'Hellboy 3': Please, Ron Perlman, make this movie

I’m so glad Guillermo Del Toro left The Hobbit. Finally, he can get back to doing the really important work: Hellboy 3. But problem! Ron Perlman, who played the titular semi-adolescent demonspawn, is unsurprisingly reticent about returning to a role that requires six hours of red makeup. Del Toro told MTV, “He’s doing Sons of Anarchy without makeup. He’s spoiled! He likes to be the big cheese without the makeup session.” I’m assuming Del Toro is merely teasing — he said something pretty similar to EW’s Adam B. Vary at Comic-Con — but just in case, I’d like to take this opportunity to make a tiny plea. Please, Ron Perlman, Please Please Please: Make Hellboy 3. At a time when the once-sacred notion of a “trilogy” has been debased (see: Spider-Man 3 and X3) and devalued (see: all the fourquels hitting theaters in the next year), the Hellboy movies are an absolute rarity: a true saga.

Pardon my ridiculous passion, but after running a series of tests here in the PopWatch laboratory, I’ve come to the scientific conclusion that Hellboy 2 is the best superhero movie ever. Arriving in the summer of 2008 between the zippy fun of Iron Man and the epic dystopian grit of The Dark Knight, Guillermo Del Toro’s demon-hunting sequel was a bizarre outlier. Evil elves covered in mascara, a German scientist made of telepathic gas, that scene where the devil and the fish-man sing Barry Manilow… this did not look like a comic-book movie was supposed to look. (Yeeesh, it barely even looked like Hellboy 1. The first movie was a fun little actioner that, but for a profound sense of humor, wasn’t really that far removed from Ghost Rider.)

But there are so many weird, wonderful touches in Hellboy 2 that put bigger, more operatic superhero films to shame. Like the scene where a forest god’s corpse decomposes into a beautiful field of flowers, right in the middle of a crowded city street. Or the Goblin Market, which looked like the Mos Eisley Cantina as filmed by Federico Fellini. Or the fact that Doug Jones played three roles in the movie, all under heavy prosthetics, all incredible. At the center of it all was Ron Perlman, a truly eccentric actor who had found a role tailormade for his talents.

Whenever Del Toro talks about Hellboy 3, his plans for the movie sound mysterious and wonderful. More to the point, he makes it sound final: a true ending, not a “See you in our next adventure” teaser. And what could be more exciting than that?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you as excited about Hellboy 3 as I am? Can we begin a Twitter/Facebook/Whatever campaign to convince Ron Perlman to get back into the makeup chair? And isn’t it nice to think that, with Hellboy, Selma Blair may have actually achieved some cinematic immortality that doesn’t involve making out with Sarah Michelle Gellar?


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  • paige

    eh- ive seen both hellboy movies and as creative as they are- i find them to be pretty unmemorable imo

    • angel

      I agree, they’re ok but not mindblowing as the article makes them see.

    • Matt1

      Yeah man, I remember looking at my watch a number of times while sitting in the theater, pretty bored with HB2.

    • J.

      Visually stunning, but story-wise, nothing to write home about. I still think Del Toro is a little overrated. Don’t get me started on Pan’s Labyrinth.

    • darclyte

      The first movie was ok but had an absolutely terrible ending. The second movie looked amazing but the story/plot ended up being rather boring. Maybe the third time would be the charm and it would both look amazing and have a great story.

    • therealeverton

      Hellboy 2 is an astounding movie. With a very good story, beautiful visuals, and a villain you actually cared about. There was a compelling ambiguity about which side was in the right; the antagonist wasn’t a cartoony “evil” character and his grievances with man were very real and there was a very tangible “humans are the bad guys here” theme that felt neither preachy nor unrealistic. Add the brilliance of visual flair on show and top performances all around and you get a very good and underrated film. It’ll be like Blade Runner & the Thing (although it was more of a commercial success than either of those films), in that, years from now people will be talking about it as an overlooked “classic” of sorts. Like the Post says it is one of the best comic book movies ever made, at the same time it’s one of the best fantasy films ever made. As I recall when SyFy.co.uk did a viewer / reader poll Hellboy II made the best ever list.

      • jroberson


  • sauby

    I can’t tell if this is supposed to be sarcastic or not… I personally thought Hellboy 2 was terrible

    • Tom

      I thought Hellboy 2 was dumb, and I switched it off less than 40 minutes in. Hellboy 1 was OK but nothing to get worked up about.

  • retirednotdead

    OH YES! PLEASE RON PEARLMAN! I promise I’ll see it 5 times!

