Tyra Banks apologizes for 'ANTM' promo

tyra-smallest-waistImage Credit: The CWTyra Banks and America’s Next Top Model have taken some heat in the last few days after a promo for cycle 15 showed Tyra and the judges gushing over contestant Ann’s incredibly small waist. Banks posted a statement today apologizing for the commercial, writing in part:

On behalf of the entire Top Model team, I am truly sorry for the style in which the Top Model promo clip was presented. Like all of my projects, I am extremely involved in America’s Next Top Model from casting the final contestants to conceptualizing the episode challenges, but with all the work and details that go into producing a TV show, I can’t be 100 places at once (although I try), but it’s just impossible for me to see everything that’s created before it’s released to all of you!  That being said I can assure you – that cut has been removed from the CW airwaves, and the message conveyed in that video was NOT intentional, and is certainly not Top Model- or Tyra-approved.  The Top Model team is extremely talented and truly enjoys creating fun, engaging promos and episodes for you. The team really wants to entertain you, while promoting and embracing multiple forms of beauty. Sometimes in the quest to have fun in a limited amount of time, especially in a 20-second promo, our overarching message can be misconstrued, and in this case it most certainly was.

To the people who see me as a representation of upholding the fact that beauty comes in all sizes, I personally apologize. The jokes of my fellow judges connected with my edited sound bite sounded like I was supporting unhealthy eating habits. This has never and will NEVER be the case – I am and will always be committed to promoting healthy body image.

Do I wish Banks would take a harder stance against bodysnarking, and say she’d stop using a vocabulary of “flaws” to describe people’s bodies? Sure. (Remember in the petite season when she kept praising the girls for looking taller? Yeah.) As long-time Top Model devotee and regular Tyra snarker, it’s hard for me to admit this, but… this is still a pretty damn good apology.

What do you think PopWatchers? Does this make you more or less likely to watch the new season?

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  • Lor Lor

    Where can we find the clip?

    • Lovebotlass17


    • Cris

      And chances are that it’ll be featured on The Soup this week.

    • IhatePlasticSurgery

      What did Tyra do to her face? She looks like Michael Jackson now. WHY?????????

      • Brett

        Not even.

  • Horatio

    That model is not too thin, but as Goldilocks would say, “Just Right”.

    • Chris

      You must be joking?

      • jill

        Homegirl is a skeleton with skin. Sad, very sad. Whydo people find malnurished girls attractive? Sick people supporting sick people.

      • bodysharking

        chick is hot as hell

      • Jay Kay

        No Joke! She just right.

      • LadyA

        Ummm, isn’t snakring on her thin body antithetical to loving your body? If she is thin, as long as her eating/exercise habits are healthy, then she should love her body and not be made to feel bad about being skinny. Some people are, frightfully so, and yet, completely healthy. She shouldn’t be made to feel ugly or bad because of her genetics. Fat or thin, as long as you are living a healthy lifestyle, you are beautiful.

      • jrp

        That’s the body type of a 12-year-old not of a woman.

      • Denhunter

        Because that thin CAN’T be eating healthy. This girl is either a genetic freak, and needs pity, or she thinks 600 calories a day is Thanksgiving (and still needs pity). These people lie to themselves and others claiming that they are ‘eating healthy’. A spinach leaf is healthy. A quarter chicken breast may be healthy. An apple maybe healthy. But when that’s your day’s diet, you ain’t healthy.

      • jurby

        she looks like she’s spent her life in a way too tight corset. i recently saw a girl like that walk by me on the street and it’s extremely scary to see. that is NOT normal and i can’t imagine that either girl is truly healthy! clearly both girls have had something done to them in order to create such a tiny scary waist and it’s very saddening to see.

    • Double Standard

      “…upholding the fact that beauty comes in all sizes.”

      I, myself, have always been naturally thin. Almost TOO thin some might say, but I can’t help it; my Mom is naturally thin and that is where I get it from. That being said, I hate when the media promotes the message “all body types are beautiful” then turns around and puts down skinny body types. Sometimes even referring to them as “disgusting”. Would you refer to a larger body type as “disgusting” in a national magazine? If Tyra really thought “beauty came in all sizes” why should she apologize for this clip? It is ridiculous. /rant

      • Alison

        I see your point, but for the record, larger body types are often referred to as “disgusting.” Neither should be acceptable.

        Also, the outrage over this clip was that it seemed to be promoting disordered eating, not because of what the model looked like.

