Fantasia talks to ABC about attempted suicide: 'I just wanted out'

Fantasia Barrino appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America today for her first interview following her Aug. 9 suicide attempt, when she overdosed on aspirin and sleeping aids. The American Idol winner bears all in the interview, confessing that “was tired of people doing [her] wrong constantly,” referring to the barrage of negative press recently thrown at her personal and professional lives.

In the interview, a tearful Barrino admits that she suffers from trust issues and loneliness, and goes on to discuss the toll the alleged affair she had with Antwaun Cook — a married North Carolina man — had on her. Check out the interview:

In the vast spectrum of celebrity sit-downs, this one seems different. The singer’s willingness to discuss her mistakes and personal demons is refreshing — especially when you consider other celeb sit-downs — but what do you think about the interview? Does Fantasia earn your respect? Does it make you more inclined to watch her VH1 special?

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  • silk

    ““was tired of people doing [her] wrong constantly”. How did the people do you wrong when you did have an affair with a married man, which you know he is married? How did the people do you wrong when you commit suicide without thinking what will that do to your children?

    I still think you are a talented singer, but you need to get a better grip of your personal life.

    • renee

      You just said it her personal life. People try to do things to themselves everyday in life , in forms of drugs, alchol, and suicide in her case to escape their pain. Does that make it a good thing no but some people deal with pain differently. Just because Fantasia is a celebrity does not make her inhuman, her life is just broadcast so all can see.

    • Roz

      You sound like you must have a perfect life in order for you to post a comment like this. I pray you never experience heartache, pain, betrayl, and financial pressures because I doubt you could deal with it. No one but Fantasia knows how hard her struggles have been for her. Until you walk in her shoes, live her life, DON’T be so quick to judge her for her choices and mistakes. This young lady has overcome a heck of a lot and she’s stronger then most people I know. Not many people would have gone on TV two weeks after they tried to kill themselves and talk so openly about it. I am very proud of her and I pray that God helps to heal her.

      • Minutiae

        I get so sick of hearing people say “don’t judge.” She asked for fame, did the most selfish thing someone can possibly do in trying to kill herself, and then went on television to try to explain it away to the public, probably because she has an album coming out. I’ve experienced what she has, and probably worse, and never once thought about taking my own life. She needs to clean her life up and finally become a responsible adult–maybe then people will start treating her with some respect.

      • Tootall


      • AcaseofGeo

        Roz, not many people would go on TV ONLY TWO WEEKS after trying to commit suicide to talk about their ordeal, but, YA Know, Gotta PUMP THAT CD.

      • @Roz

        I feel bad that she felt her pain was sooo bad she had no choice. But she did have a choice. Suicide is selfish. And now she is getting paid to talk about it. Sad….

      • april

        Oh please, don’t give me that “until you walk in her shoes” crap. Everybody has problems, and trying to kill yourself because of them is just downright selfish. Doesn’t she have a kid? What about the rest of her family? I guess how they would feel if she did kill herself didn’t factor into her decision to do so. That is a total cop-out. The problems don’t go away, they’re just left for someone else to deal with. I have no sympathy or respect for her.

      • sweets

        I agree with u 100%

    • Tom

      Please her career is floundering and her suicide attempt is rather fishy. I thing this reeks of publicity stunt. Sorry.

      • virgina

        SHUT UP and you grow up. You are very narrow minded and closed minded! What world do you live in. Her coming back so soon only shows her real courage and strength. We all have weaknessess. God help your poor soul. Hope you never go through real difficulties in life. Keep on living.

    • eve

      u are a jerk, grown up

    • lyndem

      NO I don’t always say don’t judge but in this situation you people really do need to get a clue and grow up. You have no idea what she was thinking or feeling at that time. Yes she has a child and what if she thought her child was better off without her and all of the crap. Maybe she didn’t want her reading this kind of crap (oh did you all think about her child when you wrote nasty things about her)and calling her ugly and dumb. People like you who have no compassion will have nothing good come to them in the future.

    • dayre

      Fantasia wants to play the victim and blame everyone else for her dumb, retarded decisions and that’s why I truly hate her.

  • Nina

    Oh, Fantasia, my prayers go out to you. I wish for you people close to you that really, truly have your back. I wish for you confidence–but I know how hard that is to have without the right support.

  • K S

    No one is perfect, we are all sinners and make mistakes. That said, it takes courage to bare your soul to the judgemental world and be honest about what you were feeling. To be in that place to want it to end you have to feel very low. I think it is honest and you can’t do anything but respect her for talking about it and being truthful with her feelings, even though it is no ones business.

