Kardashians exclusive: Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney dish the new season in a sexy office-themed video

EW-KardashiansThe pop culture phenomenon that is The Kardashians — sassy-sexy socialite sisters Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and their entire brash and bawdy Hollywood clan — continues to grow. Last week, the season premiere of their E! reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians set ratings records for the network, attracting 4.7 million viewers. In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands beginning today, we go behind the scenes of Kardashian chaos (or Kardashian Khaos, to use the name of their new Las Vegas superstore launching this fall) and get the scoop from the ladies themselves — plus mom and manager Kris Jenner and her Olympic legend husband Bruce Jenner — about how they’re leveraging their fame to build a fashion and retail empire. Currently, Kim and her sisters are attached to diet products, fitness videos, fragrances and skin creams. Coming soon: a line of clothes, a line of watches, a Kardashian debit card, and the proverbial more more more.

The editors at EW, in their considerable wisdom, asked yours truly — the Lost theory guy — to write the story. I knew little to nothing about the sisters. I knew Kim had dated NFL star Reggie Bush and was involved in some kinda sex tape thing. I had also heard talk of a certain shapely body part. I knew Khloe was married to NBA star Lamar Odom (yes, I’m a sci-fi and sports geek) and that Kourtney was… dating a jerk? I didn’t know much, but in my interviews with them — including a lunch chat with Kim during a photo shoot for one of the many companies she owns or endorses, ShoeDazzle — I was impressed by their business savvy and their self-deprecating self-awareness. Fun Fact About Kim! Even though she’s the Playboy pin-up in the family, she and her sisters say she’s actually pretty buttoned-up about sex. She can’t even joke about it. “I’m the most reserved one when it comes to that,” she says. “At first, people probably assumed that I was the wild one, and my sisters were the boring ones. So not true.” Adds Khloe: “Kim is like a little angel. She’s very calm, cool, collected, sophisticated and sweet. No one ever thinks that when looking at her. She looks like this vixen and this bombshell and her image is a little more sexual, but she will never talk about sex. No, no, no, never. So we like to screw with Kim because she hates it.”

Kim and her sisters are also pretty serious when it comes to business, too. They say they got their dollars-and-cents sense from their mother, Kris, and father, the late Robert Kardashian, best known for being one OJ Simpson’s defense lawyers. “We grew up in a life of privilege in Beverly Hills, but my parents’ mentality was like, ‘Okay, at 18, you’re going to get cut off. If you want to maintain this lifestyle, you’ll have to work at it,’” says Kim. ”I always felt like I was lazy if I wasn’t working.” In high school and college, the fashion-forward Kim made money by selling trendy clothes on Ebay at a considerable mark-up. Kim asked her father for $5600 to buy eight pairs of Manolo Blahnik boots—not for her closet, but so she could sell them on Ebay. He drew up a contract for her that required that she repay the loan, plus interest, within two weeks. “I sold each pair for $2500—more than triple what they were worth,” she says proudly. “I paid him back, plus his interest.”

Naturally, we took some pictures of the girls for our story, and the photos bring together the themes of their pop culture ascendancy: sex, fashion and business. In between camera snaps, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney took a few minutes to talk about the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (which airs on Sunday nights on E!) and their wild only-in-Hollywood made-for-reality TV lives. Enjoy!

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    Seriously, I had to stop following the Kardashians on Twitter because ALL they would tweet about was “watch Keeping Up tonight!” “OMG did you guys just DIE watching Spin City tonight?! I am a producer on that show you know!!11!!one!!!” “OmG Khloe you are such a jerk on tonights episode!! Lets make KUWTK a trend!!11!” UGH. STFU!


      The big one is horrendous. Do not photograph her anymore.

      • Bringbackrocky

        And you’re such a looker, right? Idiot.

      • b

        thats so mean shes not ugly her attitude sux

    • b

      hahah i stopped following them too lol

    • njgal

      it’s The Spin Crowd

  • Laura

    You could tell that you didn’t know anything about them, none of this was new to me. But then again I already know too much about them and still went to read more about them. What can I say, they are entertaining.

  • WTF

    This culture is so f*cking ruined. I weep for the future.

    • dctoronto

      I feel your pain WTF.

