Jennifer Aniston's response to Bill O'Reilly slam: Brought to you by the word 'snap!'

jennifer-anistonImage Credit: David Gabber/Photorazzi/PR PhotosThere may not be an official scorekeeper in the public war of words between Bill O’Reilly and Jennifer Aniston, but the Friends star appears to be getting the last laugh, thanks to a saucy retort she gave to last night. For those of you blissfully unaware of the O’Reilly-Aniston smackdown, it played out a little something like this: While promoting her upcoming film, The Switch, about a single woman who conceives a child through artificial insemination, Aniston commented that “Women are realizing more and more that you don’t have to settle, they don’t have to fiddle with a man to have that child.” On Tuesday, the Fox News host went on the offensive (watch video here), accusing Aniston of “throwing a message out to 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds that, ‘Hey! You don’t need a guy, you don’t need a dad. Daaaaad? Aggghhhh, you know! [Makes dismissive wave of the hand.] That’s destructive to our society!” O’Reilly then went on to speak of a hypothetical child that Aniston does not have: “Aniston can hire a battery of people to help her, but she cannot hire a dad, okay?”

Um, okay!

Aniston, for her part, responded to the no-spin-zone O’Reilly Factor attack by issuing an exclusive (and pretty damn funny) statement to “Of course, the ideal scenario for parenting is obviously two parents of a mature age. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on earth. And, of course, many women dream of finding Prince Charming (with fatherly instincts), but for those who’ve not yet found their Bill O’Reilly, I’m just glad science has provided a few other options.”

What do you think of Aniston’s comeback? Of O’Reilly’s original argument? Share your thoughts below, but before you do, state your allegiance in our scientific PopWatch poll below!

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  • David

    Love it. Obviously, O’Reilly is a moron.

    • BrandonK


      • ZRob

        Yes, agreed. Moron = O’Reilly. He’s also hateful.

      • jordan

        i can honestly see both sides of this. from EW’s coverage of it, i’d easily take jennifer aniston’s side but more respectable news sources went a little further and included everything o’reilly said. he explained that the way she is portraying the situation undermines the role of the father in a family which he believes to be important. he didn’t say it’s impossible to have a good family without a dad, but that he felt her comments were disrespectful to the good fathers in the world. on the other hand, i definitely don’t think that this movie or her comments are going to convince 12 or 13 year olds of anything lol. one of the other fox news anchors added an interesting opinion which is that she thinks that she is glamorizing single parenthood, which i think is important to pay attention to. aniston handled everything well, though, by saying [WHICH ALSO WASN’T INCLUDED IN THIS ARTICLE… hmmmmm] “Of course, the ideal scenario for parenting is obviously two parents of a mature age. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on earth.” i don’t have any problems with aniston or o’reilly in this whole thing… i’m more disappointed (but not surprisingly so) by EW’s attempt at news coverage.

      • Shel

        I did see the whole O’Reilly rant and, sorry, he is an idiot. No way was Aniston disrespectful to the fathers of the world. He overreacted and in an incredibly knee-jerk way (which is, of course, what he does). Aniston’s comments were no way directed towards teens either, as any sane person can tell. However, O’Reilly himself sent a horrible message to all those teen single mothers who are stuck raising a child by themselves – they are apparently doomed to failure without a DAD for their kid. Guess they should just marry the first available guy? We know he certainly doesn’t want them having an abortion. No, O’Reilly is okay with single parents unless they are strong, adult, professional women CHOOSING that option – the nerve of women, CHOOSING anything at all. GMAB

      • @jordan

        Thank you, jordan. Amid all this blathering of idiots, yours seems to be the only voice of reason.

      • @jordan

        If Fox News had an Entertainment News banner on it’s front page the way EW does, then I would agree, it’s apples to apples. But Fox is pretending to be a legitimate news source and EW really isn’t. Actually, the fact that you’re holding EW to the standards of a news service is somewhat frightening to me. What it represents, I mean.

