Misogyny is alive and well in Minnesota: Republican chicks are hot! Democrats are not!

As first reported by Mother Jones, yesterday, the Minnesota state GOP released a video whose sole purpose is to show just how hawt Republican women are and how fug their Democrat counterparts are. Well, well, well. How classy. Now, given that the video (embedded below) is positively comical in its hackneyedness and looks like Michele Bachmann’s pet goldfish slapped the thing together with a budget of $0.50, it’s barely worth commenting on. But since commenting on pop cultural matters is what we do here at PopWatch, comment on it I shall.

First we see a series of flattering pics of various Republican gals (everyone from Sarah Palin to Heather Locklear) set to Tom Jones’ “She’s A Lady.” Then come the photos of the Dems, each one carefully selected for maximum undesirability and accompanied by the Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out?”. Oh look, there’s Michelle Obama looking like she just stuck her finger in a light socket in the Lincoln Bedroom. Oh hey, there’s Rosie O’Donnell caught mid-snarl.  O’Donnell pops up a number of times in the video (as do Janeane Garofolo and Hillary Clinton, natch), including one shot in which the Queen of Nice’s head has been Photoshopped onto captured Al-Qaeda member Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s hairy body. Oh, the nuance of their argument. How it impresses.

Though a female member of the GOP, Andrea Kieffer, denounced the video as “juvenile” in the Minnesota Independent, the Minnesota Republican Party’s webmaster, Randy Brown, defended it, insisting “its only intention was to bring a smile to a few people’s faces, and possibly irritate a few others. Is it fair? Does that matter? It wasn’t intended to be fair. It was intended to be funny.” Well, my sides aren’t splitting. Aside from the glaring issue of misogyny — Ha ha! It’s so funny and so very easy to focus on women’s appearances rather than their accomplishments! Yes, we’re apparently still having this argument in 2010 — the video is just lame, lacking a single iota of cleverness. Your team’s ladies are hot and the other side’s are not? That’s all you got, Mr. Brown? Really? Sorry, dude, but if you’re trying to bring a smile to my face, you’re going to have to aim for something more subtle than a drooling Neanderthal who just can’t stop clubbing himself in the head.

What do you think of the video?

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  • Ryan

    I feel like the largely negative press reaction is simply because the Democrats didn’t think to do it first. I bet if they had, it would be seen as funny and light-hearted. Whatever. The video is stupid no matter what political party made it. It’s not a feminist thing, it’s a political thing. And what is politics if not immature?

    • T

      Agreed, Ryan. Regardless of which party made it, it’s just pointless. All this just to get a rise out of people? I’m neither amused nor offended, just dumbfounded that someone thought it’d be a good idea to do this.

    • nodnarb

      Except that Democrats would never have made this video. Duh.

  • Nan

    Dumb & offensive with low production value.

    • darclyte

      Besides, a LOT of hot Hollywood actresses are Democrats, and of course they were conveniently left out of the video. So, dumb, offensive to some, low production values, and purposely deceitful.

      • Meg

        And most of the democrat women were admirably accomplished women who have been instumental in breaking down barriers for women.

  • Brooke

    As a Republican woman, I’m kind of tired of the constant glorification of our women as “babes.” We have enough influential women on our team that we don’t have to resort to a parade of actresses to lure people to our principles. What this video really looks like is a pathetic masturbatory fantasy. Making cheap videos is probably the closest way Randy Brown gets to “babes.”

    • nodnarb

      But the biggest mystery is why you would belong to a party in which the men treat you that way. Do you have no dignity?

      • PDF

        This coming from the party who supports an IMAM who wants to institute Sharia law, which makes women no more than property?

  • Joanna

    I can’t believe this. I really hope that some of the “hot” women from the Republican side denounce this, especially those who most certainly did not authorize this, like Kathy Ireland, Heather Locklear, etc.

