Elin Nordegren gives first (and possibly last) interview to People

Her divorce final from superstar golfer Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren gave her first — and she claims, her last — interview to People magazine, saying in this week’s cover story that “my main focus is to try to give myself time to heal.” The 30-year-old mother of two sat with the magazine for 19 hours, reflecting on the painful ordeal of the last nine months, when Woods’ numerous infidelities became public, while taking a positive attitude towards her future. “I also feel stronger than I ever have. I have confidence in my beliefs, my decisions and myself.”

Will this be People‘s best-selling issue of the year? Could you hear Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer’s hearts fracture when they read this will be Nordegren’s only interview?

UPDATE: Tiger Woods spoke out about Nordegren and the People cover during a press conference at The Barclays golf tournament, the magazine reports. “I wish her the best in everything,” Woods said. “It’s a sad time in our lives. And we’re looking forward to how we can help our kids the best way we possibly can. And that’s the most important thing.”

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  • Jersey Jeff

    Didn’t Tiger pay her a huge sum of money, with the condition that their be no interviews?

    • Anastasia

      That’s what I thought too Jeff, I bet she won’t spill any “real” beans. I bet there is nothing about the car crash etc. I also need to add I heard Oprah fired half her staff for not getting the interview (jk–haha!)

      • keith

        Yeah. I’m hearing most of the interview is focused on her and her plans. No details about Tiger that aren’t already widely known and certainly no comment on the actual settlement.

      • Michael

        Yeah, I think she’ll have time to heal and mull over what to do with her $100,000,000.00 (not that I’m condoning what Woods did in any way, but there are a lot of single ladies (and gents) out there who have it worse off after a nasty divorce than she).

      • Joe

        The interview is pointless, I can guarantee Tiger’s settlement included no interviews about him and his affairs. This interview is going to be boring, everyone’s only interested in Tiger not her.

        I for one am not really interested in reading pages about how hurt she was etc when she knew in the first place he was cheating on her, she just didn’t know it was with so many women.

        While it is a sad story no less, I don’t really feel bad for her at all, she banked at least $100 million plus some homes in the settlement.

    • Mark S. King

      For what this woman has been through — public humiliation, not to mention the very real threat of contracting HIV — she owes the world nothing. I hope this interview helped her and she can move on.

      Mark S. King

      • jjl

        Hypocrites! Many of you are cheating on your wives, husbands, girlfriends & boyfriends. Many of you are addicted to porn. The real issue is the race difference. The average woman today has her marriage fall apart she doesn’t have nannies but has to face a hostile work force to feed herself and her kids. Meanwhile the deadbeat dad is knocking up some 19 year old. Please give me a break. This uneducated foreigner hit the jackpot 100 million & counting.
        What a golddigger. The average woman being cheated on gets exposed to aids. Its the same for men who face infidelity too. Hypocrites!

      • GAC

        @jjl, this may be the worst post in the history of the internet

      • Alex

        Could you imagine if he gave her or his kids something horrible? He is scum.

      • jeni

        i love how everything always comes back to race in the year 2010…you have to be one of the most ignorant people to ever post something on the internet

  • Misa

    From babysitter to multi multi millionairess in a few short years. I’m living my life totally wrong…

    • Bounce

      LOL… must say though, I wouldn’t want her life.

      • Ap

        I don’t know…

        See, all she has to do is fall off the face of the Earth after this and once the media sees there’s nothing there anymore, they’ll stop following her. (And all Tiger has to do is win for the media to love him again.)

        She seems to be different from others who ask the paparazzi to follow them and continue to give interviews.

      • JD

        I wouldn’t want the STD’s she’s got now thanks to Tiger.

    • Chichi

      I would not want to be in her shoes. Those women that he slept with … ugh, I would constantly be tested for diseases. The thought of that alone would drive me up a wall.

      • K from PA

        I thought the same thing, Chichi! So gross! How many Silkwood showers does it take to wash the skank off of somebody??!!! Ewwwww…

    • @Misa

      If that’s how you think then I would say yes, you are living your life wrong. She actually is an educated woman who fell in love with someone in her circle. May you feel even a portion of the pain this has caused her.

      • @Misa

        What are you her cousin? Why do you feel the need to defend someone you don’t even know? I pointed out the truth. She did go from babysitter to multi millionaire in a few short years. She was a NANNY and that gave her access to that circle NOT because she was wealthy on her own. Without Tiger she couldn’t have made that money on her own in the short period of time she was married to him. It’s the truth, get over it.

      • Minni

        Those are not stpoymms of lung cancer there are no stpoymms for that until its too late. But still, those would not be the signs of cancer. All of the things that u described somes just like anxiety/panick attack. When she goes to the doc, after he rules out this, that, and the other ..tell her to get a script for anxiety.

