'America's Got Talent' sure loves singers

agt-arcattackLast night’s America’s Got Talent finally shook things up a tiny bit, with early favorites ArcAttack unexpectedly getting the boot. Worst! At least Prince Poppycock made the cut, as did Michael Grimm, Taylor Matthews, Anna & Patryk, and Christina & Ali. Not so lucky? Future Funk, Dan Sperry, Kristina Young, AscenDance, Antonio Restivo, and Connor Doran.

For those of you keeping score at home (all of us), of the first five finalist acts, four are singers. Four! (Anna & Patryk are ballroom dancers. Child ballroom dancers.)

I’m disappointed. Kite guy Connor Doran, funky rock-climbing duo AscenDance, crazy electricity-wielding ArcAttack — America, do you really prefer mediocre pop balladeers? Consider me underwhelmed.

What about you, PopWatchers? Are you sad to see ArcAttack go? Are you still Team Poppycock, or do Christina & Ali get your sympathy votes?

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  • bamalam

    I’ve been saying this since the second season of the show. Singing is not the only talent out there people! Whether it be pop, rock, opera, with an instrument, it all boils down to one thing…singing. This isn’t American Idol, leave the singing to that and the upcoming X Factor.

    • Preston

      I think they’re trying to have the singers to make up for the backlash that American Idol has had with its Season 9 finalists. That top 12 was slammed left and right with their performances.

      • cheese

        Singers have always been front and center on this show it seems. I’m always surprised when a singer doesn’t win the whole show.

      • Sassy

        Actually, haven’t ALL the winners been singers? It’s just that Terry Fator’s singing was done with ventriloquist puppets. I’m predicting this year’s winner will also be a … wait for it … singer! :p

    • Suzanne

      Did you ever consider that SOME AMAZING talent cannot compete on America Idol because of age restrictions. MICHAEL GRIMM FOR ONE OR THE two singing SISTERS……..these acts are AMAZING. I would fly to Vegas to see these two acts, In a New York Minute.

      • jethrine

        You would fly to Vegas to hear those 2 sisters screeching and singing off-key?? You are letting a sob story affect your judgement.

      • John from Fort Myers

        My thoughts exactly. They will not win, so why do I have to hear them again?

      • Annia

        I feel bad for their disease, but their singing hurts my ears!!!

      • Justin

        Thanks to all the teeny bopper girls… once again; the show is practically all singers. Sure Grimm and Poppycock deserve to stay but bring back ArcAttack, and Restivo. I’ve said this about every show now, Stop letting America vote!!!!!!!!! All they care about is sop stories and looks. Give me a break!

      • n

        The girls were really flat. I know they have Cystic fibrosis, but they are not good singers. BTW Cystic Fibrosis is largely hereditary and people that know that they have the gene should never have children, because of the slow and painful death the children will face if they end up having the disease. To have one daughter with the disease is understandable and sad, but having two kids with the disease is flat out irresponsible.

    • Susan

      And the dancing… 12 yr old Ballroom dancers have no place in Vegas. Quality acts are set aside for cutesy stuff. Let ballroom dancers compete against ballroom dancers. What a waste of time.

      • Joanna

        So – no singing, no dancing… what do you want to see in AGT? Farting? The name of the show is (I feel like I have to remind everyone): America’s Got TALENT. The last word is the key one. TALENT. And ballroom dancers have it. So stop complaining people. Don’t like it – don’t vote. End of story.

    • Matt Flipago

      Most of the non singing acts are complete trash what do you expect.

    • Becky

      There really should be America’s Got Singing Talent. I’m tired of all the singers. It does look like this season will be another yawner in the end.

  • Sue

    I was shocked that, out of the final three, Anthony Restivo did not make it. Christina and Ali are inspiring, but not really great singers and I don’t think they should have made it. Some people have commented that Taylor Matthews was not that good, but I thought he was fine and I liked his earlier performances. He may not win, but I was happy to see him get through.

    • Michael

      Anthony’s trick was TERRIBLE. His previous tricks were much better. You could see the trap door in the cage. The girl who fastened the padlock blocked the view of it, so most people didn’t get to see him chained tightly. It was a poor trick and was even more poorly executed.

      • Jim

        The problem with all these “magicians” is that it is pretty much the same crap. Put someone in a box wave the magic wand and poof they are gone only to reappear somewhere else on stage. All Antonio did differently wa add the fire. He had so much time to get out of his chains that he probably stopped for lunch before he reappeared. Yawn…been there done that….

