'Big Brother': Kristen and Hayden fight for their lives (and their dignity)

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As if being on the block wasn’t difficult enough, suddenly lovebirds Hayden and Kristen were forced to do it in solitary confinement and wearing a spectacularly absurd “hippie-tard.” [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you’ve already watched Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother.] But the first half of Wednesday’s episode wasn’t about that. Instead, it was one long montage of Brendon telling Rachel he loved her, while the chemist/cocktail waitress’ responses alternated between pushing him, rolling her eyes, and simply walking away. That’s actually not fair of me. Rachel also did manage in that time to offer up the lamest apology ever to Hayden and Kristen for telling them to “bring it on” at the nomination ceremony. “I’m apologizing for that comment,” she began. Okay so far, so good. Nothing wrong there. “And I’m sorry that you’re taking it personally.” NO! No, Rachel! That’s not an apology at all. Go back to psychologically abusing Brendon, why don’t you?

The Veto Competition basically consisted of awful dinner theater acting by Brendon and an assortment of second rate wizard costumes apparently purchased at Party City at off-season discount prices. The contestants were forced to play an oversized game of pinball that required no skill whatsoever, and by the end, Britney won the veto, Kristen was forced to wear a “hippie-tard” for a week, and Hayden’s prize was 24 hours in solitary confinement. “It’s the worst thing that could ever happen,” Kristen declared when all was said and done, although I would still have to put Annie’s brief reign as Saboteur as numero uno on the lame-o-meter.

Kristen and Hayden tried to comfort each other after by touching pinkies through the Solitary Confinement door. (What is this, freakin’ E.T.? Is he also eating Reese’s Pieces in that room back there?) The whole scene was actually mildly romantic, at least as romantic as anything involving a “hippie-tard” and a dude who belts out every syllable in the diary room at maximum volume can be. I mean, it wasn’t exactly The Notebook, is what I’m getting at.

Hey, did someone mention movies? It’s movie night at the Big Brother house, with Hayden, Enzo, Brendon, and Rachel getting a private advance screening of new Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg action-comedy The Other Guys. Oh, look, it’s that scene I saw in the advertisement for The Other Guys! Why are they showing the same scene again here? Oh, right, this entire segment is an ad for The Other Guys! I forgot! “The Other Guys is the best movie I’ve ever seen!” opined Rachel (Really, Rachel? The Other Guys? Better than The Godfather? Better than The Wizard of Oz? Better than Citizen Kane? Do you even know what Citizen Kane is? Let’s try something a little more your speed: Better than Bio-Dome?) “Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are awesome! They’re just hilarious,” critiqued Brendon. If the people behind The Other Guys do, in fact, have any sense of humor, they will immediately put these insightful and completely unbiased reviews in all of their movie ads and posters under a huge banner that reads “ENDORSED BY BIG BROTHER MORONS!”

After the movie break (The Other Guys! Coming this Friday to a theater near you!) Hayden and Britney came up with a plan for her to use the veto if Hayden could convince Rachel to put up Kathy. It ultimately fizzled, so the nominations stayed the same. What do you think Big Brother fans? Should crazy hand-slapping Kristen or LOUD TALKER Hayden be shown the door on Thursday? How dysfunctional is this Brendon-Rachel showmance already proving to be? And am I the only one secretly rooting for Britney? Sound off on the message boards below. And for more reality TV news and views, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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  • Chris

    I think you mean Kristen and Hayden

    • BB12BLOWS

      “THE OTHER GUYS IS THE BEST MOVIE I’VE EVER SEEN”!!!!!!!! Okay at this point, you can’t tell me that Rachel isn’t screaming on purpose. Didn’t she actually get louder??? I love love love Britney hope she takes it all,

      • Nick

        Yes Britney is hilarious…the longer she and Lane can keep making me laugh in the diary room the better…but I’m slightly rooting for flipper (that’d be Brendan) and boobzilla (no clue needed there) to continue to succeed and continue to drive everyone in the house crazy…the houseguests are so much more fun to watch when they are frustratingly hopeless!

      • TVWatcher

        I’m sick of Rachel screaming at me!

      • darclyte

        Exec producer Allison had said last week that she was going to ask Hayden & Rachel to stop screaming. I’d say that 75% of their Diary Room comments were not screaming, but about 25% of them still were. At least it’s SOME progress.

