Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad': Episode 2

chris-bachelor-padImage Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC A house divided! The game play has quickly kicked up a notch or two in Bachelor Pad this week. Before we dive into that hot tub I want to share some more good news with you this week. A couple weeks ago we all watched as Ali and Roberto got engaged; well, this week I learned about a couple more engagements in our Bachelor/Bachelorette family. Former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas and former contestant Holly Durst got engaged to the Stagliano twins. DeAnna is engaged to Stephen and Holly to season five contestant Michael. From what I understand they are planning a double wedding this spring. I consider all four of them friends and we’ve been waiting for this good news for awhile now (no offense, boys). I’m very happy for all of them, wish them all the best and can’t wait for the wedding!

I really want to start talking about this week’s Bachelor Pad from the end and work my way back, because if you watched the previews for next week you saw Wes with his guitar singing “love don’t come easy” to Gia. I don’t think any of us are able to wait a week to see that unfold, but alas we will have to. This week started out like last week ended, with Elizabeth playing games and manipulating the situation. I would love to get your opinion of Elizabeth. Is she crazy — or is she crazy like a fox? Or, as she put it best, is she a “dumb smart girl”? That was easily my favorite line from this week’s episode. Say what you will about Elizabeth, but bottom line she is in control of this game and the guys (especially Kovacs). She has absolutely imposed her will on this house. It will be interesting to see how long she can keep it going. The main thing we learned this week is that Bachelor Pad is really high school all over again. Within a matter of days the house has been completely divided between the insiders, or “cool kids,” and the outsiders, or “others” as they’ve been called.

This week’s challenge was easily one of the grossest things I’ve ever witnessed. First of all, I tasted the pie, if that’s what it really was, and it was disgusting. I was amazed at how the women went after it during their contest. I figured they would just mail it in and not go for it, but I was dead wrong. They absolutely put the guys to shame. In the guys’ defense, after sitting around watching the girls eat, gag and puke their way through the contest, I have no idea how they even sat down in front of a pie. Gia and Weatherman won the prize and were safe from elimination. Even at this early stage you can already tell, winning the competitions is so valuable. During the competition we got our first glimpse of the partnership/relationship between Gia and Wes. Things took a step further on the date, where Wes spilled his guts and admitted he has serious feelings for Gia. This relationship is compelling on many levels: First of all, Gia has a boyfriend back home and is having to deal with the fact that she clearly has feelings for Wes. Secondly, Gia completely sabotaged her own plan by following her heart and not her head by giving Wes the rose instead of saving Craig M. It was ironic that after she admonished the Weatherman for thinking with his “emotions” Gia did the exact same thing and turned the house and the game upside down. It was also incredibly ironic that in the end the Weatherman and Craig M needed each other to survive. Just goes to show, the Bachelor Pad is a strange place.

After seeing Wes and the way he is in the house and the way he is with Gia, I’m interested to hear your opinions. Is he sincere? Have you changed your mind about him? Do you now see what Jillian saw in him during her season? Because Gia gave Wes the rose, the night of the rose ceremony was crazy. I think the vote and strategy changed three times that night alone. Everybody was running around looking for cover — that is, everybody except Elizabeth, who threatened a few people, pulled a few strings and got exactly what she wanted. Despite Gia’s mistake in not saving Craig M, the outsiders still had a solid plan and had it all figured out, but they didn’t count on one thing: Deep down inside, whether they’ll admit it or not, the outsiders want to be accepted and be a part of the insiders. With very little effort Kiptyn was able to play on Nikki’s emotions and turn her against the others she had just promised her vote to. If Kiptyn had been voted out, the outsiders would have had complete control of the house.  Instead they have all been exposed and now they have to find new alliances and figure out a way to survive. The only thing more shocking than the vote this week was my tie/shirt combo at this week’s rose ceremony. I think this outfit is like fine art; it won’t be truly appreciated until I’m long dead and gone. The previews for next week gave you a small glimpse of what’s to come, including Wes serenading Gia with the same song he sang to Jillian.  No need to thank me for getting “love don’t come easy” stuck in your head again! Please leave your comments below, and remember you can always get in touch with me via facebook or twitter @chrisbharrison.

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  • carmanah

    Seriously though … WHAT were you wearing?!

