Michaele Salahi attorney says Whoopi Goldberg shouted 'F*** you' over and over at client: EW exclusive

Lisa Bloom, who recently signed on as Michaele Salahi’s attorney, called EW to give her client’s version of what happened between the controversial Real Housewives of D.C. cast member and Whoopi Goldberg following the taping of the Aug. 3. episode of The View.  Contrary to what Goldberg suggested on the air today, “Michaele Salahi never claimed that Whoopi hit her,” says Bloom, explaining that a producer who had noticed an upset Salahi backstage had used the word hit, not Salahi. Salahi was merely upset that the hosts had called her a “party crasher” (something Bloom says they’d agreed beforehand not to do) and that Goldberg had startled Salahi when she approached her from backstage during the live taping to request that she change the subject. [Click here for a rundown of Whoopi’s version of events from today’s View telecast.] Here’s what Bloom told EW:

“[Micahele] shows up for the live show [on Wednesday] and they call her a party crasher five times. Sherri Shepherd says ‘You should be in jail!’ The applause light goes on and everybody cheers. So that’s the context of what happened. Whoopi Goldberg was not interviewing Michaele. It was Joy and Sherri. Michaele is in this hostile context where everyone on the set is hostile to her. She’s answering all these questions about being anorexic and her husband throwing wine at someone. Whoopi comes from backstage behind her, touches her arm and says, ‘Excuse me, would you get back to the White House, please?’ That’s a very startling and strange event to happen on live TV. I hosted my own show for eight years on Court TV. I did The Insider panel every day. I’ve got a lot of experience in television. I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s completely inappropriate. The subject of the White House dinner had not been raised by the interviewer[s] yet. They asked her about the wine-throwing and being anorexic, and that’s what she answered. It’s not appropriate for another host to come up from behind her and ask her, the guest, to change the subject. If Whoopi didn’t like the way the interview was going, she should have told Sherri or Joy or one of the producers.

“Despite all of that, Michaele maintained her composure throughout the show. After the taping was over, she went backstage and she was in tears. She was very upset. One of the View producers came up and said ‘What’s wrong?’ and she said ‘I can’t believe Whoopi came up behind me and grabbed my arm.’ So the producer takes off. Michaele’s now found a quiet office to sit in and cry with her husband. Whoopi comes barreling into the office and starts shouting, ‘Did you f****** say that I f****** hit you? I never f****** hit you. F*** you!’ Over and over and over again, screaming at her. Michaele says ‘What are you talking about? I never said that you hit me.’ Whoopi says, ‘Well that’s what I was told.’ So they get the producer in the room and the producer says ‘You’re right, hit was my word.’ So then Whoopi calms down a little bit and then [Michaele’s husband] said, ‘I think you owe my wife an apology.’ And Whoopi says, ‘I’m not going to apologize to her,’ and she leaves.

“I had a number of conversations with attorneys from ABC and The View. At the end of the day, they agreed to read a statement from me on the air. That’s not what happened at all. I was not told the truth. What happened [on the Thursday telecast] was that after a lot of sarcasm and snide comments about Michaele this morning, Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] wholly paraphrased a couple sentences about how Michaele was never charged with a crime, and they all made a little face. Well, the fact is she was never charged with a crime. The U.S. attorney in Washington D.C. released a statement saying they’ve never committed a crime and have never been charged. But I guess the people at The View feel otherwise. Without reviewing any of the evidence, they’ve decided that they are going to smear her. It’s unprofessional. I’ve hosted my own show for a long time. I’ve had a lot of people on who maybe I didn’t like or who I disagreed with. But you treat them with courtesy and respect, you allow them to answer questions. I would never go backstage and curse somebody out. I would never do that. And if I did lose my cool, I would apologize.

“[Salahi] has affidavits to support that she was invited to the White House dinner. She’s never been accused of a crime, and yet the media has this constant drumbeat that she’s a party crasher. That’s why I decided to step in and help her as an attorney, because I think this is outrageous.

“I do plan to contact the show again because I’m very disappointed. They missed an opportunity to set the record straight. What they chose to do today was just engage in more nastiness.”

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  • Madd

    Annie, I love you, but stop giving this loser attention. Just stop.

    • Jonathan

      I agree! Let’s not give that attention deprived idiot any more undeserved recognition.

      • Devin Faraci

        The view is the worst thing in the world.

    • crushwrestling.com

      Come on if you act like an asshole (Whoopi) you’re going to get called out

      • Zach

        It’s OK to act like an asshole when you’re talking to a person who becomes famous for crashing the White House

      • Kate

        And then acts as though her fame was well-earned. Insert derisive laugh here.