      • Angie H

        @ Allison – I think the point that Double Standard is making is that NATIONAL MEDIA VENUES would never refer to an overweight person as “disgusting” like they do with thin people.

      • Biff

        I agree with Double Standard.. My wife is ‘blessed’ with an incredible metabolism; she can’t get much above 108 lbs no matter what she eats. I say ‘blessed’ because what comes along with this is a lot of resentment and scorn from women around her (even her supposed friends), a family history of heart disease (thin people get it too folks!) and a body type that results in her having tremendous trouble finding clothes..

        That said, Ann doesn’t look like the naturally slender type to me.. Small as my wife is, she’s still 35-24-35..

      • Brad

        Fat is disgusting. I mean, I have a gut, and I got to say, having a 6 pack or flat stomach, hands down, looks better. Rolls of fat on the other hand is just, ufffh, get away.

      • corky

        100% agree and thanks for saying this!!! I’ve been 100 pounds and 5’4″ for about 20 years. I eat like a normal person. Yet again and again, I hear “real women have curves”. As though I’m not a “real woman” because I’m skinny and have no curves. Not fair, and no need to apologize! Beauty does come in all sizes, from 00 on up!

      • Denhunter

        Really? Why don’t you tell us what a ‘normal person’ eats like? I’ll be you consume half the calories your body needs. That model is SIX FEET TWO INCHES!!! She is ill, very ill, and has enablers like you to tell her she looks great…

      • Texan

        whats interesting is how socially acceptable it is to disparage a man or a woman for being skinny vs being overweight, though both are often a symptom of the same basic condition, an abnormal metabolism.

        People think nothing of mocking a skinny person…. but they should.

    • Janet

      You’re kidding, right? That model looks like death warmed over. She badly needs to EAT SOME FOOD. She is not only setting a bad example for today’s young girls, she is hurting her own body and stressing her internal organs.

    • diredocjr

      Don’t get me wrong, I believe that Tyra Banks is gorgeous, even more so now than when she walked the runway. But the girl that was presented looked terrible and sick. I’ll keep my women with a little bit more in back thank you. Real men prefer a nice ass.

  • Ms KSwiss

    I think the clip has been removed from all sources, I seen it and I thought it was a terrible clip the way Ms. Jay put his hands around the model waist and there was still room left.

    • Trish

      I used to be that thin when I was 19/20 years old. I ate pretty well for my age and lifestyle. It’s not like having someone’s hands around your waist and them saying that they still have room is a bad thing. Fast forward 10-15 years and she may not be that way.

      Some women are just extremely thin for their height, even if they do eat pretty hearty foods like fried chicken and biscuits and gravy.

      • Mary

        Me too. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I ate plenty but was naturally thin. I could eat anything I wanted, as much as I wanted, and never gained weight. Pizza, sodas, sugary cereal, you know, a college kid’s diet and plenty of southern home cooked meals when I was home. I was even accused of having an eating disorder. I did not, just didn’t gain weight. Believe me, my body adjusted and I can’t eat like that anymore. Maybe she is too thin but maybe it isn’t because of an eating disorder. But I get that the outrage was the appearance of approval of disordered eating. I didn’t see the clip so I don’t know if people are overreacting or not. Just wanted to say I too looked like that and did not have an eating disorder so we shouldn’t make that assumption. On the other hand, I can’t stand Tyra Banks but I do give her credit for the lenghty apology rather than the vapid stuff most celebrities give.

  • Rich

    I think it’s funny how “all body types” no longer includes the very thin. It’s entirely possible to be thin as in this photo and not be unhealthy. I’ve known folks like that.

    • Horatio

      Well said

      • Ames

        I knew a girl in high school who was as skinny as this girl and hated it. Random strangers would come up to her and tell her to eat more and put on weight. But seriously, she couldn’t.

      • ram

        One of my best friends is this skinny, and she eats ALL the time! She just eats the worst foods for her, but her metabolism is crazy fast. Sometimes it just works out this way.

      • D

        @ram-Don’t know if you were reading this but she should try to eat healthier. I am still skinny and my cholesterol is through the roof.

      • B

        I have watched the show and those girls can throw down some food! I believe it if she is one of those that eats everything and gains barely an ounce.

    • being over 6 feet and under 100 pounds is not healthy. at all.

      • Horatio

        Where does it state she is over six feet, and weighs less than 100 pounds? If that is true, then that would not be healthy. But I don’t recall seeing anywhere that the model is either of those.

