Sarah Palin addresses the alleged teacher eyeroll, sympathizes with Botox users

It is biologically impossible for a human being living in the U.S. for the past three years to not have a strong opinion about Sarah Palin. And that’s why her split-second reaction to a woman who identifies herself as a teacher in a viral video has caused such a hubbub on the Internets that the former governor has taken to her Facebook page in defense. (I’d imagine August summer doldroms and Palin’s affinity for the spotlight are partially to blame as well.)

The video takes place in Homer, Alaska, where Palin was shooting an episode of her upcoming reality show for TLC when she ran into a woman standing in front of a banner that says “Worst Governor Ever.” Overall, Palin handles the incident pretty well. Her initial reaction is to use a bit of humor: When the woman says she is upset that the former governor resigned to go off and be a celebrity “when cash was waved in front of your face,” Palin jokes, “Oh, you wanted me to be your governor! I’m honored!” Palin never really answers the woman’s question about how her post-gubernatorial career has helped achieve any of the ideals she espouses on television, but most people would have to agree she comes off as largely respectful. Largely, that is, save for this one itty-bitty moment.

At about the 1:10 mark in the video (embedded below), Palin asks the woman what she does for a living, and when the woman says she is a teacher, Palin looks over at her daughter, seemingly kinda groans, and makes a smirky face — a face some have labeled a dismissive eyeroll. Because Palin, of course, views teachers as union-loving commie liberals, so of course she’s out there dissing the conservative Mama Grizzly. I can see that, though I actually have another theory. Personally, I think it was more a case of Palin being at a loss for a clever retort when faced with a woman who has such a highly respected and under-appreciated job. My guess is she went with the silent smirk because she realized that she didn’t have a response written on her hand and “Well, okay then…teachy face!” just doesn’t sound presidential. It wasn’t exactly elegant, but I think the eyeroll/teacher-hatred accusations are probably a little overblown.

On her Facebook page, Palin points out how she has several teachers in her family and blames the LSM — that’s “lame stream media” — for making such a big deal over a freakin’ look on her face. “The media is now trying to turn my eyebrow movements into story lines. (Maybe that’s why Botox is all the rage – if you can’t move your eyebrows, your ‘eye rolling’ can’t be misinterpreted!)”

What do you think P-Dubbers? Was Palin scoffing at the teacher? At a loss for words? Something else? Does it really matter?

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  • DC

    Two things about this crack me up: 1) the guy who keeps trying to move in front of the camera (being the only person in America not realizing that any publicity is good publicity in SP’s eyes); and, 2) her poor, stupid daughter trying to defend her by saying she is representing the United States in response to the teacher’s comment about SP no longer representing Alaska.

    • BB

      Haha! I completely agree! The guy trying to block the camera was cracking me up. Bristol should just really keep her mouth shut…she’s just not at all intelligent…Go take of your kid.

    • Angelo

      Oh really? that is why we Americans are now among world class in education system because our dept of education are hiring fake teachers or undergrad teachers coming from other liberal countries. Look at the woman in the video. She is a singer not a teacher. bwahahahahaha!

      • Seth

        Even if we dismiss the eye roll I pretty sure the sarcasm at the beginning wasn’t what i’d call respectful.

      • Paul meier


      • Paul Meier

        World class education!!! Are you high or just have a “world class education?” Anyone in India (a country with education) would have something to say. As for me ” a democracy gets the government they deserve” you deserve an idiot! Go SP.

    • Paul Meier

      She stopped representing Alaska when she left mid term, she’s a half ass tool.

  • donknottz

    Does this witch think that the rest of the world is as dumb as her and her walking abstinence billboard of a daughter?

    • Sue Gold

      Excellent comment donknottz!

    • wnaegele

      donknottz, It’s “dumber than she.” {Nominative case: the understood meaning is “dumber than she is dumb.”] I suspect you must be a graduate of Angelo’s “world class” educational system. In any case, I’d be careful about throwing around the “dumber than” comment …

    • Paul meier

      Not the world the unenlightened Americans who thinks she is a leader.

    • Paul Meier

      She has tea partier’s who think she’s hip, But they blame the government for wallstreet so they should read some tea party lit. from 1775 before they debase a great thing.

  • Al

    I don’t think the eye-roll is meant to say that teachers are “union-loving commie liberals” but that it is distressing to think that someone going around harassing former politicians would be teaching children.

    • BB

      Yeah…but look at the former politician she’s “harassing”.

      • Paul meier

        Spot on!

    • donknottz

      You don’t think she should go around harrasing people abnd giving advice on how to do jobs she could never do, I know what kind of awful person would do that?

      • Paul Meier

        Thank god (god of your choice, Americans)she doesn’t teach our youth, we have enough problems with out ignorance from SP.

