Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad': Episode 1

chris-bachelor-padImage Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABCI’m glad I get the opportunity to continue blogging this summer. This gives me a chance to continue giving you updates on Ali and Roberto and our next Bachelor season. Speaking of which, we held a Bachelorette wrap party/Bachelor Pad premiere party last Monday night. Ali and Roberto were there, and we all watched the proposal together. It was really cool, as the entire crew was dead silent, and Ali was crying watching Roberto get down on one knee. The moment it was over, we all broke out into cheers and hugs. Very cool moment for us all. Couldn’t have picked a better way to wrap up our 20th overall season. They are incredibly happy and I can’t wait for the wedding.

Now let’s talk about your new summer addiction, Bachelor Pad! I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had producing this show. I hope you’ll have just as much fun watching it. We’ve always wanted to do an all-star edition of our show, but didn’t want to taint the franchise. Bachelor Pad is the perfect solution. It’s an all-star show, but it’s a sexy, fun summer competition. The show wasn’t just a completely different experience for the cast. I was immediately in unfamiliar territory, too, when I stood in the traditional “Bachelor position” to greet the cast. It was extremely awkward, as I’ve stood just off camera for the last nine years watching others do the same thing.

I felt a little bad for Gwen and Krisily, as they had to pretty much introduce themselves to the other cast members. You’ll notice instead of her age, there are question marks next to Gwen’s name. That’s because she told us not to put her age on the show. One of the things I loved that first day was the fact that, until they walked in the door, the cast didn’t know who else was on the show. That made for some interesting and tense moments, like between Nikki and Juan, who apparently hooked up previous to production. You reap what you sow, or you made your bed now you lie in it… one of those old sayings seems to apply here, maybe both.

Jonathan had the first home run line of the show in calling Craig a “category six A-hole.” Gotta admit that made me laugh. He might be a punching bag, but he’s a pretty funny punching bag.

The first competition was giant Twister. The game took quite a while to play, and it was really hot out there, so mental mistakes were bound to happen. I have to give Craig credit, he knew his butt was on the chopping block and he had to win that rose to save himself, and that’s exactly what he did. He followed that up with a pretty smooth move in taking Jessie S on the date. Speaking of Jessie S, when she went out to get the date card, did she really grab the entire pedestal and bring it in with the card? Wait! Quick rewind of the DVR! Yep, that just happened, she brought the whole damn thing in with the date card. Bless her heart!

Let’s talk about the relationship between Kovacs and Elizabeth. Is it just me, or is that the most dysfunctional relationship you’ve ever seen? Wait, is it even a relationship? I’m pretty sure she just threatened and blackmailed him into showing her affection, and staying in a relationship with her. It didn’t take long for the cast to quickly realize there is a lot to this game, and everything they do will affect this game and their status in the house.

I want to kind of clear one incident up. Tenley said she heard something happen the first night in the house. She said she thought it was Michelle and Craig “hooking up.” I still don’t know for sure what, if anything, happened, but I do know it stirred up a hornet’s nest in the house and sent Michelle into a tailspin. I don’t think Michelle really deserved to have the rumor started about her, but she certainly didn’t handle it very well. Trapping a Disney princess (Tenley) in a bathroom and giving her a verbal lashing is only good for one thing, and that’s a first-class ticket out of Bachelor Pad.

I really like how we carry out the elimination. Once again, I found myself in very unfamiliar and awkward territory. Standing at the podium calling out names to hand out roses was more than a little weird. I was glad Melissa was there to handle the heavy lifting. In the end, Juan and Michelle sealed their own fates at Bachelor Pad. Juan took way too long to deal with Nikki, and as for Michelle…well, she went “Michelle” on Tenley, who right now carries a lot of weight in the house. We were all learning as we went on this show, and that holds true for the competitors as well. They quickly realized everybody is playing games here. But where do the games stop and the real feelings begin? Right now, the women seem to have that figured out, and the guys are trying to play catch-up. Kovacs, well he’s just trying to figure out if he’s in a relationship at all.

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  • Hilaryy

    Poor Kovacs, that woman is crazy and hes just playing catch up lol

    • JOJO

      That chick is a fruit-loop!!!

      • Jane

        They’re all fruit-loops…how else could they be cleared for The Bachelor/Bachelorette?

