JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater's publicist: 'There's a lot of stuff that's coming in'

Steven-Slater-BragmanImage Credit: Todd Williamson/WireImage.comQuitting your job usually leads to bookmarking on your laptop and watching M*A*S*H DVDs in your underwear, not fame and fortune. Of course, if for your final act at said job you lay down an expletive-laced tirade over an intercom system and exit via an emergency escape tube, the way former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater reportedly did, the standard rules may not apply. After a week of his story saturating a strangely obsessed media, on Sunday Slater procured the services of top publicist Howard Bragman to help deal with media relations and manage the numerous offers said to be coming his way.

First, however, there’s the little matter of sorting out the legal ramifications stemming from Slater’s public display at the end of that fateful JetBlue flight (he’s been charged with reckless endangerment and criminal mischief, felonies that could have him looking at seven years in prison). “We don’t get out of the starting gate until we get through the criminal charges and deal with what happened on the airplane,” Bragman says.

Though there are, apparently, plenty of opportunities to consider. “There’s a lot of stuff that’s coming in through e-mail, phones, faxes, camels, every which way you can,” Bragman says. “Books, endorsements, hosting reality shows, speaking engagements, personal appearances.” Bragman is surprised by the amount of attention Slater has received, but he’s also confident that his new client has hit upon something in American culture that won’t soon go away. “I’ll tell you honestly, when this story first broke just a little over a week ago, I was surprised it had the legs it did,” he says. “But then I really thought about it, and I think I understand why. It touched on a certain nerve in society.”

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  • Cris

    Remarkable how it doesn’t take any talent whatsoever to be a “star” nowadays.

    • Brian

      When has it ever? Yeesh. Cue the parade of unoriginal, knee jerk comments about “fifteen minutes of fame.” Personally, I think the man did something I’ve fantasized about every single time I am on a plane. Good for him, and I hope he can live off whatever he makes from this for as long as he lives. The dude’s braver than most.

      • Zach

        Why is it brave to lash out at a patron and then escape through an emergency chute? I have nothing against this man and haven’t followed the story enough to know or care, but I did hear a woman from the flight say he was acting worse than the passenger who was supposedly antagonizing him. I don’t understand what makes this man a hero. That Capt. Sully never got this much hurrah, and what of the brave United 93 passengers? I can’t believe enough people are buying the hype with this guy that he can get a top publicist and all these offers.

      • nodnarb

        I completely disagree. Captain Sully got a huge ovation that including being ranked 2nd by TIME magazine as an icon of the year, was offered a job by Richard Branson’s space tourist venture, was a grand marshall in parades around the country, and published a biography… United 93 was made into a friggin’ movie!

      • Zach

        United 93 was made into a movie and yet I see more Internet coverage on Steven Slater than any of the individual U93 passengers. Capt. Sully won those honors and that’s great, and yet I still see more enduring coverage a week later on Steven Slater. Point made.

      • nodnarb

        Your point is not made at all. There’s a far bigger world out there than Facebook and blogs. For example, there’s an international rugby tournament held every two years named for Mark Bingham, one of the U93 passengers. When rugby teams start playing in the “Slater Cup,” then you might have a point.

      • Lock

        And if rugby were a real sport, YOU might have a point.

      • shotgunsamurai42

        Oh no Lock did not! Rugby isn’t a sport? Oh and I’m assuming your pussy “Football” is a sport? The guys are all padded up! Lame ass game.

      • who cares

        if the U93 passengers had SURVIVED then i think its safe to assume they would be ‘celebrities’. and rugby is the greatest sport in the world. if you disagree, how about you walk up to a rugby player and tell them how you feel. just make sure you count your teeth first so you know how many to pick up of the ground.

  • marge

    I hope he falls flat on his face. In every interview I’ve seen w/ him he comes across as an ass.

  • George

    Really? He’s always seemed kinda gracious and realistic to me. But I defer to Marge’s solid, rational judgment.

  • Ceballos

    Hey, if Michael Kors ever needs a stand-in…

  • Adrienne

    This guy seems self-possessed (aside from the time he quit) and very cool. He’s not letting the fame get to his head like a lot of other stars have. He took a lot of crap from JetBlue passengers for 28 years, and I think he deserves fame and fortune for putting up with it that long. Don’t you?