      • jethrine

        But his constant arm flourishes at the beginning, which killed about 20 seconds were very impressive! No matter how bad he was this time, he still should have gone in ahead of the Two Sob Sisters who couldn’t sing their way out of a paper bag.

    • Marci

      I agree, it was a lame trick. But, at least it was more interesting to watch than a gliding kite or two very off key singers. He looked shocked when they announced his name, and I don’t blame him. It must be a real blow to the ego to think you cannot do better than the sisters and the kite guy. And, can you imagine how much money he has invested in his act compared to those final two? It was a shake-up for sure.

      • Tee Jasper

        I agree with Marci 100%. Either America has too much sympathy or the whole show is rigged. Antonio’s trick may not have been original but his show is a much better act for Las Vegas than the two sisters who sing off key. I would pay to see Antonio’s show but the two girls are only going to ride on sympathy.

      • Claudia

        You are right Marci and Tee. Antonio would be able to take it much further than Christina and Ali ever could. I was shocked for him there is no way either of those acts should have beat him.

    • calistoga

      I also agree, failed illusion, but not grounds for being voted off at this level compared to the kite and so-so singers. My heart goes out to Connor, Christina and Ali. If anything, entertainers CARE about each other, BUT what are you going to pay your hard-earned money to see/hear? As individuals, singers make the most money in the entertainment business. Anthony deserved to go to the finals… but he would not have won. Like so many others before him, he will still get offers to perform, thanks to AGT.

      This year’s winner will be between Lord Poppycock and Jackie Evancho. I wouldn’t make any bets though. Michael Grimm just might slip in and beat them both. Other than the prize money, all three of these talents ARE WINNERS… and will entertain us for a long, long time!

      • cowboy dick

        thought poppycock would win because of stage prescence.jackie is too young,but will be under contract by monday!!grimmcane up by bootstrings and has good stage prescence.

    • jethrine

      Chris & Ali are “not great singers” is the understatement of the year. THEY SUCK.

    • Annia

      I would rather see the kite flyer, Conner Doran getting through, with a slower, but inspirational music. Antonio didn’t impress me. Another magician named Michael Grasso is much more captivating & intriging without all the smoke & mirror.

  • Preston

    Really, those first four didn’t really have enough votes to stay in the competition. I thought that Kristina Young was AWFUL!! When she got three Xs, I turned the TV set OFF! Her performance of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face was faceless, empty, horrible, dead on arrival and just plain NOTHING! And she was of the YouTube finalists and yet she backfired big time on this performance. The other singers were far better than her that night. And Connor didn’t select a strong song to match with the kite flying–the corny sounding Planet Earth. Most of that first 12 didn’t excite me, but I actually will go for the 2nd 12 next week–they are better acts.

    • Annia

      Kristina Young was no Carrie Underwood when she sang BEFORE HE CHEAT. Kristina couldn’t hit the high note with the ladder!!! She’s trying too hard to be sexy. Girlfriend, you already ARE sexy, so stop trying. Now, back to the singing, naaaaah, she can’t sing. Hopefully she finds another career to fall back on.

      • Stacy

        Kristina is a FANTASTIC singer, a WONDERFUL person and a good friend. I went to college with her and I can tell you that she has more talent in her little finger that Annia and Preston have in their entire bodies. I’d like to see you make it on the show.

  • Erika85

    Christina and Ali are very inspiring and sweet, but there was better talent that got left behind. Same with Taylor Matthews. Both of them have no chance of winning, much less supporting a Vegas show.

    Antonio Restivo was robbed last night and America got it wrong. He is an amazing showman and should be in the finals. No one is going to fill up a Vegas show to see the girls or Taylor. Antonio would full the seats! I hope he goes on to have an excellent career!

    • Erika85

      And…Poppycock for the win!

      • Jules

        Oh Hells Yeah!!

      • ilovemichaeljackson

        prince poppycock is SO TOTALLY AWESOMELY going to WIN!!!!!1!!!

    • BruceB

      Sorry, I have to disagree with you about Antonio. Pretty lame performance: he spent too much time flexing, gets wrapped with a chain that he could easily get out of, gets thrown into a cage, then has more than enough time to get out of the cage. To top it off, I’m sure I saw his shadow as he went from behind to cage over to the stairs.

      I think Antonio is over-rated, and that look on his face when his name was announced. It must have been quite a shock to his ego to realize that the viewers placed him in the bottom six of the evenings 12 performers. Not so hot after all huh Antonio?

