Bill O'Reilly attacks Jennifer Aniston: 'She's diminishing the role of the dad'

Oh boy, now she’s done it. While doing press for her upcoming movie The Switch, in which she plays a woman who gets artificially inseminated in order to start a family on her own, Jennifer Aniston, 41, noted that women don’t necessarily need a man to have a baby, saying, “Women are realizing more and more that you don’t have to settle, they don’t have to fiddle with a man to have that child.” And like an attack dog who catches the scent of a wounded bunny, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly went on the offensive on The O’Reilly Factor, saying amongst other things: “She’s throwing a message out to 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds that, ‘Hey you don’t need a guy. You don’t need a dad.’ That’s destructive to our society.” (Watch the clip below.)

Am I the only who flashbacked to Dan Quayle and Murphy Brown? For Aniston’s part, she’s got to be pretty sick of hearing people comment on her personal life (her reps did not immediately respond to requests for comment about O’Reilly’s remarks). And most people realize that while her life in some ways may imitate art, she made those comments in the context of promoting her film about a single woman wanting a baby. She was not announcing that she was going to have a baby on her own right that second and to hell with men. But then, it’s Bill O’Reilly’s job to make a lot of noise, and accusing a Friend of diminishing the role of the poor, “underappreciated” dad certainly accomplishes that.

What do you think PopWatchers, was Bill O’Reilly just doing his job? Is he brilliant for dragging a Friend on the air? Are you sick of hearing about Jennifer Aniston being single and alone? I certainly am.

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  • Jsck Kinch(1uncle)

    At least Jen Anistan can afford this. Most all such depend on you and me to support them.Those cases should be ‘fixed’ while having the first.

    • deedee

      it’s not just about the money; fathers are important to a child’s development; It was good enough for Jen, why isn’t it good enough for her child (hypothetically)?

      • ellen

        I agree. I thought O’Reilly was pretty reasonable in the clip. Yeah, kids need dads. It sounds prude-y, but it’s true.

      • Karate Pants

        Kids need loving, nurturing homes. There isn’t a formula (dad + mom, mom alone, dad + dad) that guarantees that, nor is there a formula where that cannot be present.
        It’s close-minded to assume there is.

      • hc

        This is kind of dumb. Society is built to optimize the two parent system so would it be awesome if a kid had two parents? Yes. But does a woman who can’t find a compatible mate have to be childless? No. And is that child doomed because he/she doesn’t have a dad? Absolutely not. The real question is whether O’Reilly should have a program to point out the obvious.

      • KWise

        I’m pretty sure Jen was raised with minimal involvement from her dad. So your argument “it was good enough for Jen” doesn’t hold water. She might be one great example of a case where you do NOT need input from the father to successfully raise a child.

      • Myk

        Kid’s need a good household…they don’t “need” dads…what a stupid argument.

      • joblo

        Yes, they do need dads. It’s not a stupid comment. Men and women are different. It’s not PC to say so today but it’s true. You learn different things from men than you do from women and OPTIMALLY a child will have both role models in their life. A boy learns how to treat a woman from his father, and a daughter learns how a woman is supposed to be treated by a man. And vice versa. Sometimes that can’t happen due to circumstances in life. But to say it’s stupid to believe kids need a dad and a mom – far from it.

      • Blue Silver

        It’s ok for Jennifer Aniston to have her own point of view. Who the hell is Bill O’ Reilly for chastising her for it? Screw O’ Reilly…he needs to mind his own freakin’ business.

      • Kylie

        She never said it wasn’t good enough for hr child. She never endorsed it. She said “it’s nice that women have options” that’s it. In that same interview she said she wouldn’t do the procedure herself. Bill is once again tearing someone apart when HE infact isn’t informed.

      • Stevex

        Maybe if you, like Miss Aniston, have a cool godfather like Telly Savalas, a dad isn’t such a necessary deal.