    • b

      @wtf i know

  • Scobes

    HAHAHA Can’t believe I just read a Doc Jensen column about the Kardashians. As always, a good read :)

  • NT

    Jeff Jensen, this is the most insightful article you’ve ever written.

  • Dorkophile

    How exactly did Doc Jensen get relegated to covering the Kardashians? Can’t he start on Rubicon or something? The only person who can talk about this family and not make me want to shoot myself is Joel McHale.

  • mark in nyc

    that photo shoot looked like the begining of a half dozen porn movie scenes.

    • haha

      Ahahahaha yes! and the title of that would be Banging Up The Kardahsians

      • Mel


    • Kate in Cali

      To Mark in NYC- OMG you are totally right on!! Hey girls where are the nude muscle men in bow ties posing to take a letter~LMAO!!how cheezy do they look!! But I have to say that despite how they appear, my daughter and I watch them weekly :)

  • Normalman

    I’d like someone who’s a fan of this show to explain the attraction. I’m not trying to be mean, I know 2 or them are pretty hot but still. Why are so many people watching this?

    • Amy

      Simple, they’re histerical! And yea I know it’s ruining our culture and our future is in jeopardy because of a stupid show, blah blah blah. But all of them are smart, funny, and just flat out entertaining, which is more than you can say for most of what’s on TV these days.

      • Chris

        I agree. they’re harmless, fun and entertaining. Scott is hilarious when he gets drunk w/their brother. Laugh riot!

      • Tommy

        You guys said it! The show is just plain fun. They crack me up every time. They’re silly, but not stupid. Sexy, but not trashy.

      • Tommy

        I dare anyone to watch one episode and not be laughing the entire time.

      • Terry

        I did watch one episode just to see what all the fuss was about. Didn’t laugh once. A terrible show about terrible people. I don’t feel that I need to repeat the experiment with the Jersey Shore. And, yeah, they may be a part of the sad state of affairs in this country, when you have young women wanting to go into porn cause kim did and now she’s famous. As opposed to the way things once were when something like that would ruin your career. And I saw her tape a few years back. I can believe she’s a prude about sex, she seemed to have no interest in it while she was doing it(or actually having it done to her, she seemed almost asleep.

  • Adam

    Doc, what has happened to you? Seriously? Kardashian? What’s your theory behind the show? What’s lying behind the shadow?

  • tracy bluth


  • Kelly

    What is kim going to do once her looks fade??

    • Virginia

      Easy, she’s going to sit back and relax while living off of the fortune her beauty made her when she was younger. =0)And with those genes Kris gave them, they’ll be beautiful even while getting buried.

  • Angie

    These girls are hilarious and ALL are beautiful in their own different ways. Anyone who says any different is just JEALOUS!!!!!

    • Dominic

      Yes Angie, I’m jealous of their fabulous lives…this is the reason I consider them to be vile, craven, idiotic tossers. Oh noes, you nailed it.

    • Mac

      I find the Ray-J porn that Kim put out to be tacky. If EW is going to laud a porn star, at least choose one that owns up to it!

    • ?????

      Jealous? You can’t be serious. These women are VILE. Kim is famous for issuing a sex tape, and being well paid for it – which makes her a porn star. In the video she literally has her face pee’d on – which makes her a disgusting PIG. She admitted in court for her divorce that she has an incurable STD. Her father helped a double murderer get away with his crime, her ex-boyfriend just brought down an entire university’s athletic dept. (for things he did while with “Kimmy”), the mother is now pimping out the teenage sister, and the list goes on. And you think these are women to be jealous of because they have money? I feel very sad for you. These women are nauseating. The whole family is disgusting.

      • RL

        Whoever you are ??????, you hit the nail right on the head. Very well said.

      • andy

        Boy, ?????, you sure seem to be well versed in your encyclopedic knowledge of the Kardashians. Are you sure you find them nauseating and disgusting to know them so well?

  • Mac

    OMG, why EW?! WHY! Why are you acknowledging these no-talent a**-clowns? Jeff Jensen – what terrible taste you have. Unbelievable. I prefer pretentious EW to vapid EW.

  • jim

    “but she (Kim) will never talk about sex. No, no, no, never.”

    Um, OK. I have 6 words for that, “Oh Ray J, Oh Ray J”

  • alice

    i just luv da kardashaince family..

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