'Project Runway' recap: Hats on, hats off

There were promises of delicious weirdness last night, what with Casanova mock-threatening to quit this whole perro and pony show and Mondo making his alluring […] Read the full post.

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  • Nat B’ Real

    Mondo does wackadoodles well. He’s an eye for fabric. The outfit was not ugly, not wearable for the real world, but it’s artistic. (Big Dif) He’s modern day Andy Warhol.

    All I have to say is April (gasp) what were you thinking. April is making costumes and not well-made at that. Ask Peach for a little help next time.

    Why on all the hating on Michael C.
    He loves design, but maybe a stylist.

    Valerie betta watch her back. Gretchen will be soon at it with a scissors. By the way, good thinking on your feet, because not one of the gang last night could have explained Phillip Tracey’s hats. All of you were wrong on referencing, so you shouldn’t have tried.

    No one likes hats anymore because of Bob Mackie and some well known Cher numbers.

  • noway jose

    Why isnt anyone talking about PEACH?? Her hat didnt go with her dress at all! And talk about drapes?? I mean it looked like a heavy bad wallpaper design.
    And to add my two cents-Gretchens make up?? Ewwww.

    • Sookie

      I totally agree! How did that pink floral dress have anything to do with that swirling feather hat?

    • fg

      Peach had the one really cool hat too. Seems like she could have done something fun with that.

    • Zazazing

      I love Peach, but she needs to step away from the pink fabric. And she needs to stop making just “a nice little dress.” Push yourself, Peach!

    • Karenlibrarian

      I was sure Peach was going to be in the bottom three — her dress was just okay but it didn’t relate to the dress at all. I loved the hat but the dress was a huge disappointment.

  • Kelly

    Missy, i love reading your recaps more than watching the show- i think i’m done with project runway, especially since i can laugh my butt off reading what YOU think about it!
    the only ones i like are michael c and peach (for their personalities)..

  • Lynn

    Holy makeup, Gretchen! I couldn’t get over how much she piled on for the runway show. And, I like Ivy’s look – the back of the jacket was sweet, and totally disagreed with the winner. Michael’s outfit was ok, but nothing like Valerie’s. Ok, I’ll be honest – none of the outfits really wowed me.

  • ugh

    when Mondo told the makeup artist that he wanted his model to have a moustache i honestly thought he was kidding… sadly, he wasn’t.

  • Lee

    Thank heavens for the DVR because I could never sit through 90 minutes of this show live – with all the backstage dull yakking. They should have kept it 60 minutes – this length is deadly and without Tim Gunn, I really think this show probably would not have lasted as long but that’s just me. He brings a certain genuineness to the proceedings – he’s not catty and cruel just for the sake of being provocative for the television audience.

    I loved when he just blurted out “aarrgghh” (or something like that) when Kristin showed him some material she was considering was adorable. I love that guy.

    • Sandi Howell

      Okay, so it wasn’t my imagination that the show is running longer. I vote for more Tim, less watching the critters eating.

    • Fridge

      Totally agree. I want more Tim Gunn on the show. I’d also like a longer runway show. We hardly get to see the designs that fall in the middle, and honestly I liked some of them more than the ones that the judges picked for their top three.

      • Marci

        Yes! Less backstage/apartment chatter and more runway time. Oh, and more Tim.

      • Karenlibrarian

        Yes, I’m getting tired of watching them eat. I don’t care about the dinner break — more Tim Gunn please! We didn’t see any of his critiques of the designs that fell in the middle.

    • Zazazing

      LOVE Tim! I wouldn’t mind if the judges made comments on everyone’s outfit. I’d still like to know what they thought of the outfits that were safe…what they liked, what could have been improved on.

    • JenR

      It always amazes me when the contestants don’t listen to him. He told April that looked like a diaper and she just shrugged it off!

  • Sandi Howell

    The hats were other worldly, my favorite was the black and white feathered number. I was very disappointed with the dress Peach designed for that hat. Grethen is the bitch to hate and you can see why.One wonders who died and made her queen. Casanova is crazy like a fox, granted the only taste he has might only be in his mouth; but he can execute a garment. As far a Michael C. is concerned a win is a win. So far I haven’t found any designer that I’m really rooting for.

  • Nik

    I was so disappointed in this challenge. I think the designers really dropped the ball with it. We could have seen some amazing and unique designs but everything was so boring. Imagine what christian Siriano (sp?) could have done with this!