      • Tim

        Yeah Monet was sick of Rachel screaming a long time ago. No one listened. To me that episode with her up on the block was just unconscionable. Just vote the black chick off already, again, but please stop acting like everyone else is being rational, like Rachel’s not acting like Mean Girls on a runaway train or that her and Hayden aren’t screaming constantly.

      • katie

        But she is sooooo mean. Makes me think she’s like that in real life too so I can’t like her because of how incredibly mean and snarky she is.

    • LOL

      No one cares about this crap.

      • sara

        LOL – do you think you get paid every time you type that?

      • jason.

        Empirical evidence suggests the opposite.

        thanks for playing, though.

      • Nick

        …or you.

      • Al

        You are nothing if not persistent…..

      • Bettey

        sara, maybe he does…odder things happen, just get over it

      • princesspr


        Seems to me you do! ….because why would you post and waste our time with that comment.

      • LOL

        Okay, I admit it. I LOOOOOVE BB! I watch the live feeds 24/7, I have tattoos on my heinie of each former winner, and I photoshop Julie Chen’s face onto all of my favourite pornography! I’m sorry I’ve been such a douche all along. I promise to be good from now on.

      • jason.

        We’re not going to force it on you, we’re not going to demand that you love it.
        However, we don’t want you just posting sad rhetorical questions like “who cares about this crap?” when, as I said, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of people care.

        Now, if you want to have a discussion about why you think it’s crap…well, this might still not be the place.

        Don’t walk into a butcher’s shop just to tell everyone you’re a vegan, you know? that might be a bad example; I need to get sleep.

        Oh, and pouring on the sarcasm like that? Still kind of “douchey”, but acknowledging it is half the battle.

    • Scooter

      i feel so bad for Brendan that he has fallen for one of the worst players in BB history. Rachel may have won HOH twice, but she has no clue on how to play the game. poor Brendan is trapped by her idiocy.

      • Nakomis’ Other Brother

        I think that you underestimate Rachel. I have felt the same way about her all along – fake hair, fake boobs, fake laugh – all of it. And, she has Brendon wrapped around her pinkie (when he talks to her, he sounds like he is in high school).

        But recently, I am beginning to think that there is more to Rachel than just her ginormous boobs. I think she is a good strategic thinker. She knows who she can trust, and who she can’t. She could have easily taken Britney’s deal to put up Kathy. She got “sincere” assurances from Hayden that he and Kristen would not go after her and Brendon (did you see Kristen’s double-take when he proposed that to Rachel?”, along with Britney selling it, too. They proposed a new “super alliance” that could pick off the other “unsuspecting” house guests, one by one. Her conversation with Britney, who could not afford to shake things up if Rachel wasn’t stupid enough to take the deal, revealed to me that Rachel has a cunning brain under all that fake red hair. All Rachel had to do was suggest that she “might put Lane up instead of Kathy”, and she threw a monkey wrench into their whole plan. She knows that Hayden is close to the other “Brigade” members, even if she doesn’t seem to specifically know about the formal alliance. She knows that Britney is loosely aligned with them and could not afford to take a chance by using the power of veto. It was a cunning move to respond to Britney that maybe Kathy wasn’t the one to put up in Hayden’s place, but maybe Lane, the “floater” should be put up. Rachel may not have all the pieces of the puzzle put together, but she intuitively knows something is up with those guys. That one subtle suggestion to Britney put an end to whole veto plot to fool Rachel into saving an enemy who would join with pretty much the whole house to put her and Brendan up next week caused Britney to back off, and not use the Power of Veto, thus ensuring that either Hayden or Kristen will go home tonight.

        One last thought – if Rachel gets wind of “The Brigade”, I think she could muster the votes (Brendon, Ragan, Kathy, and Britney) to get Hayden out tonight, severely wounding “The Brigade”, and turning the BB House on it’s head.

        Speaking of “The Brigade”, was Matt even IN the BB House last night? Not one diary room comment from the self-proclaimed genius last night (or the hilarious Ragan, whose comments were limited to the competition). We got plenty of “Enzoisms” and the occasional unintentionally funny comments from Lane, but most of the editing revolved around Rachel, Brendan, Hayden, Kristen (who was a great choice for the unitard, BTW), and Britney, who is growing on me with her hilarious commentary. Almost nothing from anyone else in the house, including, surprisingly Kathy, whose life in the house was on the line, and she just continued to float quietly. She did not even try to save herself, even though everyone in the house knew she was the number one choice to be the one to go up if the Power of Veto was used.