      • Jojo4

        hahaa! WELL said and great name.

    • melissa

      Elizabeth seems like a huge bitch. I almost didn’t even finish watching the episode since she was getting so much screentime.

      And… Tenley is pretty annoying too.

      • coolcanuckchick

        Melissa, I agree with you on all of it! The 2 of them are acting like a bunch of bad teenagers.Host Melissa R. is doin’ great and as always Ch rocks. He almost brings the ‘stable,solid’part to the shows, especially this one where I foresee it getting ridiculously out of control. LOL Excellent entertainment I must say!

    • jared4ever

      SHe is a fruit Loop, but maybe that will teach him to start something with a girl and then drop her on national TV. The guy isn’t too bright.

    • ELPH

      Agree, she’s so manipulative it’s hard to watch.

      I feel for the guy, but Chris did you really need to link to his family’s wine website? Shameless.

    • Katie G

      Yea, she’s a total nutjob.The second she told him the only way to save himself was to tell all the girls he is ‘literally in love’ with Elizabeth ….
      good god – does this woman have no dignity?

      • Nancy

        um, I think she answered that one when she agreed to come on the show!

    • Beth

      Jessie is so cute and she is SOOOOO annoying!!

    • Devon

      Elizabeth: “I’m madly in love with you, Kovacs! Now say it back or I’ll make your life a nightmare!”

  • Dean

    I don’t watch any of these Bachelor shows and I don’t begrudge those of you who do, but I’m really getting tired of seeing this guy’s mug on EW’s front page every sing;e freakin’ week of the year.

    • Lauren

      Enh, you show up on the EW front page and you get what you pay for.

    • LOL

      I am waiting for his Designer Challenge Blog!

    • Heidi

      I’m just wondering if they have a contract promising to pay for any treatment of STD’s following the ho – I mean – show…. its just icky to hear them talk so casually about hooking up.

  • Brad

    Tenley looks sweet but she is one fake ass beeyotch. Hope karma gets her out.

    Why aren’t these guys smart enough to get out Elizabeth? Anyone who has influence on the other girls should be the first out.

    • Pat

      Kinda wish Kovacs had given Elizabeth a taste of her own medicine. Why didn’t he go back to the other guys and reveal her blackmail attempts?????

      • Me

        Because if he went back to the guys, he wouldn’t get laid.

    • KWise

      Exactly right. I think it’s pretty clear now that Elizabeth is both crazy and manipulative. If I were a guy on this show, she’d be the first one to get my vote. Too unpredictable. I hope they wise up next week.

      • DMcG

        Kovacs didn’t go back to the guys because he wasn’t smart enough to figure out he was being totally manipulated by Elizabeth.

      • KPB

        DMcG – I agree! I couldn’t believe he didn’t catch on to all that, LOL!

  • Caro

    you are hoping for ali and berto to get hitched or else you will continue to be an utter failure.

  • kimbly

    “We didn’t want to taint the franchise.” Poor, sweet, deluded Chris, that is the most hilarious comment to date regarding this series. Taint the franchise…ha!

    • sam

      right. every bachelor/bachelorette contestant is now going to treat it as a tryout for this show.

    • allie

      When I read that line, I too, knew that I would be making a comment. Could anything make this “franchise” seem less skanky? BTW the Reality Steve spoilers are pretty funny and after one episode, still accurate.

  • MsDaisy

    Chris, don’t hold your breath waiting on Ali & Roberto’s wedding.

    • JustJenna

      Put your money with your mouth is. I’d bet a thousand bucks these two are the new Trista and Ryan.

      • GGG

        Um, okay JustJenna. How would you exactly make a bet with a stranger on a job board? What a stupid remark.

      • KC

        This is a job board?? :)

      • Irish Cdn Debs

        LOL KC ~ “This is a job board?”
        Good one! {giggle} ;-)

    • Rebecca

      I’m pretty sure Chris knows Ali and Roberto and their relationship better than you do. LOL.

      • MsDaisy

        Like he knew Jake and Vienna, or Jillian and Ed, or “insert couple here’. Yeah right. Chris is just a shill.

  • princesspr

    Both Elizabeth & Tensley NEED TO GO!!!

