Lunchtime Poll: I wanna know what scandalous is

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The above poster for this fall’s CW series Nikita is apparently too hot to handle for L.A. shopping center The Grove and other important meccas of U.S. commerce. According to Variety, certain outlets upset with seeing so much leg agreed to a replacement ad featuring star Maggie Q lounging near a machine gun in a long red dress. Whew! As long as a gun is still involved!

I’m tired of being sensitive to people who are frightened of high-cut leotards and great big chairs. What is that called — flashdanciophobia? Get over it and put on some legwarmers. If Maggie was wearing pants, how would we see her tattoo of a phoenix? If 2008’s Gossip Girl poster didn’t say “OMFG,” how would we know that Nate and Serena were f***ing? If I can’t analyze the contours of a 17-year-old’s inner thigh, how will I know I’m at a Miley Cyrus concert? The devil’s in the details. I want you to show me….

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  • Chichi

    Miley “Chola” Cyrus for the win. Because it is pure LULZ!

    • gah

      my mom called her Ciley Myrus on accident. it was hilarious.

      • QB

        What’s up with Miley’s duck lips?

  • Madd

    I only chose Miley because “It’s Miley!” is a segment on The Soup.

    • Cait


    • m

      lol – i really like the “it’s lindsay” ones.

    • Yoja

      I love The Soup.

    • aleksa

      I always hear that in my head whenever she’s mentioned now.

    • heartless

      what’s this i hear that she’s pregnant? is this true?????

  • Elizabeth

    Maggie Q’s high-thigh’d leotard is just as disturbing as all those high-cut swimsuits back in the 80s-90s.

    Maybe its the tat that bothers everyone?

    • Flyer

      I want to see a naked Nathan Fillion in the Nikita pose. I seem to recall he’s got a pretty cool thigh tattoo as well!

      • Ceballos

        That would be hilarious…and it seems like something he actually might do.

      • CAMMONAE

        I’m just going to watch him bare all in that epi of firefly

      • lauren

        oh yes….nathan fillion..and that epi of firefly…be back in 45 min!

    • Mac

      Meanwhile, at Victoria’s Secret, a bra is covering just enough of a supermodel’s areola to make a fuss over…

    • hc

      Getting nerdy, but doesn’t she totally look like psychlocke from X-Men.

  • Ceballos

    I love how it’s ok that the poster features five guns (that I can see), but…oh no…not LEG! UPPER THIGH!! GASP!)

    Man, I love this country!

    • Dave

      Right? The chair has guns for legs, but don’t show me a thigh! When will advertisers learn, we only want violence sold to our children, not thighs!

      • levelheaded

        Exactly! Guns = OK? Implied Sexuality = Not OK?
        I dunno. I guess if I have to choose, I’d rather my children feel more comfortable shooting people than understanding we’re sexual beings. Oh wait, that didn’t come out right.

    • erin

      which is why conservatives love the 2nd Ammendment, but hate the 1st.

      • Jeremy

        I’m a conservative who actually loves the 1st ammendment. In fact, just as you have every right to say what you did, I have every right to say that you are making a largely ill-informed (not to mention unsupported) statement. I’m not going to say you should keep your mouth shut, but I will suggest that you maybe try thinking a little bit before you open it. ;)

      • Mac

        “Conservatives” are also always the ones that want to amend the Consitution (this year it’s the 14th amendment). I also find it ironic that they are referred to as conservative, but do the most harm ecologically.

      • womo

        How bout the liberals who “make the rules as they go” or “you can read the bill after we pass it!”

      • Juan

        @Jeremy You feel threatened by a generalization that is just that: a generalization of a whole group. Granted, everyone is slightly different from the whole group and that is in itself a fact. Unfortunately, you have are amassed within a group that is highly outspoken of the original statement and even though you feel that you are not privy to all of the group’s ideals, your backlash is unwarranted. Erin doesn’t have to support it because it is a generalized perception, thanks in part to the group’s very outspoken leaders. Maybe to edit her statement she (or everyone when dealing with Fake Politics) should always say “most conservatives” so she would not offend you or anyone else in your group.

  • Aubrey

    The Nikita and OMFG posters don’t bother me because I obviously know they’re characters whereas Miley is a person… at least I think she still is.

  • Iakovos

    Miley’s look is a little trampy. There is a stylist who was going in the wrong direction,and a pop tart who was ill advised.