        Beware of Rachel – SHE may be the evil genius in the house. Those colossal boobs and all that screaming may just be misdirection to keep her opponents off guard. Two weeks ago, I thought and hoped that she would be out by now. She has been good in all the competitions, plays a good strategic game, and, I think her “bring it on”, “I’m not afraid of you” strategy is working. I think Brendan is part of her strategy, and will be jettisoned when it suits Rachel. She is playing the game to win, and seems to be doing fine so far. So, I am not sure what we are seeing from Rachel is “idiocy”.

  • Michele

    I can’t believe how Brendon follows Rachel around like a lap dog, I can’t even stand listening to her voice 3 times a week, I couldn’t imagine being in that house with her. It’s a shame, because I think Brendon has a great shot of winning but I think Rachel will be his downfall. He’s already “in love” with her, and somewhere down the line he’s gonna have to choose between her and the game, and he’ll choose stupid Rachel. Rachel gets more psychotic by the day. It’s definitely an unhealthy romance and I really think it will lead to their demise. No mention of Enzo and Lane’s pathetically lame Brigade rant in the diary room?

    • BB12BLOWS

      LOL. Bri-Bri-Bri-Bri GADE!!!!!!!!!!!! It was embarassingly cringe-worthy.

      • m

        Towards the end of it you could tell Lane was a little embarassed as Enzo kept on babbling. “We gotta get da animal out!”

      • John

        It wasn’t as bad as the Chill Town dance routine. You have to imagine the isolation starts to get to you after a while!

    • Evan Meadow

      Michelle its also a result of the editing. In many ways Rachel has already chosen Brendon over this game and he’s still trying to keep her focused on the game. Which at times is his detriment.

      But I would want to keep the girl over the cash anyway myself.

      • Julie McC


      • jen

        you would want to keep Rachel?? why???

      • BB MAMA

        I really think that Rachel is doing this whole “relationship” thing with Brendon for attention. I think that once the cameras are off her, she suddenly won’t be so lovey dovey with him. If you notice, in front of the other houseguests she is very flashy about their romance, but when they are alone and talking game, she talks down to him.

      • CraigJ

        Sorry, but not that girl. I don’t know what he could possibly like about her. She shouldn’t make it so hard for him and when Rach said that the Good Guys movie was the best movie she’s ever seen she instantly lost any credibility she had left. If you are going to kick it with someone so disgusting to look at, shouldn’t their be some redeeming qualities to make it worthwhile? Take the money in this case. I dig Britney, but would take the money over her too and then I’d be able to offer her an even better lifestyle than before. Then I’d have the girl and the money.

      • caryn

        I think it’s pretty obvious that the houseguests are told to gush over the movie they see each year. I also think they prompt them to laugh at nothing in particular and then make it seem like they are laughing at the movie.

      • BS

        The only place i’d want Rachel to be next to me would be in a plane crashing over the sea so i could grab on to her and keep afloat by her inplants. If she’s face up or face down ultimately does not matter.

    • AIan

      It’s very lame, and embarrasing. I mean, Brendan says that he “loves” Rachel? How can you love someone you’ve known for 3 weeks during a game show inside a locked house? “Love”??? Really?? I give this couple 2 months together outside the house. Max. Brendan is embarassing.

    • Karen

      Brendon’s GOT to be using her, right??? I can’t believe he’s really that into her.I think he should be the next sabateur.

    • Nakomis’ Other Brother

      Evil Dick seemed “psychotic”, too, but look how it worked out for him.

  • zoe

    I also LOVE Britney!

    • Michele

      I hated her a couple weeks ago, but I’m warming up to her. I didn’t really understand her logic for not using POV though, was she really THAT concerned about Rachel maybe putting up Lane? I don’t even think I’ve seen them talk.

      • Anna

        Lane stepped into the void after Monet’s eviction. From where I sit I see a nice friendship growing without the constant barrage of sexual pheromones that come flying off Rachel, Brendon, Hayden and Kristen. Lane and Brittney are also pretty funny without the level of cattines that Brittney and Monet seemed to bring out in each other.

