'Big Brother' react: Don't cry, Ragan! You're rich.

Ragan-Big-BrotherImage Credit: Lisette M. Azar/CBSGeez, but the latest saboteur twist has been a big, fat bust. Ragan may be $20,000 richer but all we got was a begrudging troublemaker who never stirred up trouble, he just pretended to stir up trouble before getting back to what he does best: Sobbing over Matt and how he plays for the wrong team. (First, a note from your sponsor: Sandra’s on vacation and won’t be writing her regular TV watch until next week!).  Anyway, I’m glad that little distraction is gone from the game so we can get back to business of whittling down yahoos.

There weren’t many surprises in tonight’s episode, mostly because the outcome was pretty dang predictable: Matt would use his diamond power of veto, and Kathy would be the obvious nominee since Matt is still playing both sides of the house. It was nice that Ragan’s final act of “sabotage” convinced the houseguests that Kathy was the secret havoc wreaker, simply because she saw fit to make a few beds. (Who in their right mind would think about hospital corners at a time like this! She must have been the one to plant the “I Know Your Secret” note in Capt. Meow Meow’s bed!) But even without Ragan’s so-called dastardly deed, Kathy was a goner, anyway.

But who will pack her things?

So now we get Lane for another week – though God help us, let’s hope he shows more restraint in the shower (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t spend near enough time surfing the Big Brother fansites).  I don’t give a hoot about whether he’s got a thing for Britney: Unlike all the single-minded men in this game, blondie’s got her eye on the prize so I’m not expecting her to suddenly canoodle with Lane. And now she’s the HOH! I liked this development, mostly because I thought the gal’s curly hair looked purty tonight and Meow Meow was taking too freaking long with choosing between True or False.

So what did you think about Kathy’s departure? Check out our exit interview with her below!

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  • Paul

    I wish Brit would keep her word to Brendon about not putting him up this week since he granted her the favor but I can’t see that happening. If she does put him up, I hope he wins a Platinum veto and puts up both Lane and Matt which would be a win-win for him and gets HoH next Double eviction Thursday. Go Brendon. Does anyone believe that most of the “brigade” and Ragan are useless?

    • joey

      Anyone notice Lane playing with his ear and nose during the HoH. Isn’t that what he was “doing” in the shower the other day while un-mastering his domain?

      • Mon

        OMG, totally. It’s something he does when he’s concentrating on something else. He’s def NOT a master of his domain!

      • Alan

        So, what did Lane do in the shower? If it’s what I think it is, DAMN!! why didnt I subscribe to the live feeds….(sigh)

      • GregR

        Calm down Alan. You couldn’t see him doing anything. You just knew he was.

    • darclyte

      Brit’s best bet would be to nominate Enzo & Hayden as I don’t think that she’s close to either, and it makes it seem like she kept her word to Brendon. Should one come off the block, she can put up Brendon and justify it to him (for Jury votes) that (a) while she did agree to not nominate him, I don’t recall that she agreed to not backdoor him, (b) that of her remaining options she’s closer to Lane, Ragan & Matt than him, and (c) that although she and Brendon had made up he still treated her badly and so did Rachel, and if he’s still playing the game for Rachel then he can take the fall for her too.

      • @ kahuna

        She did agree to not backdoor him. But of course she will.

      • darclyte

        I still feel her best bet is to not nominate him , but if she has to backdoor him she has good reasons. Also, if he ends up playing for Veto and doesn’t win it, she can say that he had a chance to protect himself had he won.

      • Alan

        I really hope that she lives up to her agreement with Brendan. Not that I’m a huge Brendan fan, but #1: I think that it would show her huge credibility and if she breaks her deal she could lose B & R’s 2 votes on the final jury and # 2: Hayden and Enzo are much more of a threat.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        The snitty little tw*t already said she would have promised him anything to keep him from nominating her in Ragan’s place, so her word is worthless. Which is how this game is played. Brendan’s gone this week.