    • Ariel

      He was wearing, like, this pokadot shirt and a striped oriole tie or something. lol I’m surprised no one in the house called him out on that. lol

      • stlcardsfan

        it made my eyes hurt!

      • Karate Pants

        Actually, I have it seared into my memory…it was a black blazer with a black (or possibly green??) gingham shirt, with a revolting lavender tie with purple bubbles on it.
        It was disturbing.

      • stripes and dots don’t mix

        Seriously. Was that stylist fired?

    • Ray

      I am in complete agreement on the shirt and tie. It seemed like you tried to pull something off that Chris L (from Ali’s season) would have worn; but failed.

      • Justin K


      • Sil

        Not sure what worries me most…Chris picking that outfit out for himself or some “stylist” actually getting paid to pick it out. Words of advice Chris…look in the mirror before going on camera. Lovin’ The Bachelor Pad though.

      • Susan

        I’m so glad you mentioned your tie/shirt combo. At least there is some sort of consciousness that it wasn’t so good. If the rose ceremony wasn’t so entertaining in itself, your tie/shirt combo would have been the main topic of discussion–oh wait, it is! =)

    • kitkat

      Wow, sorry, didn’t even notice what you were wearing, never do! Good thing I guess. This show is kina disgusting………

    • vibecat

      I was wondering the same thing – who the heck dressed Chris? Sorry Chris, but it really did look awful.

    • Ruth

      Yes, exactly what was Chris wearing? My eyes couldn’t take it at all! Lol!

    • Devon

      lol – I’m glad you mentioned it Chris, cuz it was pretty bad.

    • LoliRyder

      I dug it in a “Throw down Chris Harrison styles” kinda way.

    • TD

      LOL..i thought the same thing about the shirt tie first io thought it was some kind of joke..but he had his serious face on…lolol

    • El

      I enjoy almost all kinds of clothing combos and NEVER comment on clothing – until Monday…. What WAS that on Chris? And judging by this message board – I am so not alone!

  • WatchingBPad

    Gia was nauseating! She lied AND cheated (picking names out of a bowl?) AND went back on her word yet said it was the morally right thing to do, at the same time had the nerves to confront others on going back on their words and call it backstabbing (hypocrite much?)AND she was flirting with Wes supremely while she claims she has a boyfriend!!! How many nauseating moves within one show? And who says the plastic joker with a bad nose job looks good?

    • Milly

      Yeah, I agree with you on mostly everything here. I loved Gia during “The Bachelor” but she was manipulative and hypocritical last night.

      It is one thing to play the game, but quite another to make a person feel badly for not “following through on the plan,” especially when Gia herself didn’t follow through with her own plan on her date with Wes, Craig and Jesse. I, personally, was proud of Nikki for sticking up for Kiptyn (who did NOT deserve to go home) and going with her gut.

      If you think about it, Gia is no better than Elizabeth, trying to divide the house and tell others what to do.

      • Say What?

        I agree that Kiptyn did not deserve to go home and I wonder why in the world Kovacs and Dave weren’t considered to be eliminated? If some of the girls were hesitant to vote for Kiptyn because they were friends, for goodness sake, say so and come up with a consensus on one of the other guys. I mean, really–does Dave need to stay? As long as one of the “insider” guys went, it didn’t really matter who it was.

    • Callie

      Like Gia on “The Bachelor.” Loved her on Bachelor Pad until she told Craig he was getting the rose and then fell fro a bunch of hooey from Wes and screwed Craig and ruined the plan, … and then dared to be ticked off because someone didn’t follow through at the end.

    • Mrs M

      I thought it was hilarious when she “drew names” but was not impressed when she goes on and on about how she never will go back on her word to Craig – even though I’m not a fan of his – and then gave it to Wes! Lame.

    • Devon

      I was hoping someone would have found her paper scraps after her “random” name draw and found out what she really was.

    • LovinBachPad

      Elizabeth is bunny-boiler scary. But she does deserve credit for masterminding the situation and the people around her. She’s the character we all love to hate. I hope to see more of her… ur… or maybe less (re: shower scene w/Kovacs).

      • El

        “Bunny burner scary” – LOL. What a visual! LOVED that movie!

      • El

        “Bunny Boiler Scary” – that was what I meant – well put!