      • Flyer

        In the clip, the model (Ann) clearly says that she is 6’2″. And just looking at her, I have no trouble believing that she’s barely 100 lbs., if that.

      • tellusataletunes

        I have dated lots of slender women 6′ 2, who look a lot like that model (and even more slender), and they all weighed well over 100 pounds. If she is 6′ 2, she probably weighs ~120 pounds.

      • flambeau

        Thank you, doctor.

      • goofyrick24

        tellusataletunes; What was his name?

      • Denhunter

        SHE said she was over 6 feet in the promo…I heard she was actually 6’2″.

    • It’s a fact

      I’m wondering if Miss Skinny Waist is hungry… Maybe Tyra will want her to win and get some food in the girl to make her an “Next Body Type” Model

      • Trish

        So she can turn into Precious? Nope.

      • millie

        Yeah, Trish, there’s no middle ground between anorexia and obesity — and if you believe that, you’re halfway to an eating disorder, or, more likely, into buying into the unthinking body police who accept the mass commercial message that only an unrealistic body is good, because that’s the only way to get people to buy stuff they think might help them get it. You can’t sell people what they already are: This is the fundamental reason the media lies about bodies, sex, everything.

    • every shape is beautiful?

      AMEN. I see that everywhere these days. Recently a popular woman’s magazine ran a feature where they polled guys to ask what body types they prefer; ALL of them said they thought skinny body types were unattractive. This was in a feature promoting “every shape is beautiful”. Ridiculous. I know skinny girls are over represented in the fashion industry, but really?

      • D

        They must not have polled very many guys then. I know for a FACT that some men like skinny women!

      • Mary

        Perhaps they didn’t want to look like cads so they weren’t truly honest. But, it also depends on how they defined skinny. Do they mean “not packing a few extra pounds” or do they mean “looks fragile”?

      • IhatePlasticSurgery

        She is beyond skinny, and well into 10 year old boy status.

      • Brett

        Not too many 6 foot plus 10 year old boys out there. Wrong again, IhatePlasticSurgery.

    • Elysia

      I agree that she should have tackled this differently. I know some very thin people feel as self-conscious as us curvier girls (boys give them a lot of crap…until they become models), and I would have liked to hear Tyra say that she wants them to know that they’re beautiful too. That would be more encompass her “message” more.

      And, yeah, I remember the “petite” season. That would be the season where there was ONE girl under the average US women’s height. And she was still taller than me.

      • Mark

        My mother was barely 5′ tall and weighed over 100 lbs most of her life. Even the petites were too large for her! Only when she was in her 80’s, had osteoporosis, and wasn’t interested in eating, did she fall below 100 lbs. No one, no matter how “fast” their metabolism may be, can possibly be 6’2″ and weigh 100 lbs. without an eating disorder.

      • Petite Misunderstanding

        Petite clothes are not for super-skinny women, they are for short-waisted women. This is a common misconception. There is such a things as a size 16P (the P in this case is for petite).

    • @Rick

      You are a narrow-minded dumbass. Most young girls are not built tht way, and people like you are validating and encourageing them to get eating disorders. Did your ignorant ass ever think that it’s a bad message to send to girls who will get sick trying to look super skinny?

    • Ituri

      I love when people stick up for models with the “they’re naturally that thin” argument. I know models, and NONE are “naturally” that thin. They suffer mentally for their body image, and they suffer physically trying to get and keep it.

      Show me how many naturally 6-ish foot 100 pounders there are out there. REALLY.

      • B.J.

        Well, I am naturally that thin, and yes, I do suffer for my body image because of people like you who make it seem as if there is something wrong with us skinny girls! The anorexia jokes get old real fast.

      • Trish

        I’m 6′ and I weighed 120lbs at my thinnest. It’s possible. It’s called a high metabolism and a good diet.

      • Denhunter

        No. You don’t. Your twisted self-view has led you to THINK that you eat right. The human body NEEDS to consume some fat. Twenty pounds of spinach and an orange isn’t eating well.

      • JainaJade

        I am also one of those naturally skinny girls and I EAT! I am a size 0/2 depending on the brand and I have a healthy BMI (20%) which is maintained by a yummy vegetarian diet and twice weekly ZUMBA. So what part of my self-view is twisted? The low-fat diet part? Or the regular exercise part?

