'Big Brother' instant react: So much happened, so little happened

big-brother-castImage Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSSo much—and, when you really think about it, so little—happened in tonight’s episode of Big Brother, which saw a hard-fought, intense Veto Competition; the season’s second coming of Pandora’s Box; the return of a familiar face; one rather silly sabotage; and one of Brendon’s nominees (Ragan or Lane) go off the block. (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode.)

I suppose the biggest news of the night was the fact that Brendon opened Pandora’s Box, allowing Rachel to return to terrorize the house for 24 hours. But going back to my opening line of this post, which cited the “so little” that happened, her haphazard presence really only coalesced into what seemed like a welcome bit of nuttiness—and a series of screaming matches between her and Ragan, who wasn’t having any of her fire-red crazy. When she opened the door (“Hahaha, I’m back, b—-es!”), no one seemed too surprised—or excited to see her. “When I saw Rachel walk through that door,” the ever-sound bitey Britney said in the Diary Room, “I wanted to throw up all over myself.” Ragan was much more public with his disgust: “Why don’t you get us a drink Ra-tress?” he said in front of the rest of the House Guests, referencing her Rachel Uchitel-ish-ness.

Then things devolved into a battle over Ragan’s sexuality: “Do you have to be the biggest bitch,” Rachel yelled at Ragan, “because you’re gay?” Snap! “You can’t even keep a boyfriend!” Honestly, that was low—and, again, pointless! To which Ragan responded: “You can’t even stay in the game of Big Brother!” And the barbs continued: “You’re about as classy as your nasty hair extensions!” Ragan added. “The only thing honest about you is the pimples on your chin!” And: “Talking to you is like talking to the most vile, devil child in the world, and I’m done with it, baby, because I’m done with you because your game in this house is over!” And then, Rachel, added: “I love gay people, and you suck at it!” I could go into a gay-card tirade, but all of it was just too silly to even waste my energy. Truly, she was only using his sexuality in her attack because she had nothing else to work with.

The more subtle, hilarious part of the whole pointless situation was that Brendon was under the impression that when he opened Pandora’s Box that he’d get to see Rachel on the 24-hour vacation away from the house he was promised. Rachel clearly thought the same when she got the invite back into the House, as she went looking for him when she got there. But nope: The producers purposely kept these two lovebirds apart, as Brendon went on his vacay alone while Uchitel, err Rachel, was on her tear through the Big Brother house. Watching Brandon sit at that huge table eating dinner by himself (“This is really good,” he said to…no one) was absolutely one of the most priceless moments of the season so far.

Another hilarious, silly bonus to the whole situation was when Rachel left Brendon a note in the HOH bedroom that he should put Matt on the block in place of Ragan, who won the Power of Veto. She didn’t do it on paper—instead, geniusly, with pretzels! Was there really no pen and pad in the house—or the HOH room, for that matter—that she could have used? Lord, this girl knows how to make good television—and, clearly, use carbs effectively.

At the top of the episode, during a ridiculous Zingbot-infused (what poor intern was forced into that suit?!) competition, as I mentioned before, Ragan won the Power of Veto. Score for him, as he was on the block. But, as all you followers realize, there’s a twist here that no one in the house (except Matt) knows: These nominations could be rocked by the Diamond Power of Veto that Matt holds. Of course, Matt was put up on the block (Brendon thanks you again for the pretzel directional, Rachel!), but he’ll surely take himself off tomorrow. But who will he put up instead of himself? He holds all the power right now. If he’s smart, he’s switch his alliance fully over to Britney and Ragan and put up either Enzo or Hayden, who spent a portion of the episode plotting against him for winning competitions. The Brigade, my friends, is splintering apart quickly. The lamest, most do-nothing alliance in Big Brother history is almost dead.

Lastly, there was more weird act of sabotage from Ragan, who taped a series of those creepy videos that kept the House Guests up all of one night, promising them a competition that would never materialize. “My sabotage kept everyone up all night in a paranoid state of freak-a-tonia!” What does that even mean? Ragan, no—just no.