    • KC

      Are you kidding? Brendan needs to go, he is playing the worst game in BB history! There have been other people in past seasons who have been in his position, but started to play the game smartly once their alliance was voted out. Brendan is still “playing for Racheal” and he needs to go. It is a stupid game, and he deserves to get backdoored for it

      • jen


      • misty

        i so agree

      • GregR

        At least Brendon is trying. I’m not rooting for him, but the others are lame. Hayden and Enzo cannot win anything. They just sit around calling the shots. I can’t wait for when they have to turn on each other.

  • Paul

    I hope Ragan or Enzo does not end up F2!

    • darclyte

      At this point, I’m favoring Matt for the win. I can look past Matt’s false claim about his wife. He’s away from her and his life to try to win $500,000. While I wouldn’t do it myself, and it is fairly revolting to use a real illness like that, at the end of the day BB is a game of lies and deceit. Nobody wins by being 100% honest 100% of the time. It’s a pretty big lie but he’s there to win and has pulled out all stops. Other than that, he’s playing a pretty good game as he probably has the most “friends” in the house. As long as he follows through and gives some money to a foundation for that disease, then I don’t really have an issue with him ultimately winning so long as by that point he has played the better game than whoever is the other finalist.

      • innerjuju

        Mtt for the win?? you have got to be kidding me. Matt gives me the creeps. I’ve barely been able to watch this season due to his weirdness. If I met him in a bar I would have the bouncer escort me to my car as Matt seems like the serial killer type. I find it difficult to believe he found anyone who would be able to look past that in order to marry him! The lie was despicable. Everyone knows he has been lying and lying and yet they continue to believe “the brains.” Heaven help us.

      • Tabi

        Not only is Matt using a terrible lie & he better pray no one in his family ever REALLY does become ill. BUT he is a Reality show loser. He was on Average Joe a couple of yrs ago & was voted off first cause he was too short! ha!

      • dcmdva

        Ok, so Matt lying about his wife’s non-illness is less offensive than Brandon calling Brit a princess? Which universe do you amd the other MAtt fans live in?

    • Moana

      final 3 Britney, Matt, Ragan
      Final 2 Matt & Ragan

      Can’t stand that baboon Brendon. Makes me want to throw up

      • Janet

        You really saved my skin with this inofrmiaton. Thanks!

  • Buddha

    Brendon should’ve put Britney on the block to begin with. No issue then. The Brigade were gonna go after Matt. Kathy is useless, KEEP HER!! Ragan woould have kept his promise to Brendon. Britney’s out, Meow Meow wins HoH, Matt & Kathy go up, Matt goes home, thinking he would have the votes, Done!

    • Christie

      That all makes complete sense…assuming the people in the house were able to watch the same footage as us.

    • what?

      Like Enzo could win anything.

      • Jethro

        Definitely on Enzo skirting through, again, worthless player yet manages to stay in the house every week.

      • joe the dirt

        But “Bren-Den” can’t think for himself, and Rachel told him to put up Matt. So he couldn’t have put up Brittany. Sorry.

      • Lonnie Leonard

        The only thing Enzo could and has won is the use of the”F” word the most. I certainly hope he does not use language like that in front of his little daughter he loves so much. When did that word become so acceptable in our society that we just over look it? Brendon is almost as bad.

      • GregR

        You mean Linus?

      • CraigJ

        That word became acceptable in society a long time ago in most groups of people who aren’t offended but something such as a word. There are more things to worry about in this world than cuss words. It’s not a derogatory word against a group of individuals it’s a stupid word. So shut the front door. Is that better, prude?

      • Angie

        Arbitrary use of words is tactless. Someone at work used the f-word all the time – even if not mad. Totally lost any impact. Now, when I swear, people know I’m PISSED off because it’s not an every day occurance for me.

    • katagarbo

      Absolutely, he was a fool for believing that girl and for not realizing all the hate Britney and Ragan spews day in and day out.

