Danielle Staub reportedly booted from 'Real Housewives of New Jersey.' What other reality 'stars' need to exit the public stage?

real_housewives_njImage Credit: Virginia Sherwood/BravoA report in Life & Style claims that beweaved scenery chewer Danielle Staub has been disinvited from returning for a third season of Real Housewives of New Jersey . (A rep for Bravo wouldn’t confirm, stating instead that “We’re focused on season 2 right now…We haven’t announced anything regarding a third season.”) Would that this pseudo news is true! Imagine a world without Danielle’s delusional stage mothering and paranoid fantasies of victimhood. Imagine a world without her frenetic sidekick Danny. Imagine a world without her hiatus PR stunts of lesbian lovers and sex tapes and record-release parties for her put-upon youngest child.  Oh for the love of… Danielle has twittered her response to the firing rumors: “Actually, I’m not even thinking about season 3 right now as I am considering many incredible options that have been presented to me…Don’t worry next year, I’ll still be the one you either love to hate or hate to love.” No mention of the “hate to hate” option, or the even better “choose to ignore” category. Please world, please show this woman the door to obscurity that all shamelessly craven and apparently talentless reality TV stars must eventually walk through. (Bye Spencer Pratt! I hate that I know your name!)

What do you Housewives fans think? Do you hope the rumors are true? Should the whole Franklin Lakes operation be shut down? What other reality TV “stars” need to be yanked from the small screen? I confess I’ve never seen an episode of Jersey Shore but I find the prevalence of Snooki and her friend the Situation depressing  from afar. Your turn.

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  • Katie

    I hope it’s true. That woman is crazy and I really don’t enjoy the guily pleasure of the housewives the way I use to. The DC housewives needed to go before they came. The Hills lasted too long.
    Perhaps I’m jealous that I work hard and get paid way less then all these kids who get paid millions to be stupid. What is the world comeing to? We need more scripted well written shows on tv. And we need actors to be more greatful of there jobs … I hear they are plently of unworking actors who would love jobs.

    • SirLizard

      It’s “used to,” not “use to.” Same goes for “supposed to” (not “suppose to”). You’re welcome.

      • Victoria

        Along with the cyberpolice, I didn’t realize there was also a GRAMMAR-police.

      • Almond

        Seriously? Why are you even here Grammar-Fool?

      • teresa

        Stop. Nobody cares anymore about the correction of bad grammar. Give it a rest.

      • Andi

        Really if you’re going to point out errors your should tell her that it’s spelled grateful, not greatful.

      • KC

        What about “comeing”? And actually, Teresa, people DO care. I tend to dismiss the opinions of most people that cannot spell because I assume, usually correctly, that they are an idiot.

      • Carrie

        idiot. who cares? get a life.

      • Paula

        KC, I think you meant to say you assume that “they are idiots” rather than “they are an idiot.” A plural pronoun/verb takes a plural referent, of course.

      • ani

        haha, oh jana. just using “u r” makes you sound like a moron. anyway, while we’re critiquing Katie’s grammar here: it’s grateful, not greatful.

      • Melissa

        I care also, so thanks! My biggest pet peeve (seen today on a Big Brother feed recap site) is when people use “defiantly” when they mean “definitely.” Totally different words!

      • oneshot36

        sir lizardless you missed – comeing which should be coming – whatta knucklehead!

      • Jenny

        I also cares about someone’s grammar and spelling. Why don’t people today understand where “there” should be used and where “their” should be use? How about the difference between your and you’re?

      • K.

        And if you’re going to be grammar-policing it up, you totally missed an opportunity with “get paid way less then”–which should of course be “get paid way less THAN”–the correct comparative form. Just sayin’. ;)

    • BFD

      How about doing a series about REAL housewives. Working class women who really do a hard job, whether it’s in the home or out of the home. I know this crap is supposed to be escapist and it makes me feel so much better that I’m not so selfish but really… enough already. Conspicuous consumption at a time when so many are out of work is getting disgusting.

      • Melissa

        The word “housewife” is generally used to mean a woman who does NOT work outside the home.

      • candaceTX

        I hate to say it.. because initially I couldnt stand Danielle.. but everything she has been complaining/whining about regarding the other ladies has come to be true. Teresa is in foreclosure… duh. When she criticized Jacqueline’s child-rearing – I think we can all agree that Ashley is a spoiled brat and Danielle’s kids appear to be pretty well-adjusted. And for those women to attach her in a country club – and for Teresa to instigate the entire thing! They are without class. The keep keep keep bringing up Danielle’s past (and granted.. it’s a doosy) but that is all they have! Right now, I don’t see her doing much to them – but they are doing everything to her. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

      • rachel

        that would be boring to watch

    • jana

      Aeriously KC, if i r going to throw stones u should make sure u r correct. The sentence should be “..opinions of most people who” not “..opinions of most people that.’ who refers to people. that refers to objects.

      • jana

        oops. i meant if u r, not if i r.

    • myprettypony


    • PAT

      WELL SAID!

    • jlusmom

      pleeeeze goe awhey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • retirednotdead

    Between Sopranos, RHONJ and Jersey Shore, I am embarassed, for the first time in my life, to say where I live!

    • BFD

      You shouldn’t. New Jersey is beautiful. I spent most of my summers in the mountains near Sussex and all the people I know from there are hard working people I’d be proud to sit a table with.

    • Robnj

      Take a trip to Cape May and your opinion of Jersey will change for the better.

  • mmc

    As much as Danielle gets on my nerves sometimes, if some come back , they all should come back.I do believe there have to be some changes.I would love to see the extended families and see Danielle with some of her family and her kids.They have to all stop acting like animals and act like humans.If some chnges are made I’ll give it one more try.I cannot wait for the reunion show!!!!