What’d you think of the episode, PopWatchers? Impressed, like me, with how so much and so little can happen in one hour? Wondering what Kathy is actually good at? Wanting more Rachel in your life? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  • Big Dave

    Ragan just makes himself look petty when he gets into it with Rachel.

    • jaime

      he only tolled the truth and she had nothing to say

      • t.t

        tolled? *eye roll*

      • darclyte

        They didn’t show where she came out of a Diary Room session and apologized to Ragan. He apologized and they hugged. She seemed sincerely upset that she came across poorly, but was he genuine or just trying to gain her vote in the Jury?

      • LoveMeSomeRob

        tolled? really?!

      • Meow

        She’s speaking in Kathy’s native tongue.

      • joe the dirt

        What?!? Ragan only got into it with her because she continually singled him out and attacked him! And every time she came at him, he would absolutely RULE her!!! It was seriously the most entertaining BB episode since the coup d’etat and Chima’s resulting meltdown last year. I loved how Rachel ended up standing outside in stunned silence after trying to entice Ragan with cookies. And how funny was it when he helped her realize that she was the “horrible thing” that Pandora’s Box released into the house! Classic.

      • KC

        Totally agree with Joe here!!

      • JRE

        Don’t you mean tolled-ly

      • jason.

        I’ll give “tolled”. He kind of rang out multiple truths like a bell. Or something.

        Ask not for whom the Ragan tolls, Rachel. He tolls for thee.

    • wakeforce

      I agree, Big Dave. As a gay man, I can safely say that some of the biggest b**ches you’ll ever meet are gay men. Ragan is a fool for believing that Big Brother is an honorable game.

      • Rock Golf

        I’m still trying to figure out why it’s ok to spell out “b1tch” in the article, but the plural “b____es” is censored. One b1tch good. Two b____es bad?

    • bluecows

      agreed, he is such a hypocrite

    • Chenbot 6.9

      He’s so pathetically boring and dull that he can’t even look petty.

      Seriously, have all the somewhat interesting, funny, catty or likable gay guys already been cast on reality shows? This is bottom of the barrel milquetoast.

      • Rock Golf

        Are you watching the same show?
        My wife, daughter and myself all think Ragan the only decent person in the house. He is actually the only one funny or likable.
        Milquetoast? He didn’t budge an inch from Rachel and gave twice as good as he got.

      • KC

        Excactly. How many other people stood up to her? He’s a decent person, is funny, has a heart and emotions, is trying his absolute best in the challenges, and doesn’t let people walk all over him. Go Ragan!

      • Alan

        I actually agree. As a gay man myself, I’m a bit tired of the screechy, “quirky sound bite”, finger-SNAPPING! gay guys they have on the show every year. The only non Drama Queen gay guy they had was Stephen, the gorgeous blonde gay rodeo cowboy. And then also, the mysterious Neil from the Couples season before his unexplained mystery ouster.

      • jared4ever

        Everyone in that house HATES rachel ans says horrible things behind her back, tey Regan was the only one to say it to her face, SOO not a milquetoast.

      • Steve

        Just because a guy throws a hissy-fit doesn’t mean he’s someone to be admired. Not defending Rachel, just don’t think Ragan is worthy of such accolades.

      • Sandy

        I agree, Brit Matt and rag an are the worse guests ever. If people remember. At the beginning when he was crying all the time who was comforting him. Brenchal. That’s who.
        Then he just turns on them for his convenience. Then rag an says briny has a great heart. Wow, every time she goes in the dr she is sooooo nasty. Like she is better than anyone. Then rag an says Matt has such integrity. Come on, he gave his wife a fake disease. That is not integrity. Maybe his wife is fake and he is ragans gay lover. Go brendon, lane hay den Kathy or Enzo.

