'Bachelor Pad' episode 2: 'I love you, you know?'

We all have limits, Bachelor fans. And tonight, I just might have hit mine. It’s all thanks to Gia, who does something so unbelievably stupid in tonight’s episode that I shouted out loud at my television like a crazy person. Somewhere, Bachelor Pad mastermind Mike Fleiss is no doubt laughing and rubbing his hands together maniacally, because Gia handed him a fantastic (and infuriating) reality TV moment on a dumb-decision platter. If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode, you may want to steer clear of the spoileriffic comments section, but if you’ve just finished watching and need a place to vent your anger, you’ve come to the right spot. Were you surprised by tonight’s proclamation of love? Did you throw something at your TV when Gia made her strategic error? Are you embarrassed (like I am) about how invested you are in this show? Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click over to read the full Bachelor Pad recap, now live) and Chris Harrison’s behind-the-scenes Bachelor Pad blog. In the meantime, vent your spleen below!

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  • Kat62

    Love…..it don’t come easy…..

    • kt

      Well contrary to his number one hit in bum-frick nowhere Mexico, love apparently does come easy for Wes….that only took a few days for him to fall in love with (I mean, *cough* manipulate *cough cough*)Gia. I can’t stand him!!! grr…

  • Ashley

    I can’t believe she didn’t give the rose to Craig M. I can’t stand either him or Wes but you need to break up the Sweet Valley High clique. When are they going to get rid of Elizabeth or at least her bad dye job.

    • Sarah

      Ugh! Her hair is turning orange. It is nauseating!

    • JayGee

      Elizabeth is so annoying and her and kovacs drama need to enddd. he either wants her or he doesnt.

      • Big Dave

        Elizabeth is not annoying. She is SCARY. Stalker scary.

      • go away elizabeth

        OMG! she is soo f*@king anoying! i cant stand her! i wish she would be kicked off already! she thinks that she can play anyone and its obvious she is going to whore her self out for the money that she “doesn’t want” because she came for “love”. she needs to be out! plus i hate it when she talks!

      • Sarah

        He doesn’t want her. He wants the money and is putting up with her to win. She’s crazy.

  • Reels and Heels

    What a horrible decision on Gia’s part! You can tell by the preview for next that she has some regrets – especially with the make out competition. It would have made for better TV had the plan gone through. Seeing Dave, Natalie and the rest of them scramble would have been fun to watch!

  • Dommerdog

    What an idiot Gia was! She should’ve stuck to her plan and her word to Craig and then led the charge to oust Kiptyn. The balance of power would have shifted the way the outsiders wanted and the stage would be set for us to be rid of Elizabeth and Dave.

  • Jnine

    And what the heck is Gia saying “who?” “who?” when Kipton was saved when the blame sits squarely on her shoulders. What an idiot! And that stupid “love don’t come easy” song again. Shakespeare? Oh, barf!

    • Karate Pants

      Yup, Gia comparing that douche to Shakespeare had me screaming at the screen. Ugh, I used to like her!!!

    • Squirk

      When you have the IQ of a houseplant, Wes most likely does seem like Shakespeare.

      • Jessica

        LOL, Squirk!!! How true!

  • AP

    What’s even better is her having the nerve to apparently get mad at the other woman (I can’t remember her name, the one who hooked up with Juan) next week for not following through on her promise. And Elizabeth has completely lost me. Tenley was being overly dramatic but we all knew what she meant when she said Elizabeth and Kovac had gotten more physical than her and Kypton. Possibly Elizabeth shouldn’t have climbed in a shower with him 15 hours earlier and then claim Tenley’s relationship with Kypton was the same as her and Kovac’s.

    • albertkitten

      preach it!

  • JayGee

    Im pretty sure Gia is retarded. I dont like Craig or that Wes guy but she acts all sweet and innocent and then shes that backstabber that no one can trust. i felt bad for Craig. Id be pissed too if i was him! That was stupid to fall for what Wes said, its all apart of the game and she has a boyfriend like get over wes and play the game right!!

  • Ashley

    off topic question…did anyone watching dating after dark….it was the first time i watched the show and my tivo switched to the closer…so who did that guy pick? the model or the regular girl?

    • Stephanie

      He picked the regular girl. Good choice because the model thought he was too young and left.

    • Liv

      Regular girl

    • Hope

      He picked Becky. The model walked out the front door, because she felt that he was too young for her. So they rode off in the limo together. He said he was attracted to her, loved her energy, etc. Good luck to them!

  • Stephanie

    Did anyone else notice the nudity in tonight’s episode? When Crissily was talking at one point, they cut to shots of the “cool” people in either the pool or the hot tub. Natalie was topless and bouncing in and out of the water. I doubt I can say it on here, but her n1pple was visible.

  • InTheDale

    ashley – he picked the regular girl. The model thought she was out of his league anyway and left.

    • Girl P

      THAT Model! So stereotypically shallow and self involved!

  • Squirk

    And what was up with Chris Harrison’s checkered shirt and purple tie? Was the wardrobe lady tripping?

    • Girl P

      Seriously, right?

    • Sugr

      I know! I hated the shirt/tie combo!!

  • Sue

    Completely disappointed in Gia, not only for going back on her word but then saying she was right “Morally,” to pick Wes! What? Since when is it a sign of morality to go back on your word to SEVERAL people? Such a lack of integrity!

    • Big Dave

      It’s called rationalization.

  • Ashley

    Thanks guys for the dating after dark info. So the international supermodel thought she was out of his league…interesting…she’s pretty girl but I have never seen her before…everyone and anyone can call themselves a supermodel these days.

    Yeah…I didn’t get Chris’s outfits. And I like Melissa but really….why is she on this show?

    • Karate Pants

      Maybe it was a trade off for agreeing to be publicly humiliated (when she and Jason ‘confronted’ each other/broke up/whatever that was)

  • Martina

    Ugh!!! I used to like Gia until tonight. I love how she said her word was to be trusted and how she did the “moral” thing by picking Wes! What? The moral thing is to not be a backstabbing moron. Ok, Wes’s speech to her was so lame and she fell right into it. And what about Jesse B? Looks like things don’t change after high school. Cmon ladies stop worrying about these douchebags and win yourselves some money!

  • Big Dave

    What mother would name her child “Kiptyn”?

    • Girl P

      what about Tenley, isn’t the name of an ice tea?

      • Squirk

        Tetley Teas. Tenley is what you wear after you outgrow your Nineleys.

      • JC-VA

        OMG, Tenley is soooo annoying….. I used to like her, but she is annoying!!! Well, all these girls are S*T*U*P*I*D

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