      • molly

        takes one to know one – let us have all reality housewives just go away – they make a bad name for those of us non-spoiled housewives

      • wakeforce

        Lisa Bloom is the daughter of Gloria Allred, the famewhore ambulance chaser who defended the skanks that gave it up for Tiger Woods.

      • sel

        agreed. don’t know what whoopie was thinking issuing a command on what the DC woman should talk about. Whoopie gone off the deep end recently (i.e., the whole mel gibson defense).

    • Rahina

      I certainly trust the loser you are referring to is Ms. Goldberg. The women on The View are out of control. With the possible exception of Behar they are a bunch of shrieking wingnuts at this point, and ABC should shut them down. But somehow I doubt the network behind The Bachelor is going to do that.

      • Wottadoosh

        Seriously, what happened to Whoopi? She used to be a voice of reason and actually funny, but when I hear her now, all I think is that she is a child rapist defender and a domestic abuser defender.
        Hell, I used to pay to see her in a movie, even Burglar, which I saw in a theater!

      • Chris Price

        Sure, that Whoopi is definitely a loser. But seriously this party crasher reality show chick and her fake husband should find a cold place to die. They are the WORST of the WORST. So self-absorbed and full of crap.

      • sam

        Maybe Whoopi just has her own opinions and believes that people should hear all of the facts before jumping to conclusions.

      • Levente

        Wait. How can you use the word wingnuts and then excluded Joy Behar?! She’s the biggest wingnutter of them all! But overall, The View is tired and I’m glad I’m at work when it’s on.

      • Zach

        Whoopi is an EGOT winner, so yes, I think she satisfies the definition of LOSER well, don’t you? But admittedly, The View is always ridiculous, and perhaps Whoopi shouldn’t be lashing out at her guests but at Barbara Walters/Bill Geddie for selecting such TRASHY guests.

      • @Wottadoosh

        Completely agree. Whoopie needs to step back and take a breather. This is only the latest in a series of a–holeness.

    • Frank Anderson

      Yeah, this is the last post on this bimbo that I will ever read. EW shouldn’t giver her the press she wants. This is all just a sham to get more attention. I expect better from EW.

    • Luminosity

      Can we stop giving any attention to the Salahis AND/OR to the View? Both should go away.

      • wakeforce

        I love folks who say The View should just go away. It is one of the highest rated programs in daytime and everybody ends up talking about it. Yeah, let’s just trust in the opinion of those who don’t watch and throw away the millions in advertising and buzz the show creates!
        And as for Whoopi being a loser, how many movies have you been in? How many Oscars do you have? What the f**k makes YOU a winner? And why did you bother to comment. Guess you have to give the story another hit!

      • Lucy

        Wakeforce, take a chill pill.

      • Jenny

        I haven’t watched the View in years, but I have heard some of the moronic things said. Behar is a bitch: making fun of Susan Boyle’s appearance, that’s a bitch. Whoopi is an idiot: “it wasn’t rape rape”? Did she read the grand jury testimony of the 13 year old girl who was RAPED by the 42 year old director? She said NO over and over again. Why do people watch this show??

  • TQB

    Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  • JPX

    -Salahi was merely upset that the hosts had called her a “party crasher”- That’s all Salahi is known for! Her faux outrage over this View appearance is just desgined to keep this fame-whore in the news, and it’s working. I agree with Madd, Annie, stop covering this pathetic, vapid, waste of a human being.

  • Julz

    I almost want to say that I can’t believe these nobodies are taking on Whoopi Goldberg but then I catch myself and realize they’re idiots.

  • Jim Ross

    It is time to put this party crasher in jail, instead of on tv. All I can say to Whoopi for her choice of words…”you go girl”

    • Wottadoosh

      That is a heckuva slobberknocker.

  • Auntpeppie

    If you go on a talk show, you must realize that you can not dictate every word that is said. If that is what you want, then put out a press release and shut up!!! PARTY CRASHER

  • Faye

    the homeless lady outside my office yells the same thing at me every morning, but i’m not complaining…

    • harry


  • Clarkson Fantasiasox

    ugh please stop extending this womans 15 minutes we should all just ignore this story so people will stop reporting it, I know I am!

  • AT

    Please stop covering this woman. No one cares.

  • Sean S.

    While I have never and probably will never watch Real Housewives because I think of it as giving airtime to people and a program that panders to the ugly side of our society, I will say something in their defense. They did not barge onto The View. They were asked to appear because The View wanted to capitalize on Housewives’ popularity with viewers. The Housewives were there to discuss the show and it’s “characters”, not shenanigans from a year ago in which no criminal charges were laid. The women of The View all state that their show is about opinion and vehemently express theirs. However, anytime someone takes them to task, they exclude that from the broadcast and manipulate facts. GLAAD asked them to apologize for “facts” they presented in regards to AIDS and they ignored this request on-air. Kathy Griffin has spoken repeatedly about The View “shutting down” guests opinions. Don’t dish what you can’t take, The View. Your hosts don’t get to ambush people and say whatever you want about them without them having a right to return the fire. Stop trying to manipulate situations and facts to your own advantage.