  • Dani

    Please please please let it be true. Danielle is a delusional. I fast forward past her scenes.

    • Liz

      Seriously, I just shouted “Wheeeeee” when I read this. I hope this means Dina is coming back.

      • Katie

        I agree! I want Dina back! She’s so much better than horrible Danielle.

      • Madd

        Dina was my favorite!

    • Robnj

      Can they kick Teresa off too?

    • wakeforce

      Without Danielle who are the rest of the housewives gonna talk about? Everyone says what a terrible person Danielle is, but I don’t remember her getting in 11 million dollars in debt, and then blaming poor tenants for the financial trouble!

      • Angela31077

        Oh No! Let’s see… Danielle was involved in kidnapping and beating a kid, then calling the parents demanding money. And beating someone with a pistol. Not to mention the drug dealing and prostitution crap she did. She’s trash and I hope we never have to see her again!

  • Tribunal

    No Danielle means no table flip, no fights, and no drama. –the thing these shows thrive on. Good luck to Bravo and having record ratings next season.

    I’m no fan of Danielle but it’s not hard to see that she is the ratings maker on the show.

    • Sabran

      I wouldn’t be surprise if the girls gave Bravo an ultimatum. They’ve already lost one HW because of her. Lose anymore and Danielle won’t have a life….

    • Amber

      I say good riddance. Hopefully then RHONJ can just go away…along with the series.

      • Robnj


      • Jamie

        I hope you are right. I do not get why anyone would watch this series. I mean seriously – the only type of person that I could see enjoying this is someone whose life is so extremely horrible that they would need this show to make themselves feel better. Otherwise, it’s a complete waste of time and just more negative cr@p being thrown out into the Universe by Bravo.

    • ani

      I was thinking the same thing. Without Danielle, these people have nothing to talk about. More Teresa in her place? No thank you. More Ashley? BARF.

    • Jesse

      I read in TV Guide that the other girls said they will not come back if Danielle does. They said they realized that they have no control over Danielle or Bravo but they have control over what they can and can not do and it’s the only way to remove her from their lives.

  • Joan

    Trash, pure trash-all of the housewives of New Jersey. I always thought the Sopranos was fictional, but this show really showed it was very close to the truth.

    • fireflystare221

      How exactly? The Sopranos is a fictional show about a crime family and the way they operate set in NJ. RHONJ is about a group of trashy wealthy women who fight a lot, are annoying, and happens to also be set in NJ. Not seeing many similarities…

  • sandasavi

    Take Teresa with you. Teresa is disgusting too. Actually get rid of them all.

    • Madd

      True. That clip where she’s talking about how talented her (let’s face it, untalented) daughter is made my skin crawl.

    • Horatio Jones

      I much rather Teresa and her ugly kids and fatass husband be given the door. Teresa has committed fraud on national TV and Bravo rewards her with a trip to Europe. Nice going there.

      • Liz

        I totally agree; she is a fake, phony, & should have to live in that apartment over the pizza parlor. Her kid’s are brats & Joe should just be a pizza maker-it’s his destiny.

      • ginger

        Horatio has it right. No fan of Danielle’s but Teresa’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I know it’s not nice to diss kids, but man, on top of not being very handsome, they’re also obnoxiously spoiled!

      • Karen

        How about those awful clothes her kids wear? I’d be horrified if I was one of her kids. Just wait — years down the road when they see themselves on t.v. Where do you even get crap like that made? Ewwww!!

    • Madd

      My mom thinks she enforces negative Italian stereotypes.

      • heej

        there’s such a thing as positive stereotypes?

      • janny

        yes heej, “the Chinese are smart” e.g.

      • wakeforce

        heej, to that Black folks are good athletes, dancers, etc. Latin men are good lovers. I did a class on race relations and we had to write both positive and negative sterotypes and it also came up several times that White folks are ambitious and family oriented and Asians are good at math.

  • jerzeegirl

    Danielle…let the doorknob hit ya where the good Lord split ya!!!

  • bshgdb

    Best news ever if it is true!!!

  • AliceV

    Kelly from RHONY also needs to go. That woman has some serious mental issues.

    • Liz

      Agreed. They need to put Kelly and Dannielle in the same loony bin and then get their children into therapy now. Especially DAnnielle’s oldest who had to go through her first OBGYN appointment on television

      • Maureen


      • denise

        So happy she’s gone. She is diffently crazy. I just hope the kids don’t follow in her footstep. As for Kelly I hope they boot her too. These idiots need help before they hurt someone.

    • Jen

      Maybe that’s the plan..To give Danielle, Kelly, Lynne, and the pathological liar white girl from RHOA, and put them in the same house.
      The Real Deperate Hosewive’s of America

      • CM

        Hilarious! I love drama. I’d watch.

    • Crystal

      I’m with you. They are both freakin’ crazy!

  • Madd

    Thank you! I guess Bravo has some sense after all! I’d add Kelly, Lynne (and her daughters), and that White House crasher.

    • Tribunal

      Lynne has already been kicked out of OC’s next season.

      • GHR

        Is this really true? I hadn’t heard but I certainly hope its true. Especially if we don’t have to see her whining, spoiled-brat daughters.

  • Sabran

    I say good riddance. Maybe now I’ll get to enjoy the entire show and not have to fastforward through her parts.

  • jj

    Raging rodeo clown

  • lilcis

    Oh please let it be true! And bring Deana back! I’ve gotten into the habit of fast forwarding through any scene with Danielle, or any time the other ladies sit and talk about Danielle. So SICK of her!

    • wakeforce

      The show must last about 5 minutes!

  • Dina

    Why not shut down the whole Bravo network? All they come up with are trashy shows… Enough!

    • Melissa

      That’s not true; Top Chef is good!

      • len

        Top Chef _is_ excellent. I love that show!

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