  • SLB

    LOVE Hellboy! Bring it on!

  • Catherine

    I LOVE HELLBOY!!! Have the 2 movies and rewatch them a ridiculous amount of times…

  • Ceballos

    Yeah, the “Hellboy” movies are a visual treat, and they’re entertaining when I’m watching them – but I just don’t really “love” them, and they pretty much exit my mind as soon as they’re over.

    Also, while I like your boldness, I’m mostly trying to figure out if if “Hellboy 2 is the best superhero movie ever” is more or less ridiculous than your “Heroes: Season 1 is the best season in broadcast TV history” contention from a few months back.

    • paige

      and now we know everything written by Darren Franich should be taken with a grain of salt. he probably thinks Rob Zombie’s Halloween is better than John Carpenter’s lol

  • Peter Morgan

    You know, Dennis, you probably make some good points, but I can never get past you writing that the first season of Heroes may be the best season of television…ever. You forever lose credibility for that one.

    • Peter Morgan

      Excuse me, I meant to write Darren, not Dennis.

    • paige

      are you THE Peter Morgan who wrote Frost/Nixon and The Queen???

      • Ceballos

        I hope so…I LOVED “Frost/Nixon” and thought it was underrated. (Assuming it’s possible for a movie that was nominated for Best Picture to be underrated.)

      • paige

        it Was underrated! and ron howard directed it!

    • therealeverton

      Did he say the best season ever or “his best”, as in his favourite season ever. It was extremely good and whilst I don’t think it was the best ever season of TV I wouldn’t say someone who thought it was lost any credibility. There’s an argument there, most likely a losing one but there’s an argument.

      What are your 5 best seasons of TV? I’m not sure I could choose just one show but I would likely include at least one season from each of the following shows;24, DS9, Battlestar (21st century), The Shield, Sopranos, Ultraviolet, Cold Feet , E.R, Farscape, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Friends, Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Spaced, Extras, Only Fools & Horses, Avatar season 3, Angel & Buffy had some superb seasons; and I’ve said too many. I’d have to say that season 1 of both Heroes and Prison Break are 2 of the most, purely, entertaining seasons of TV I’ve seen. Ditto season one of Lost. Mores the pity they all crumbled so spectacularly in the following seasons. Also they aren’t fiction but Walking with Dinosaurs and Planet Earth were pretty awesome and milestones too.

      • David

        2 words: Arrested Development.

      • therealeverton

        Hmmm, yeah I guess that would get on the shortlist too.

  • Joe

    Hellboy 2 was fantastic. Perlman was born to play Hellboy. C’mon Ron, man up and do the movie for the fans

  • javi

    i hope perlman do the 3rd one if not make deltoro direct an episode of son’s of anarchy that would make my day.

  • justin

    YES! I love both Hellboy movies, though the second one is far superior. I hope they make a 3rd!

  • Derek

    Hellboy 2 was campy. I say let it die.

  • Cat

    The “Hellboy” movies are my favorites in the genre. A third movie would pretty much rock my face right off. Ron Perlman, make this happen!

  • Ambee

    I really didn’t expect to like the movies as much as I did. I would never put them on my top movies list, but I would definitely see the third one in theaters – and that’s what counts, right? I was surprisingly entertained by them both!

  • Quirky

    For me “The Incredibles” is the best superhero movie ever made. Hellboy 2 was good but I ended up liking Luke Goss’s villian way more than the good guys.

    • Leah

      i agree with liking the villan more. i have a villan complex/monster complex, but the monster bit makes hellboy EXTREMELY attractiive for some reason. Nuada was good, but Hellboy didn’t die. and personally, i saw the goddamn incredibles one too many times for it to be good anymore.

      • therealeverton

        This just goes to show both how well written and well played his character was. You are meant to like him, despite what he does, you’re supposed to look at the story, to look at mankind and think, the Prince is right; we are **** and we don’t really deserve Hellboy and the “Freaks” defending us. He’s a wholly sympathetic villain and his lack of standard one dimensionality is one of the reasons the film is enjoyable.

    • therealeverton

      The Incredibles is very good but it isn’t the best superhero movie ever made. Whilst great on chaacter and family responsability VS individuality / immaturity it doen’t have either the subvtle or overt political & social commentary of X2 or the “city as a character” grand themes of the Dark Knight. Not quite as grown up as Mr Shamylan’s, underrated last great film, Unbreakable either.

  • Anne

    Whenever I catch Hellboy on TV, I re-watch . So yeah, I’m game for HB3

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