Glamour UK's 50 Sexiest Men of 2010: Why do women of England hate Alexander Skarsgard?

Glamour-sexiest-men-pollImage Credit: Tina Gill/PR Photos; Charles Norfleet/PR PhotosGod bless the slow summer months. It gives everyone, not just, home of the Sexy Beasts Bracket Game, time to focus on the important things: Like hot men. Results are in for UK’s 50 Sexiest Men of 2010. Robert Pattinson topped the list, edging out fellow Twilight star Taylor Lautner and The Vampire Diaries‘ Ian Somerhalder. This seems to suggest Damon Salvatore making it to our Sexy Beasts final was not a fluke; find out next Thursday if he or Pattinson took the title. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at Glamour’s list. 

Definitely a lot of love for the Twilight boys, as franchise newcomer Xavier Samuel (No. 4) finished ahead of Kellan Lutz (No. 5) and Jackson Rathbone (No. 43). Samuel and Lutz both beat Johnny Depp (No. 6), but at least Depp beat JUSTIN BIEBER (No. 7). I wonder how Gerard Butler (No. 8) feels knowing he came in behind the 16-year-old…. Hayden Christensen (No. 9) somehow managed to stay relevant, and ahead of Channing Tatum (No. 10). Going farther down the list: It’s interesting that Bradley Cooper (No. 20) is now hotter than David Beckham (No. 21), but at least Becks is still sexier than THE JONAS BROTHERS (No. 22).

Other noteworthy bits: Mark Salling is the sexiest Glee star at No. 25 (Cory Monteith came in at No. 28, and Matthew Morrison, No. 42) It’s nice to see Justified‘s Timothy Olyphant (No. 29) get recognized for his hotness. Brad Pitt’s beard is probably responsible for placing him down at No. 33, but he still has bragging rights over George Clooney (No. 35). I do not understand women who would put Russell Brand (No. 37) ahead of Clive Owen (No. 40), and I say that as someone who finds humor sexy. I enjoy that Kings of Leon is a collective Jo Bro-like entity at No. 44. AND STOP THE PRESSES: WHY IS TRUE BLOOD‘S ALEXANDER SKARSGARD DOWN AT NO. 46? Is he English women’s kryptonite? Fascinating.

What about this list do you find interesting/criminal?

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  • Michelle

    David Tennant did not make the list, therefore it is invalid.

    • Madd

      Russell Brand made the list, therefore it’s invalid.

      • Henry


      • Sandy @ Florida

        Sandy @ Florida did not make the list, therefore the list is free of women.


      • LW6776

        I second that!

      • claudenorth

        I did not make the list. Therefore, it is invalid.

      • Kristen

        Russell Brand is way sexier than Justin Bieber (maybe when the Bieb’s gets hair down below he’ll be sexy but now he is cute). David Tennant is way sexier than any of them and is Scottish so should be further up the list than all the Americans.

      • Erin

        I would add that Matthew Morrison made the list, making it invalid.

      • Z

        Russell Brand is REPULSIVE!!! Ew. Ian Somerhalder, however, is SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Liz

      Wow. Is this list a joke? And I always thought the UK was smart. Where are all the REAL men?! The whole list is nothing but little boys…most of which I’ve never heard of. The few MEN who actually made the list aren’t even in the top 20 with the exception of Johnny Depp and he’s number six. SIX?!! Clearly Glamour is some sort of teen magazine.

      • Eek

        Robert Pattinson couldn’t coax me out of a burning building, but I’d crawl on my hands and knees over broken glass from here to Guatemala just to smell the wash water from Ian Somerhalder’s underwear.

      • tega

        Liz – I totally agree. Johnny Depp is a real man..handsome, sexy and talented…everything these boys are not. In a few years they will be gone and nobody will even remember them and Johnny will still be on top.

      • Sofia

        Ooooooh, I just LOVE the comment about Ian’s underwear! I SO agree! Ian Somerhalder, the pure definition of SEXY HOTNESS!

      • Peemee

        Totally agree

    • Carrie

      I agree completely. This poll is total pants. How can DT not be on there but a CHILD of 16 is on there?

      • Erin

        I agree with you about Justin Bieber…not sexy unless you are a pedophile.

        David Tennant on the other hand…is not sexy at all unless you like mousy, creepy looking guys

    • tipsy

      Inception men didn`t make the list;therefore, it`s invalid.

