going to be single forever. Seriously, has EVERY crush I’ve ever had been on a gay man? Come on, I was 4! Life is so unfair. Yes, that’s right. I’m making this story ALL ABOUT ME.

    • Natalie

      Have you ever read someone’s comment and knew that you would be best friends in real life? That is how I feel at this moment.

      • Karl

        OK, topazbean, I feel the same way. Except I AM a gay guy. Which is kinda apt since my first crush WAS on Billy haha.

    • Jeannette

      You and I are twins! Every SINGLE MAN I HAVE EVER CRUSHED On…gay. My last boyfriend for 3.5 years? Oh, gay. My new crush? Ha, gay. It’s alright though. I’ll be like Debbie on Queer As Folk.

  • Meier

    Judging by the pic, it seems he’s a member of the bear community.

    • joseph

      Aren’t bears big burly guys? He looks more like a cub.

    • Phil

      He’s referring to the bear emblem on his costume silly.

      • Kyle

        It’s a wolf, silly. Aisha(yellow) has the bear.

      • rich

        he wasn’t the bear he was the wolf aishia was the bear

      • ICan’tReadTheCommentsAboveMine

        He was the wolf? Aisha was the bear?

      • Karate Pants

        LOL :)

      • Josh

        The comments in this article have been fantastic, lol.

      • mary q contrary

        Who the hell is Aisha? The yellow ranger was Trini, and though I know she was replaced eventually, nobody can take her place in my book.

      • Patrick

        Aisha was the token black one that replaced trini when she, zach and jason left

      • Janet

        he was the frog! remember!

      • Janet

        oh yeah nevermind, it was bear. i think the black one was the frog. was it just me or did it seem weird that the first rangers were the same color as their stereotype.. except i dont know where green came from.

      • Andrew

        He was the triceratops! C’mon people! =]

  • anonymous

    Its sad that he had to put up with that kind of bullying. Good for him for walking away.

    • Fluffer

      But he has to feel proud that he blazed the trail for other gay superheroes, like Ace and Gary, and made the entertainment industry a safe place for Archie to come out of the closet.
      He’s a big gay pioneer.

      • Karl

        Haha love the sarcasm. And Archie isn’t gay, Jughead is.

  • Katie

    Ugh, definitely kills my warm fuzzies for Power Rangers.


    Well, at least he has turned it around and brought the world quality programming like “Temptation Island.” Ugh.

    • alan of montreal

      I know, eh? You’d think he would have used his negative experiences to try to make a positive, but gave the world an homage to adultery instead.

  • dinko greg

    Hear anything new on the pink ranger? Who cares about a gey blue ranger what about the pink ranger kimberly?

    • Jeremy

      That would be Amy Jo Johnson. If I’m not mistaken, she’s on Flashpoint now.

      • Fisher

        You’re not mistaken. She is currently on the Canadian TV show Flashpoint which is actually pretty good. CBS shows episodes of it in the US during the summer.

  • Mary

    I used to think Billy was so cute when I was younger. He was my favorite because he was the smart Ranger. It’s sad to hear that he dealt with all of that discrimination. Oh, and @topazbean — I have the same problem with my childhood teenage crushes being gay. I guess some of us just have terrible gay-dar.

    • Scarlet Creed

      Or you just go for sensitive, intelligent men, which, prior to a certain time, didn’t exist as anything except gay. Some of us are real, however and you find us randomly commenting here and there. :)

    • wendy

      I crushed badly on David Yost . Had huge crush him , boycotted series when he left.

  • Chappel

    I thought they were ALL gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • D

      So…you thought Trini (yellow) and Kimberly (pink) were lesbians? Your comment makes no literal sense and if it was a joke, it was dumber than some of villains on the show. “GAY” does not mean “lame”.

      • Ghyn

        I think what Chappel meant was that he (or she? I don’t know) thought that all the guys were gay. And I doubt it was meant as a synonym for “lame”. Maybe I’m wrong. But that’s how I see it.

    • george

      lol. of course not.

    • Darius

      Well, it’s good to think that everyone’s gay until you find out that they’re straight… or still gay =)

  • paige

    i wished he wouldve given a shout out to Thuy Trang the original power ranger who died- ironically the day BEFORE 9/11

    • amy

      She died Sept. 3rd, 2001 in a car accident in San Francisco. Her memorial was held on the 10th. This is not ironic. I’m sure many people died that day in non-terror related situations. I’m not trying to be mean but that was just a weird comment.

      • ani

        yeah, i wikipedia’d it as well (thank god for wikipedia). anyway, i thought it was an odd comment too…as many people died a week before, the day of (un-related to the attacks), the week after 9/11, etc etc…i don’t understand why it is ironic?

      • EssBee

        I blame Alanis Morissette. People are now confused on what the word “ironic” means.

      • Gregg

        The only way that would be ironic is if she was suppose to be on one of those airplanes or at the WTC above one of the floors where the planes hit.

    • Digby

      He does give a shout out to her, and talks about how her death affected him. The full interview is 45 minutes, this is only one part.

      • Louis

        Alanis Morissette is not misusing “ironic” in her music. Don’t blame her for this douchebag’s inability to read a dictionary ;)

      • @Louis

        Actually, Alanis DOES use “Ironic” incorrectly in the song. The examples she sings about are really things that suck, but there’s no irony in any of the situations. The should really go, “And isn’t it a bummer? Don’t ya think?”

      • steffany

        The irony is that a song entitled “ironic” is actually just about unfortunate coincidences.

      • Sam

        @Louis you are so right!

  • PHD


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