      • Tom Brazelton

        I agree with you, Michele. I was not a Britney fan a few weeks ago. But now that I’m starting to see more of her game play (SMART game play at that) her catty comments now have context and are more humorous.

      • big sister

        Britney: Why are you so dramatic Brendon? You’re a Homo-sapien not a wizard!! Someone give this girl her own show LOL LOL.

      • Michele

        Oh ok, I must have missed their budding friendship! I just really couldn’t stand Britney with Monet, all they did was complain and bitch and cry and say insulting things about everyyyyone. But I think lately she’s stepped up her game a lot.

      • courtneycullen

        Anna, I could not have said it better myself.

      • Here & There

        Monet was a virus. Together Britney & Monet were unhealthy, breeding negativity all the time. Solo, Britney is actually playing the game and using her head. Her attachment to Lane could be detrimental. But she’s funny now.

      • LIGrrl

        In the live feeds, Rachel told Britney that she would put up Lane, not Kathy. Of course, CBS didn’t show that, so Britney not using the POV was completely out of context. Britney has been spending a lot of time with Lane and the Brigade men, though she doesn’t know about their alliance. She’s also spending a lot of time with Rachel, who she can’t stand. Which makes me agree with those who think she’s playing a very good game.

    • KC

      I agree! Brittany and Lane are actually playing a really good game. Lane is staying out of the spotlight just enough, and he has his head in the game (Diary room confessional about how this is a game in which you are trying to win money, why would you pass up $5,000 shows his head is where it needs to be). Brittany did a good job getting the target off her back, and sucking up to who she needs to suck up to! I just hope she didn’t put too big of a target on herself for agreeing to use the veto with Hayden then taking that back!

  • Team Lane

    I wish someone could put a muzzle over Rachels mouth. I cant stand her. I hope they get her out next week.

  • Hoboken Big Brother

    The Brigade keeps on rolling. Meow Meow!!! Noone even suspects these guys are in cahoots together. Puppy Dog and Fire Crotch are going to run out of allies soon. Unless Rub For Luck and Professor S&M jump on board, they are all going to be picked off by the Brigade.

    Why did Britney care about Lane so much? They don’t exactly seem like BFF’s. It would have secured her two alliances if Lane had been sacrificed. Proved her loyalty to Shouter and Catface and kept her out of the crosshairs of Puppy Dog and Fire Crotch. Bad move by Brit.

    • shaye

      Britney and Lane talk a lot. He is possibly her closest friend in the house. Nobody really likes Kristen and last night on BB AD she was basically throwing Hayden under the bus so now nobody trusts her either.

    • gato

      Britney and Lane are buddies…but, they barely show them together on the CBS show

    • Wha???

      All those words, yet I have no idea what you just said.

  • Tom Brazelton

    I was actually kind of excited to see The Other Guys until it was made a prize for the house guests. Usually that’s the sign of a sure-fire stinker.

    • Jules

      Ha! So true!

    • Mikey

      As long as it’s better than that Jeremy Piven piece of sh!t last year, go ahead and count it as a win.

  • Claire

    For those of us with the 24/7 live feeds (aka The Rachel & Brendon Channel), all we’ve seen all week are endless kissing, slurping, fighting, arguing, passive aggressiveness, sex make up sessions, Brendon berating her for hours at a time while she just stares and glares at him in silence, …. what was it that Usher said? Oh yeah, “OMG!” DAMN these two houseguests. They are beyond irritating, overly sensitive, just disgusting to watch. Those who don’t get to see the goings on in the 24/7 feeds and get to just watch the 3 edited shows a week should be thanking their lucky stars that that’s all they get to see. I’ve watched every season of BB and these 2 disgust me more than any previous HGs ever. EVER. Can’t wait til they go. Actually I want Brendon to go first, because as entertainment I want to see Rachel just melt down in front of our very eyes. Now THAT will be great TV.

    • Eshia

      Agreed. My friends and I have been coming up with possible scenarios of exactly how Rachel will react when Brendon is evicted. Whenever it does happen, I’m sure it will be awesome. The more I see of them, the more I feel bad for Brendon for falling for her.

      • jason.