      • Aly

        Girls who grow up with a loving dad are likely going to want a loving husband to have children with. Jennifer Aniston’s words aren’t going to change that. Girls who do not grow up with a dad or with a dad who is abuse may struggle to find the right guy, not bother/give up looking or be one of the lucky ones who still find the right guy despite not having a good example growing up. Jennifer’s words won’t have any impact on that either. But she’s not speaking to those girls anyway. She was speaking on behalf of (heterosexual) women who can’t find the right guy but have a lot of love to give and want a child of their own. A loving two parent household may be the ideal but why should women who strike out at romantic love be denied the opportunity to raise a child? There’s too many parents out their who take their children for granted. Why deny those who won’t the opportunity just because their situation is not ideal? The child will still be loved and cared for, and maybe they don’t have a husband but they could have a wonderful brother or father that can serve as a better role model anyway? Fox likes to stick people in convenient boxes without taking into consideration how complex our world and the people in it really are.

      • Aly

        ack, abusive and out there.

      • 4rocket

        “A boy learns how to treat a woman from his father, and a daughter learns how a woman is supposed to be treated by a man.”

        A child can learn these important lessons from a parent of either sex. There are plenty of men and women who come from single-parent households, and they are self-respecting human beings who respect other people as well. And conversely, there are also plenty of crappy excuses for human beings that were raised by both a mother and a father within the same household. It seems to me that you’d be the type of person that would argue against same-sex couples adopting.

      • zee

        i was raised by a single parent, best thing that ever happened to me, beats having an abusive drunkard of a father, i have friends who were raised by both their parents 1 tried 2 kill herself over bcoz of her abusive dad…she missed, and then last year nearly shot him with his own gun…i was raised by 3 loving women, she was raised 2 ppl who hated each other hence the kids became invisible….my point: a loving home is all that matters

      • besimon

        She said women don’t have to SETTLE. A lot of women still do that – marry because they want children, then end up in a loveless marriage and end up getting divorced – which is so much better for the child than having a single parent. This goes both ways bytheway. Men shouldn’t have to settle either – there are many wonderful single fathers out there.

      • Maureen

        @Blue Silver: But Bill O’Reilly has the right to voice his opinion too. ;)

      • MoreThinSkin

        O’Reilly is right to question her comment, Aniston has no experience to work from, she is rich with plenty resources.
        To make a comment that says its about real life just to promote a movie is selfish.
        BTW “Shades of Murphy Brown?” Anyone ever notice that the writers of Murphy Brown wrote in a man who helped her raise the kid? He was her family, just not her lover.
        She didn’t put the kid in daycare did she? So even the writers agreed with Quayle. It was better to have a man around the house with her kid.

      • c-squared

        First of all not all families with a mom and a dad are perfect, so who’s to say that having a dad is necessary? That “dad” could be totally neglectful towards his children and his role in the family is absolutely superfluous. The mother in essence is actually taking care of the children alone. So what’s the difference? It’s not all about having a mom and a dad, it can also be about having mentors and role models to look up to that play a large part in a child’s development.

      • Daniel

        Bill’s dad was, according to Bill, basically evil. And look how he turned out.

      • Mike

        Let’s see now..
        Jennifer Aniston is an expert on raising children because……..

      • Keira

        All right, this is just stupid. While she said it was okay for a woman to have a child by herself, without having to wait for the perfect guy, she never said dads weren’t important. They are, and no one is going to deny that having a father is important.

        She’s just saying that a woman doesn’t have to be in a relationship to have a kid. Which is true. Talk about reading too much into something.

      • Lorie

        Are you sure it was good enough for Jen? She seems to have issues with men. Come on she dated that tool John Mayer!!

    • Shiny

      Bill Reilly – he needs to wash his ass.

      • ck

        You mean, loofah

      • ARandomMann

        And you just need to wash your mouth.

    • AR

      Who cares? There are plenty of single mothers out there who have children who turn out just fine. Most actually.

      • Elsa Jorgen

        The statistics say you are very, very wrong. Look it up, dimbulb.

      • jules

        I was raised by a single mom whose a-hole husband (my dad, the good doctor) ran out on her and all of us, their children. And I turned out just fine. So Elsa, you can suck it, along with Mr. O’Reilly.

      • David

        Elsa- the statistics say YOU are very, very wrong, dimbulb. There is no statistical difference in problems with kids who are raised by one parent, gay parents, etc. Make sure of your facts before you post any comments.

      • Blue Silver

        Bill O’ Reilly needs to mind his own freakin’ business….PERIOD!

