'Lost' In EW: Exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof speak! Plus: A preview of the season 6 DVD

It’s been a little more than two months since Lost aired its final episode, fittingly entitled “The End. Read the full post.

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  • Mommi

    As soon as the finale aired, my husband and I began rewatching Lost on DVD. It’s amazing how many references there are to the number 23 – jack’s number, i.e. gate # in Sydney, # of survivors from tail section, etc. It has from the very beginning been about Jack’s journey. This is the reason for me the finale did a great job of coming full circle. It started with Jack. It ended with Jack. Can’t wait for more tidbits from Doc!

    • Rozee

      I think if we all knew this whole thing was about nothing but Jack (and the number 23) we could have quit a long time ago and saved ourselves a lot of agita.

      • Liadan

        Couldn’t agree more Rozee. The biggest let down of this show was in reducing the other characters to mean nothing …apart from what they could do for Jack. Maybe could have tolerated it, if Jack was a likable character in the first place. If it had been evident that they only existed to serve Jack all along, I’d have quit almost as soon as I started watching.

  • meagain

    Seriously, the first time I opened up the EW site and the Lost link was missing from the top of the page, I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I have never felt such grief at the ending of a TV series. Truly, great stuff.

    • nellie

      Here, here. That sucked, not having the link anymore. I hate that the show is over.

    • Casey

      Oh, same here. My heart sunk when I saw the new toolbar at the top and there was no Lost.

  • bubbatwo420

    The 12 minute scene is up online if anyone cares:


  • RealityCheck

    Season Six Sucked.

    • me

      for some, others LOVED IT.

  • Josh

    For me it wasn’t about answer and what not, I’ve always only cared about the characters but I just felt sort of, I don’t know, maybe hurt, that it became obvious that they did not have a plan for the show after season 3, like they said they did. What was the point of season five? What was the point of time travel as a whole? Of Widmore? Of Desmond? I’m not talking about answers, I’m talking about characters and what we developed in them. And then for season six to waste so much time in that limbo, to finally start to develope feelings for this world, to have it pulled out from under us and to say “Goodbye” it just felt…cheap. It also felt a bit too much like it was about Jack. To me it was an ensemble show and for the end to but so Jack-centric rubbed me the wrong way. To me Sawyer had become the true hero of the show.

    Listen I like 2 hours and 25 minutes of the finale but I just felt that whole “It’s Limbo” wiped so much away. So much of season 6 became unimportant and since it wasn’t an alternate time line, everything in season 5 storywise also became unimportant. And really even for Sawyer, all that development in season 5, where’d it go? Jin knowing english, Sun’s new attitude and search for Jin, they’re daughter. Ben getting shoot. Sayid being the shooter(Where was Sayid’s moments). It all just like in some ways things feel to the way side, some characters feel to the way side so we can get that rather empty, strange ending with light.

    To me it felt so of unnatural for the show, as strange as that might seem. Look at Buffy The Vampire Slayer. To me that show ended perfectly. You can watch season 1 again and say ‘Wow, yeah I can see how the show ended there, how the characters ended there’ but you can’t really do that for Lost. You can’t say that in season 2 and you can’t say that in season 3 or season 4 or season 5. That’s my problem with the finale.

    • me

      Season 5 was meaningless? Umm, ok.

    • TOS

      Josh, I agree. Actually Nathan Bransford just wrote a blog post on “Lost” that I think really captures the letdown factor: http://blog.nathanbransford.com/2010/08/lost-and-high-narrative-price-of-wtf.html

      • Stephanie

        Thanks so much for this link.He really expresses anissue that I have felt is the major creative transgression. I don’t know if I’d go as far as to make it be a symbol of the aughts, but I do think that the valid criticisms of Lost emerge from what Linedlof and Cuse set people up for.

  • Jen

    “Matthew Fox, Terry O’Quinn, and Michael Emerson were all nominated for their acting” Forgetting someone there? What about Elizabeth Mitchell? Is this boys only? ;)

    • Peter

      No kidding. Well overdue is her nomination, too.

    • Stephanie

      Does anyone think that the Emmys are a meaningful gauge of excellence??

    • Todd

      Elizabeth Mitchell is awesome, but I still don’t get her flash sideways. How is she an FBI agent fighting aleins.