    • chilliguy

      He could have seriously injured ground personel by deploying the slide. Flight attendant training hammers that point constantly.

      • nodnarb

        Actually, the company that provides the chutes says he followed his flight attendant training perfectly.

      • Adrienne

        True, you’ve got a point! That’s one of the main reasons why he’s being charged with criminal mischief. But ground personel usually don’t approach a plane until it reaches the terminal and has stopped moving. Mr. Slater activated the slide when passengers were supposed to be in their seats, which implies that the plane was still moving at that point. The likelihood of ground personel being close to the plane right after touchdown is slim to none, and Mr. Slater had to know that. He’s been in the flight attendant business for a very long time, and I hope by then he would have known that.

      • chilliguy

        Followed his training perfectly ? No way in hell.

        There are ground folks all around an aircraft when it pulls into the gate.

      • nodnarb

        Uhh, they train for that!

      • chilliguy

        And, the slide could detach and get sucked into a running engine, and that would be a disaster.

      • nodnarb

        But it wasn’t because he followed his training.

      • chilliguy

        You have no idea what you are talking about.

        F.A training tells you to never-ever open a armed emergency exit while the aircraft is moving and the engines are running.

        BTW, I’m in the business.

      • nodnarb

        Actually, you’re the one who has no idea what you’re talking about. The plane was not moving and the engines were not running when he did this. Psst: There’s video of the incident, which clearly you haven’t seen.

  • nodnarb

    Howard Bragman is like an ambulance chaser for famewhores. I actually liked Steven Slater until this development.

  • Karate Pants

    Isn’t “publicist Howard Bragman” the same guy developing the reality show about celebrities coming out? Seems like Howard Bragman is doing a fine job of getting his OWN name out there lately.
    And which did the JetBlue dude hire first – an attorney or a publicist?

    • Rodney in NY

      LOL.. very astute observaton.. Clearly the man knows his business.

  • Will

    Thos charges are serious. The courts are not the same as Facebook. I predict 2 years.

  • Clete

    Fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes, give him his fifteen minutes of fame (for what I don’t know. Then have him fade away back to the obsurity he deserves.

  • WTF

    Of course there is a “lot” coming in. The culture is ruined.

  • Applegirl

    To be truthful I am not sure how I feel about Mr. Slater – I certainly have felt like doing something like he did but I’m basically gutless – However since this story broke, I have been curious about the passenger who was rude and foul mouthed to him – where is this person, why hasn’t his/her behavior been a point of onversation or the media — I fly a lot and I hear and see the most rude behavior toward flight attendants, it’s embarrassing – eveyone just needs to chill – be nice for crissake…

  • Adam

    The crap I’ve had to deal with for YEARS from both the public and co-workers could have given me good enough reason to quit my job at virtually any point. Of course, the bad job market now would be a huge concern to almost anyone thinking about quitting their job. But I think the longer you stay, the harder it is to leave… even when conditions at work are laughably bad, your job is still “the devil that you know.” In other words, you don’t know what you might be in for somewhere else, and you worry that it might be worse than what you’ve currently got. This is why the Slater story struck a nerve… he actually stood up for himself and quit in grand style, something many of us can only dream of doing.

    • Jackal

      Yeah, I always dreamed of breaking the law and facing possible 7 years of jail time and/or a huge fine.

  • Jackal

    Not to mention that other passengers, you know, the people who were actually there, say his story is a bunch of lies.

  • Kerri

    Please lock this man up. He is not a hero, modern day or otherwise. He is not a legend. He is a man who acted poorly in public (you take that kind of job, you have to deal with a-holes… it’s called the service industry, even in the sky). DO NOT reward him with anything other than a prison sentence.

  • jen f

    Who is this Lock person saying rugby isn’t a real sport?
    You’ve made this Welsh expat very angry!
    I’d like to see Americans play without all their armour & support pantyhose.
    They wouldn’t last 5 mins on the rugby field at Cardiff Arms Park against the Welsh rugby team!
    “Rugby’s not a real game”,what a load of rubbish,boyo.

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