      • jordan

        obviously, since i talked about what actually happened, i still check multiple other news sources. and EW covers stories like this because there is an element of entertainment. i don’t think it’s too hard to either admit bias or cover the story with credibility.

      • Get Clue!

        O-Reilly won.. because she ended up responding with a nearly total agreement that it is best to raise a kid with father..
        Of course there are women so hard to get along with no nice guy will have them “Jennifer cough couch”

      • Michael

        Bill O’Reilly is an idiot, plain an simple. You go, Jennifer!

      • Michael

        Yes I realized I accidentally typed “an” instead of “and.”

    • Jinx

      Hey! Don’t be offending morons by comparing O’Reilly to them! Achieving moron status would be several steps above his pay grade at the moment.

      • Jenny

        hahahaha very true

      • Kylie

        That is a very good point. I’d say he’s a Neanderthal but that’s offensive to our ancestors.

      • Silv

        It’s hard to illustrate O’Reilly’s idiocy without denigrating the hapless idiots to which he’s compared. Jen’s comment was gracious yet well-executed.

        Like ANYONE would want to procreate with that moron.

      • D D

        let me guess while you say how dumb O’relly is you think that President Kickass and his trusty sidekick the Plagerizer Biden are scholars.

      • Angela

        Poor Anyone who would be compared with Billo! It seems to me that he is in a category of his own, which probably defies description.

        I think Jen adequately made her point.

    • Lily

      You’re right. MORON. Go Jen! Zap!

    • Des

      Like a 12 and a 13 year old can really be persuaded in to not wanting boys in their lives..REALLY!?! He would have made a more valid aguement using adults as an example

      • and

        in a movie a 12 year old will not likely see…

      • Ella Jay

        bill o’reilly wouldn’t know a valid argument if it slapped him in the face. he is a right-wing knee-jerk reactionary. the sad part is that most morons adore him almost as much as glenn beck, the emperor of the morons.

      • Karl

        As Taylor Swift and her legions of girl-fans have proven, boys are an essential part of girls’ lives. WHAT is bill reilly talking about referring to teens that way?

    • NAM

      Thank you!

      • Bestdadever

        If Bill and Glenn are morons where does that put you guys who think they are morons. Lets see they make about a zillion times your salary! Duh! Lower than morons! Hah eat that haters.

    • Q

      He is a moron, but I wouldn’t call that a “snap!” response. She could’ve been a lot harsher:

      “Of course, the ideal scenario for parenting is obviously two parents of a mature age. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on earth. And, of course, many women dream of finding Prince Charming (with fatherly instincts), *but for those who’ve only found their Bill O’Reilly*, I’m just glad science has provided a few other options.”

      I wonder if O’Reilly is going to complain about the “two parents” phrasing over “mother and father”. Gay parents? Scary! Well, to his viewers anyways.

      • yo

        nah, i think that’s just trying to be mean, and not a snap. here’s has a witty twist that makes you chuckle without being overtly mean spirited.

      • Mac

        Honestly, most of the O’Rielly’s audience probably doesn’t care for Hollywood-types anyway, and I’m sure they just nodded in agreement. It was basically an appeal to fundametal Christians. Leave it up to Republicans to bash women.

      • Ella Jay

        jennifer anniston is nothing if not a class act. she had a lovely rejoinder that was perfect. not mean, not sarcastic, perfectly disingenuous. and her original point – not that men are needless, but that one *does* have other options – still stands. in fact, i would have said that her point had been quite obvious for some time … with similarly-themed movies :)

    • Erin

      Agreed. Each of them is entitled to their opinion. There are people today who are sending out a lot worst messages.

    • chilliguy

      Do you people think “Jen” actually wrote that ? That say, she doesn’t have “people” that do those things for her ?

      • Ella Jay

        i believe that she “said” it, not “wrote” it. i think she’s so down to earth that she actually … does her own TALKING!!

