Jackie Evancho, Dan Sperry surprise and impress on 'America's Got Talent'

Ten-year-old Jackie Evancho wowed America’s Got Talent viewers last night with her seriously grown-up voice. Read the full post.

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  • Fernando

    those of you who thought that jerk’s taunting of Howie Mandel was funny might want to watch this:


    • Marci

      wow. I watched it and you are right, Sperry was a TOTAL jerk to antagonize Howie like that. It is on par with tipping someone out of a wheelchair – real funny. He really should have been disqualified on the spot.

      • Fernando

        a very good point!

  • AZGal

    The pianist was terrible. Piers really showed his ignorance praising him to the skies when there were missed notes and bad phrasing.

    But as for singers – that’s the most common talent, and one we can all relate to. Who among us hasn’t sung in the shower, used a hairbrush or a broom handle as a microphone, and had our few minutes of fame — all in our own minds?

    And Jackie has a huge talent. Let’s hope they don’t kill that voice with over use.

    • @az gal

      You comment is simple and ignorant – Just because you sing in the shower does not make you an expert on singing. Just because we all breathe does not make you an expert on how to use your breath and breath control in singing.

    • Dizzy

      So, AZ, you’re an expert on the piano too? I bet you play a mean CHOPSTICKS.

  • AAGT

    If this is the best America can come up with “America Ain’t Got Talent”.
    THe little girl was too strange, lip sync? THe rest were “meh”.

  • DA

    So very sad all the negative comments about a very gifted and talented young lady. It usually comes from very narrow minded people, not open to the fact that there are these rare exceptions. She was fantastic! And Dan Sperry, OMG, not only was it a great illusion, but his showman- ship and music choice was spot on. Good luck to both of you!!

    • helen

      As I said, it has nothing to do with
      any talent. With me it’s the whole
      idea of children performing on stage
      in Las Vegas that’s disturbing.

  • helen

    My problem with AGT is that they
    allow children. CHILDREN don’t belong
    on the stage in Vegas. I for one
    would not spend money to see a ten
    year old sing opera in Vegas. Plus,
    I agree her singing seemed weird.
    It was like she was just lip-synching.
    I wasn’t impressed with any of the
    YOUTUBE acts and don’t see any of
    them actually winning.

  • helen

    If the producers actually read these,
    I would hope they take note and at
    least consider changing the rules
    next season and up the age to at
    least 15 or 16 year old minumum. The maximum can still stay at no

  • jason1313

    all i want is RNG back were thay belong (Pierce and Howie wouldn’t know good dancers if thay walk up and kick them in the balls) and outlast Future Funk then i well be happy

  • Alex Anisimow

    Could this very talented young lady be the next Deanna Durbin??

    • blork


  • Ruth

    A middle aged woman’s voice coming out of a sweet little blue eyed blond girl was definitely a little strange! I tried listening to the replay (above) but had to pause it – not for me – although her TALENT is undeniable.

    • to ruthy

      Yeah, her talent for mimicry…

  • Dizzy

    We need to rename this show AMERICA’S DESPERATE FOR A CHILDSTAR. This girl has a sweet quality to her voice but she has obviously been primped and primed to be a star. She has been vocally taught to mimic the qualities of a much older person and that is not a good thing.

  • Liz

    Dan Sperry is so evil in the darkness and not very saved. I know that Howie disliked him and not vote for him…..Jackie Evancho was so blessed that she sang so beautiful and very mature with her voice. God gave her talent as a gift. I am hoping that she wins in Las Vegas for tournament performance. If she wins, I will purchase her first cd.

    • Miss jane

      Good versus Evil. I guess you have to reduce everything to a simple black and white metaphor that you can wrap your tiny mind around.

    • to Liz

      Dan is “not very saved???” I didn’t realize there were degrees of “Savedness.” Don’t tell me:
      No Hope in Hell of Ever Being Saved, Likely Never to be Saved, Not Very Saved, Kinda Saved, Very Saved, and Extremely Saved!!!! p.s you’re a nutty extremist.

  • james

    To Heck with all the nay sayers and hate mongers. This kid is real and brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. I wish her well and hope she can take tke the top prize of AGT

  • Natvca

    Take this as you may but it’s our opinion she has the voice of and angel and we wish her the best.

  • Landon D

    both dan and jackie are amazing acts. I wish the best for both of them!

    • David B.

      Are you really THE Landon Donovan?

  • Landon D

    One more thing… Dan Sperry is not evil. At least, that is to say, that NONE of US know if he is or isn’t. His image is hardly representing his spiritual views. He admits that his image is shocking and that it is what he’s going for. As for Jackie, yes she does sound and look like an angel. But, that doesn’t mean that she is one! Look, in the end, none of this even matters and I shouldn’t even be responding to this stupid irrelevant kind of post. But hey, why not? AGT is not based on zealots or fanatical views. It’s on talent.

    • David B.

      So you think it’s based on talent? You must be medicated because I only have two words to say to you…Debra Romer. Ugh.

    • Marci

      We don’t know if Dan Sperry is evil, but we do know he is mean and ignorant. Throwing that vile floss at someone with ACD is as bad as kicking someone’s crutches out from under them. People think Howie’s mental illness is a joke, but it is very real and not funny at all. I am so disgusted and dissappointed to see people support this stupid man at the expense of a seasoned professional who has entertained us for years at great expense to himself.

      • Fernando

        could not agree more!

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