Justin Bieber shilling for Proactiv: Has he ever even had a zit in his life?

Behold Justin Bieber’s sporty new shill for Proactiv. He can count to three! He shoots, he scores! (Take 39!) But LET’S GET SERIOUS about acne, PopWatchers. You have it. I have it. But Justin Bieber will never have it, because stuffed animals simply are not engineered to break out. I dare say it might be time to call a moratorium, which no one will obey, on famous young people who do Proactiv commercials but have never had significant skin issues.

I mean, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, Jenna Fischer, Julianne Hough, sure. Those people were grotesque.* Penance through Proactiv commercials was the only way they would be accepted by the zit-fearing public. But please, not this Baby.

Okay, you guys, I think I’ve addressed Justin Bieber enough within 24 hours. “You know it always feels good, you know, comin’ out here” to write these ridiculous blog items…”You know you got clean skin Proactiv make sure you use it. I’m gonna go play ball.”

* — [For the sarcasm intolerant] Just kidding.

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  • Lauren

    hmmm, no “before” picture is suspect. triple word score for Proactiv, though! i must admit.

    • Stormy

      Does anyone have a projected date when his 15 minutes will be up?

      • JEP

        In the time it took you to post that, he probably made more $$$ than you will in your lifetime. I don’t think he’s sweating about those 15 min you seemed to be concerned about.

      • zitqueen

        LOL!! LOL!!

    • TJ

      In real life I bet he lets his dad lift him up so he can dunk the ball and feel like a big boy.

      • savannah

        just let him live his dream with out you in it because he does what he wants and i love that kid so can you just be nice because maybe he will like you if you are a girl and are nice once in a while

  • Cris

    So now that the brain-dead Twilight garbage is dying down, EW is going to become the daily Justin Beiber update? His fan base isn’t old enough to read.
    C’mon EW, it’s not too late to distance yourself from this kind of pandering crap.

    • Captain Communist

      We still have 1 more Twilight movie to suffer through…

      • Elizabeth


    • Elizabeth

      So what else should be covered, Editorial Council-At Large?

      Anyway, maybe The Biebs got the gig because they want the clientele to be “proactive” about the onset of acne and fight it before it ruins their lives* like it did the other spokespeople?

      *also inserted for sarcasm, as was the “proactive”

    • Will

      did you even read the article?…it was exactly pro-Bieber.

      • Will


    • Sam

      Unfortunately, Twilight is not dying out. 2 more movies will come out, and Eclipse is making even more money than New Moon. It will probably beat Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince domestically. :(

      On an intellectual level…how something like that could happen, I do not know…

    • WhateverMajorLoser

      @Cris Your a piece of BS, you know that? People can read. You probably asked your mother to type this for you, you’re so stupid. Think about the population of the world. You are one when there are millions of girls who love Justin Bieber and they can probably beat the crap out of you in one blow. So, shut up! Okay, sweetie? Look at me now, yes, I CAN READ AND I’M NOT ASHAMED OF LOVING JUSTIN BIEBER! You, on the other hand, are stupid and will never make it anywhere in your small life. Are you jealous of Justin Bieber? Because little girls like you, should ask permission before they talk bad about an older man. Poor little girl…. Any of you others who’d like to talk to me, I’m sure you as much, if not more, of BS than Crissy here. Don’t mess with the fans. Or you’ll meet me.
      Have a nice day now! :)

  • therealeverton

    Pandering? I’m wondering what Master Bieber ever did to Annie Barret.

  • @dennang

    Zoinks the hormones talk! You’re not sposda talk all sexy about hormones! Aw yeah, mah hormones. They be flarin.

  • Sarah

    They must pay the celebs a boatload of money to do these commercials. They look kind of cheesy.

  • djm

    You know he has monster craters brewing under that flap of hair that he calls bangs. I am sure when he uses a crane and pulls it back it’s greasy and covered in black heads and zits the size of Mt. St. Helen’s. Why else would he wear his hair in such a nasty style?

  • Me

    When is the truth going to come out about this “boy”? In reality he’s a 37 yr old lesbian posing as a 16 yr old “boy”!

  • harjoth bhamra


  • Jason

    WHY IS THIS NEWS! Who cares what a 12 year old does to keep pimples off his ugly face!

  • nodnarb

    Don’t you have to enter puberty before you get acne?

  • me!

    if you don’t like him don’t look @ the article all you guys do is bitch. If you don’t like him stop reading about him. Go read something else to bitch about.

  • a person

    let me put it down for u guys k .. i dont like him either but dat dont mean ima talk bout him k.. he a person just like all u but i guess u only do it cuz u jealous

    • Anon

      If you have a computer and are posting about Bieber, you ain’t a gangster so pull up your pants and STFU.

  • Hugsxoxoandkisses

    he may be young but that dont mean that he has never had acne he just my be better at hiding it but who cares i think that he is seriously HOT!!!!!!

  • TylerDurden

    English, mutherfooker! Do you speak it?!?

  • Justin Biebef

    hi all, Justin here. I thought I had 2 zits between my legs, so I tried ProActive. Turns out, they were just my balls. Yea, was sup to all my playahs out there. you know I am a wigger, right?

    • harjoth bhamra

      Hey justin how are you

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