Who is the ultimate Sexy Beast? After 250,000 votes, we're still not entirely sure.

sexy-beast-finalImage Credit: Andrew Eccles / The CW; Joey LawrenceWe here at EW.com have spent the last 30 days on an epic journey, whittling a pack of 64 delicious creatures down to two titillating combatants as part of our Sexy Beast single-elimination tournament. Click here to see the full bracket, that is if you don’t get distracted by the photos of our two finalists: Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) of TV’s The Vampire Diaries and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) of the big-screen Twilight series. Our final poll has been open for some 65 hours, and after 250,000 votes, the virile vampires remain locked in a statistical dead heat — the closest match-up we’ve seen in the entire Sexy Beast extravaganza that’s been built on the blood, sweat, and general hotness of creatures including Star Trek‘s Seven of Nine, X-Men‘s Wolverine, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ Cameron, True Blood‘s Eric Northman, and even Ms. Pac-Man and Doctor Who.

So do your pop-cultural civic duty and vote in our poll below! As things tend to do when you’re dealing with vampires, we expect this bout to get bloody! [UPDATE, Friday, August 20, 12:05 a.m. ET: Voting in EW.com’s Sexy Beast bracket tournament is officially closed. Please visit EW.com on Thursday, August 26, or pick up a copy of that week’s Entertainment Weekly magazine at your local newsstand, to find out who took home the title: Twilight‘s Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) or The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). Thanks for your time and participation: If you cast a vote in our humble tourney, you’ll always be a Sexy Beast to us! And to get an immediate announcement when our champ is crowned, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.]

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  • thuha

    ian somerhalder all the way!!!

    • Jose

      Agreed, anything is better than that talentless pasty skinned stalker.

      • Dee

        blah blah blah Stop being a hater honey. It won’t get you very far.
        Jeez, and i thought twihards are worse no way!

      • Tess

        what are you 12?
        If you like Damon fine but quit bashing Edward.
        I agree with you Dee. These haters are so stupid. it’s unbelievable

      • Ana

        Dee and Tess, Rob/Edward fans have been saying MUCH WORSE about Ian/Damon within the past 3 days. Give it a rest, we’re just giving you a taste of your own medicine. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.

      • jo

        f U

      • lantern

        Its all good, everyone knows how much pattinson loves to be serenaded with bs by his stalkers…er twihards lol

      • Heather

        I think the Damon fans and/or Twilight haters has been saying FAR, FAR worse about Edward/Rob. Personal attacks about both the character and the actor. The worst thing I’ve seen written about Damon/Ian is that he’s “pretty”. Not even close to the hate that has been spewed here and other boards about Edward/Rob.

      • Damon

        lol, obviously you cant read.

      • Fran

        i still dont get it, why is everyone so obsessed with rpatz i mean im a twihard but hes fugly! he has small eyes, bushy eyebrows, his nose is absolutely crooked, ugly smile and he wont even wash his hair, i mean, call me hater but he’s the total opposite from ian somerhalder, he has gorgeous eyes, a rlly rlly straight nose, awesome brows, and a cute smile

      • Tasha

        lol awesome brows?!

      • Drica1013

        Well, I like them both. Wish I had a real chance to choose between them :). Twilight is unique in it’s own way, and so is TVD. Deciding between two movie characters doesn’t have to get this hostile, they just have a different impact on us, why not embrace and so enjoy them both?

    • Liz

      This picture of him is way better than the one they used to have up of him. I think it will throw the thing his way.

      • thuha

        agreed! they upgraded ian’s picture and downgraded rob’s

      • Krys

        Oh you mean that constipated look up there? Yes, so hot I will change my vote (sarcasm hand is raised)

      • Carol

        In both pair of pics is cutest Ian, just because at real life is soooo much beautiful than Rob

      • Krys

        Oh if you were talking about Ian then I agree (though I think both of his pictures were gorgeous). If you’re talking about Rob well… read previous comment.

  • ally

    Team Edward & Team Stefan!

    • HPFangirl71

      Team Edward and Team Damon in turn
      But Team RPattz all the way!!

      • Amy


      • katie


  • HPFangirl71

    That was a really hard vote to make… maybe even harder the last national election!! I love both those gorgeous boys but I finally had to stay true to my robsession and choose Edward but Damon is amazingly hott too!! Cant wait to see who wins!!

