'Big Brother': Evicted Kathy dishes about the Diamond Power of Veto, Saboteur, Zingbot 3000 and more delicious absurdity (i.e. Rachel)

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“Floaters, grab a life vest!” Turns out the only thing 40-year-old sheriff Kathy Hillis was grabbing was the doorknob on her way out of the Big Brother house. (ZING!) Undone by the Diamond Power of Veto, Kathy didn’t even have time to pack a bag before being unceremoniously booted out of the house. What are her thoughts on her sudden eviction? Who was her main ally? And what the hell is a Zingbot? She answers all in our video interview below. Also discussed: Whom she thinks the Saboteur is, her overall suckiness in challenges, and sharing a Jury House with everyone’s (least) favorite cocktail waitress/chemist, Rachel. So without further ado, open your own personal Pandora’s Box by clicking on the video below to see freshly-evicted Kathy in all her voted-out glory! And for more Big Brother news and views, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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  • Evil Will

    How on earth did she ever get selected to play this game? You don’t play BB with morals. Otherwise you end up GONE. Whatever.

    • t.t

      dalton please do all the bb interviews

      • Scooter

        yeah. great job exposing how truly delusional Kathy is about her BB experience.

    • sandy

      If Kathy did have the morals she kept talking so much about she sure fooled every one. She was the third biggest liar in that house. I hope we never see someone like her again in the bb house.

      • Mikos

        But we always get someone who’s playing the game with morals. And by morals I mean they only lie when they think it’s okay and it’s never okay for someone to lie to them. Also common in players voted out early who have no game.

    • GAC

      As a diabolical supergenius that doubles as a criminal in the nighttime, I have decided to take my talents to Kathy’s hometown in Arkansas. Who else is with me?!

  • Austin


  • Dean

    Sure Kathy, you were throwing competitions. And I’m the Queen of England. Admit that you just sucked at them. And you would have “moral issues” being the saboteur? Spare me your righteousness.

    • Spinal

      Sooooo tolerant…lol

  • Mooter

    Kathy is lying her face off. She threw people under the bus left and right and trashed people just the same… and then when they became HoH, she was cuddling up to them. Morals my butt. She was just a sucky player all around. What a bad decision on the casting director’s part. Even Jerry was better and he was almost double her age.

  • Mooter

    Spare me the lies. Kathy keeps talking about these supposed morals. They were no where to be found for the past 3 weeks. All the bashing of people she’s done, the throwing people under the bus, the way she went on and on about Britney and her lifestyle. Please. Kathy was just a horrible player, and whoever cast her should be ashamed they found someone worse than Jerry at nearly half the age. The only thing she did right was sleep and clean… in that order.

    • CraigJ

      Mooter, Gato can get zinged he don’t know what’s up obviously. You are straight on about Kathy she can’t admit how bad she sucked or it will look so bad for her sheriff dept. She was awful! Britney or Matt or Ragan for the win. Kinda wished Matt used the DPV on Enzo or Hayden. Kathy was so worthless they could beat her in all the comps so should have kept her for that reason plus he is on the outs with the Brigade.

    • Zach

      At least Jerry won stuff..

    • R-Truth

      Jerry was entertaining to watch. Additionally, he was a decent player. Albeit, a deviation from the typical player. Now Kathy, I wouldn’t even consider as a player of the game but more like a spectator who was fortunate enough to be able to watch the game from inside the house.

  • Gato

    Great piece, funny editing!! Mooter= did Kathy kill your puppy or something? RELAX

  • Mooter

    Yeah, I love when people say. I’m fine. Truth is truth. Relax.

  • Mac

    Be prepared to lie if you play BB. It’s part of the game. Enzo might be a little worse than Kathy at competitions.

  • ncmacasl

    Hilarious Interview!! Nice job!!

  • (JL)

    She wasn’t a “floater,” but didn’t want to allign herself with any of the existing alliances? Wha?? She’s a terrible liar. It’s painfully obvious that she didn’t throw any competitions. She’s just got no BB skillz.

  • Joyce

    Morals? You don’t play this game with morals. You lie when you need to. Its part of the game. I sure do hope she was throwing competitions because she sucked! Going into this season, I had high hopes for her going far in this game. Though she’d use some of the skills she has to use as a law enforcement officer. But I guess not. Too bad.

  • kelly

    Sorry, Kathy you seem like a nice person, but you had no game !!

  • curtis

    I could’nt even finish this video !

  • gabbie

    kathy was the dumbest player ever in the history of bb. I thought sheila kennedy from bb9 was dumb, and she was the worst. I hated Kathy everything about her. Her limited vocabulary drove me up a wall. I got so tired of her saying “Yah nau” (You Know. I got so tired of her saying she had morals…Kathy you had nothing you were a dirty backstabing 2 faced witch, and I mean to use that word with the letter “B”, You were the ultimate floater. You leeched your way into every hoh. I wished they would have slammed the door cathing your long old school spider eyelashes. You’re a joke to the men and women in law. You are indeed the laughing joke of big brother. I cant wait for you to see how they made fun of you…yeah even your beloved Kristen and Hayden. In the end you will see that Breden and Rachel was not the ones talking about you and laughing at how big of a stupid person you are. Hated you and your game.

    • Harley

      Please do not indulge in stereotypes. Just because someone has an accent, doesn’t mean they are stupid.

  • Kylie

    I feel bad for Kathy. One whole week with Rachel. Yikes.

    • R-Truth

      That’s her punishment for sucking immensely in the game of BB!

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