      • Penny

        You guys must not be watching the live feeds, and CBS is editing Regan more than anyone I have ever seen! He is the meanest person in the house. Some of the things I have heard him say made me turn my sound off and made me turn read with shame for even watching it. He is a horriable person!

      • MB

        Cannot stand Ragan. He’s like the young Jerry Lewis.

      • Moana

        Love, love ,love Ragan.
        We need you on this planet.
        Get rid of that ugly b**** & retarded Brendon.

    • caryn

      Agree. Rachel didn’t have anything to say back because she’s just not as mean as Ragan. Annoying and clueless, yes, but not mean.

      • Javabooknut

        I agree. She’s clueless but I think deep down she’s the most honest and straightforward in the house. Brash and abrasive, yes. But kind of nice.

      • KC

        No, that’s not it, her brain doesn’t work that fast.

      • Big Dave

        Oh, no. She’s mean, too.

      • bluecows

        Exactly, if you think Ragan is a decent person than you may have to examine your own life. He’s the real bully in the house and I’m sick of him using the word like he’s the victim. He’s a hypocrite who yells at Rachel for doing exactly what he’s doing while he’s yelling at her. Sure, Rachel is annoying, but NOBODY deserves to be denegrated as much as Ragan is capable of doing. Rachel used the only ammo she could use against him about him being a bitch because he’s gay. He ripped on her 10x worse for being a waitress. He thinks he’s superior to everyone. He needs to get down off his moral high horse and realize that the highroad would have been much better and morally superior in this situation. He’s a word bully that managed to make himself look worse than Rachel….than RACHEL!!! That’s quite an accomplishment. Communications professor? I’d drop his class in a heartbeat. I hope his college is watching lmao.

      • CraigJ

        I think that as soon as Rachel realized that she was the horrible thing released into the house it was so hilarious. I think that was the best thing Ragen said and drove the point home. To the writer of the article, no the don’t have a pencil and paper around they take all that so people can’t pass around notes. They get chalk and chalkboard when they need to write something, grocery list etc. which gets confiscated immediately when they are done using it. Big Bro doesn’t want people passing notes back and forth to each other. Everything said in that his is supposed to be on camera.

      • princesspr

        Regan is the WORST HG ever!!When NO ONE…I mean NO ONE was his friend, Rachel and Brendon was there for him, he was up in that HOH room plotting and planning with Rachel. Then when he realize that the house wanted Rachel out because she was strong in the game and Brendon just because; that when he turned on both of them.

        He is sooooo sad!!! Then he tries to said that Brendon is a bully PLEASE! HE MAKES ME SICK! I can’t wait for him to get evicted.
        because he will. So he better win HOH or Veto or he will be up there on the block.

    • Nancy

      Ragan actually got Rachel to shut up. He deserves another 20 grand just for that!

      • Leah


      • Mika

        I agree Nancy. I sat there in stunned silence listening to Ragan go off on Rachel. I loved it! Also, I gave myself a high five when Big Bro sent Brendon to the jury house to be alone. Priceless! I couldn’t be more happy that they were kept apart. Yahoo!! I wonder who Matt will put on the block…hope it’s Enzo’s lazy behind.


        I agree ,,, rachel met her match .. and I loved every bit of what Regan said … she deserved it bigtime ….

      • SLB


      • KC

        I’ll donate to that cause :)

    • Kylie

      Rachel went after HIM twice and started fights with HIM. Not the other way around. Ragan tried to stay away from her, she wouldn’t let him so he told her off. Every word of it was the truth.

      • da

        I agree. While I also thought some of his comments were low blows (the pimple comment especially), she definitely started, continued, and escalated the situation. I wish he would have taken more of a high ground with her, but I do understand his frustration.

      • Alan

        He was really petty. She’s out of the game: what does she have to lose? She was obviously told my producers to “stir things up”. He should have kept his mouth shut and taken the higher road. That would have made HER look petty.