      • t.t

        its britney she’s just great she managed to convince brendon not to nominate her
        thats a testament to her gameplay and her winning HoH this week? even better
        even though i want brendon gone part of me hopes he wins pov so britney would nominate hayden and enzo and enzo could hit the road that way matt would come over to britney and ragans side and then matt, ragan, britney and lane could have a kick *** alliance

      • AC24

        Well, it’s not like Brendon doesn’t have a history of “believing that girl and for not realizing all the hate that (a female player) spew(ed) day in and day out.

    • KAK

      Brendan originally told Brittany that he was nominated her. He was then called to the diary room and to he couldn’t tell her and to “fix it.” That’s how Matt was nominated instead and Brittany is still in the house.

    • GregR

      Meow Meow wins HOH! Then he woke up.

    • Davis

      Only problem with him nominating Brit was that the producers told him not to. He said so to Enzo last night on live feeds. Just shows you how much this show scripts things out.

  • PartyOfficer

    I know that Matt is playing with dual loyalties, but the stronger move would have been to keep Kathy and sacrifice Enzo. Enzo is probably one of the most unintentionally horrible BB competitors, who, as Matt observed, obviously wants Matt out. I’m glad that Britney won. I bet that it’s Brendan and Enzo on the block with Enzo going home this week.

    • truthbetold

      I agree! Enzo is a complete waste of cat litter. I hate Brendumb but at least he tries to play the game.

      • truthbetold

        maybe not… he keeps bringing up that duck faced skank (Roach-el) as part of his game play, so he is not really playing anything (except that herpe on his lip)

    • Anna

      I don’t know if it would be Enzo going home. If it’s Brenden and Enzo up, then that only leaves Ragan, Lane, Matt and Hayden to vote. Matt and Hayden will almost certainly vote for Brenden’s skedaddle, all Enzo has to do is solidify one of the remaining two.
      I kind of thought Britney would be putting Brenden (a given) and Matt up myself. That was a pretty sulky face she had on once she quit cartwheeling down the hallway and got to thinking about how Matt had been making fools out of all of them.

    • Anna

      I don’t know if it would be Enzo going home if Britney were to put him up for eviction alongside Brenden. Matt and Hayden would almost certainly vote for Brenden’s skedaddle, all Enzo would have to do is solidify either Ragan or Lane and he’s home free for another week.
      Myself, I thought perhaps Britney would be putting Brenden and Matt up for eviction. Brenden’s pretty much a given, and Matt, well that was a pretty sulky look the beauty queen princess had on her face once she quit cartwheeling down the hallway and began considering how Matt had been making fools out of them all.

    • DB

      i agree, Enzo’s delusions of grandeur is insanely irritating. he has won NOTHING so far, done nothing interesting, yet, he’s talking like the king of the house. Thank goodness, Britney got the HOH, i hope she put Meow Meow and Hayden up, those two are effing useless (well, so is Lane), or, double-cross Brenden? either way, psyched for this week.

      • Jethro

        The Meow, Meow, Enzo, seems to be the most hated player this season. If you read my replies, I am in total agreement. HE NEEDS TO GO!!

      • KC

        Yes and what’s with that thing he does in the diary room when he’s spouting all his “meow meow” crap? Always looking from side to side. He’s a cartoon.

      • Arin

        Enzo may not have accomplished anything distinctly tangible in terms of winning competitions, but he has managed to avoid being nominated for eviction the entire time so far. Of the people remaining in the house, he is the only one who can make that claim. If the goal is to make it to the end, I can’t agree that he is playing a bad game. He doesn’t win competitions, but he is winning the battle that matters (never on the block!) Dumb luck or subtly good game play?

  • John N

    Unless Big Brother does something to shake up the house no one is going to watch anymore. How boring for the idiot Brigade to go down to the end. BORING!!!

