News Corp's $1 million donation to RGA: Jonstewartissa Explains It All

I’m so glad Jon Stewart conjured up the visual aids to help explain News Corp’s $1million donation to the Republican Governors Association on last night’s Daily Show. I usually watch Glenn Beck bounce off the invisible walls surrounding his chalkboard if I need to understand high-concept political gobbledygook. But Stewart makes things even easier! Video after the break.

Can you see it now?

This reminds me I need a chalkboard in my office. Michael Slezak still has so much to learn about sequins and fringe.

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  • stephen

    Jon Stewart ROCKS! Seriously, he’s the best newsman we have…

    • Lisa VanRossum

      Jon Stewart is a comedian, and a good one. He is certainly not anything close to being a “newsman.”
      News Corp supports business … shouldn’t we all?

      • @Lisa

        say what you want, but Stewart is still the most trusted man in news, comedian or not.
        the problem with politics today is that its so sad that its funny, which is the only reason Stewart has the material that he has.
        and based on the economy right now, it’s clear that businesses don’t supporting the people, unemployment is unbelievably high, there is no major hiring……but there is outsourcing.
        people would have no problem supporting honest,ethical businesses that treat employees as valuable, not expendable, unfortunately those businesses don’t seem to exist any longer

  • Alex

    Absolutely brilliant.

  • Elizabeth

    I love that he added the glasses this time… I know I’m going to hell for pointing that out, but I’ll see some of those swell guys from Fox there I’m sure ;)

  • Turbo

    Somehow, some brainless, witless schmuck will blame the liberal media for all this.. They really don’t know any better

    • dlauthor

      See “Naja Haje,” below. It’s like you’re a prophet or something, Turbo!

  • Elizabeth

    I take back what I said earlier – based on these segments alone, Stewart should get the Emmy!

  • Julz

    I saw it coming when he was doing it but still cracked up when he turned the board over.

  • Naja haje

    If such a contribution had been made to some Democrat organization, would he have even bothered to mention it?

    • dlauthor

      If such a post had come from someone with more than two firing neurons, would someone have taken it seriously?

      • Jon

        First of all a recent comment said “best newsman ever”…he’s a comedian, not a newsman and always falls back on the fact that he doesn’t know much about politics, just reports it with a funny spin. Number 2 dlauther you insult immediately but I see no counterpoint…the person with less than 2 firing braincells made a legit point and u respond with an insult and no rebuttal…who has more braincells now? Also even far left liberals know that FOXNews has become a joke that people just fall back on these days as a default…you do realize that democrats are MUCH more notorious for promoting friends regardless of criminal backgrounds…and btw dont pretend Rupert Murdoch has no right to donate money to a party he supports are u saying democrats don’t do that?

      • Turbo

        Stewart showed clips of fox news accusing democrats of accepting money from big corporations and other interest groups..Glen Beck as always, was talking out of his a s s using his silly blackboard and finding conspiracies and trying to prove that democrats are doing such sinister things by selling out to these groups. So all Jon Stewart was proving is that the Republican are doing the same thing by accepting money from newscorp

    • David

      of course not. And if he did EW wouldn’t have thought it worth mentioning. Here’s a formula that’s even easier than Stewart’s to understand: If it’s pro-Obama, pro-Democrat, cover it. If it’s Pro-Republican, Pro-FOX News, ignore it.

      • xgirl

        yup…wonder how many times jon stewart has covered the fact that GE OWNS our govt now and makes their political agenda known everyday via NBC and MSNBC (the networks GE own). liberals hate FOX news-what a shocking headline!! stop the presses and grab my smelling salts!!

      • glen

        In all fairness, most people should probably ignore Fox News ANYTHING.

    • Alex

      Please, Democrats provide ample ammunition for The Daily Show. This wouldn’t have been so funny if it wasn’t for FOX News constantly calling out Democratic donors, only for their parent company to do the same for Republicans.

    • erin

      Jon and David, you are both incorrect on so many points, and it’s clear that both of you have never seen the Daily Show – did you even watch the clip in the post?
      Firstly, while I’m sure that Jon Stewart would agree with you that he is a comedian, not a journalist, he unfortunately knows a lot more about politics than many “real journalists” seem to. The show often covers really important news stories that don’t get covered by mainstream news who are too busy doing feature stories on flight attendants. They (the Daily Show) also provide the context for said important news stories to be fully understood, something “real news” RARELY does.

      Secondly, David, if you watched the show you would know that the writers use comedy to highlight lies, corruption, incompetence, and most of all hypocrisy from ALL sources. Just a few nights ago, for instance, they did a scathing feature on the corruption charges against Charlie Rangle, a liberal Democratic Congressman. Jon Stewart is also VERY critical of many aspects of the Obama administration. If he hits FoxNews often, it’s simply because they are the poorest excuse for a news organization in the history of this country, and are constantly saying things that are ridiculous and untrue. It’s like they TRY to exist solely for the purpose of providing hilarious material for the show.

    • Craig

      Jon Stewart would not have to mention it, because it would be all over Fox News and the rest of the so-called “liberal” media. Given that nobody else is covering the fact that Fox News, an organization that claims to have no bias, gave a large amount to one political party, then it is appropriate for Stewart to call out these shenanigans.

    • Erik

      I love how the argument is always well he woudln’t have said anything if it was a donation to a democrat. However, that’s not what happened, so assuming he wouldn’t say anything if it were a donation to a Democrat isn’t effective. And he’s pointing out the hypocrisy of Fox News.

  • xgirl

    yup…wonder how many times jon stewart has done his ‘investigative journalism’ on GE and how they push THEIR liberal agenda via NBC and MSNBC-the tv networks it owns? or how much $$ they have given to the DNC or obama?? liberals hate FOX news?! what a shocker!! stop the presses and grab my smelling salts bc i think you have just landed the scoop of the century.

  • Buffy Freak

    Besides, FOX News already previously made a HUGE deal over the fact that NBC donated $110,000 to the DNC…of course they conveniently forgot to mention that they made the same exact donation to the RNC.

  • e4ia

    Fox News? Hypocritical? That’s the most shocking thing I’ve heard since the recent news that Mel Gibson has some anger issues…

  • Luis PJ

    love the title

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