    • Alan

      Ragan was really trashy during that argument. She’s right: She is on the jury. If he angers Rachel (and therefore Brendon), that’s 2 votes he has lost. Sorry, I know it sucks, but you HAVE TO suck up to jury members, be it Survivor or Big Brother. I just wanted Ragan to shut up already!

      • Randy

        Do you really think Rachel or Brendon would have voted for Ragan anyway? There’s no way that would have happened. Ragan had nothing to lose. He knew this, and seized the opportunity to say what he (and everyone else) was thinking. You could literally see the weight come off his shoulders after he laid into her. He may have lost 2 jury votes, but I think he potentially gained several others.

      • Alan

        Not necessarily. In many seasons of Survivor and Big Brother I have been very surprised to see former enemies vote for each other because they ‘respected’ their play. I mean look at Evil Dr. Will! Everyone hated him yet he won in the finals because they respected how he played. I think that if Ragan had really worked to build respect from B&R, anything could have happened in the final vote.

      • princesspr

        Agreed then he has the nerve to say that my integrity is not worth $500,000. REALLY! Well let see if he says that IF (big IF) he makes it to the final two. I sure he will rethink that statement.

    • GregR

      Ragan seems to think he’s a good person with integrity. But he thinks the same about Matt and Britney. Exactly what did Rachel and Brendon ever do to warrant such hatred? Why is Rachel such a vile and disgusting person? Rachel never bullied Ragan. Rachel and Brendon became a couple. Big deal. He looked like a hysterical venom spewing idiot last night. He and Britney sit around talking smack about the others all the time, but they are the good people. Everything Ragan said about Rachel last night was all about him. He was projecting and it showed. He talked about Rachel’s hair and pimples, etc. but just last week, he was wearing her hair extensions trying to be pretty or funny. It’s not like he’s God’s gift to Big Brother. So many things could be said about his appearance and Britney’s as well. Wonky eye. So they have a lot of nerve. I hope when they get out of the house and watch the show at home, they see how awful they really are.

    • Doc X

      Ragan came off as a hateful little puke in his fight w/Rachel. Man-up, Ragan!

  • Rion

    I actually hate Ragan now. What a scumbag. He was cruel, malicious, and just plain evil to Rachel. She did nothing wrong, and she had every right to be bitchy since she had just been evicted.
    Ragan, you b**tard, I hope you’re evicted next week.

    • me

      do you watch the show??? Rachel is the scumbag….not Ragan… both start with Ra but are worlds apart. Regan was only defending himself..verbally because her really wanted to smack the B1tch..now that I would have cheered for!!

    • jared4ever

      Wow, you are SOOOO wrong. Rachel is the most annoying, spoiled, arrogant and obnoxious player they’ve had in a long time. She deserved everything Regan said to her and more.

    • greta

      I totally agree with you! It was very uncomfortable watching the immature name calling. Ragan is a professor! He should have taken the high road. I had heard he was horrid but now I saw it for myself.

    • CraigJ

      WTF!!! Are you kidding me? Rachel deserved everything that was said to her and more. What does it mean exactly when Rachel said he was “gay and not even good at it?” I am so glad B and R didn’t get to see each other. I hope Matt doesn’t put up Britney. Hopefully, he sees this as a great time to get ahead in the game and join with Ragen and Brit. He is on the outs with The Brigade anyways. Put up Hayden or Enzo.

    • teresa

      Rachel was the bully! But Ragan didn’t back down, just as Kathy didn’t back down. That’s what you have to do with bullies. Stand up to them. I admire both Kathy and Ragan for going toe to toe with Rachel. Maybe it will teach her a lesson that she’ll take out of the Big Brother house.

  • Rion

    I hope, hope, hope Matt nominates Kathy and the do-nothing slacker sheriff is sent packing.