    • Blue Silver

      O’Reilly is a freakin’ idiot!

    • anthony

      most people that watch O’reilly for the same reason they watch Jersey Shore… just waiting on him to say something stupid to laugh about

      • CM

        agreed…I’m a independent who gets great joy out of watching fox news…they are so completely delusional and idiotic that it makes for great tv!

    • jmanzione

      Obviously, you’ve never had an original thought in your life. Just stick your thumb in the liberal air, see which way the liberal air is blowing and there’s your position. O’Reilly might have a huge ego, but he’s no moron. You on the other hand, well, its not looking good.

      Exactly what was wrong with O’Reilly’s statement by the way? What about his statement makes him a moron? Was it his position that there are 12 and 13 year girls in the movie theatre being influenced by what Aniston is doing in the movie (you know damn well even adults are influenced by what they see on the screen) … or was it the part where he says having a “dad” in the household is important? It is you know, its quite important.

      EW was/is supposed to be my last bastion from the filthy politics of the day caused by all the liars from the last election trying to destroy this country. The last thing we need is EW’s liberal slant…

      Heck, the next time Stephen King spouts off in his column with his mean-spirited liberal bias I’m dropping my subscription. There are plenty of places for this crap, entertainment magazines are NOT one of them.

  • Stacie

    That picture is perfect!

  • ST

    Again, I say if this were a man making a comment about “men are realizing more and more that you don’t have to settle, they don’t have to fiddle with a woman to have that child.” feminists (and the general public) would be in an uproar.

    • Brigid

      except you’d need to find a woman to physically provide you with that child, unless you chose to adopt a child already born.

      • ST

        Well she still needs to get inseminated so what’s your point? She still then “needs” a man.

      • RyRyNYC

        Actually… she does not need a man… just his sperm. Where as men will need a woman… for nine months. Thanks for demonstrating why people (like yourself) who watch FOX NEWS are the embarrassments of this nation. And May I just say, you know its a slow news week when O’Reilly is feuding with Jennifer Anniston (really?) and the top news story is a Queeny flight attendant’s spectacular meltdown.

      • Alissa

        …and sperm comes from a man. so technically, she would still need a man, even if he’d just depoited it at a sperm bank. I’m just saying.

      • Max

        You’re not understanding the sense of “not needing a man” is in this instance. Both a man and a woman are needed to procreate (duh), but a woman isn’t necessarily in need of a man to go through the whole process. On the other hand, a man can’t give birth.

      • pman

        Actually not true… men can carry children too, just not ideal.

      • kward

        Ummm… pman, how much scifi have you been watching?

      • Ella Jay

        bwaaha!pwned :-p

    • Sara

      I am a feminist, and if a single man wanted to adopt a child and be a single father because he wanted a child, I would say bravo to him. Double standards work both ways.

      • ST

        Yes but it would be different if he claimed he didn’t have to “fiddle” with a woman. You’re missing the bigger part here. It’s not that she wants to be a mom, it’s that she’s dismissive of the man’s part in that and if a man were to make that same comment (saying that he didn’t have to fiddle with a woman) women would be outraged.

      • Sara

        @ST – Please do not presume to know what points I do or do not get. Are you a woman? Do you claim to know what all woman believe or think? As a feminist, speaking only for myself, I don’t care who “fiddles” with whom. The only actual technical roles required of either sex has in creating a child is a sperm, egg, and a uterus. All other points, are, indeed moot. I believe that all a child needs is a good parent who loves and cares for him or her. One man can do that on his own. One woman can do that on her own.

      • RyRyNYC

        @ST… I love how no one has schooled you on the fact that a woman’s role in pregnancy is 9 months, where a man’s role is sometimes as short as 60 seconds.

      • thin

        I think RyRyNYC is fishing for someone to congratulate him/her on understanding how reproduction works.