        If they can just get her out before the Jury starts being formed, no-one will ever have to hear her again. Well, except for the final episode.

        And yes, I would use that as leverage next week…

        “Not everyone is going to make it to the final two. Now, you all have a vested interest in NOT hearing this voice when you walk through the doors of the Jury House. Fellow houseguests, please evict Rachel, so that none of us has to be stuck with her in the Jury House. Thank you”

      • SLB

        No one seems to be paying much attention. Rachel needs to go first. Brendon will completely melt down. Rachel (who said “you’re too nice to me” to Brendon and we all know what that means) will not crawl away and die like everyone thinks. She will become a raging b*tch.

  • Firecat

    Britney is in my Top 5 BB houseguests of all time!

  • Anna

    It seems an inevitable and almost forgone conclusion that Kristen will be the one to face eviction tomorrow night. The Brotherhood of Putzim will back Hayden, Rachel will certainly be voting for Kristen, and like the good chia pet that he is, Brendon will also do as he’s told and vote for Kristen. That leaves Brittney, Kathy and Ragan; it’s not enough. With enough luck and a great deal of karma next week will see Rachel releasing her Svengali like death grip from around Brendon’s throat and the neutralization of the Big Brother house’s other dynamic duo.

    • Ken

      Rachel can’t vote, a tie isn’t possible with 7 people voting.

      • Anna

        Thank you. I’m relatively new to Big Brother and still learning my way around. Even without Rachel’s vote I still kind of think Kristen is doomed, Rachel seems to be able to exert an undue amount of influence over Brendon. Kind of like a voodoo high priestess who’s sucked the soul, the life, and the will to live clean out of his body.

  • bamalam

    all signs point to Kristen leaving…but I really want Hayden to go. He is just too annoying…from his voice to just the physical way he talks. It’s like his teeth are trying to escape from his face and his lips are trying to keep them in…and does he own a shirt? I swear, he’s half naked all the time! Yes he has a good body, but hardly wearing a shirt shows his vanity.

    • TAMI

      Hayden doesn’t seem to have an upper lip, so his teeth look like they are trying to escape his face!! He’s got that mop top hair on his head. It frames his face and keeps the focus away from those butt ugly features. LMAO!

    • darclyte

      Did anyone else notice that she actually had 2 hippie-tards? The first one had more color and a little peace symbol over her heart, but at the Veto Meeting, the outfit had less color and no peace symbol on her chest but rather it covered the whole front of the outfit.

      • caryn

        Yes, they are calling them something like ‘big peace sign’ and ‘little peace sign’ and deciding which she will wear for the live show on Thursday. She has to wear those even when she works out – gross.

      • stlcardsfan

        can we say laundry?

      • darclyte

        In the past, haven’t they only had one unitard/banana suit? I’m glad that they gave her 2 so that she can launder one while wearing the other.

      • BB FAN 25

        Couple thoughts on this season of BB….
        1. Yes, I noticed that Kristen had 2 hippie-tards on last nights episode

        2. Who am I?? “Babe, I love you!” Can Brendon be anymore ridiculous?? Would love to know what his family and friends are thinking?!?!?! Furthermore, has anyone ever seen Rachel returning this sentiment?? They absolutely 100% make me wanna throw up!!!

        3. Anyone else think that Matt totally screwed up by not putting “Brenchel” up when he had the chance.

      • caryn

        Yeah, Kristen can do laundry… I just got the impression the other day that she didn’t and was sitting around in the unitard well after she worked out.
        Rachel let it slip on the live feed tuesday night that she and Brendon worked a deal with Matt that he wouldn’t put them up. She told this to Hayden (mistake??).

    • Jethro

      Very true on the teeth, are they even real. Hayden needs a complete make over, the hair is way too long, actually styled like a female. He needs to go, I wanted him gone weeks ago, but he stays. The brigade need to let him out, Lane is on to him and thinks Hay is a detriment!

    • Susie

      Wow, you guys are kind of harsh about Hayden’s looks. I think he’s really attractive, actually. I love his hair & I honestly don’t see anything wrong with his teeth–nothing worth making fun of.
      Not everyone has perfect teeth for television. I can guarantee that most of the people here that are making fun of teeth and hair, etc.. are probably waaay worse off in the looks department. Start posting your pictures up & we’ll have a party :D

      I wanna see Enzo & Brittany in the top, along with maybe Brenden (separated from the psychotic Rachel) & Hayden….I can’t really think of anyone else that stands out yet. But obviously that changes from week to week.