  • WatchingBPad

    P.s. Forgot to mention Chris, you’re cool.

    • Cupcake

      You are absolutely right about Chris being rad and Gia being a mess. Gia changed her mind at the last minute then went after Nikki for the same thing? What?? Elizabeth scares me! I have never seen a better manipulator. She keeps things interesting but I truly hope Kovacs runs for the hills when this thing is over. Save yourself son! Wes is Wes and I think he is still a dog. He knows who is making decisions around there and he is not stupid. Slimey but not stupid. Looking forward to the next show!Finally Chris. Wow dude. I think you are the best host ever but that tie was, well, it was, it was just wrong.

      • coolcanuckchick looked fabulous in the mixed up patterns LOL! You’re the best. I’m with cupcake on Gia. Does she not realize her double-standards? She’s also like Elizabeth, dumb-for not seeing it and smart for being so manipulative. Both of them are acting like spoiled little brats in the sandbox! Tenley just cries too much but she’s very sensitive. Weatherman is a cutie as always and so sincere and what the heck has gotten into Wes? The creep we all knew has disappeared! He actually showed some luv in those eyes for Gia…wow! Keep it comin’ CH…rockin’ show!

      • Callie

        Elizabeth is scary.

  • CMurray

    Chris i absolutely love you!! and no matter wut the wardrobe malfunctiosn u have ill overlook them lol..but Elizabeth is INSANE and she deserved the comment from Tenley. she cant compare her an Kovacs “relationship” -as u called it- to Tenley and Kypton’s jus wrong.but Wes is playing Gia just like she did to’s sad that she cant see that.she’d be better off getting with Jesse B.That’s who i want her with! He’s gorgeous

    • Devon

      The thing between Elizabeth and Kovacs is just twisted. She’s stron-arming a guy into a “relationship” with her.

  • JH

    So Chris, did you lose a bet & had to wear that shirt/tie combo, or did you win a bet cuz no one thought you would wear something that awful on national TV?? I love ya man, but wow. That was bad. I’m glad you realize it, or I would have to rethink my whole opinion of you! ;) On other note, I have to say, as much of a Bachelor/ette fan as I am, I think I am going to follow this show from now on just thru your blog & the recap. I was skeptical to start with, & I tried, but I can’t do it. I’m sorry, it’s pretty bad.

    • RaRa

      I agree — I simply cannot watch the show, it’s so bad, and makes me fear for the future of our country if these kids are any indication of the Gen X group, or whatever they are. That said, I really enjoy Kristen’s snarky recap each week, and I will likely keep reading Chris’s blog too. Good picture on your blog, by the way, Chris. Hate I missed seeing the tie… no, wait, I’m glad I missed it! ;-)

      • Mellissa

        Ew, don’t lump these no brains into my generation (Gen X). Besides Weatherman and Gwen (and maybe Wes is old enough), they all fall into the genteration after Gen X–Generation Y. As in, y do they even exist?

      • RaRa

        Good one, Mellissa!

      • cuse

        please- they are too young for gen X—-I am truly offended as an X’er! :)

      • cali fan

        well then it’s a good thing that you can flip to another station isn’t it?

  • Ariel

    I completely agree with WatchingBpad!! Gia was sickening. I thought that she would kept her word. I mean, how could she believe Wes?? he claims that he “loves” her, when he’s only known her in person for a few weeks!! I also wanted to say that you, Chris, forgot to mention the epic-cute relationship between Weatherman! :) that was cute…I hope that they last. Gia shouldve let Craig stay in the game…it would have been alot of interesting drama between weatherman and him with becoming friends! I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

    • Liz

      Gia is an idiot- Wes is totally playing her; she’s so insecure that one compliment changes her whole strategy & Nikki also, the “in” group is going to dump her in a minute too. This whole show is fixed- they want to keep the attractive people on the longest to keep viewers.

      • K2

        If that is true, then they wouldn’t have gotten rid of Jessie S!!!!!

      • Callie

        Gia really is insecure — that was obvious on The Bachelor. Too bad ’cause I think but for that, she’s clever enuf to win.

    • Devon

      Wes hasn’t changed an ounce. He was the master manipulator on the Bachelorette, and he’s a master manipulator now. If Gia falls for it, she deserves whatever plague it brings.