    • Fridge

      Ooooh, or Austin Scarlet. Althought I think he probably would have wanted to wear the hat instead of his model lol.

      • Flyer

        I think Seth Aaron would have had a lot of fun with the hat challenge as well!

      • Sookie

        Absolutely, give any of those hats to Chris March and see what fun would have happened!!

      • peggym

        Can you imagine the dress Austin could have made to go with the orchid hat?

    • Jenks

      So true! Christian would have rocked this challenge. I guess I’m in the minority in thinking the challenge itself was great. Sure, the hats were nutty and no one would wear them, but they did have a certain artsy style that should have inspired a lot more interesting ideas than these designers were able to muster.

      • Pinky Shears

        I too thought the challenge should have ellicted more interesting fashions. These are the “safest” bunch of designers ever (Peach I am talking to you).

    • Sookie

      Absolutely! Those hats were so Avante Guarde and the fashion was so blah!

    • EssBee

      I think Chris March could have done something awesome and over the top with this challenge too. This wold have been right up his alley!

      • Jenn

        I LOVE Chris March! He would have had a ball with this challenge. I also love that he’s doing so well (dressing Meryl Streep for the Oscars for Pete’s sake!! WOO HOO)

      • Sookie

        I replied the same above. Think what kind of fun he would have had with that orchid hat!

    • kriso

      Chris March would have ruled this challenge ~ with every hat I thought, “I wonder what Chris March would do with this?”

  • Elizabeth

    Yeah, I think Treacy’s vote was the only reason that Michael C. won the challenge. Can’t diss a visionary like that (although I was surprised how much we got to see of the permanent judges sticking up for Valerie’s gear to him.)

    I’ve only been catching the last 1/2 hour due to a previous engagement w/Burn Notice, but I have a feeling next week is the end of the honeymoon phase for a lot of them. Wonder if there will be multiple eliminations?

  • matterlyb

    Is it just me, or are this season’s contestants the bitchiest, back-stabby-est in recent memory?

    • Terri

      I think it’s bc we get to see them talk more.

  • Pinky Shears

    Random comments:
    April reminds me of Nicole Bobek (post rehab)
    I am glad I am not on of Cassanova’s Cats. Perhaps he should check the warranty.
    Kristin’s design was awful, but that hat was an albatross. And no one wanted it. They were smart.

    • Victoria

      I had the same exact thought about April/Nicole Bobek the first time I saw her!

    • JW

      YES! I thought I was the only one!! From the second I saw April I thought of Nicole Bobek.

  • heko

    Did anyone else think Kristen always looke dirty? Or atleast unkepmt. That mop on her head had no style. I am sure she thought she looked fancy free-but it was a disater. It always bugged me.

    • Fridge

      Yep, totally noticed that. She looked like she’d been out all night and had crawled out from under a rock. I understand that designers are different from the rest of us mere mortals, but some of their looks don’t really hit the artistic or edgy mark–they go straight to just plain weird and lazy.

    • Rhonda

      Heko, you’re not the only one. I thought so too. Her mouth bothered me too; it looked like she could benefit from a visit to an orhtodontist. Just because you’re an adult, doesn’t mean that you cant wear braces. Don’t they have those invisible braces now? Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. As for her design abilities, it often looked liked something my cat had coughed up or shredded.

      • JW

        Thank you for saying what I was thinking Rhonda. I feel just as catty as the designers but Kristin’s big ol buck teeth were so distracting to me. Sweet girl, but DAYUM!

  • jen

    my husband and I were wondering why they could only peer at the hats in their boxes like they weren’t allowed to be touched or something and then as a joke he asked if there was going to be a “special hat putter-onner”. of course the next scene is Philip Treacy putting the hats on the models. I should have checked to see if he was wearing gloves.

    • Fridge

      I was kind of wondering the same thing. Were those hats so precious that they couldn’t even pick them up. Please. I thought the whole thing was pretentious.

      • Al

        That’s just what I want: fashion that takes the creator to come and put it on and take it off….

  • Pinky Shears

    Was it Phillip who sid “It had an originality I have never seen before”? Hilariuos. He is as original as the flowers as hat design.

  • nancy fisher

    What was that last night! These designers had the most fantastic hat designer in the world to use as inspiration and not one of them did anything inspiring or worthy of those hats! There is really not one designer this season that I even remotely think is worth watching. Christian, where are you!!!????
    Plus the extra half an hour? Now I just fast forward for an hour instead of half an hour. What a waste….

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