    • Stephen

      Joanna, You should check out Kathy’s tweets… She has commented and you might find them interesting. Her twitter name is @kathyireland

  • Sarah El

    Offensive, stupid, and pathetic. There’s also a hint of ageism because I really didn’t see any young Democratic women, but the Republican women section had a ton of young, buxom girls. In fact, the Democratic section had to resort to having two images of Rosie and Hillary. Just… wow. I’m not laughing either.

    • Sarah

      Also, the suggestion that a woman is only worth anything if she’s hot. Megan Fox is “hot” but I don’t necessarily want her to be elected to office…

    • caljo

      Ageism my butt most of the Republican women pictured are 40 or over. I think it is hilarious!

      • Kat

        Yeah, it’s totally the same as picturing 90-year-old Helen Thomas.

      • Colin Slaby

        Randy Brown, you absolutely need to step down from your post because if you are in any way shape or form defending this “return to the dark ages” of sexism and a full-on assault against equitable treatment of women, Republican OR Democrat, then you are simply too boneheaded to hold a job while another American searches for one.

    • Philip Doty

      Hey Sarah, i think that was pretty funny what you had written down there.You seem to kind of know a little bit of what your talking about, in that statement you had written down. I think that you also might be a pretty smart young woman. But wow, it has been almost 2 years since you have written that down. Guess it took me a little longer amount of time to end up finding that. But i guess, maybe misogyny possibly might still be alive, who knows though.I guess that is something we will all have to end up finding out for ourselves though, in all of our own seperate lives maybe. Because it is totally different for most people out there nowadays. Since we all live different lives too. That means different situations come into play for each one of us.

  • the girl

    This was so offensive that there is absolutely nothing the Republicans can ever say to me about patriotism, respect, love for neighbor, Christian values, family values, or traditional vales that will ever convince me to vote for them or give them another dime of my money.

  • Zombie Jesus

    Considering most Republican men have a healthy habit of attending strip clubs and cheating on their wives(Democrats do it too, but don’t tout themselves as the party of Family Values), it’s no surprise that looks are THAT important for women entering politics.

    But hey, it’s okay to judge a book by it’s cover. For examples of Republicans judging a book by it’s cover, see their stance on muslims.

  • butters

    Heather Locklear is a republican? I wouldn’t have guessed from her mugshot.

  • Leila

    Yeah, right! Let’s not forget how hot Ann Coulter is. Not!!! LOL!

    • sassyfras


    • leo

      good call

  • Carlos

    What exactly does this have to do with entertainment? EW is using Mother freakin’ Jones as its source to run stories. Just because most of the EW staffers are lefties doesn’t mean they should be posting stories about what a particular political party is doing.

    • Sarah El

      A bunch of the people in the video are in the entertainment industry and this was supposed to be made for entertainment and it’s a viral thing, not to mention, finally, that politics do play a big part into pop culture. There are several reasons besides EW.com’s own political leaning for this video and story to have been posted.

      • Carlos

        Great then post it as a confluence of politics and entertainment, but leave out the misogyny part. It’s hugely hypocritical for an outfit like EW to criticize another group for commenting on the attractiveness of certain people when EW itself posts many “stories” about hotties. How is EW not guilty of misogyny itself. This whole thing is a flimsy excuse for a left-leaning EW staffer to portray moral outrage at the expense of the GOP. That’s more pathetic than the stupid video.

      • Sarah El

        You asked what this had to do with entertainment, there’s the answer. Also, the entertainment industry is heavily based off of the attractiveness of actors, actresses, musicians, etc. and there’s no pretending that’s not true. It’s an unfair comparison, since the entertainment industry is all about appearance, whereas politics are supposed to be about some form of substance. Also, EW’s comments on attractiveness are both for men and women, therefore the idea of misogyny applying to EW is totally moot because, like the entertainment industry, there is objectification of both men AND women. Finally, look at the tags on your comment about the “confluence of politics and entertainment” – it’s tagged as “Politics as Entertainment.”

      • Carlos

        “therefore the idea of misogyny applying to EW is totally moot because, like the entertainment industry, there is objectification of both men AND women.”