  • ashley

    please, people, don’t let the sparkler win! an abomination on all vampires.

    • Liz

      Haha! This says it all.

    • Jane


    • beth

      hear hear! hope damon wins. eitherways the outcome of this vote’ll for sure be interesting.

  • kasia

    Ian is the hottest and the baddest

    • avenger

      I soooo love Ian Somerhalder, most badass and hot looking guy of all time! He has to win this farce of a contest.

  • silverrose

    with summer gone, gotta vote for damon just so edward loses.

  • Laila

    Damon >>> Edward
    Rob >>> Ian

    • Lee


    • Rica

      Absolutely. If we were voting sexy actors, I’d have voted the opposite way. Damon is sexier than Edward, but Rob is way sexier than Ian!

  • HPFangirl71

    Team Edward and Team Damon in turn
    But Team Pattinson all the way!!

    • cici

      Yep, Robward is the best !

  • Nena

    girls !!!!!!!! come on !!! all of you !! Ian deserves it !! :) vote for Damon !! <3

  • Kelly Crumpton

    Edward should win it hands down. He makes you want to be a vampire and with him. That is a good actor.

    • ani

      oh yeah. fantastic actor. makes me want to puncture my carotid and spray blood just for him. ohhh edward. swoon. your arguments are compelling, kelly. but really, i’m just going to have to go for the sexy, witty beast, and not the boring, overbearing brooder.

    • ani

      (sorry if this double posts) Kelly, wow, you are so astute. Rob is such a fantastic actor. He makes me want to puncture my carotid and spray blood all over his sparkly, stone body. swoon. If that is not the definition of great acting, I truly do not know what is.
      But, i’m just going to have to go for the sexy, witty beast in this competition and not the boring, overbearing brooder.

    • Ana

      No. That’s what Stephenie Meyer did. She created what Edward is. Not Rob.

      • Anastasia

        @Ana. Thank you! I don’t know why people think it was Robert when it was really Stephanie.

      • Heather

        Actually, its the screenwriter for the movies, Melissa Rosenberg, who made Edward that way. Not Rob or Stephenie’s fault. He’s not portrayed that way in the books.

      • Krys

        Rob is a horrible actor. I even thought so when he was in The Goblet of Fire. He mumbles his lines in between long unnecessary pauses. It takes him ten minutes to say one line! And he’s always looking down and has about two expressions: Constipated and awkward smirk.

    • Jenn

      Edward makes you want to be a vampire? He’s an ice sculpture (Bella must have been reeeaal uncomfortable during their sexytime- truly, ladies.), his breed of vampire has a bite that burns like acid & he sneaks into people’s room to watch them sleep. Creepy.

      Read some about Jean-Claude (Laurell K. Hamilton) or Bones (Jeanine Frost- Bones is yummy!). Those be sexy vampires. And not to forget that Eric the Northman! Nummy in the show & the books!

      • Heather

        Mmmmmm Bones!! I love the Cat & Bones books!

  • Sarah El

    Ian Smolderhalder, please.

    • Tasha

      did u mean to put Smolderhalder? cuz if so, very clever! If not, u spelled it wrong! lol

      • Emmy

        i think Sarah El meant smolderhalder cuz Paul called him that in an interview(they were talking about how HOT!!! Ian is)

      • SmolderHotter

        I tend to use “SmolderHotter” myself as well when describing Ian ;)

        Ian/Damon all the way… Meyer corrupted the vampire mythology when she made them “fanglesss” and “sparkly”… OH puhleeze!
        We die-hard, long time vampire fans can’t wait for the “Twi-lite” to pass so we can go back to real “darkness”! Thank God(ric) for True Blood and Vampire Diaries and even Being Human, and all the other good (better than Twilight) vampire fare out there!



  • Megan

    All of you Twi haters are so stupid and childish. You don’t see me, ew-ing VD or Damon etc.. It’s called respect!

    • ali

      They almost make me hate Damon. Js.. The hate is unbelievable

      • katie

        They hate twihards cuz they are the biggest fandom in the world.

      • Lily

        The hate for Twilight has nothing to do with it having a huge following. Some of us just enjoy quality films and television, such as True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. You can’t assume we dislike something based on sheer numbers. We all have our own reasons for disliking Twilight, just as everyone has their own reasons for liking it. Twilight fans are bashing us too. It’s a double-edged sword, unfortunately.

