'Project Runway' recap: Hats on, hats off

There were promises of delicious weirdness last night, what with Casanova mock-threatening to quit this whole perro and pony show and Mondo making his alluring […] Read the full post.

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  • Bibi

    This show is really losing it for me. What the heck are they drinking? I kept wondering all week why Heidi Klum was wearing a gift wrap bow on her head. Oh, it’s a rose. She looked ridiculous. The hats were fun for the most part. Gretchen needs a real attitude adjustment. In most shows, fast starters usually fade for some reason.

  • Summer

    Is it just me, or is 90 minutes WAY too much time for a PR episode?

    • dj

      I don’t think the extra 30 minutes adds anything.

      • Amy

        It just enables them to be catty toward one another.
        Gretchen needs to get off her high horse and stop being so judgmental. She keeps talking about how so many of her fellow contestants put out work that could be describe “fashion school work” (I may be paraphrasing here). However, she’s only 28; it’s not as though she’s had years and years of experience.
        I found Ivy particularly annoying this episode. Perhaps they gave her something extra at the hospital?

      • BLB

        @Amy: “Student work.” It’s so condescending.

    • Fridge

      It wouldn’t be too long if they started making the challenges two days instead of just one. Why do they ALWAYS have to be so rushed. I’d love to see what these designers could do in two days.

      • Nik

        I agree! What happened to the two day challenges? This episode had so much potential that with an extra day we could have seen some amazing garments.

      • Julia

        Yes, I agree. Hope Bravo is listening.

        But I do think they are showing more of the clothes on the runway than they used to, and that’s a definite plus.

      • Julia

        Oops, just said “Hope Bravo is listening.” Obviously I meant “Hope Lifetime with all the boring ads for their drippy shows is listening.”

    • Wills

      I’ll take it over that horrid “Models of the Runway”

      • SUZIE

        i liked getting to know the models I miss that show.

    • Al

      I do like the added footage of the designers waiting backstage. We get even more bitchiness. Like the tepid clapping for Micheal C.

    • mimi

      All the extra half hour does is show ugly sides of people I’d rather not see – Backstage conversations I could live with out, catty conversations between everyone about someone else’s talent, dress, etc.

      • Pinky Shears

        Oh that’s half the fun. The fashion has been ehh so we need something interesting. I mean if it weren’t for Cassanova’s malapropisms and Mondo’s weird behaior would we care if they were still there?

    • pylgrym

      It’s perfecy. I just tune in for the last 30 minutes. I get to see the runway w/o the drama. Then I read the recap and check out Tim’s comments. These are not people I want to spend time around.

      • SUZIE

        i tape the show fast forward after i hear the challenge and then watch the runway show and judging, the rest is boring and annoying

    • Terri

      I really like the 90 minutes.

  • Mark G

    The hats were all astoundingly ridiculous, and beyond anything any earthling would wear- visitors to this planet, of course, might find them more to their liking. In spite of them, there were some great looks last night, and the winner truly deserved it! Michael Kors line about the panties, taking them off one at a time so you have enough for 3 days- PRICELESS!!

  • Samantha

    I didn’t think Christopher should have been in the bottom three. They had nothing nice to say about his either. Sad face.

    I most definitely rolled my eyes once I realized what was going on. At first I thought something was wrong with my TV because surely they weren’t playing that song…

    • Fridge

      I think his dress would have been better with a little editing. There was just too much going on. I thought that the coat/vest was really pretty, I don’t care if the judges thought it looked like drapes. However, I think he should have done just a simple black sheath dress under it and nixed the leggings and the boots. A simple black pump would have showcased the coat/vest more instead of competing with it like the boots and leggings did.

  • CoCo Chenille


    • Fridge

      LOL. Very true!

      • Pinky Shears


    • Sookie

      That pink and white hat definitely reminded me of the cover of the book “Oh The Places You’ll Go”.

      • Karenlibrarian

        April’s hat was EXACTLY like a Dr. Seuss hat! That’s just what I thought.

  • Roma

    OK, I’ll say it. This was one hideous challenge. The hats are atrocious (unless you are Lady GaGa there is no need to put your head into a hat that looks like Shrek artfully pooped on you)and to have to create something to go with something so hideous is beyond punishment. That said, all that needed to be done to accent the Orchid hat was to do a green column dress to evoke stem and leaves, and April should have been gone for making her model look like she had multiple diapers on and forgot her pants.

    • Fridge

      OMG, I almost spit out my coffee on my keyboard. Your line “a hat that looks like Shrek artfully pooped on you” is beyond perfect for most of those hats. I think the real challenge was keeping a straight face when calling those hats “artistic” and “avant garde”.

    • Fridge

      Perfect comment “a hat that looks like Shrek artfully pooped on you”. I think the real challenge was the designers keeping a staight face while saying the hats were “artistic” and “avant garde”. Yuck.

    • Sookie

      I thought the same thing about the orchid hat, just make a green wrap around dress that makes you think of stems.

      • Pinky Shears

        My suggestion was a yellow and black bumble bee dress, but I was going for sarcasm to go along with the horrid “hat”.