    • John from Fort Myers

      I agree. I believe at this point, he’ll win unless he bombs in one of his performances, which I doubt at this point.

  • Denise

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Prince Poppycock! I was very surprised to see that America had voted off ArcAttack and Antonio. The judges should have brought Antonio back! I don’t know if we are watching Amercia’s Got Talent or Americas Got sympathy. Don’t get me wrong the girls are very inspiring, but really? It’s a shame we lost two very good acts last night. Let’s get this right America!!!!!

    • Frank

      Antonio was voted in 7th place and eliminated.The judges had to pick between the 5th and 6th place finishers,The kite guy the two girls.

  • Patty

    Not too shocked about the results, every act that has won has had singing as an integral part of their act. It’s disappointing that non-singers are at such a huge disadvantage. Christina & Ali are not good, and shouldn’t have even made the top 48, but they sing and have a sob story so now they’re in the finals, thanks America.

    • Fran V

      Terry Fator, who won 2 years ago, is a ventriloquist with a $100 million contract in Las Vegas. By far the most successful winner of this show. Has anyone heard from Kevin Skinner, last year’s off-key singing winner.

  • Amanda

    Please, Please, leave the children sleeping at home.
    America’s Got Talent should be for adults, specially when you are trying to get your own show in Vegas.
    The kids should grow and polish their acts for the future or get a little arrogant kid to snap to an adult in front of millions. Hate those two. Whats their name?

    • Jim

      Thank you Amanada. I have saying the same thing…no kids. Have a seperate show for them – that is if there is not one already out there.

    • Frank

      The kid who sings opera will probably win the whole thing.

      • Lillypop

        You Got that right Jakie is great and I would defenetly put her in the finals.

      • ilovemichaeljackson

        i liked future funk not becaucse they were cute(even though they were) i thought the actual act was good

      • ilovemichaeljackson

        i liked future funk not because they were cute(even though they were) i thought the actual act was good

  • Merry

    What was with the girl in ArcAttack? During the results she was really acting weird!

    • gregk

      Hated the girl; she was creepy and acted moronic.

      • wraith808

        She was a zombie. So she was … dare I say it… acting like a zombie.

      • walt kovacs

        i take it that you have never seen return of the living dead

        the girl was brilliant

        america hates austin

      • @walt

        we’ve all seen night of the living dead and Thriller etc. so we totally get how a zombie is supposed to act

      • to Walt

        “The girl was brilliant?” What are we talking about here? Method Acting? Brando? Olivier? SHE WAS ACTING LIKE A FRE*KIN’ ZOMBIE, Walt. And she didn’t want to stop – even when the stupid act was over. How does that qualify as brilliant. You need some perspective.

    • darclyte

      I think the girl took votes away from Arc Attack. When the judges critiqued them, she stayed in character and came across as annoying. I think Arc Attack should have made it over Christina & Ali who have never been great and weren’t even good Tuesday night. Heck, I’d take Antonio who was lame on Tuesday but does have a “Vegas” style show and has been much better on the whole than the Cystic Fibrosis Sob Story Sisters (which is the main reason why they got through.) But, I too would have voted them thru over kite boy. He’s just too repetitive now.

      • darclyte

        Oh, and AscenDance also would have been a better option than Christina & Ali. While their act works better with slower, ethereal songs, they did really good with the faster tempo song choice.

    • jethrine

      Totally hated that zombie chick who just didn’t know when to wrap it up! Enough with the act already, BOZO, we get it. Thanks to her, ArcAttack is in the can because she was so freakin’ irritating. Brains. Brains.

    • @walt

      hey, pal – we’ve all seen night of the living dead and we know what zombies act like. It’s not exactly method acting, goofball. “Brilliant?” Who are we talking about here? Laurence Olivier? No, it’s some deranged chick who wants to drag out her 15 secs. of fame. Get some perspective, man!

    • anon105

      She’s actually the lead singer of a band called “The One Eyed Dolls.”

  • Tonawanda

    ArcAttack and AscenDance never should have gotten voted off. To put the two sisters through was “cute”, but they’re not uber-talented — and they’ll get laughed at in Vega$.

    I don’t mind Taylor getting through so much, but yeah, how many singers do we need?

    Thank goodness the voters got rid of Future F**k, who never should have been there in the first place. What a wasted spot … same for Antonio Pyromaniac.

    • Lois

      I agree that ArcAttack and AscenDance along with Antonio should have remained. America, did we suffer from a “hanging chad”?