    • darclyte

      I think that’s what Matt wants to do, but if he nominated Enzo or Hayden that’d be hilarious. I don’t know if Matt ever found out that they were planning on evicting him. Speaking of Hayden, when Rachel got booted and did press, she was asked why she and Hayden always yell in the Diary Room. When she was back in the house she told Hayden, and they both said that they had been asked to tone it down some time ago. He did seem more subdued in his DRs tonight and most (but not all) of them recently. Maybe Matt will find out that he was to be sacrificed and will jump to the Ragan/Brit alliance.

    • TMRZoo Neil

      I agree. Rarely have I seen anyone on this show as useless. The only problem is that she’s harmless too.

    • Rock Golf

      Matt’s best move is to nominate Hayden. He’s really the swing vote and I just hope he realizes that if he sticks with the Brigade, he’s low man on the totem pole and certain to go out 4th or at best 3rd.
      If he puts up Hayden, the Brigade is down to Enzo and Lane, who in total don’t have an IQ over room temperature. He’s got Ragan, Britney & Kathy who all adore him. He leads the largest bloc.

    • Sarah

      I don’t think it would happen, but I’d prefer he DID put up one of the Brigade. That would do waaay more to shake up the house. And they have got to be the most useless alliance EVER!

  • orangevanity

    there is no paper or pen allowed in the house, they cannot write notes back and forth, therefore she wrote her message in pretzels

    • allie

      yeah they’ve taken away lipstick and nail polish in the past because people were writing with it. Tanner, did you REALLY not know that?? That’s old info. Rachel was actually pretty smart to use the pretzels.

      • kelly

        One of Ragan’s Saboteur acts earlier this week was leaving a note under Enzo’s pillow. Where did he get a pen and paper? Unless it was given to him in the DR for the sole use as Saboteur…

    • KC

      True. But as soon as I read that about pen and paper in the recap I thought, here we go 1,000 comments about how there is no pen and paper LOL

      • Alan

        I know. What’s with all the bitter anger sarcastic Big Brother Nerds getting so angry about that. I’ve watched every season and I don’t know or really care precisely what they can or can’t have.

  • Tracy

    The person who wrote this review obviously doesn’t watch big brother. They are not allowed to have pen and paper in the house. She wasn’t even supposed to leave him that message at all.

    • darclyte

      According to Matt, he asked the producers about it who told him that they “didn’t see” the message. Uh huh. Ok.

      • katagarbo

        That is what Matt said but we all know he is anything but truthful. Rachel asked if she could do the message in DR and they told her Yes.

      • Teresa

        yeah… just like they didn’t see Brendon working on his ropes before the HOH challenge even started!!!

      • darclyte

        Now the HGs are saying that BB said that it was an oversight on their part as there wasn’t a rule about it, so they’ll have to add a rule for next season to prevent it.

      • caryn

        Rachel implied to someone that BB encouraged her to leave a message for Brendon.

      • Alan

        But Rachel is not a houseguest, so why should she be subject to the rules. And if you wanted to, you could spell out a message with anything. Clothing, Chess Pieces, cutlery from the kitchen, etc. Even if they were to punish HG’s for writing messages, how can they punish an evicted HG?

    • Gig

      I firmly believe that the producers allowed/encouraged her to do the pretzel message so that Matt would then be forced to use the diamond veto, thus making shizz all the more dramatical.

      • kitkat

        good point…. I agree

      • Mika

        Yeah, it’s so obvious the producers are not letting the game play out. They are manipulating the shyt out of it.

      • Alan

        Mika, the producers have been manipulating BB every season. Players are always “pushed” or “encouraged” into certain game plays by the producers. No news there.

      • Scott

        It’s not only them encouraging her. Production re-arrainged the table so the message would be more prominent. Go back and watch the tapes. When she first makes the message the “I Love You” and “Matt” were a lot closer together so it looked like “I Love You Matt” There was also a stuffed dog above the word Matt. In the first shot when Brendan comes back there is stuff dividing the “I Love You” and the “Matt” and some of the clutter around the table is gone.