      • R3

        A bumblebee dress for the orchid! What a hoot!

    • Jenn

      I thought the same thing about doing a green dress…even said it out loud to the TV! LOL Or do a sunny, colorful dress to evoke a garden scene with the orchid being highlighted as the “queen of the garden.” That thing Kristin made was AWFUL! That one pink column looked like the model stepped into it wrong and it went between her legs. ICK!

  • studiorose

    I was happy for Michael and impressed that he didn’t try to win sympathy by mentioning that it was his second attempt. BAD other designers for not giving him more kudos; whether or not they thought he deserved the win, they could at least be gracious. And how kind of Kristin to offer him her sincere congrats before she left!

  • dj

    Definitely not one of my favorite challenges…I didn’t think any of the designers came up with anything interesting. Gretchen has become almost unbearable – which means she will probably win.

    • Marci

      I agree about Gretchen, I can’t stand her either, but I honestly thought she had a great outfit that did go with the hat last night. I was surprised she was not in the top 3 again.

  • Mary

    I kind of hated all the looks in this episode. I hated Michael C. the least so I’m happy he won. Ivy’s griping that he was in the top two and she wasn’t – EXCUSE ME GIRL? She sent the most boring outfit down the runway! Gretchen might be an insufferable Queen Bee but at least she’s turned out some decent designs.

    And I like Mondo. I’m actually looking forward to what he turns out every week.

    • Terri

      Ivy decided what she was going to make before the challenge was announced, and thought she spun gold or something the way she talked. FAIL.

  • MsDaisy

    I’m just happy that we weren’t forced to listen to Gretchen’s constant yammering this week.

  • Reena

    I am getting sick of Gretchen…did anybody catch the previews for next week maybe they are just tricking us but it seems like the judges rip her a new one….As for the winner I really thought Christopher’s was nice but then I notice the crotch of the leggings and kinda started to agree with the judges I dont think Michael C should have won I really like Valerie’s she is the Susan Lucci of Project Runway :-)

    • CoCo Chenille

      susan Lucci, ha! Yes, I was just rating the runway over on the Lifetime site. Her outfit photographs very prettily. That Treacy dude was clueless.

      • CoCo Chenille

        Oh, and I think the only reason she didn’t win this challenge is because of him. All the other judges seemd to lover Valerie’s dress. Humph! I’m done.

      • fg

        While her dress was cute, it had no connection to the mask/hat thingy which was what the challenge was all about. It may have been a dumb challenge but I don’t blame the hat guy for calling her on it.

    • Pinky Shears

      True but then again his mask had no relation to a hat so I don’t think he really has room to criticize her connection to a hat that wasn’t actually there.

  • JN

    Missy, thank you for: Oh, and what’s with the sudden Betty Crockering of the makeup?

  • tg

    I liked the other Michael’s better and tho’t he should’ve won. And Christopher should NOT have been in the bottom. I, along with most, tho’t he was going to be in the top. The judges have had bizarre taste this season. But at least we’re getting a much better runway show. Nina seems to have had trouble seeing the outfit from maybe the glare of the lights?? She kept shielding her eyes.

    • Jules

      I think she was trying to see the dress for it was without the hat.

  • jt

    I liked Andy’s and Mondo’s.

    • Marci

      You liked Mondo’s? Seriously, would you wear that? Would you go out in public wearing those giant polka dot pants? How about painting on a mustache? The guy is weird – not artfully weird – just “hearing voices” (from fabrics, no less) weird.

      • @ marci

        Wearing it in public is not really relevant. Would you wear those hats in public? The cardboard top that was in the top 3? I liked it too. It was one of the few that was designed in the spirit of the challenge.

      • Sookie

        The polka dot pants definitely made her but look HUGE.

      • Marci

        Okay, if wearing the clothes is not relevant, what exactly is the point? Are designers there to make us clothes or art? How many times have we heard Heidi and other judges say, “I would totally” wear that,” or “I would never wear that.” ?? If Heidi Klum (or anyone else) ever shows up on a runway with a painted mustache, wearing those god-awful, big polka dot, butt ugly pants I’ll eat the hat.

    • Cherry

      Okay, I was gonna stay quiet, but I liked Mondo’s too. He’s the most innovative in my opinion. He’s kinda weird but in an endearing way. I didn’t much care for Michael C’s. But, whatever, it is what is.

      • Terri

        I love Mondo a little more each week. I love Peach, too, but I don’t think she’s long for the competition. Everything is boring and pink. Everything. I LOVE pink, but girl needs to try a different crayon.

    • Zazazing

      I find Mondo and his designs really interesting. There was something very Salvador Dali-ish about the hat his model wore, so I thought painting a Dali mustache on her was pretty clever. The outfit was kooky, yes, but interesting!

      • JenR

        Agreed. Mondo is the most creative designer this season.

  • Pinky Shears

    Some of it just seeems so staged to me. You mean April couldn’t see that she needed to add more material. Really Chris in the bottom 3. Gretchens looked like something from my goodwill bad, and while I liked Peaach’s she is just too “normal”.

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