      • walt kovacs

        antonio has an act that will work in vegas…even though i hate it

        big magic is a joke

      • to Walt

        finally we agree – big magic is a stupid joke – antonio should be sent to vegas – maybe he could set the entire ridiculous place ON FIRE

      • Annia

        Antonio has a show in Vegas, small venue, but still a show, so does Michael Grimm @ Cannery Hotel in Vegas. FYI

    • @tonawonda

      Glad AssDance left. I got sick of the skinny androgenous chick going on and on about how hard they’ve worked – followed by crying. Enough already.

    • Annia

      I think Ascendance didn’t get through because of Isabelle’s crocodile tears. Fake. They are good, but she came off as fake, hence not enough votes.

  • Normalman

    I can’t believe after just putting in 3 vastly superior singers, the judges picked the mediocre sisters over the kite guy. I don’t know if he could win, but at least he wouldn’t be competing for worst singer in the final.

    I’d prefer traditional singers particularly Taylor stick to AI, but PP definitely goes beyond conventional singing just as Fator did with his singing puppets.

    • Matt S

      That was my problem with it as well. America voted in 3 singers, so there was no reason to put the offkey singing sisters with them. Now, I know that the sisters or Connor would have no shot of winning, but at least the act would have been different. The only good thing about the next semi is there are some great non singing acts like Fighting Gravity and the other 2 magicians, who I think are better than Antonio anyway. There is hope, but a singer will probably win again. Either the opera girl, Grimm, or hopefully Poppycock!

      • Tan Bry

        Prince Poppycock is far more than a “singer”…he’s a PERFORMER. I love Grimm’s voice, but PP is the one I’d want to see in Vegas. I know the competition is voice-heavy right now, but I’m not going to buy tickets to watch 12 year olds dance.

    • TexCin

      I actually screamed at the TV when the judges picked the girls over Connor (kite guy). It felt good to watch Connor. We need some feel good acts this year. I’d like to know which of the two acts got the most votes by America. I have tickets to the tour show…the thought of just a bunch of singers…upsets me…I wanted variety! Been to SYTYCD and AI tour shows multiple of times…I was ready for something different. Don’t get me wrong…I love AI (even flew from Texas to see the final Adam/Kris live performance show)…but as I said…I want a variety show this time. At least Poppycock will be there! :)

  • JJ

    It is America’s Got Talent, not America’s pity party. The sisters should not have gotten through, they are bad singers.

  • michelle

    Not trying to insult the only non-singers that made it, but anyone who has seen so you think you can dance would be underwhelmed by the kid dancers. I hadn’t seen the show in weeks and was excited that they were going to do a paso doble, but their performance was nothing compared to any paso on sytycd… Wanted ascendance to make it. Thoroughly enjoyed their performance. Did not understand judges complaints =P

    • wraith808

      I’ve seen, and like SYTYCD, and am definitely *not* underwhelmed by Anna and Patryk. As ballroom dancers, they are excellent- a different sort of dancing than you typically see on SYTYCD.

      • Michelle

        But a paso doble is supposed to be intense and aggressive. It looked like they were just doing regular dance, technically good, sure, but no emotion behind it, that I could see.

      • jethrine

        and then when they put emotion behind it, people call the act “creepy” – so it seems they can’t win

      • wraith808

        @jethrine – My thoughts exactly.

  • Mike

    What has happened to America? I thought this show was called “America’s got TALENT”. It has turned into a sympathy fest. Christina & Ali along with Conner Doran up for the 5th spot? really? are you kidding me? Those two “acts” have as much talent as a rock sitting at the bottom of a lake. Also, enough with the singers. Taylor Matthews should not have made the top 48 let alone the finals. There is a show for people like him, it is called “American Idol”. He probably tried out for that show and was booted. Michael Grimm and Prince Poppycock are the cream of the crop when it comes to singers. That is all we need. Bring back real Vegas acts like Antonio Retivo and ArcAttack. I even think Ascendance could put on a good Vegas show. Please….no more singers America!!

  • Jenny

    Prince Poppycock is quite the entertainer. I was hoping ArcAttack would make it as they are just what Vegas needs. Connor did a wonderful job and I wish he could have been able to continue.

  • Anita

    Fans of America’s Got Talent are confusing talent with entertainment. They are not the same thing. Maybe the show’s name should be changed. But for sheer talent and entertainment worthy of a Vegas show I don’t think anyone left can beat Prince Poppycock!

    • nancy rodriguea

      poppycock would old real fast ,how long could you listen to him on a cd , micheal grimm on cd forever, he got to be the one to win ,he got it all

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