      Also, Lane disappoints me. I thought he was a nice guy until the thing he said about shooting eyes in the dark..wtf? So much for respecting living things. I guess some of you are all about tacky rednecks. COOL.

      • BB MAMA

        I agree. I am not a big Lane fan. I think he plays “dumb country boy” in the diary room just to be funny and I find it annoying.

      • CraigJ

        When you are on a TV show it opens the door for debate on the way that a person looks as well as their personality. That is something that people just have to accept when they work on tv. You are probably not the only person who thinks he is attractive or else he wouldn’t have been cast on the show.

      • Susie

        Craig, I see your point, and I don’t have a problem with people thinking a person is ugly or attractive, it’s human nature. But I think there is a high level of immaturity and ridiculousness showcased in some areas of this thread and being who I am, I have to say something about it. I have been forced to have lunch with a few girls that would sit there and cut every other girl in the restaurant up and down with insults and laughter. Yeah, maybe I don’t like a girl’s outfit or her hair, but to go as far as to sit there and laugh about it and make fun like that? I’m not going to do it…and if I see someone acting so stupidly, hell yeah I’m going to say something :)

  • Austin

    Britney is awesome. She plays a smart game and she’s freaking hilarious.

  • Meggy

    I also was anti-Britney when her and Monet were being mean Plastics. But now, she is my fave! Her commentary is classic and she really is playing a great game. She’s won two veto comps already and she’s managed to play well with the different alliances.

    • darclyte

      Her “hanging myself” comment, complete with visual, from Sunday’s episode had me laughing hard. She and Lane are both pretty funny in the DR, but she is hilarious.

      • davey

        I love Britney and Lane’s DR sessions the most. Britney has the best one-liners and facial expressions – however I still feel like Lane is given his lines to say (just by the way they come out of his mouth). He’s still awesome though.

  • Jules

    I find it weird that they didn’t show how close Lane and Britney actually are in the house. If you didn’t know this, her decision to not use the POV wouldn’t make much sense.

    • big sister

      The editing stinks this season. They’re too busy pusing the nauseatingly irritating trianwreck that is “Brenchel” down our throats.

      • big sister


      • jason.

        Meh. It’s transparent, gooey, it stinks and it’s a sign that something is seriously wrong. Just the thought of it makes me gag.

        I think “pus” is more apt than “push”

  • Andy

    I hope Kristen can stay. She brings the drama! Please evict that ho Rachel.

    • Evan Meadow

      Kristen might have had a chance to stay if she ever admitted that she and Hayden are actually a couple. This constant denial from the two of them is what really sent her packing.

      She may have had a better chance if they had been upfront as soon as they got caught.

  • Will

    I won’t miss Rachel one bit whenever she gets voted out. I hope it’s soon. She is such a beootch…. And I could seriously slap Brendon upside the head. What the heck is his problem? Wuss!

    • Scott

      I think you actually would miss her. Without her and Brendon you have no conflict in the house and without conflict, you just have a bunch of friends living together. The characters are so boring this season that at least you have “villians” to root against (which ironically has me rooting for her and Brendon to win competitions so they’ll stay). They provide the drama. Britney provides the comedy (although BB wants us to think that Enzo and Ragan are funny). What does anyone in the house provide? Kathy? Enzo? Ragan? Hayden? Lane? Matt? It wasn’t until this week that anyone even knew Kristen was a part of the game.

      • Julie McC

        Excellent point Scott. Rachel is the HG we all love to hate. If she goes we’re in big big trouble. I don’t know who did the casting this season but they dropped the ball BIG time. This has got to be the most boring season since Season One.

      • jazz

        Exactly I am sorry but they make the show they give everyone someone to riff off of. And so far Rachels played a smart game when she isn’t being crazy, she seems to have a good read on people she hasn’t fallen into any traps, the brigade keeps saying that they are unlucky, I think they just suck.

      • BB MAMA

        People always think that if the “villains” get voted out that the show will be boring, but I think it will become even more exciting. Once Brendon and Rachel are gone, then everyone will turn on eachother.

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