      • fo

        Sara, I think your response made ST’s point

    • bl


      • J

        It is extremely important in the outcome of the childs develpoment and furture with having a mother and a father. Yes a child can be ok with just one raising him/her but it is very important if both roles were present in each of the childrens lives, obviously accidents(deaths) do occur in life which is uncontrolable. But if you have a choice having both sexes as parents are crucial in the upbringing of a child’s life.

      • Liz

        @ J, actually studies have shown that children of lesbian couples are more successful and well adjusted than even children who have both male and female parents. So your logic is not true.

      • GTC

        Liz, It’s funny you say that. My dad’s lesbian couple’s daughter actually was valedictorian AND a prom queen. so yeah… I don’t know bout studies but I’ve seen this.

      • Rebekah

        Your dad has a lesbian couple?

        And, not directed at you, but I wish people could make fun of an idiot without making it political. Surely we’ve all realized by now that we’ve got morons on both sides of the aisle…

    • Lilly

      I don’t think you know anything about feminists or women. Gay couples hire surrogates or adopt all the time and femenists aren’t in an “uproar”.

    • Kylie

      That’s not even remotely the same thing. She’s not saying fathers are useless. She’s saying that not everyone finds the man they want to have kids with by the time they’re 40 and while years ago, if that happened it was just too late for you and you couldn’t have kids, now there are other options available to women. They aren’t ideal but atleast they can still have kids. It’s the people who can’t understand a simple comment that are blowing it out of proportion. She’s not saying “fathers suck” she’s saying not everyone can find a good father to raise their child but that doesn’t mean they can’t be parents anyway.

    • Anitamargarita

      Yes, but there are so many men out there that cannot be counted on to support the children that they create that many women are starting to think (falsely) that NO man can be counted on to support the children that they co-create. It’s incredibly sad. Why hasn’t anyone addressed this yet in these comments?

      • Wendy

        Maybe women need to be sure that they are not impregnated by men who can’t be counted on to support the children they co-create. Don’t have sex, be sure to use mutiple layers of protection or maybe even get to know the guy for a while before hopping into the sack

    • fee

      I applaud her. Most men remove themselves. They have made it a sport to sleep around and have multiple children with different women. In most cases, the SINGLE WOMAN, is left to raise the child. Most men are only sperm donors.

      • Hooch

        What? Most men make it a sport to have multiple children with different women? Where is that stat coming from?

      • Joe

        Gross generalizations and sterotypes much?

      • Wendy

        These men are not impregnating women while they sleep. Woman can be stupid when it comes to a man. Don’t have a sexual relationship with a “playah”. Some women are so desperate for a man, so uncomfortable being alone that they will hop into the sack with anyone and not consider the consequences.

    • Janni

      Oh honey, you need to bone up on your biology.

    • the girl

      Her point had nothing to do with whether or not men are important. It has to do with whether or not a woman has to say to herself, “well, this guy I’m with, he’s not that great, in fact he’s downright no good for me, but I’d really like to have a child so I guess I oughta just stay with him and let him keep treating me like crap for the sake of the kids.”
      Thankfully no woman ever HAS to say that to herself ever again. And no man does either. He can say “this woman is no good for me, I am miserable in this relationship but I love being a father and I can do that without staying with her.” Yay for modernity.

      • Sam

        Yes, but is anyone thinking about what is good for the child?

      • jennrae

        Sam, kids are adaptable. It’s adults who are prejudiced against atypical ways of raising children. And I would guess there are more unsuccessful 1 mom/1 dad families than there are successful ones. Meaning, kids can have “perfect” parents and still turn out to be serial killers. All of us are screwed up, so who are we to demand “perfect families” as if we know anything about raising kids. None of us do.

    • Tarc

      Your argument is based on the idea that men and women are equal in all ways, and is therefore deeply flawed. Obviously, biologicaly men and women are not identical, so therefore not all tautologies regarding men and women are valid. Dipstick.