    • Jennifer

      Perhaps this person is teaching children to question the abilities and intentions alleged former politicians who continually display the intellect of a 12 year old while trying to hold herself up as an example of ‘Real Americans’? For which her pay should be doubled, if you ask me.

      • Paul Meier

        Pay her double ???? what dose she do influence fools!!!! We have enough of them her pay and yours should be cut. Stop being a tool.

      • Paul Meier

        Sorry pay teachers more your right.

  • Becky

    Drat—I thought that SP’s show was going to be on the Discovery Channel–a group of us had decided that we were no longer going to watch that channel in protest–now it looks like it’s going to be on TLC–which means that I will no longer be able to watch several shows that I enjoyed–but I guess that TLC does stand for The Learning Channel–how to shoot wolves from a helicopter, how to drill for oil in your own backyard, how to identify Russia from your bedroom window, etc, etc, etc

    • donknottz

      Sniper Saturdays

    • Sue Gold

      Exactly right Becky. This woman would sell the wildlife of Alaska if it meant Alaska would get a few more hunters.

    • Jay

      TLC is part of the Discovery channel network…so is animal planet, planet green , science channel, military channel and many others.

      • Paul meier

        UUUGGGHHH! the mediaopoly strikes again…

    • sodakhic

      Those shots are old and lame, Becky. Sarah talked to Katherine and they agreed that free speech was great. At least Sarah didn’t grab her around the neck and call her a liar and racist, like the libs do.

  • Peg

    I think you are right about the “eye roll” moment, I think it was definitely one of those “Crap, how do I diss a teacher who is probably smarter than me and has community support? I’ll just do my little inside joke with Bristol so that I can deny later ever saying something ignorant.”
    But, the truth is, the whole thing was smarmy and passive aggressive and very unbecoming of anyone who hopes to have a future in national politics.

  • Luddite

    “‘Well, okay then…teachy face!’ just doesn’t sound presidential.”
    Has Sarah ever been concerned about sounding presidential? I thought the colloquialisms and exaggerated accent were part of her “charm.” She is an ordinary American, not some high-falutin’ Washington insider with fancy book-learnin’.

    • Jennifer

      I completely refudiate that claim.

      • Me?

        That was clever about 3,000,000 uses ago.Find another catchphrase.

      • I’m a Daisy

        I’ll bet Me? still uses “jumping the shark.” Settle down.

  • wooster182

    I have more of a problem with the phrase “lame stream media” and her constant use of Facebook as a soapbox. Is she 12?

    • djm

      No, she just has the mental capacity and vocabulary of a 12 year old.

    • Paul meier

      NO, Ive a 12 year old she is coherent. SP is a hateful fool she doesn’t like youth or anyone other then mega rich. Thats why republicans fail everytime they are President we have depressions, recessions, or bail outs. They steal from America every chance the get. Demarcates are knuckle heads to just not as ambitious.

  • john

    isn’t her 15 minutes up yet??? Maybe she will be eaten by a whale!

    • donknottz

      I wouldn’t wish that on any whale.

      • bsure

        Funniest comment of the day

    • Paul meier

      Her fifteen minutes of fame was up hours ago. Its the Viagra republican’s who want to see her more, not intelligent folks.

  • loumom

    I’m pretty sure the snotty daughter was Willow, of party house trashing with no punishment fame. Bristle was probably at home with the kids. As for the eyeroll, I think it had more to do with her relationship with and real opinion of ol Chuck, her father.

    • Jay

      Somebody needs to knock the earwax out of her…..well…Mama won’t do it because she is exactly the same snarly B&^^h and Todd has no spine.

  • MM


    • Jana Peterson

      Tell you what, get “your Sarah” and her class act offspring to stop making ignorant spectacles of themselves and we would be delighted to.

  • cabenny

    Learn how to run your own household first, then you can try to comment on what other people in America do for a living, Sarah.

  • mathewsjw

    it is now reported that the protester is NOT a teacher, but a harmony singer in a drag queen bank, AM NOT KIDDING.

    • Jana Peterson

      I believe she is a drama teacher and who cares? Are drag queens not entitled to an opinion about how their state is or not governed?

  • mathewsjw

    BTW this video was heavily EDITED notice the gaps like at 0:34,

    • Paul Meier

      Figured that was the strong arm of SP thugs chasing the camera man chopping the video, if not they presence didn’t help your claim, if she was right they would of let her speak, but she is a freak!!!

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    I can see this Youtube clip from my house!

    • the girl


      • I’m a Daisy

        Nice one, Chaz!

    • Paul Meier

      Are you in Russia??? you should be Vp. AWESOME.

  • indyjones

    Notice how as she is saying how much she loves the First Amendment, her goons are doing their best to block the cameraman shooting the video. Priceless!

    • Paul Meier

      First off great name, second better point.

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