  • Holla Atcha

    Of course there’s no paper or pen in the house. Do you watch the show?

    • Alan

      I have watched every season since season 1 and I didnt know that. I have never read the Official Rule Book and I doubt Tanner has either and I don’t spend 20 hours a day watching the live feeds and I’m sure neither does Tanner, so let’s drop the snappy sarcasm.

      • CraigJ

        Alan, it would help if you not only watched but listened to the show also. If you have been watching since Season 1 you should know this if you pay attention. Do you remember S1 when they allowed books? People would make notes out of the letters in the books. This is what took books away. You can have bible but only for 30m or an hour a day and you must read in the DR. I have never watched the live feeds, this is general knowledge that could be obtained watching the regular show. I am sure Tanner just had a brain fart and forget while he was trying to get his recap written for us. Remember when airplane’s used to fly banners over the house to reveal information also? They now are on lock-down when a banner plane fly’s over the house.

      • Alan

        I remember about the banners. It’s just that they don’t really show the detailed rules on the TV version – they show the challenges, the squabbles, the fights, etc. Obviously we know there’s no TV or internet or radio. But other details I maybe was like Tanner and just don’t remember hearing about. For example, we always hear about slop, but they never actually show you what the slop is. Also, the producers “talk” to the contestants over the loudspeaker all day long, yet on the TV version, you rarely hear that. So the TV version does cut down on many of the day to day mundane parts of BB.

    • jslost

      Why don’t they just allow books and music too….**rolls eyes**

  • Stefan

    They are not allowed to have pen and paper in the house. And it’s pretty much against the rules to leave messages but the producers obviously thought it was ok for Rachel.

  • Tracy

    Tanner..did they just stick you with this job? How about u review a show that you know something about?

    • Alan

      Wow, rude much? Easy, Rachel.

  • Sara

    No, there isn’t pen & paper in the house.

  • Emily S

    Can the diamond POV be used against the Head of Household?

    • Tracy

      No it can’t.

      • allie

        But I would LOVE it if the veto became null and void and Matt could put Ragan back up!!

      • caryn

        He would never. Matt and Ragan are BFFs.

  • Ken

    get rid of kathy pleassse!

  • retirednotdead

    I have never watched Big Brother. How many years has it been on?

    • Emily S

      10 – It started in July of 2000.

    • Jamie

      This is the 12th Season. It’s been on every Summer since 2000. In 2008, they had two seasons, one in the Winter and one in the Summer due to the Writer’s Strike.

    • CraigJ

      If you can I would strongly suggest watching past seasons especially 2,5,6 and best of all All Stars Season 7 was amazing! I love S2 also. You will love the Evil Dr. Will. All time fav Big Bro cast member.

  • innerjuju

    I, for one, will miss Rachel. You just can’t bottle that brand of crazy.

    • Sunflowrskies

      There’s a reason for that- the FDA would never approve such a hazardous substance!

  • J

    Brendon was probably talking to a cameraman or director when he said, “This is really good.”

    • yeah

      yeah and I wonder why anyone thinks thats automatically something that makes you “crazy”…havent we all been alone, and said something aloud…he didnt start a freaking conversation…

      brenden gets the WORST edit, and to hand him that lame reward when matt got a freaking DPOV(when brenden could use it a LOT more, and its kind of BS since matt lives on only because he let a sab on the loose? thats lame….

  • Mac

    I’m sure Matt will put up Kathy (he gets to use the veto AND choose the replacement – he even said so, Tanner). Kathy will go home. So, when all is said and done, all of the girls in the house will have managed to be evicted, minus Britney. Only one guy has managed to be evicted – Andrew. The very first hotdog competition was clearly an omen for the way this season has turned out – no more buns!

    • TMRZoo Neil

      Too bad all the boobs are still there!!!

      • TMRZoo Neil

        I mean that in the derogetory, Brigade idiot sense, by the way. Not in the Britny, top-heavy sense. We can keep her around all day.

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