  • sara

    “bears all”? uh, no. That would be “bares all” in the common parlance.

  • aj

    man is she ugly

    • Ms Dee

      Ur Ugly!!!!! Keep stupid comments to yourself! What if that was ur mother or sister or child…think b4 u speak!!!! Man r u STUPID!

    • dayre

      hahahahahahaha you are funny

  • Jody

    you must remember the commandment that said, “do unto others as you would want them to do unto you”. You got a good as you gave. Dust yourself off and try living again girl you’ll just be smarter this time around.

    • MIA

      Which commandment states that? (assuming you are referring to the Biblical commandments….)

      That statement or phrase is generally identified as “The Golden Rule” which is not an actual biblical quote.

      • Minutiae

        It’s found in Luke 6:31.

      • learnmuch?

        oooooh burn!! maybe you should learn about the subject before you argue it next time. youll get further in life that way

    • lyndem

      First of all that’s not a commandment. Second of all there is also do not judge lest ye be judged. Let those who are without sin cast the frist stone…

  • Ambee

    The part about the nurse was really touching.

  • danto

    No I dont, dont you think it’s funny how her album comes out today, also the VH1 special and a appearance on Good morning america I smell a hoax….wat else will people do for publicity…

    • Julius

      Ding ding ding!!!! What a coincidence. Glad she’s OK, obviously. But come on. If her album was coming out next month, most likely this news would be coming out next month.

  • Ernest De Brew

    If you want other people to do right by you, you have to do right yourself. It is a fair statement. I certainly know that but sometimes do not follow it.

  • JPX

    God I just cringe when I hear Fantasia speak, she’s just so dumb and uneducated – not to mention unpleasant to look at. She clearly has the coping ability of a 14-year old. My impression is that her suicide “attempt” was really more about getting attention rather than actually dying.

    • whatevs

      Probably. That’s what I hate about AI. It allows stupid, lazy people to get a free ride without having to work or learn anything.

      • allie

        yes, because stupid, lazy people never get a break in Hollywood w/o AI, lol.

    • amber

      All yall negative people on hear is jus hatin cuz yall aint got ha shape or money like she do.god dnt make nun ugly but apperently he slipped up and made yall ugly hating *** check yall self she already famous y try 2 get attention.uggghhh i aint neva seen so many haters if yall aint **** good 2 say dnt even comment stupid *** folks

      • paige

        speaking of uneducated… sorry but i’m with the bandwagon that finds it extremely ironic that there’s all this talk about suicide and extramarital affairs and an album drops… sorry but i’m jaded when it comes to the music business

      • Edgar

        Hey Amber, we may be hating but at least we don’t write like a retarded 3 year old. Get an education before you barf out all that nonsense.



    • lyndem

      My god, you are attacking this girl for being uneducated even though you know her background and talking about how unattractive she is. People are evil, not to mention ignorant!

  • JPX

    Also, she should murder whoever styled her hair that way. She looks like an acorn.

    • shelly


      • virgina

        Yea I don’t like the hair per say but I love her and her courage. I wish her God’s speed. Love her

    • Fantasia-tastic

      I feel guilty laughing given her situation, but damn you’re right on about the hair. Not a good look.

    • Adam

      Yeah, I really don’t think that hairstyle is gonna catch on. Did her stylist just put a bowl upside-down on her head to do that? There HAS to be a better look for her than this.



    • Ms Dee

      Like Your Mother!!! Now how did that feel!!! Get A Clue-Bugga Boo!!!

  • Ernest De Brew

    Of course, I get tired of life. Sometimes, it is great. And sometimes, it sucks.

  • TIfrom48

    OMG I am sitting at works with tears in my eyes… Tasia you are amazing I luv you, your daughter luv u and God luvs u…. I know it’s hard but baby keep your head up!!!

  • Carl

    Wow, JPX, anybody else you want to spew nastiness at? How about a puppy or dying soldiers? Good thing you’re perfect, and aren’t just living your life trying to figure it all out like the rest of us. Sheesh!

  • E-Hustle

    LMAO@JPX! That acorn part was funny and maybe this could be a hoax as someone suggested. I mean, an album out today, really?
    But give her the benefit of the doubt.
    What did she do to you, she kill your dog or something?

    • Tom

      She might not have killed my dog, but she may have killed my faith in humanity, just a little.

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