        Do you even know what you’re writing? Objectification is ok as long as it’s equal? So cruelty to animals is ok as long as I’m cruel to humans as well? Cool. And racial slurs are just dandy as long as I use them all? Very progressive thinking. Don’t try to rationalize EW’s behavior and biases, it won’t work.

      • Sarah El

        I’m not saying objectification is okay, I never said that, and I would appreciate if you would please stop twisting my words. I’m just leading with the vocabulary, that what EW does is not misogyny by saying that certain actresses and actors are attractive. Please stop using my words as a platform for your speeches. Misogyny is something specific, objectification is broader, and they’re different.

      • Kat

        You tell him, Sarah. Apparently Carlos doesn’t understand these not-so-subtle distinctions.

      • Carlos

        Sarah and Kat are dumb women. (See, that’s misogynistic.) How is the Minnesota GOP misogynistic for saying some women are attractive and others are ugly?

        Sarah, your comment that EW’s hotties articles are “moot” (obviously not, or else this wouldn’t be a discussion) because they include both genders implies that EW’s hotties articles aren’t misogynistic. Using your standard of misogyny–what the Minnesota GOP did comparing attractive women to unattractive women–EW is misogynistic because there are many actresses it leaves out of its hotties articles. The implication there is that the actresses that don’t make the articles are not attractive–more subtle than what the GOP did, but an unstated comparison nonetheless. (Again, I’m using your and EW’s standard of misogyny.)

        And here are your exact words: “what EW does is not misogyny by saying that certain actresses and actors are attractive.” That is exactly what the GOP did. Only it went further and said certain women were unattractive. Is that what makes it misogyny in your mind? Ridiculous.

        If you would stop being an apologist for EW’s lax practices and political biases, you would understand how right I am. Bias isn’t nuance or subtlety. It’s bias. And that’s exactly what this post is.

      • Sarah El

        Well I definitely don’t appreciate your making this personal.

        I said that EW’s articles about the attractiveness of certain celebrities is not evidence of their misogyny because, as I’ve already said, misogyny and objectification are different and, by your argument, what EW practices is not misogyny but rather a general objectification regardless of gender to those who put themselves in the spotlight. Not to mention that EW does not actually judge people based on their attractiveness from what I have seen, but rather has a bit of fun with pointing out “who is the sexiest beast” and things like that, which, though perhaps offensive, are not meant to be so, whereas this video was a blatant attempt at insulting certain women for being ugly, which is assuming that a woman is only worth as much as her beauty. THAT is misogyny.

        What the GOP did, as opposed to EW, is base the worth of a woman on their attractiveness. What EW does is simply moon over certain attractive actors and actresses, not base their worth on said attractiveness.

        I don’t disagree with everyone you say, I’m just pointing out some points where I disagree. Please stop being a jerk, and I’m done here because all I’m doing now is repeating myself and it isn’t helping anything.

  • nodnarb

    It’s only fair they do this with the men… that is if they can fit Rush Limbaugh and all those other fatties into a web video.

  • retirednotdead

    This is how our elected leaders act? Oh boy, I can’t believe this!

  • Melissa

    I am a shamed Minnesotan. This vid is not really funny no matter which side you’re on. Mr. Brown’s attempt at humor went over like a lead balloon…nobody’s laughing, and we’re waiting for him to be yanked offstage by a hook.

  • spyboy

    I did not see Bristol on there-Oh wait she ain’t a virgin! Like all the others.Or that fugly druggy rush.Married 10 times but tells us how to run the country.Can’t even run a marriage.

    • Rebecca

      What relevance does being a virgin have to do with being hot… That was the point of this video. You are a moron.

      • Anne

        You hit a nerve spyboy.

  • casey

    If the Republicans in Minnesota had a message or a plan they wouldn’t have to use musty old stereotypes that even Freddy from Don Draper’s agency would reject. It’s more sad and pathetic than anything else.

    • Katie

      As a Minnesota news junkie, I can say you are dead on. Love the Freddy Rumsen reference.

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