    • reason

      but if he said it in the adorable way Aniston did, there would be no uproar ;)

  • KC

    If everything Bill O’Reilly ever claimed was ‘destructive to our society’ actually was destructive to our society, our society would be pretty destroyed already. Before that happens, all you sperm donor kids better stay off his lawn.

    • ani

      I don’t like Bill O’Reilly, but you really don’t think our society is in the midst of destruction? The majority have no values, they don’t raise their kids properly, those uneducated kids have no morals. There are certainly a lot of good people out there, but there are also a lot of fools and unethical morons.

      • Kylie

        There’s always been a lot of fools and unethical morons. If anything, society has become more accepting in the past 30 years. There was a time, if you thought you were gay, you’d kill yourself. Mind you, things like that still happen just not as often.

      • Paige

        As opposed to 40 years ago when a woman’s only use was to stay home and take care of the house and God forbid there be gays or interracial couples. Yeah, we’re self destructing, from an abundance of ignorance.

      • Tarc

        Actually, our species in the midst of self-destruction (socially and environmentally), but to assert that it’s due to people not dollowing O’Reilly’s nutjob philosophies, you’re laughably underinformed. Any society is stronger for a diverity of morals and ethics, not weaker.

      • kelsey

        “No values” or just “different values”? Just because values differ, even within a society, does not inherently make them bad or wrong.

    • D D

      we are bankrupt. Insolvent. Youth unemployment is at a record (lost generation). States bankrupt. Cities bankrupt. Tent cities across America…What were you saying again?

      • KC

        and yet there you sit, able to comment on an entertainment website.

        Humans have it better than they ever have before. I’m not worried about the destruction of society, and certainly not because well-to-do women can now have babies by themselves. Women have been raising babies by themselves for hundreds of thousands of years. What’s the difference if technology now takes the man out of it almost entirely?

    • pop culture bystander

      …and pull up their pants, and turn down that noise they call music.

  • Bill O’Reilly, Prince Charming

    “And guys, if you exploit a girl, it will come back to get you. That’s called ‘karma.'”
    – Bill O’Reilly, in his book, “The O’Reilly Factor For Kids,” 2004

    • falafel or loofah?

      Well, he should know.

  • Elizabeth

    O’Reilly is the stick that stirs the pot o’ crap that is FOX News. Someone had to take the heat off of Beck for a while ;)

    Cool points for Jennifer: Maybe the reason women are chosing to go it alone is they’re only looking to raise one child, instead of two.

    • Seriously?

      Been burned by men, Elizabeth? Maybe you and Jennifer have a lot in common–can’t find someone who wants to stick around.

      • RonJ

        Or she simply realizes that quite a few men aren’t worth sticking around for.

      • Juneau

        OR she hasn’t found a guy that SHE wants to have stick around.

    • RJ

      LMAO You sure got that right!

    • D D

      oh, yea women are choosing to go it alone. Yup. So they can go on welfare, not get educations and destroy their lives. Yup that’s a positive trend.

      • fee

        thats really stupid. Just because a woman doesnt have a man doesnt mean she is on welfare. Are you serious.? I think a lot of women do just fine raising there kids without men WITHOUT WELFARE! Some who grow up with fathers are more screwed up then they would have been without one. They wouldnt have to witness violence or their mother being treated like shes a subclass human.

      • greg

        @ D D: Wow, pal. Hate women much? ad hominum attacks, poor logic & hateful generalizations all you got to keep you warm at night? Brrrrrrr

  • lauren


  • molly

    Don’t forget the other thing that comes with some men – extramarial affaris that lead to – D I V O R C E . Kudos to Jennifer!

    • Ashlee C.

      and STD’s

      • Cat

        LOL, my thought too after reading the alphabet

  • Bruce Purmell

    Aniston proves she is the empty head that she projects in her movies and real life. Do you really think this woman would know anything about raising children? She would have nannies to do it. Shut up and act.

    • @Bruce Purmell

      Maybe you should shut up and do your job.