      • Aly

        Statistics can say lots of things, especially when taken out of context. For example, say there are 3 single parent households in your neighborhood. One has 1 child, one 3 children, and one 6 children. Maybe the first two are stable households and the kids grow up well but the third produces nothing but criminals. That’s 60% right there, but the majority of single parent families were actually stable loving environments. Real life is far more complex than statistics which zero in on individual aspects and ignore the bigger picture. On a related note, parents don’t have to divorced or absent for a home to be broken. If one parent is always gone, abusive, having affairs or in the throes of substance abuse, that’s a less healthy living situation than a single parent home where that one parent has their proverbial poo together.

      • Brett

        Jules, if you’d really turned out all right, you’d have better manners than to say “suck it.” :)

      • SUCK IT Brett

        I’m with Jules

      • Daniel

        Elsa, according to large numbers of stats, children of lesbian mothers are well adjusted and smart more often than not.

    • Terri

      Anniston’s statement is only her opinion and since she is not a single mother, she is not speaking from experience. Bill O just likes to talk, so neither of their opinions is of particular importance to me and Anniston is probably not going to affect teenagers since most don’t know who she is. Much ado about nothing from both of them.

      • MC

        Most don’t know who she is? Is that a serious statement?

    • Josie

      lol @maniston on twitter responded to bill

    • Claire

      What does it matter if Jennifer Anniston can afford it? She was not talking about herself having a baby. She was talking about her movie character. As for what Bill O’Reilly says, I’m sure she could hardly care less. That goes for me, too.

      • ALM

        Bill O’Reilly has NO ethical ground to stand on. It’s kind of hard to take his “morals” seriously when he sexually harasses a woman on the phone, then pays an out-of-court settlement…

    • Bill O is an Lying Idiot

      Isn’t this the vile cretin who yelled at teenager Jeremy Glick tho just lost his FATHER in the 911 attacks? Anything he says it’s not for common sense or for common good – he’s as low as the fame- in Jersey Shore. They do and say outrageous things to getting ratings no matter how crazy or stupid.

    • Bill O is an Lying Idiot

      Isn’t this the vile cretin who yelled at teenager Jeremy Glick tho just lost his FATHER in the 911 attacks? Anything he says it’s not for common sense or for common good – he’s as low as the fame- in Jersey Shore. They do and say outrageous things to getting ratings no matter how crazy or stupid.

    • Scooter

      Fox News personalities are such imbeciles. How can anyone take what the say seriously?

    • LOL

      Bill-O The Clown should stick to loofahs.

    • Kylie

      Joblo, kids need strong male and female influences, not fathers. Who is to say the father would do right by their child? Their father could still be a child (mentally) themselves. The father could be a huge disappointment. It’s stupid to say a child NEEDS a father. All a child needs is a male/female influence who will do right by them and even then, people can learn a lot without that.

  • Lor Lor

    The last time Jennifer Anniston was a role model for 12 and 13 year olds was what 2002?

    • Stacie

      The only time she was ever a role model for anything was because of her haircut.

      • Lor Lor


      • Matt

        Role model because of a haircut? I don’t think you know what “role model” means you two.

      • Lor Lor

        LOL You dont know the 12 year old girls I do. There are a good segment of them that only care about hair and clothes and makeup. Sad – I know.

  • Trixie

    Man, it would suck to have Bill O’Reilly as a dad.

    • morons

      Yea, money and structure… would suck.

      • Dawn

        You mean homophobic and racist structure.

      • hedge

        Money and structure don’t mean a thing if you don’t have parents that also teach you such things as respect, compassion and all that other mamby-pamby stuff. Bill O’Reilly may have tons of money and I bet he’d provide plenty of “structure” but I also bet he’d fail at anything requiring more than that.

      • Chris

        Who says O’reilly has structure? And the Menendez taught us that money, well…

      • Merry Bear

        I had a Bill O’Reilly as a father. Money and structure ain’t all there is to being a father. Being raised by a close-minded, racist, homophobic man who loves the sound of his own voice and despairs at change and individualism was a real picnic. None of his children speak to him and I suspect he’s a lonely old man, but I couldn’t say for certain. What ever he is, he has money and structure and I have a life.