    • Faye

      And my reply is that no one should enter the public spotlight without being prepared for this type of ambushing. Cry me a river. These are reality tv ‘stars’, their ‘careers’ in the public eye are based on sensationalism.

      • JPX

        I agree! Also, you have to live under a rock if you don’t know what to expect when you go on The View.

      • Lynette


    • Kate

      Maybe the View did want to capitalize on the show’s popularity. Know who else did? The freaking housewives who agreed to appear!! What, did the View call them up, woo them, promise them diamond necklaces and puppy kisses, only to (gasp!) ask provacative questions that they all should have been completely prepared to answer when they showed up? Please. I’ll reserve my sympathies for those who deserve it (re: no one in any way involved in this incident).

    • kd

      I doubt any of the ladies on The View asked the woman to be there, whoever books the guests did, sounds to me like none of the ladies wanted Salahi there, that’s just my view! lol Oh and I agree with the ladies of the View, act like trash, get treated like trash.

    • TAMI

      @Sean S, You need to follow your own advice and stop trying to manipulate situations and facts to your own advantage. The facts here are simple, this is not a popular reality show, it just premiered. Their appearance on The View was part of their promotional tour. They asked to appear so they could plug their show, they were extended a courtesy invitation. They were lousy guests, Salahi refused to answer the questions. She high jacked the interview and it was out of control. Whoopi very politely tried to get Salahi back on topic to salvage the interview. Whoopi was doing her job, she’s the moderator. Salahi should have apologized to everyone involved, including Whoopi. Instead she made false accusations and tried to play the victim, that is insulting. She totally deserved every choice word she got.

      • Jerri Stamps

        Whoopi did nothing wrong. Yes, the housewives (what an oxymoron, like these women do anything household related..but then again I’ve only seen part of one episode where they were standing around eating cheese and drinking wine) were there to promote their show, but it turned into a hate fest between 2 of the ‘wives’. As Whoopi is the moderator, and knowing that each segment only gets a certain amount of time, Salahi needed to be reeled back in. The accusations she made later were because she was called out for her outlandish behavior, and I believe, she got embarrased.

  • Dean

    Who. Cares. EW: STOP!

  • sinicalgrl

    I swear to goodness, Lisa Bloom is becoming an ambulance chasing media ho just like her momma. And the Salahi’s? Just a younger and apparently even more pitiful/desperate version of Heidi and Spencer. It’s all so much ridiculousness. Go Whoopi.

    • besimon

      Isn’t Lisa Bloom the one who chased Gary Coleman off of THE INSIDER set by cross examining him on whether he was a virgin. Like the viewers “need to know” or care. She’s pathetic.

    • Julia’s Child

      Ha, I just said the same thing on another board! The Pratts for the over 40 crowd. And yes, Lisa is getting just as bad as her Mom.

      • yo

        Heidi and Spencer are younger than the Salahis.

    • Christy

      What I want to know is how many states is this woman licensed to practice in? It seems as if she is writing letters and threatening legal action everywhere. Maybe she is licensed in NY – I don’t know – but I just wonder.

  • sue

    Salahi and her husband are merely fame seekers: she has never produced an invitation to the White House as she claims she received ( and why would she and her husband be invited anyway?!)and said people had to read her book ( as in BUY her book!)to find out more about this alleged invitation. More fame-seeking. As for Lisa Bloom, I used to respect her and her legal opinions. But now, she , too, has gone the way of celebrity and publicity. She looks and acts so phoney on The INsider and is now just part of the gossip scene. What a great disappointment she had become these past months. I guess money talks and she is definitely listening!

    • Auntpeppie

      sue: I agree about Lisa Bloom. She should really think about who she associates with. If you lie down with dogs…

    • joie

      In this case, I don’t care if Salahi and her husband are fame seekers. The View put them on for the same reason — to get viewers/ratings. Whoopie had not cause to behave as she did — and neither did Sherri (I think you should be in jail). Challenging guests is not the same as being obnoxious. Worst of all: Elizabeth Big Mouth Hasselback

  • simon

    Whoopi is just mad and angry because she is the ugliest woman on the planet. Whoopi defends Mel Gibson (racist), Roman Polanski (convicted of rape, which according to Whoopi wasn’t “rape rape” and the list goes on and on. She is a total idiot.

  • Princey

    EW, I am guilty too. I clicked on the headline and read the article. But we are giving her what she wants, undeserved attention. I saw the show and I saw the ladies on the Today show this morning. Shame we don’t get to hear more about them.

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