  • Brett

    Annie, you may be tired of people with certain sensitivities, but a substantial portion of the population isn’t trading water in the gutter like you are. If the Grove is worried about losing customers because it’s got yards of some skinny broad’s leg flashing in the sunshine, then the Grove is right to refuse to run the ad. Also thought the “Gossip Girl” ad was simply stupid (as is your argument – “how else would we know that they’re….?” – #1 – who cares, #2 You can’t tell from those letters that anyone’s “f***ing”).

    • ger

      Trading water for what?

      • Carrie #2

        I believe she meant “treading” but that doesn’t make much more sense than “trading.”

      • Carrie #2

        Oops, “he.” I was thinking of the writer of the article, not the poster. My bad!

    • @Brett

      Good points.

    • Lisa Simpson

      The Grove has a Victoria’s Secret, which has been known to have some pretty risque window displays. As has Abercrombi & Fitch, and they also have that store there. So what are they really objecting to in the poster?

      • greg

        Hah! Good point!

      • rj631

        That’s an excellent point. I’ve seen plenty of posters in A&F and Victoria’s Secret that are basically soft-core porn. The Nikita poster looks tame in comparison.

      • Emma

        I thought A&F was a porn shop the first time I passed the guy trying desperately to remove the last inch of jean from this crotch.

    • jk

      Yo Brett, I’m pretty sure the “how would we know that they’re f**cking” question was sarcastic.

    • PJM

      For you to be treading water in the gutter would actually be a major step up, Brett. I agree with the above who said people have more of a problem with seeing Maggie Q’s leg than all of the guns in the poster. Pretty sad state of affairs in this country. Killing and harming each other is OK, but sex isn’t.

    • Georgia

      Um…I think she was being sarcastic.

  • Mandy

    Miley isn’t scandalous, she just looks stupid.
    While Maggie Q looks damn good, she isn’t that scandalous either.
    But GG’s poster implies a whole lot. It is awesome, but still scandalous.

  • Naja haje

    I suppose the point of your diatribe, Annie, is that we should avoid offending YOUR sensitivities. Guns – bad; naked flesh – good: is that it? Can we use the word n*gg*r, because that only offends certain people, or not?

    • Johnification

      I think Annie is only drawing attention to a well-documented double-standard in censorship in America, that violence is “less offensive” than sexuality. A movie with guns a-blazing and some gore will be PG-13, but show one boob and it’s an instant R-rating. The criticism is only directed at those who make this determination because of how random and arbitrary it seems to be. There are plenty of people offended by violence more than by sensuality, yet the censorship system in our country continues to implicitly say that violence is “more ok” than sex for our children’s wee little eyes.

      • Jenna

        I agree. You summed it up perfectly.

      • Georgia

        Well said!

  • Johnification

    Nobody would care about the Maggie Q poster if the tattoo wasn’t there. Amazing what a little visual cue will do to people’s interpretations.

  • Kalie

    I think the OMFG poster is out of line because the characters depicted are two teenagers having sex, and we all know what OMFG means. Classy. The “Nikita” poster is even worse because she’s scantily clad and holding guns. It’s sex and violence in one and it even strikes me as degrading, not empowering. It wouldn’t be so bad if she were actually wearing pants and maybe holding one smaller gun. As for Miley Cyrus, her outfit it just criminal. The fact that she would wear something that ugly is worse than the fact that a teenager dressed that way. They’re all obviously scandalous pictures for different reasons and they could all easily offend someone depending on their interpretation.

  • erin

    Nikita poster: Sexist, not scandalous
    OMFG: they’re kissing, so what??
    Miley: looks like a $5 hooker and she’s 17. ’nuff said.

  • katie

    none of these are scandalous, except we’re in puritanical america

  • naynay

    there is nothing “hot” about the new nikita. she is futt bugly and a horrible casting choice, a total disgrace to the nikitas before her.

    • julie

      these words “futt bugly” – I do not think they mean what you hink they mean. Face it, that chick is gorgeous.

      • Georgia

        Ha ha julie – nice reference to the Princess Bride.

    • PJM

      “a total disgrace to the nikitas before her.”

      Even Bridget Fonda? Scary.

  • Jonathan

    The Gossip Girl ad is HOT; the other two just can’t compare to that controversy.

    • Anon

      I don’t object to the Gossip Girl poster except for the OMFG. I’m sick of G.

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