      • jules

        “morons.” Yup, your handle says it all.

    • besimon

      I’d rather had Jen Aniston as a single mom than O’Reilly as a dad.

  • GreenGummiBear

    Well, she’s right, you don’t NEED a man (I mean, you need one somewhere for seed…for now). So it’s not really fair that women can have kids without men but men can’t have kids without women (if you’re rich). But hey, we get to pee standing up, so we’ve got that going for us…

  • macaroni

    Bill Reilly is a stupid old fool tht nobody needs to listen to. He’s just an idiot looking for attention.

    • The Truth

      And Aniston isn’t? Even idiots can have a valid point from time to time and this is one of them.

      • Jen

        How is this a valid point??? He is ranting just to rant. She is saying that women are capable of being single mothers.

      • Devin Faraci

        That’s not what he said at all you dumb witch.

      • Yes

        This is so stupid, we had this argument 20 years ago with Murphy Brown. It’s just re-hashed crap.

      • Kylie

        How is that a valid point? He attacked her personally for making a general comment. There is no NEED for a father. It s ideal to have a father who can help with things the mother can’t but plenty of children have grown up perfectly fine without them. The key word in this entire debate is NEED.

      • Brett

        Well, she’s not old.

  • Vilo

    I think the real problem her is the idea that women who can’t manage an adult relationship somehow believing they can manage one with a child effectively.

    • avenger

      Oh, and you too are a douchebag :)

      • Devin Faraci

        Nice intelligent comeback.

      • @devin

        considering you just called someone a dumb witch in the comment above i don’t think you should throw stones

        vilo is essentially placing the blame for all failed relationships on the woman (i.e. its a girls fault if she cant hold down a man), and not that sometimes men turn out to be ______ douchebags? manbabies? or worse… violent? gamblers? substance abusers or philanderers? and that all women with failed relationships will also make poor mothers.

        frankly, he got as much of an intelligent comeback as he deserved.

    • Vilo’s Wife

      Yes, he really is a douchebag.

    • kg

      There are many women who, while not having the best romantic luck, are able to be amazing mothers. I know several such women, and despite their childrens’ absence of a father, they have grown up to be fine, upstanding citizens. You can be an amazing mother whether you are good at romantic relationships or not.

    • ALM

      Hey Vilo, your logic sucks. Some of us can manage an adult relationship just fine, thank you, but choose instead to focus our time and efforts on raising our children, rather than waste our efforts on jack***es who need more mommy-ing than my two-year-old. If a great guy comes along, I’ll consider taking time away from her, but if they’re all like you, then I’m completely fine being single.

  • avenger

    Bill O’Reilly is a collosal douchebag and nothing he says has any merit.

    • Jonathan

      I absolutely agree!
      just STFU Bill!

  • player87

    I agree Bill O’Reilly sounds a bit pathetic commenting on something so trivial. Like “look at me, look at me”. Child.

    • Sarah

      Agreed. And nobody is talking about the larger implication of his remarks. He thinks only a man and woman should raise a child together. BUT there are great lesbian and gay parents who are raising children out there, and this greatly upsets him. Also thank G-d the one woman noted the fact that so many of single mothers are LEFT by men. It is not their choice to raise a child alone.

      • llevinso

        EXACTLY. Single parents can be great parents. Two lesbian parents can be fantastic parents. Two gay dads can be fantastic parents. O’Reilly sucks for more reasons than one here.

      • jp


      • Sue1.

        Thank you, Sarah. Well said.

      • Hold On

        Oh for heaven’s sake — did half of the posters on here even WATCH the segment? Sarah, O’Reilly made the exact same point that the female commentator made – he said that a man who abandons his kids is not a man. He also noted at the very beginning that this was Aniston talking about a movie, not about real life. It was a very fair and well-reasoned segment presenting both sides of an issue in an intelligent manner. He was not “ranting” and he was not “attacking” and he was not “on the offensive.” It was a debate, and it was done well. O’Reilly did not at any point say single mothers could not do a good job; in fact he went out of his way to say the opposite. What he did say, however, was that he was against promoting the idea that dads are useless – and he felt that the Aniston quote could be taken the wrong way by 12- and 13-year olds. Watch the segment, people!