  • truthbetold

    The Fug-gade is the douchebagery of any joke. HAYDUMB is a mouth breather from hell. I wish Meow Mix would choke on his Rogaine. Lame should try to add 2+2 and let his brain implode. Mensa Napoleon Complex should just keep rubbing his sack wishing for a clue. This season is a joke.

    • truthbetold

      And as a further note, Brendon is a CUTIE. I wish I was there, I’d beat Ragan in terms of gayness!

      • truthbetold

        @fake truthbetold
        Brendon was okay until he started swapping spit with that dog from where The Red Fern Grows. BTW don’t troll my name.

      • truthbetold

        And further…

        Would you like you date me/yourself?

      • GregR

        he’s a cutie until he opens his mouth. He mumbles with a slight lisp and I can barely understand what he says and Ragan lisps like every word that he says is loaded with “s”s.

      • truthbetold@736am

        no c*unt. keep dating your right hand.

    • Jethro

      Agree, this brigade needs to go one by one. Truly feel sorry for Brendan, he really wants to play this game the right way however we know it will never be this way. He wants so much for the house to do the same, but it ain’t gonna go this way. This group is so afraid to be the loner when it comes to voting out someone. Except for one eviction, everyone votes the same, so lame!!!

  • Evil Will

    I think Britney will put up Brendon and Enzo. If not, I hope someone in the F’n Brigade gets evicted in the 2nd elimination on Thursday.

    • Gretchen

      That is what they were implying on BBAD last night – either Enzo or Hayden next to Brendan

  • Melly

    I Cannot believe they didn’t send Britney home. I mean come on she has won THREE VETOS! & Kathy has done nothing (ya shes a thread), this is going to come back and bite them in the ass.

    • Sarah

      Ya, she sure is a thread.

    • innerjuju

      A bunch of young guys are never going to vote out a cute young blonde until they have to.

  • Ken

    I wonder if they will tell the houseguests Ragan was the saboteur. It seems like he would be a huge target for all the tricks he played and the $20,000 especially.

    • Ron

      Everyone should be told Ragan was the saboteur, he got payed $20,000, so he should have to reveal himself, so he can cry a little more.

      • Akane

        Ragan used to be likeable but now he spends the time crying and complaining, let’s hope he is evicted next week on either one of the evictions. Hopefully Britney would keep Brendon, someone should tell her that it would be a smart move, and totally gain his complete trust, then after next week she can do whatever she wants, although I really hope she doesn’t make it to the final 4.

    • greg

      I don’t think they will tell the house Ragan was the Saboteur. However, they will announce it was not the evicted houseguest.

    • Anthony

      Ragan’s saboteur stunts were so weak, he did not deserve anything!! I wish that when Kathy left, she had turned around and said, “Oh, BTW, I was NOT the saboteur!! That would have shook-up this very weak cast!!

  • Johnny Law

    You folks have waaaaaay too much free time. Why don’t you volunteer at an animal shelter or something? This crap is mind-numbing boredom soup. When you could devote time to something worthwhile you cruise “fan sites” and watch this staged “reality” TV program. This is truly pathetic.

    • Darren

      How many dogs are you saving by reading what we talk about? d-bag!

    • Melly

      Shouldn’t you be picking up the dog $hit at the shelter ? instead of worrying about what we watch and comment on ?

    • Lee

      Do you really have to get into that? Just leave then. Problem solved, case closed.

    • katagarbo

      Johnny… I am in animal rescue and can do both.

    • All Day Baby

      All Day

      • Mon

        you really love to say that a lot, don’t ya

    • teresa

      Johnny Law: I have 5 cats, one dog, one rabbit, and 2 rats; and I can still take care of them while I watch Big Brother. Oh, and I have two teenagers and two elderly parents that I take care of. And a job. Don’t worry, I watch Big Brother because IT IS MIND-NUMBING. It gives me the break I earned and deserve.

    • GregR

      You want to know why? They don’t have an HOH at the animal shelter.