    I couldn’t believe what Elizabeth attempted to do to Kovac straight blackmail..If I were him I would have told the men and gotten rid of her.

    Now for Michelle, she may not be all there; however she was COMPLETELY right with Tenley; I would have confronted her! Then she goes and play “I am scare” and “I feel threaten card” YEAH! RIGHT!!! You lied! and the girls she be careful of the two of them!

    • me@work

      um it’s “scared” and “threatened” and “should”

      • JustJenna

        And the grammar police are out…

      • jared4ever

        How boring are the grammar police?

      • RaRa

        I’m all in favor of the Grammar Police, if it’s a grammatical misuse of a word. But these were just plain typos, so correcting them was a little petty, in my opinion.

      • Irish Cdn Debs

        Grammar police rock my world

    • coolcanuckchick

      Yes I would’ve confronted ‘Little Miss Disney’ Tenley also. It’s a true shame that ppl think a strong woman is ‘crazy.’ Yes she seemed desperate on the Bachelor and completely ‘off’ somehow, but her defending herself with cry-baby was called for. However, she should’ve chosen her words better & left out the swearing but over-all I give her Kudo’s. The men on the show are all so damn silly, but cute! There are only a few that would be husband material or even boyfriend material as it shows in their maturity levels but what the hell eh? They are having is too short not to. Can’t wait for next week.

      • RaRa

        I would have called her out in front of the others, so that there is no chance that what really went down between us was misrepresented. And so that the others would know that the rumor was untrue and who had started it.

      • coolcanuckchick


  • Sammi

    I dont think Tenley has it in her to play games right now..she really does seem to be that happy all the time, I cant imagine her lying and and being a backstabbing bitch. Michelle was a little psycho, she couldve dealt with it a lot better.
    As for Jesse…poor poor guy. Seriously..I wanted to throw something at Elizabeth. What kind of woman tries to blackmail her way into a relationship? I hope they clear that up soon and Jesse finds love elsewhere.
    I actually quite like the Jesse B. and Natalie pairing though<3

  • mrsbachelorfan

    I can tell I am going to like The Bachelor Pad as much as I enjoy the Bachelor and Bachelorette….drama, drama, drama! And, Chris…I am so glad you are blogging this show as well. You are so funny, and I love your blog posts!

    One quick question…well, maybe two! Is the house used for this show the same one used for Ali’s season? And, if so, is this why Ali’s season included the long trip around the world rather than having more time at the actual Bachelorette house?

  • Sharon

    Love Chris. He is the best thing about the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. Still, I don’t always watch so I don’t know all of these people. Am I the only one that doesn’t like Tenley? The more I see her the less I like her. Same with Elizabeth. Saying that, I didn’t really want to watch more of Michelle either. She’s a tad off center. Craig is a joke.

  • alexa

    So glad to see Melissa cohosting! Everybody is saying Elizabeth is crazy but I think Kovacs is really the one that plays the games.

  • Melanie

    Tenley as Disney princess = hilarious!!

    • Nancy

      She really was – she played Ariel for 6 years in a stage show

  • XYZ

    Is it just me; or was that the Elizabeth Show?? Every 30 seconds it seems she was on camera going on and on and on. She’s ABSOLUTELY just as nutty as Michelle. Would much prefer to see more of others on camera than the annoying, narrisistic Elizabeth.

  • Marlene

    Don’t know what I was expecting, but this show didn’t really do it for me. I have watched all the other ones, but this one was more than a little weird. Not sure I will continue watching!

    • DMcG

      I think I have to agree w/Marlene. They obviously edited it to make Craig look like the bad guy right away, but with all the editing you were also very clued in that Craig would win. Geez, a little suspense please?

    • RaRa

      I am in total agreement. I doubt I can stomach actually watching the show, but I will continue to read the recaps and the comments! I only watched about 15 minutes of last night’s show and just couldn’t enjoy it. It’s been too many years since junior high school to really get enjoyment out of that kind of “drama”. I think I’ll wait until the next Bachelor season starts up. In the meantime, I have my Monday nights free!

  • SLB

    “They are incredibly happy and I can’t wait for the wedding”. LOL. Is that in your contract that you have to say that about every couple? Yeah, Chris, we’re sooooo excited about a wedding that’s never going to happen.

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