    • ML

      First, you don’t know Jennifer Aniston personnally so don’t pretend to know her. Secondly, she’s doing her job here, discussing the topic of her new movie. Get over yourself Bruce!

    • @Bruce Purmell

      Oh, put a sock it it. You don’t even know Jen.

  • team aniston

    Nice one, Jen! Classy and funny!! And doesn’t stoop to the levels of O’Reilly. She’s the best.

    • @dizzy

      I loved her response as well!

  • Kat76

    Well played Ms. Aniston…well played! Bill O’Reilly is a fool and that’s what he gets for trying to twist her words into some kind of fake controversy.

    • jennrae

      Exactly! You would think he could find something else to talk about–like one of those wars going on or something–instead of dragging Hollywood nonsense into it…unless of course he was only doing it for attention. I think we may be onto something.

  • tomm

    #1 problem is some men want to be Playboys or ‘Play-ahs’ and ‘do’ as many women as possible. Look at some men with many kids from different women!

    So, don’t blame women first. Men ‘dont want to commit’ since they want to ‘play around’.

    Guys are expected to ‘sow wild oats’, women are expected to ‘get a guy to commit’, and then “change him”.

    #2 problem is people in general are selfish and ‘want it all’.

    • since (according to you) all men wanna do is have sex and leave, maybe women should be more careful about who they have sex with, then there wouldn’t be as many unwanted children in the world

      • @…

        Yeah because “some men” = “all men”
        read carefully bro.

      • Juneau

        Oh so now the women are responsible for stopping men’s bad behavior? Why don’t you tell men to stop whoring around in the first place? But no, the moral obligations all fall on women. It’s always the way it’s been and it’s what got us into this mess in the first place. Nice double standard.

    • D D

      would some of those “men” be BLACKMEN or are we going to just have generic “men” ?

      • Rebecca

        Oh aren’t you clever?? No, deadbeat deads come in all races, pal, which I’m sure you’re aware off. But, again I guess in order for you to feel better you have to put someone down.

  • jonesey

    Jennifer needs to understand that she is public figure people, some desperate some stupid some both, look to and admire and want to be like or think of themselves as being as cool and as hip — the babies born into a world with such desperate, stupid and naïve individuals should weigh heavily on Jennifer’s conscious because it’s not so much what she is doing to the mindless followers that Love and worship her but to those poor little babies and kids in the hands of such idiots.

    • Cat

      so you’re saying that only certain people should be allowed to have children? that is what you’re implying, right?

      • jennrae

        Cat, didn’t you know? Only middle class, republican, white Christians should be allowed to procreate.

  • Young Lady

    Bill is 100% correct, as usual. It IS truly a sad day when all these 12 and 13 year old impressionable girls are hanging on Jen Aniston’s every word and ignoring more stellar role models like Snooki, Ke$ha and the Kardashians.

    • llevinso

      “Bill is 100% correct, as usual.”

      I think you lost the argument right there….

      • Machunny

        I think you forgot to keep reading. Young lady was obviously employing the sarcasm thing–the engine that drives these pages.

    • how in the hell is jennifer aniston starring in a romantic comedy the same thing as snooki? god, this is the biggest cut-paste comment i’ve seen on this site…it’s like EW mad libs…go watch fox news, zombie

      • Janet

        You moron, she was being sarcastic. Please read a bit more carefully before you decide to make another idiotic post.

      • J

        Haha! You tell em Janet!! there are soome serious morons posting in here!!! Wow!! Go back to watching Oprah!!

  • Fatchet

    The following are undeniable facts:
    Children born to single parent households are more likely to experience poverty, are less likely to graduate from high school, and are much more likely to be incarcerated at some point in their life. But I’ll be cool like Jen and pretend this isn’t true.

    • confidential

      So how do you explain the fact that most children in the US are born to unmarried women (they may be in relationships not married) but most children are not living in poverty, have graduated HS and have not been incarcerated? This debate over family structure can go on forever but the reality is that people will do what they will do and we don’t know that this is all bad.