    • CraigJ

      Johnny Law you are a moron. You have no idea who I am or what I do so shut your trap. It’s sounds like you have major issues that need to be worked out. Your just mad that your favorite Kathy got her useless self evicted. Johnny Law an the Sheriff are perfect for each other. Sorry, Kathy actually you are better than this parasite.

  • snatch

    Last season was so much better. Not one hotness in the group (Jeff, I’m missing you. Jordan, I love you too, boo!). I need to mop my garage floor and even out my backyard. Hayden, are you available? Your lower slack jaw(front-end-loader for the guys out there, taint scraper for the biatches that like him) mop head will suffice.

  • katagarbo

    Oh well, one predictable outcome will be followed by another unless Brendan wins the PoV. Britney will not honor her promise with Brendan and put him up next to Enzo. If either of those two wins the Veto then Hayden goes up as a pawn. Britney will not put up the other two of the Bragade nor crybaby vile pretend to be lame ass Ragan who got $20K handed to him for nothing.

    Can’t wait for next week’s Double eviction to shake up the house for real.

  • Dan

    I agree with everyone who said that Matt made a huge tactical error by not putting up Brittany. She was the only true gamer available since Brendon and Ragan, and obviously Matt himself, couldn’t be nominated. Taking her out right then and there would have had me believing some of Matt’s self-“superdiabolical genius”hype instead of making me throw up all over myself every time he mentions it.

    Can anyone tell me where Kathy is a sheriff? I think I could go on a serious crime spree there without any chance of getting caught. And, Truthbetold, your Where the Red Fern Grows/Rachel reference is an insult to red-bone hunting dogs everywhere.

    • Jethro


      • simboopix

        Yeah – like Barney Fife!

      • Anna

        Oh no, Jethro. According to pagaent princess Britney and those super infallible brains that comprise the Brigade, Kathy’s a Sheriff. Why, she even signed the note she left under Enzo the Magnificent’s pillow with an ‘S’. If she were merely a Deputy, surely she would have signed her note of sabotage with a ‘D’. By next week I fully expect Josie and his brain trust of Pussycats to present us a cure for the devastating illness which has so cruelly struck Matt’s young wife in the prime of her life.

    • KC

      Matt put Kathy up because she was the only one he knew for sure he could put up and not put a target on his back. He knows Britney’s tight with Lane, who’s a member of the Brain Trust Brigade

    • TexCin

      Kathy is a Deputy Sheriff in Texarkana, Arkansas. Please remember that she nearly died of Ovarian Cancer. She fought an extremely hard battle. I’m from Texarkana….and we are very PROUD of her. At least she wasn’t always a follower like the rest of the group. She voted on her own!!

      • Jay

        I think Kathy tried too hard to be liked. Sure, she did vote independently at times, but if she truly weren’t a follower, she would have said nothing about what Rachel left for Brendan in the HOH room. And her statement about coming into the game with morals and values…that’s BULLS@*T. It’s BIG BROTHER…everyone who plays the game knows what they’re gonna have to do to win.

      • DEB

        You go!!! I agree. Leave Kathy alone. She is very sweet. You should be proud of her

  • Jan L

    The only reason Kathy might be
    missed, she wont be around to
    be the dorm mom, housekeeper.

    • darclyte

      That place is a mess, and now it’s just gonna be a disaster area.

    • John

      Those beds aren’t going to make themselves, people!

  • Danny

    Your right, Matt should have put Britney on the block, I would miss her though, she is very funny in the DR, makes great faces, I hope Playboy is interested in her, Love to see her in the magazine and also, I wish Big Brother was on every other night.

    • JayMo

      Britney is the funniest person in the house! And the hottest of all of them, so she would be perfect for Playboy. She is playing a great game too and might be in the final 2.

    • CraigJ

      Dude Danny, Big Bro is on every night if you have showtime and for 3 hours. You can watch the live feeds also. I guess you mean you wish it was on more often for free and with that I agree.

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