      • jas886

        Did anyone see “The Kids are Alright”. I know it’s just a movie, but I would be perfectly fine being raised by two lesbians as cool at Annette Benning and Julianne Moore, despite the drama they have to endure.

  • K.Simmons

    All these celebrities don’t have a clue about raising kids, they are gonna to end up messed them up just like them. A kid needs both a MOM and DAD to be raised up right and let’s hope they have their heads straight up when they are raising them up, this is a big problem in this country, the way things are going now the new generation is going to be very SCREWED up. It’s the truth.

    • Courtney

      There are plenty of children who have both a mom and a dad who grow up “wrong”. And there are plenty of people who grow up in single parent homes who are certainly raised “right”. I’ve seen both. So let’s not make generalizations we cannot prove, shall we?

      • jmo

        Thanks Courtney, you got to him first. Sane minds think alike.

      • Jen

        actually study after study shows children who grow up in single parent households are more likely to live in poverty, struggle in school, etc. I’m all for COMPETENT women OR men choosing to be single parents, but let’s not diminish the proven benefits of having both parents around.

      • lisa

        thank you.. and most of the ones that are screwy are the one with the dad in the home, I have single friends whose kids who have done way better than the married couples kids

      • Sue1.

        Jen your studies are outdated and wrong. A stable, loving environment will provide the best benefits, and that can come in poverty or wealth, from one parent or two.

    • jmo

      that’s baloney. You can’t make generalizations like that. I can do the same thing: Jeffrey Dahmer had a mom and a dad and he was a *&@#’d up cannibal. Halle Berry was raised by a single mom and is doing just fine.

      • Jen

        HAHAHA you had me til you mentioned Halle Berry — that women is a nutjob.

      • Brianne

        Barack Obama is the perfect example of being raise by a single parent.

      • thin

        And you of course are clearly qualified to judge.

      • 4rocket

        How is Halle Berry a “nutjob”?

    • RyRyNYC

      @K.Simmons Based on your severe grammatical errors clearly it does NOT matter whether or not one is raised by one parent, or two, or mixed sex or same sex parents.

    • Josh

      This generation is screwed up not because of lack of parenting, but because of what the parenting they do receive is doing to them. This sense of entitlement running rampant today is not from neglect.

    • RS

      Actually Jen, quoting “study after study shows blah, blah, blah” is quite pointless. I can just as easily show you “study after study” (ones which control for socioeconomic status) that “show” children in single-parent household are not more likely to end up in poverty. There are a plethora of factors that impact a child’s outcome, most importantly including such items as income and social support.

      • Jen

        Studies are only ‘pointless’ if you aren’t a child living in poverty and wondering where your next meal will come from. I never said all single parent households are inferior — children are much better off with 1 stable parent than 2 whackjob parents. But stats are stats and GENERALLY, 2 parent children are better off than not.

      • my opinion

        Actually Jen, the stats don’t show that, that’s what people are trying to tell you. The latest research CONTRADICTS that idea. Stable, loving caretakers are the common denominator in raising well adjusted kids, not having 2 parents.

      • Kate

        Actually Jen, stats are never just stats. There’s a lot more complexity to be considered, like RS pointed out. There’s good science (that would control for confound variable like SES, have control groups, use proper statistical methods, etc) and there is very bad science. If you aren’t qualified to tell the difference, maybe don’t speak in such certainty about what you’ve read. Especially since the research you’re quoting sounds pretty outdated. You know, you could find a lot of scientific articles espousing the values of drinking wine during pregnancy – we just know better now.

  • Kevin

    Who said you could speak, woman? Get thee back under my thumb you strumpet!

  • Marsha

    So who are the two blond bimbos he’s talking to? And which will be the next to sue him for sexual harrasment?

  • Claire

    Bill O’Reilly needs a life.

    Besides after his sex scandal he needs to stop acting like the moral watchdog of everyone in this country. What a hypocrite.

    • Dave Keller

      Sex scandal?

    • Marie

      You and Marsha are right. As I said on Popeater, I’d rather have no dad than one who has sexually harassed a young intern.