    • bostonmd

      As a physician I can assure you that there are women that are tall, incredibly thin and healthy. I can also tell you that these are rare- extremely rare. The woman pictured in the ANTM clip is definitely an outlier to the ‘healthy bell curve’. Should she walk into a doctor’s office there would be a battery of tests run simply due to her physical measurements.

  • Jamie

    Does anyone besides 7-8 year old girls still watch this show? I mean seriously – the way it has been dumbed down and scripted is just beyond obnoxious.

    • Shiny

      Hey, these girls aren’t there to make friends, okay?

    • Liz

      I’m 24 and I still watch it to see what kind of insanity Tyra comes up with next and to run the risk of sounding like an 8 year old, I like to see the pictures at the end.

      • Elysia

        hehe, me too

      • karli

        i like the pictures at the end too :)

    • Viv

      ANTM is representative of the transformative possibilities of reality television. It’s unintentional commentary on the destructive nature of fame and beauty and the consequences of rewarding unchecked narcissism. I love it.

      • whimsey

        Very well stated, Viv.

  • Sarah D

    The clip is not that bad. Girl is skinny, what else is new?

    • Trish

      I guess if they aren’t future models for Lane Bryant or Wal-Mart, people will end up being in a tiff over someone else’s body size for no reason other than amuse themselves.

  • john

    let’s destroy more people by saying that being a size zero is what is going to get you on tv – promote healthy body image – yea sure whatever…keep worshiping the walking skeletons

  • DJ Rogue

    I’m waiting for an apology for this show being on the air…

    • kasxyz


  • Brett

    I’m waiting for an apology from everyone who calls themselves “DJ.”

    • Alia

      I’m sure Candace Cameron Bure’s people will get right on that, Brett. Oh, wait…

  • Diggity

    She hardly apologized. She just said it wasn’t her fault since she couldn’t be in 100 places at once. If I were on her staff and had something to do with the clip, I’d be pissed.

  • Tom in STL

    I think Tyra struck just the right tone in this apology. As far as your comment regarding her praise of petite models making themselves look taller, I don’t think she was considering being short a flaw. I think she was just trying to instill habits in them to make them more marketable.

    • john

      habits that make them more marketable – how about EDUCATION as a tool to make yourself more marketable as opposed to a size zero with no body fat

      • Mellissa

        Because when you’re a model, it doesn’t matter how smart you are.

  • nancy

    Tyra Banks is a blowhard and so full of hot air that even her explanations are convoluted and unintelligible. Get that egomaniac off the air!!!

  • Cheri

    Cycle 15?!? This has gone on long enough now. Have any of the top model winners (or losers, even) actually enjoyed mainstream success? I liked Eva the Diva and I think she’s gotten into acting and Adrianne Curry is still around but she seems more famous for marrying Peter Brady than
    anything else. I’m not being snarky just genuinely wondering…

    • Liz

      Yoanna (sp?) was the host of a show on TLC or some fashion network.

      • Alia

        Fatima just had a huge spread in Marie Cliare. Does that count?

    • Trish

      YaYa DaCosta, I think is the most successful out the bunch. She has appeared in several movies as well as All My Children(over 40 episodes), Army Wives, Law & Order, Ugly Betty, tv commercials, print ads and also is one 3 models on the cover of this months W Magazine. Eva was a regular on Young & the Restless for awhile and has had other tv roles, but I think that Yaya has had more work since their season ended.

    • Me

      Katarzyna and Anya of cycle 10 are very sucessful. Toccara of cycle 3 just had a spread in Italian Vougue. Nicole and Brittany of cycle 13 are both working consistantly. Ann in cycle three is really successful, especially as a commercial (as in, between TV shows commercial) model. Elyse has been crazy sucessful. Just saying…I could go on.

  • hel

    Cycle 15? Who still watches this crap?

    • teresa

      I do.

      • kasxyz

        me too

    • Lisa

      I do too.

      • Christy

        love it, love it, love it, and watching it with my 11-year old daughter!

  • lisam

    Top Model gets about 3 million viewers a week, which is good for the CW.

    Cheri, to answer your question, none of the girls have enjoyed mainstream success, but most of the winners of American Idol haven’t enjoyed mainstream success. Nobody watches Top Model expecting that the winner will be wildly successful. They watch because of how entertaining the show is.

    • D

      Some of the models can be seen auditioning for Fashion Week on Project Runway. So some of them are working models. What is “mainstream success”? Not everyone can be a Tyra.

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