  • butters

    You said in earlier blogs that we would love, Love, LOVE, this show. You’re a liar face! If you saw any of your own episodes, you saw something more gross than that contest!

  • IPretendIDon’tWatch

    Elizabeth is crazy. Like – crazy girl crazy. She’s like those awful girls in high school that saw hs as their glory days. And we all know how that story ends. I hate how she manipulates Kovacs and forces him to be with her. Who really wants their boyfriend do be with them because they forced them to? And cries. All the time. Kind of like Tenley. “What? You looked at me in a way that wasn’t truly adoring? sniffle sniffle….:” Ridiculous. Gia was a total hypocrite. She went against the group with giving Wes a rose then held it against Nikki when she did the same.

    And Chris…you pulled it off. Plaid and purple polka dots?

  • Julie

    So, was it just me or did anyone else notice that Tenley, once again, acted like a 5 year old! Seriously, that woman knows how to be subtly malicious and then play the victim card better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Her comment about Elizabeth and Kovacs relationship was a dig, and then she cries when Elizabeth responds to it?? Last week she did the pathetic cry like a 5 year old as well… really gets old. I clearly don’t get why anyone likes her – she is as phoney as they come. No wonder her marriage didn’t last! Her idea of “cheating” probably was nothing more than her husband daring to say hello to a woman!!

    As for Gia – yes, she really blew it by not giving the rose to Craig. Not to mention, not smart giving your word on national TV and then going back on it! And then she judges others for doing the same thing she just did??

    As for Elizabeth…she is manipulative beyond belief. You would think she would have learned from Jake’s season when she realized how crazy she looked with him… and she’s 10 times worse this time around.

    Chris – the tie and shirt combo REALLY did not work!! Sorry! But enjoyed your blog! Can’t say much for the show, however – I fast-forwarded through most of it…

    • Shel

      You sure know alot and have alot of opinions about a show you mostly fast-forwarded through. Unlike the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows, this should you really do have to watch to catch all the behind the scenes maneuvering. And it is hysterical!! lol

    • AP

      No I didn’t read it that way. Elizabeth dated Kovacs. Everyone knows they had sex. Anyone who doesn’t now knows they did because, let’s see, that’s right they just finished banging each other in the shower like 10 hours before the ceremony. That’s fine and dandy, they’re consenting adults. All Tenley said was her relationship with Kypton was not the same physically as Elizabeth and Kovacs. Ding, ding, ding. That seems pretty clear. Again only two people were moaning in the shower. It’s pretty obvious what was going on with Elizabeth and Kovacs in there. Whatever Tenley and Kypton do or don’t have they clearly haven’t physically progressed to THAT point in their relationship yet for better or worse. Elizabeth got pissed not because what Tenley said wasn’t true or something everyone didn’t already know or even impolite. No Elizabeth got pissed because it was true and happened to be said during the 30 minutes every week, right before voting, when she suddenly wants everyone to forget how serious she and Kovacs are.

      • Mellissa

        Sex does not equal serious relationship though. I mean, it does for Elizabeth, clearly, but to Kovacs it means “easy lay.”

    • Hannah

      not ten times worse…..100 times worse. I can’t stnad Elizabeth.

      • Hannah

        sorry. I meant stand. Typo

    • Milly

      Nope. Sorry. Elizabeth had sex with Kovacs in the shower, and she gets upset at Tenley for putting it on the table? Pretty sure the camera crew did that for her.

      The only two people Tenley has clashed with were Michelle and Elizabeth, who are, let me remind you, certifiably insane.

      • michelle

        I totally agree. I don’t think that Tenley expected Elizabeth to lash out at her because her comment truly wasn’t bad…it was the truth. Since she is sensitive, Elizabeth’s reaction affected her, especially because she values their friendship. I love Tenley! :)

    • kitkat

      Wow! Don’t think I’ve ever read so many negative opinions in one comment before…judge much???? Must be nice to be so high above everyone else………Oh, in case you didn’t know, it’s a show!

      • kitkat

        **** My comment was for Julie ***

    • Annoying

      Tenley is so freaking annoying I have to fast forward through her parts so I don’t go crazy.

