It's official: Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin are joining forces

palin-GosselinImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos; Janet Mayer/PR PhotosThe latest news out of TCA proves that worlds will be colliding this fall: TLC president Eileen O’Neill confirmed that Kate Gosselin and her brood will make a guest appearance on Sarah Palin’s reality series Sarah Palin’s Alaska that’s set to premiere on Nov. 14. The Gosselins will visit the Palins in Alaska, and, apparently, camping will be involved. (Will they see wildlife I wonder? Maybe…a mama grizzly?) How are you feeling about this mingling of politics and reality TV? And even if you don’t care for either woman, are you still going to find tuning in irresistible?  (With reporting from Lynette Rice)

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  • joe

    Two of the biggest attention whores joining forces with tlc as their pimp. I’m pretty sure I’d rather kill puppies then watch this

    • Melissa

      I vote for Joe’s comment as an EW soundbite. That was awesome. ROFL

    • Greg

      To Joe:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. They would both kill for publicity and sport….

      • JoAnn

        The moment i heard khate&8 were going to be on pallins new show,i knew i would never watch the show again.Why sarah did you agree to have that train wreck on your show?Every one nows she ruins every ones career in her path.I never watched ace of cake(show cancelled-oc choppers(family split up-i could go on and on ,but if anyone is aproached about having train wreck on your show say no and people will contiue to watch your show.I bet sarah never had on her show or merideth viera(i don’t watch the today show anymore,sorry matt,ann al but i can’t stand merideth after she was on khate&8 show.

    • Lorelei

      Joe, you are a wise and funny man.

    • Sharlin

      I will never watch TLC again.

    • amelia in portland

      …me too

    • Kat

      Joe needs to have a reality show!!! He’s the one we’re all going to watch. Sarah Palin’s Alaska? Oh, is that the state she governed for a couple of months?

  • krayzeman

    The bitches unite!

    • Steve

      Why are threatened by Sarah Palin? She can not raise your taxes. She can not make you buy government health insurance. She can’t spy on your cell phone calls and internet usage. She can’t pass a law that takes away your property or freedoms.

      • Lisa

        Steve -so far I haven’t seen anybody make anyone buy government health insurance. Too bad though cause it would be a heck of a lot better than what exists now.
        Also, it was the republicans that decided taking away your personal freedoms was a good thing – remember the liberty act (or whatever the hell they called it). Freedom of religion is also apparently bad. I have been living in Canada for a while now and I gotta tell ya, the health care is way better and they actually have freedom of speech up here, without fear of reprisal from the right wing nut jobs. My mom reminds me regularly that once I move back down South of the border I will have to be more careful of what I say, especially if the repubs are voted back in.

      • Greg

        Steve, freedom, really? Sarah Palin would take woman 100 years back in time. Sarah’s number one goal is to repeal Roe vs. Wade and a woman’s right to choose, even in the case of rape and INCEST. You are deeply paranoid, care health reform is the best thing that has happened to this country. Learn the facts!

      • slick

        Sarah Palin has already done damage, like cutting funding for rape kits in Alaska to save money. And a large number of people apparently want that same thinking in the Oval Office.

      • amelia in portland

        but she wants to raise the age of receiving social security to age 70..

      • Clt

        Did you see her mocking that teacher? Did you hear her foul mouthed daughter call the lady an “a..hole”? Defend her all you want. These two overworked uteruses turn most people off.

      • Aunt Bee

        Steve- She can’t even finish her term as Governor!

      • Kat

        God, Steve, let us escape that rhetoric for a little bit. This is Entertainment Weekly – give it a rest.

  • john t.

    and she wonders WHY we don’t take her seriously?

    • Jane

      Politics IS reality TV, especially when those 2 women are involved.

    • That was it

      Anyone who is informed and not a total lemming knows Palin is smart and did a good job as Governor. BTW one woman who took advantage of laws kept Palin’s office and family spending money fighting unfounded ethics charges.. that is one reason she quit.
      She took the large oil companies to the mat and got concessions few others could.
      BUT… this in my mind is not the move of someone who takes the job of President Serious (if she plans on running) So no I don’t hate her.. and no she isn’t stupid.. but I can’t vote for someone who is doing a show with a woman pimping out her kids’ lives on TV. That’s Ok plenty of people from Hillary to Paul Ryan who would be an improvment over Obama

      • Lisa

        umm, just a quick note – people might take your post a bit more seriously if, 1. you had used coherent sentences and proper grammar/punctuation, and 2. you actually used your name.

      • jen

        It’s nice to know the Cult of the Stupid are still behind her.

      • ks


      • Ann

        To Lisa: Try to use sentence case, and “umm” is not a word.

      • Marcia

        To Ann: 1) Lisa just forgot to put a colon after the word “if”; don’t act like you’re a Ph.D. in composition; 2) “umm” actually is considered a word (part of speech: interjection), although most dictionaries spell the word “um”; and 3) Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin are publicity whores. That last one had nothing to do with your comment, but I didn’t want to write a second post.

      • Petenyc

        Sarah Palin has already pimped out her family so much that she’s decided to use Kate + 8 as well? That’s really messed up! She won’t be able to spin her way out of the negative backlash that will occur from this blunder! Kate Gosselin teaming with Sarah Palin really tarnishes that folksy Hockey mom image!! Sarah’s fantards are gonna be livid!!