  • Victor Eloy

    this is so stupid…it’s obvious Aniston who for me was dumped by Brad Pitt for being so shallow and selfish, was actually talking about women who can afford to have a child by their own.
    She’s not referring to teenagers…..but to adult woman who can do that who desires to be mothers….
    like always stupid FOX people is talking trash. stupid channel…
    by the way, Jen it’s time you what you did on this film…cos I don’t see you having the perfect guy to have a family, you had him and you lost him…so….

    • @Victor Eloy

      Aniston dumped Brad Pitt for YOU???

    • Sarah

      Who deemed Brad Pitt the “perfect dad”? I don’t think WE know him that well.

    • Peachie

      why won’t my comments show up?

    • Peachie

      Oh, sure. I guess it has to be short? Maybe Aniston didn’t have kids with Pitt due to fertility problems. Not selfishness and shallowness?

      • ash

        What if Aniston doesn’t actually want kids?
        And i think her remarks were general and she was promoting a movie so of course she’s not gona disagree.

      • Just sayin’

        What is she just didn’t want kids 5 years ago?

    • jennifer

      Shame on you victor, shallow and selfish?& u would know this because u r brad pitts bff? lol it seems the only 1 being shallow and selfish is you? The poor woman was cheated on lied to & betrayed. Then she can’t JUST HURT N’get over it cause the media won’t let her. on top of that angie is publically bragging how she stole him from her on the mr./mrs. smith set.Yet she has been quiet,poised& graceful not blabbing all his secrets & cheating ways.she is always nice! if she wasn’t-y is she still besties w/courtney? y have we not heard about her ranting on sets?

  • ST

    Seriously though, if say George Clooney was to make this comment about not needing a woman to fiddle with before having a baby feminists everywhere would be OUTRAGED! Why is it acceptable for a woman to diminish a man’s role? Why do we cry foul if any one is to “diminish” a woman’s role that she plays in a child’s well being. Such a double standard. It’s ridiculous.

    • Sammy

      Since when feminists treat women as if they were babymaking machines? I can hardly see them being offended at such a comment.

      • Kate

        yeah, I’m a feminist, and I applaud men who want to raise children on their own (for whatever reason) I’m also an advocate of paternal leave. Don’t speak for a group if you don’t understand what they stand for (i.e. equality in every way).

    • KRG

      I usually do not respond negatively to comments, but I was unable to resist. Feminists admire men who raise children on their own. AND plenty ard doing so such as Ricky Martin;-) The feminist movement was about choices..for all.

    • Sue1

      If Clooney were to say that feminists everywhere would stand up and cheer. KRG is right, feminists support equal choices for everyone.

  • Brad P.

    More bashing from the elite celebrities…Bill set her straight and I am sure Jennifer will not accept Fox’s invitation to defend herself. She has had a rough dating life and her comments reflect her ignorance. We all need to stop the guy bashing in this pro gay environment.

    • @Brad P.

      How on earth did Bill “set her straight”?? He’s a blubbering moron who fails to notice that she was making a general statement.
      And I suppose you also think that rageaholic sexual predator Bill O’Reilly is father of the year material.
      You’re all stupid and hopeless. Seriously.

    • Kevin

      “Brad P.” (for Pitt, I guess) is trying to be clever but hasn’t quite mastered the skill.

    • Aly

      Yes, far better to encourage 12 and 13 year old girls to obsess over boys only to wind up pregnant and alone, anyway. I think the more important message to senda girls is to become successful, self-confident adults before they even think of starting a family but that’s the parents’ responsibility, not Jennifer Aniston’s. She was obviously making a general statement geared at adult women. She did say “women” after all, not girls. Maybe preteens are what O’Reilly thinks of first when he hears “women” but that says more about his character or lack there of. And if she’s smart she won’t accept their invitation. All they do is yell at guests they disagree with and put words into their mouths instead of letting them speak for themselves. They don’t allow for thoughtful intelligent debate. They just bully people and force their own heavily biased viewpoints down people’s throats.

      • Alice

        I totally agree with you, Aly. ‘Nuff said.

      • Kate

        Yes. This. 100%

      • AaronT

        Wow did I have a good laugh at “what O’Reilly thinks of first” – because it’s so true!!

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