  • Angela

    Too bad Chris isn’t a bachelor…

  • Stacie

    Gia can’t say anything about anyone, she had the chance to ensure her and many others’ safety and she didn’t. She honestly can’t say one word to Nikki about not following through. What I don’t get is, that she knew Wes was safe so why do that? If she feared he would go home that’s one thing, but he was safe. Craig wasn’t. Bad call. Sure Nikki could have fixed Gia’s mistake but Nikki is now in with the insiders rather than the inside of the outsiders which are going down fast.

    • RaRa

      “in with the insiders rather than the inside of the outsiders…” – that made my brain hurt!

  • creeped out

    This show is like an ad for BAD botox injections. Pretty scary stuff

  • Shel

    Chris, thanks for the blog. #1 – OMG, that tie/shirt combo HAS to go. NOT good. #2 – Elizabeth is scary, period. Very scary how she shut Tenley right down and immediately made Tenley cry (not that that is that hard to do). #3 The outlier girls HAVE the votes now, but will just implode because they will want to kill Nikki more than win (even after Gia did the same thing over less – meaning Wes). #4 No, my opinion of Wes has not changed at all. He has just decided not to reveal his smarmy self to the camera this time. And Gia is a complete idiot. Does she not realize that Wes wasn’t an obvious bad guy to Jillian either?? #5 Tenley is the worst kind of hypocrit. She has everyone in that house, friend and foe, male and female, thinking of her as this sweet innocent thing who must be protected from everything and everyone. She cries on demand, looks like a complete baby, and I will never forget that she was right there with Ali tearing Vienna to pieces during their Jake season. She is a complete fraud. Lastly, hope this show doesn’t backfire on you, Chris. Bachelor Pad kinda exposes all your little princes and princesses for the common folk they really are. lol

  • sharon

    Hey Chris,

    Another great blog that’s fun to read and makes me smile, thanks!

    I’ve always wanted to tweet ya to see if I can make ya smile too but I don’t twitter or facebook etc., and it’s a first and last for me to comment here. Maybe one day I’ll become a twit like the rest?

    I’m enjoying this new show so far. I like that it has the same familiar feel, music and of course my favourite irreplaceable host ;) as in the Bachelor/Bachelorette. It wouldn’t have been the same without you hosting imo and I think Melissa is a sweet addition as well. Looks like a ton of fun.

    I like that they’re letting you have even more imput now in the Bachelor/Bachelorette, advising and being a supportive friend etc. to everyone, and now also with Bachelor Pad. Even if you did wear that outfit tonight. ;) I just prefer to believe that ABC is developing another secret show in the works that you’re going to be hosting called, “Dressing In The Dark”. :) That’s what it was, eh?

    I loved Jilly (being a sweet Canadian girl myself) ;), loved Ali’s season as well as Kiptyn, Tenley, and now Chris L, have been some of my favourites, so you can guess who I hope wins and possibly finds love, IF it’s meant to be.

    I agree with you, Bachelor Pad is strange but it seems they are also putting the “fun” in dysFUNction of this expanding little family.

    Blessings to all who’ve found true love and these recent engagements. That must be sweet and special for you to see these friendships and relationships form out of all this and also becoming friends with you.

    My opinion on Elizabeth is still forming, since it’s only the 2nd episode, but from what I’ve seen so far, while she may be currently “running” the house, strong-arming and even subtly threatening as a strategy will eventually come back to bite you in a game that’s structured around popularity imo. Is she crazy? Who knows as editing can be deceptive.

    I’m not part of this crazy family (does that make me an “outsider”?) but if I were, bet you’d like me too and I’d sure like having a big brotherish type friend like you; but it’s fun to watch and I hope I made ya smile since this is my one and only chance to, that is if you even read this. (to avoid spoilers I don’t read these comments, just your blog/tweets) I haven’t found love yet either (see? I need your friendly advice too) ;) so wish me luck or hope or whatever I need and I’ll wish you the same in your wardrobe department…but I still think you’re great regardless. (now that’s a friend.) Have a blessed week Chris and…SMILE! :)

    P.S. I’m curious to know what your wife said of your “ensemble”.

    • albertkitten

      Really?! Elizabeth? Is that you?

  • Julie

    Considering the show completely lacks substance of any kind, and consists of a lot of booty shots and make out scenes, it’s easy to fast forward through much of it and still get the entire gist of the show.

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