      • Ann

        To Marcia: “umm” is not an English word, at least not in the context used. It is used as an abbreviation; such as for the University of Maryland Medical Center. “Um” is a word, I never said it was not. I am not fond of the use of “um”, but that is beyond the point of this discussion. By the way, I do not have a PhD. I do, however, have a Masters in English from New York University. I do, however, agree with your assessment of Palin and Gosselin.

      • Digby

        Anyone who says they admire Palin must be trolling.

      • Flynn

        Yeah, she did such a great job that when she quit, people were holding up ‘Go Baby Go’ signs!! hahaha

      • Terry

        Roger Ebert uses umm and I dunno all the time in his review. I heard he’s won an award or two for his writing and has even made a dime or two.

      • Clt

        Paul Ryan wants to do away with Social Security. You know that don’t you?

    • etm

      dumb and dumber

      • Miss

        dumb and dumber…..that is the best….

      • bon a

        dumb and dummer…ummm that was super funny,the keyboard is mightier than the dull edged sword of rightousness and wordiness, my hat is off to you

      • Sean

        Hmm, but which is which? Oh crap, is hmm a word.

    • pastafarian

      The only show these 2 should appear on together is Celebrity Deathmatch.

      • smiley

        Now *THAT* I would watch!

    • MrsDolly

      It looks like Palin has chose her presidential running mate. Vice President Gosselin.

      • Kat

        Good one, Mrs. Dolly.


    2012 can’t come soon enough.

    • Kiddo


    • SoyBombGuy

      Austin is right. 2012 can’t come soon enough – so we can finally re-elect Obama and stop pretending until then that the right wing has anyone remotely decent to offer that could do better than he has! Go Austin! Palin 2012: cuz if you can hold back the vomit, it should at least be a funny trainwreck of a campaign!

      • Sean

        Besides, I miss Tina Fey on SNL.

    • TV_Pete

      I am interested in what the American public decides. Will they pursue a person based upon he or she saying the right things or having a certain appearance? Or will they be able to look past the short-term benefits of “pork” to long-term benefits (including perception of a profitable, stable environment for investing)?

      I believe President Obama is a good man, husband and father and is attempting to do what he believes is right. I believe that Palin is a good woman, wife and mother and is attempting to do what she believes is right. I believe that Kate is good woman and mother and is attempting to provide for her family in the best way she can determine. I am certain that much of the time I would not be able to do as well in the stressful situations that these people face.

      I would love to see more people like a legal Robin Hood (Tea Party?) who take the money out of the hands/coffers of corrupt politicians and instead put it back into the hands of those who earn it.

      Corporations and investors perceive the current administration (and Congress) to be anti-business and opposed to (significant) profit. This has resulted in the perception that it is not a safe time for investment and hiring.

      You will notice that most politicians tend to claim they are taxing “wealth” from those who are “fortunate”. You will see that they avoid the fact that they tend to tax “earnings” (meaning something that someone has received through hard work and smart decisions). The reason is clear that there is more resistance to admitting they advocate taking from someone who has “earned” to give to those who have not “earned”. (i.e. taxing to pay for entitlements – the real burden in the economy and illegal immigration)

      Politicians sometimes claim to be like “Robin Hood” by stealing/taking from the rich to give to the poor. However, they should remember that it was the Sheriff who taxed (stole?) from those who “earned” to give to the corrupt politicians (who decided what to do with the taxes). Robin Hood was the one who tried to get the money out of the hands of the corrupt politicians and instead let the people keep (more of) the money they “earned”.

  • Teresa

    A good example of what NOT to watch. I will steer clear because they are both media whores who make believe they are the best moms in the world.

  • Kiddo

    This kind of stuff is the end of human kind. Seriously.

    • Katie

      The Mayan calendar never seemed so valid…

    • Christine

      An accurate statement.

  • Alex

    Oh, I want to vomit thrice. Once for Palin, once for Gosselin, and once for their forces combined.

  • J.

    It like a car accident on the interstate–you really shouldn’t be looking at it.

    • brandy

      …but you can’t help it. I will be watching!

      • Robb


        You’re pathetic.

  • Summer


    • Brian


  • Grace

    I’ve liked Kate despite everything hateful that’s been written and said about her. That just ended.

    • Jackie

      I really felt bad for her, for a long time. Not anymore. Sarah Palin ruins everything.

    • John

      I have to agree-I’ve defended her, defended the fac that she needed to make money for her kids, and that she got stuck in the middle of an awful situation she couldn’t get out of. That ends here-teaming up with Sarah Palin is where I draw the line.

  • Alex

    I see 2012 is coming early.

  • Lisa

    Good call McCain!

  • darclyte

    Another sign of the apocalypse? I wonder how many brain cells would be starved to death listening to a conversation between these two.

  • decee

    That’s it.. I’m moving to Canada!!!!

    • will

      Too bad I think they’ll still air the show there….I hear Fiji has escaped the clutches of Kate and Sarah….I will go to there

    • WatchesEverything

      That’ll only get you closer.

    • Matt

      I would say go to Russia, but yeah…

    • bon a

      I’m right behind you

  • strickens_girl

    Better prepare for the apocalypse. Two of the four horsemen are joining together.

    • Annette

      I just laughed for 30 seconds at this. Thank you and you are so right!

    • Katyo

      This comment wins!

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