      • jodipo

        sorry Lily, but thats is just not true. You haters hate it based on its popularity. It a psych thing. All huge phenomenon has had the same detractors. whats funny is you blame twihards for your meanness, but all they do is come on and say how much they love it. Your allusion to them liking things of non quality based on the fact that you like other things and therefore they are better is ridiculous. You liking something does not make it any better than anything I like. You think too much of yourself.

      • jodipo

        P.S. True Blood is terrible.

    • AK

      That “Vampire Diaries” was winning until all the little Twi-crazies came running in here to vote on a pointless poll. So, am I really the stupid and childish one? I’m going to go with “no.”

      • well actually…

        If you go to an Edward/Bella communtiy on livejournal you’ll see that they explicitly state that they cheat. When Jacob was against Edward Jacob was winning by a huge margin but then they started their machine & Eddie won. The same here. Damon was winning, he had 72% or something, then in the blink of an eye it was tied. For that to happen so often and so quickly suggests spam voting.

      • well actually…

        If you got to an Edward/Bella community at Livejournal you’ll see that they state explicitly that they cheat. Edward is always behind in these polls and then somehow he wins. For example, Jacob was beating him by a very good margin and then the Edward fans reversed it in a matter of minutes. For that to happen so often and so rapidly suggests spam voting.

      • courts

        Jodipo, couldn’t have said it better myself!!

    • Ana

      Don’t yell at any of us. Rob/Edward fans have been saying MUCH WORSE about Ian/Damon within the past 3 days. Give it a rest, we’re just giving you a taste of your own medicine. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.

      • Heather

        @Ana – I think the Damon fans and/or Twilight haters have been saying FAR, FAR worse about Edward/Rob. Personal attacks about both the character and the actor. The worst thing I’ve seen written about Damon/Ian is that he’s “pretty”. Not even close to the hate that has been spewed here and other boards about Edward/Rob.

      • Aries75

        @Heather I beg the difference. Pretty is NOT the same thing as a ‘media whore who will do everything to win.’ (And that was because Twihard fans found out that Ian THANKED his fans on his Twitter for taking him this far, but that Rob would kick his butt.)

      • Tasha

        That’s pretty sad, all the hate that Ian’s getting because he’s actually nice enough to THANK us, his loving fans. It’s not like he said, “Come on, guys, help me win, I’m so much hotter than him. Vote vote vote.” He said that he didn’t even expect to win, but he THANKED us for taking him this far….he was honored, not expectant.

    • RoblookslikeaHOBO

      I hate Twilight and the people that defend it annoy me. You all have two responses to Twi haters on this poll: “grow up” and “Twilight came first so it’s supposed to win!” *eyeroll* Plus, you guys thinking Rob is so sexy irritates me because he’s not. Maybe it’s just because we DON’T LIKE YOU. If you have a problem with that then get off the internet because there is no rule that we have to be nice, it’s the freaking internet! Get over it.

    • Heather

      @Megan I see your point but the twihards have been saying some pretty horrible things themselves over the past few days. Both teams have said some stuff, but twihaters have just been repeating jokes that were already out there..like that Edward is a fairy not a vampire.

  • Tessa

    Oh come on honeys, are you freaking blind? Ian is OBVIOUSLY better looking AND he ACTUALLY has talent, unlike Rob who lacks in both categories. GET REAL PEOPLE.

    • Jana

      Oh, right, that’s the reason that Rob is making one film after another, the last on w/Academy Award winner; and Ian is in a minor TV show on a minor network. Try thinking once in a while!

      • Tasha

        Last time I checked, even people without real cable and just the news networks have the CW. He was also on Lost, which had OVER 10 million viewers on average, so you might wanna check your facts!

  • mac

    I have one little problem with this contest. Women shold have been matched up with women and men with men first so we could find the sexiest male and female beasts then go head to head. No female had a chance the way this was set up as IMO more women voted in this than men. Please don’t jump all ovre me, just trying to throw some love to the she-beasts out there.

    • Eric

      I agree, they should have had separate contests for Male and Female, so at least one of the contests wouldn’t have been spammed by all the Twihards. They actually had a “Sexiest Bloodsucker” contest not too long ago where they separated Male & Female, the male one was easily predictable with all the spammers…the Female one however was more of a real contest with a surprise winner: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20153312_20153316_20295053,00.html

    • Jake

      Yep. I agree.

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