    • JJ

      You are wrong. She turned from failed model to babysitter to gold digger and then to multi-millionaire.
      Tiger should learn from athletes like ARod and never get married or Tom Brady and get married to a woman richer than him.

      • Michael

        So everyone who marries above their station is a gold-digger? Tiger pursued her. Just ask Jasper. More importantly, almost any woman in the world who married Tiger or anyone of similar financial stature would be a gold digger by your standards. How many women do you know who are “richer than him”?

    • Bajrang

      The falmiy version (abridged):Whitney is a daughter and a sissy . She is a niece. She is a middle cousin: she is younger than the older cousins and older than the younger cousins. She is a ray of sunshine in our falmiy.Love,an older cousin.

    • Bongi

      You have my deesept sympathies I know that many will not understand the lost of a pet, for they are not only a pet, they are family and it is hard to lose family

  • Crys

    She won’t say anything that we haven’t already heard. She will shut up and count her millions.

    • Michael

      As would anyone else. She deserves every penny of it.

  • Mike O

    19 hours! What the heck could anybody talk about for 19 hours?

    • Stacie

      I imagine it was the People interviewer trying to get her to talk about how much money she was getting and if she really attacked Tiger with a golf club. Though I hear she never did.

  • Kat

    She deserves every penny, she is lucky she is leaving that marriage with two kids a divorce and a large settlement and not a disease!

  • Strepsi

    “I also feel stronger than I ever have.”

    Mmmm, yeah, $100 million and no cheating spouse will do that to someone.

  • Sarah

    I think she’s handled this situation very well. Of course she has to say something or she will be hounded for interviews for the rest of her life. Now she can move on and focus on herself and raising her two kids.

  • ATaylor

    Honestly, what happened that night and the settlement of their divorce is really none of anyone’s business. I have close family friends who went through a divorce and I have no idea what really happened. I wouldn’t even want to ask – just out of respect.

    She will continue to live her life privately while the golf world hopes Tiger will win again. Love him or hate him, this is really what the sports world wants. The ratings for golf have tanked since this happened.

  • Laura

    Lame. Go away already.

  • jerzeegirl

    I’m sure there’s nothing jaw dropping in the interview. She’s keep it classy this whole time unlike the ummm “ladies” her ex decided to lose his mind/fortune/good name over. She still has to deal with him because of their children. Good luck to her. Eventually Tiger will get his swing back and resume his career. Good luck to all.

  • TorontoTom

    What next? Appearing on Dancing With The Stars? Dating Levi Johnston? Playboy spread?

    • @TT

      I doubt it. I think she is a classy woman who found herself in this awful situation. What did she do wrong? Good luck to her.

  • Samantha

    TorontoTom, you are rather stupido huh?

  • Kindon

    Boehoe, she is a golddigger. Would the media pay this attention if she were married with a white man who cheated on her? NO!!!
    Lots of white man cheat, but the white media don’t trash them. Becaus he is black and succesful, Tiger is being trashed.
    Girl, you got a lot of money. You don’t have anything to complain about, white golddigger.

    • Mel

      Are you for REAL? This has nothing to do with Tiger’s skin color. People like you create issues where there aren’t any. This story is about a very talented, very public, and it seemed very upstanding man who turned out to be shockingly, outrageously not upstanding. And look at Sandra Bullock’s situation. Her husband is what race? Right.

    • yeah

      what an ignorant comment. heck yeah, she would still get media attention if she married a white superstar golfer who cheated on her with a bunch of skanks. this has nothing to do with race. she would still get media attention if she were a black wife of a black superstar golfer who cheated on her with a bunch of skanks. stop injecting race into this.

      • Davis

        You need to just relax. Let it come as it will. If after reanxilg, you aren’t getting what you want from her tell her. Be honest, upfront, and make sure you’re both on the same page about your relationship boundaries.Sometimes people aren’t good together after realizing what else is out there. Not to say either of you aren’t good enough for each other, but, you both deserve to be happy right?You aren’t being controlling, and the natural feeling of being obsessive towards her will go away with time.So, again, my short answer is to tell her exactly how you feel, or, be content with how things are.Let us know what happens after you talk, if you’d like.

    • ha

      What language is “boe hoe”? In English, that sounds like “boho”. Try learning a language before posting B.S. Or is that you, Kanye?

  • talldarkroast

    19 Hours… wow

  • Andy Westbrook

    Does not matter what Nationality he is. He is Tiger Woods. The most influential male in Golf History, not to mention most influential in the history of sports. That means press attention. Married Politicians, musicians and stockbrokers get caught doing this stuff. After it goes in the public eye, along with their wives standing next to them, it goes away. Sure. Many others like them. Only one Tiger Woods. The simple fact is. No matter his talent, he was not smart. He was careless. He thought with the wrong organ. This “white Golddigger” as you call it, is loved by his children. He, I am sure loves his children. So, let them be and take the long tired of hearing race rhetoric elsewhere.

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