      • D D

        no it can’t….The probability that a single mother and her child will be on welfare, not graduate school, be a criminal and unemployed is quite high.. You can’t debate that all day (unless you are an idiot)

      • confidential

        DD: My statement stands: The most children born in the US are to unmarried mothers: Fact.

      • The Real World Called, Left a Message For You

        Last I heard, the rate of children born to unmarried mothers was 40%, which is not most. High school drop out rate in the city closest to me (Detroit) is 68%, illiteracy rate is almost 50%. Incarceration rate is like comparing apples to oranges becaue children can’t be incarcerated, so that portion of the percentage skews the numbers, as well as people who have been incarcerated at one point but now are not. You’d have to somehow find the percentage of people who have ever been incarcerated. Really, though, your whole argument is flawed, because you ignore the numbers of kids who don’t make it to high-school graduation or incarceration age. Which statistically is probably higher for kids born to unmarried mothers. But hope you and Jen enjoy life in your ivory tower.

      • theBigE

        Confidential – you’re incorrect on your numbers. Current US statistics show 36% of children are born to unwed parents. Fatchet is correct in his/her statements.

    • Stevie

      Mr. Fachet your statistics don’t also include then GREAT number of deadbeat dads who father these kids and take no resposibility or that these facts include divorces, out of work parents in unloving marriages and teenagers who are making mistakes believing in idiots who think abstinece is best maybe setting good examples as parents and as people would help not to mention that thinking many factors don’t play a part such as ignorance. Statistics are nice but you can always find one to fit your needs. This coming from a single mother of three and I have a doctorate and I am divorced and dad helps with nothing. I do however respect the male in my family because they go up and beyond for their children and they r divorced. Character counts.

    • SM

      People who are having children using the science that Jennifer is talking about are making that choice and have the resources to properly raise a child. There are plenty of people raised by single parents who do just fine. I acknowledge that the poverty, lack of education and tendency towards crime that arises in many single parent families, is instead due to the poverty, lack of education and tendency towards crime of the single parents who did not get pregnant by choice.
      Don’t make generalizations for all families.

      • jodipo

        well said indeed

      • D D

        don’t make generalizations? Huh? Here’s a generalization-single mother households are perdisposed to poverty

    • Alisa

      Well said.

    • JCram

      single women choosing to have children through artificial insemination are NOT more likely to be any of these things. Women born to baby-mamas of deadbeats, yeah, maybe. I don’t consider them “women choosing to be single parents.”

    • Cricket

      I was raised by my mother as my father was an alcoholic abuser. She, fortunately, left him when I was 10 years old. Not only did we NOT live in poverty, but I graduated high school with honors, went to college, and am now making a damned fine salary for myself.

      As a 38-year old single woman who has been in numerous bad relationships, I can safely say that, should the desire for a child arise, I WILL be going it alone. I will also guarantee that my child will NOT be living in poverty, WILL graduate high school, and WILL go to college!

      • D D

        so in other words you ended up a defective human and not very bright. Al alcoholic takes the last dollar h e bummed, plays the lottery and wins $1 million. Is your idea, “see that happened so I’m going to be an alcoholic and play the lottery and get rich”.

        Maybe the reason you picked so many lousy men is that your mother set a wonderful example for you and you are so defective you don’t even see the stupidity of what you posted here.

      • reason

        that is uncalled for D D

      • Cat

        Actually D D, being a daughter of a male alcoholic myself, I can relate and appreciate what Cricket is saying. It totally screws up your perception of men and being able to trust them. Being from this situation, you have to learn that not all men are creeps. It’s a process. fyi-I have married and have 3 happy children. You are uninformed and plain out mean.

      • Richard

        I wonder what family structure was involved in turning out so mean-spirited and angry a human as this D D person.

      • Cristine

        To DD: You really suck and are obviously unhappy deep down in that black heart of yours.

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