      • birv


      • avenger

        Now this is the most valid comment of them all. Ian Somerhalder is very very hot (drool) but the Inception guys should be right up there with him–suave, charming, sexy, and talented–what more can you ask for?

    • laura

      I am so entertained by this…I love it! I am so much more involved with the commentary than the list at this point!

    • Nina

      Oh, I’m with you on that. DT is just plain gorgeous.

  • wooster182

    Who puts this list together? A pack of 12 year olds? I’m sorry, but if it weren’t for Twilight, RPatz would barely grace this list, let alone be no. 1. And that goes for all of the Twi boys except for maybe Lautner who should be like…45. Now Alex Skarsgard should be in the top 10. I want to make my own list….

    • Jen

      Amen to that! I still don’t see the attraction, but they have to be young people making up this list. Some of these guys wouldn’t know sexy if it hit them upside the head!

    • Tess

      Yepp…But Ian somerhalder surtenly is a top notch MAN and is right were he belongs

    • the girl

      Cosign. This list is the most belated April Fools joke ever. Which means the real list probably won’t be released until Halloween.

  • Sarah

    Chris Brown is on this list????????????????????

    • Pamela

      he beat up the journalist to get on there!

  • ann

    david beckham should be top of this list he is so handsome so hot so sexy dont no who votes but are so wrong so agree at all david is much more ood lookin then theses lot voted for

    • Chichi

      David Beckham?! Please, the man looks as if he would cry if he had a hangnail.

      • Judi

        @Chichi’re so right.He looks soooo gay.

  • Madd

    1. Jon Hamm
    2. ASkars
    3. RDJ
    4. Timothy Olyphant
    5. Josh Holloway
    6. James Franco
    7. Tom Hardy
    8. David Tennant
    9. Boone
    10. Johnny Depp

    • wooster182

      Yeah, that list was definitely made by women that love feminine men. The last 20 just made me laugh. Love yours a lot better.

    • Sarah

      Amen! Add Clive Owen to that Top 10 and we’ve got a list real MEN.

      • Karine

        I agree with Sarah… perhaps Clive Owen instead of James Franco, but I nominate Madd a better judge of hotness than Glamour UK.

      • Marph

        Replace Franco with Nathan Fillion and you’re on. Definitely a better list than Glamour’s little boys.

    • lala44

      you’re wrong and blind

    • Suzanne

      um, no James Franco after the crazy stint on General Hospital. He lost his sexy for me after that.
      The rest are YUM!

    • wtfnyc

      Agree with the replacement of James F with either Nathan F or Clive O, and I am with you 100%, Madd. But then again, I am not 12, and I prefer a man who has to shave as or more often than I do, so what do I know (according to “Glamour”)???

  • ann

    david beckham is the best so handsome should be on top

  • maria

    Every choice is ageeable except justin Beiber.what hes doing in there.He is just an androgynous looking kid with the girly voice.theres so many deservable hot men around.not the kid.

  • wooster182

    No. 13 is Chris Brown. 13?!?! Chris Brown?!?! And this description makes me appalled and nauseous.
    Single? Following the end of his high-profile relationship with Rihanna, the singer is currently single.

  • mydove

    Because he’s got perfect teeth.

    • Sandy @ Florida

      Unfortunately, I do not have perfect teeth. I lost the front two in a escalator accident involving several plungers and a hot towel.

  • Sandy @ Florida

    LOL, ann, LOL!

  • maria

    what Justin Beiber doing there.He is just the androgynous looking kid with the girly voice.theres so many deservable hot men around,not the kid.

  • Doug

    No Joseph Gordon-Levitt! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!

    Also, where’s Matt Bomer and Neil Patrick Harris? Does this publication have something against gays? And, if so, why is Justin Bieber in the Top 10?

    • Sarah

      I was just going to ask where Matt Bomer is!

      • Eek

        Below Adam lambert. LOL

  • Rachel


  • Sandy @ Florida

    Does anyone else think that Jon Voight looks especially sexy this year?

    • Judi

      No..Just you

  • daisyj

    I just like the fact that you can no longer write the number 8 in parentheses without it turning into a smiley face with sunglasses.

    • Sandy @ Florida


      but seriously I agree 8)

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