  • Mack

    Carlton and Damon started this venture imagining the show to be a la Sixth Sense … where the people on the island were actually dead and their souls were in a limbo/purgatory/halfway house/waiting-period place (i.e. the island) until their tormented souls and the lives that they led could be at peace and move on to the afterlife/heaven. The fact that diehard fans figured this out after the first few weeks sent ‘Cuselof’ into a frenzy as to how to redirect the ending without appearing as liars(when they were asked, they had mentioned to the geek world of Lost how these characters on the island are not dead). Don’t believe me? Ask Mr. Cuse and Mr. Lindelof yourself. Peace.

    • me

      wow so cool that you have all that insider information. even if it were true, knowing that would do NOTHING to change my enjoyment of the series from PILOT to THE END.

    • jymmymack

      It’s so cool that you can read their minds. That’s awesome! That sucks that they had to change their whole ending, especially the fact that they were all supposed to be dead on the island. It sucks even more since their main inspiration The Stand, which featured a villain named the Man in Black, actually had nothing to do with their “original” plan of everyone being dead the whole time so they had to make up that reference to throw everyone off. Did you read Tim Kring’s mind about Heroes being terrible? You really could have saved people’s time on that one…

    • kaydevo

      Actually, Jeff Jensen DID ask Carlton and Damon – and you are totally wrong. Read the interview. And why are you so bitter? And wrong.

    • Casey

      …Are you serious? People STILL think the island was purgatory? Honestly.

  • darlton didn’t force the rabid fanboys with no lives to spend every waking hour on the internet pouring over the hidden meaning of a television show. that’s YOUR fault. a lot of people just enjoyed it for what it was — one of the more entertaining shows that has ever been created (IMO). it’s been two months so it’s time to dull the venom and get on with your lives. my god.

  • Mack

    It wasn’t meant to change ANYONE’s approach to the series ender. If you loved it, great. If you hated it, you’re on the Ajira flight with Kate and Miles and Sawyer still not at peace with what you did in your life before you can let go. The reason it appears so convoluted is because of what I had mentioned. The ending was beautiful. Knowing that death is at your doorstep and being able to reflect on one’s life and life’s experiences (like the flashbacks from the earlier seasons) and be at peace with life and love it was the deepest meaning I found in the ending. It truly was peaceful. That’s why the motto is … Namaste.

  • Mad Andy

    The full 12 minute “Epilogue” is out on the net. I watched it earlier on Jezebel.com (it is now heavily edited down to 3 minutes) and you can see it on other sites if you know where to look (I don’t want to piss anyone off). It is interesting and in 12 minutes manages to answer many questions including infertility, the Hurley Bird, the Air Drops, Walt, Polar Bears, and Room 23. Not bad for 12 minutes.

    More importantly I don’t have to be blackmailed into buying the boxed set JUST to see this 12 minute extra.

  • HuskerDude

    The final episode still breaks my heart…In a good way. Beautiful ending to a beautiful show.

    • shellibelli

      i know! i cant even look at the photo of a dying Jack with out choking up!

  • Lauren

    Sigh, when I watched the finale, at first I thought I liked it. I like the whole, they all (most of them) meet up in the afterlife thing, waiting to get into whatever it is you believe in. A lot of that was up to interpretation. I like the closing of Jack’s eyes for the final images. I like that Vincent laid down next to him. I didn’t like that that was obviously a different Vincent than in seasons past. (But’s that’s just a nitpick.) But what I disliked the most, was the light in the island. Okay, yes, metaphors, we get it. But to put it on screen literally like that was a joke to me. The more I thought about it, I went, seriously? Of all the intricate ways the show has built up over the years, in my opinion, light in the island just didn’t deliver. I care about the island just as much as the characters, heck, it is a character itself. And I thought, like many other plotlines, they just didn’t do it justice. Not that I could do better, but man did they build themselves up.

  • Jude10

    My dad passed away three days before the finale aired. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was immensely touched by the reunion and resolution of Jack and Christian. Then watching Jack’s sacrifice on the island and his death. It was all very emotional and made a powerful impact on me. It was not only a wonderful send-off for the series I love so dearly, but touched me personally. I hope Darlton knows that even though there may be those saying the finale was terrible or they wasted years on the series, that the positive influence is far greater!

    • @Jude10

      So sorry for your loss.

  • kaydevo

    Great interview in EW mag, Jeff. Got mine today and was so pleasantly surprised to turn the page and see a Lost article once again!

  • mac54

    Being hearing impaired, I was more than upset to hear that the 6th season won’t have subtitles for some reason I can’t fathom. All the other seasons had it. I wanted to buy the entire set, but until it comes out with subtitles for those of us who rely on them, I’m afraid I’ll be out of luck. I don’t even know who to complain to!

    • D

      Man, that sucks, Mac!

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