Justin Bieber to star in big screen 3-D biopic

justin-bieberImage Credit: George Pimentel/WireImage.comA 3-D Justin Bieber film will hit theaters in time for Valentine’s Day 2011, Paramount confirms to EW. It won’t just be a concert film; it’ll tell Bieber’s life story. Bieber is set to produce the biopic, along with his manager Scooter Braun, Island Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid, and Usher. “When the idea for a movie first came to us, we knew immediately this was our chance to give something very special back to the all fans who have been a huge source of inspiration and support throughout my entire career thus far. They simply make my dreams come true everyday,” the 16-year-old Bieber says in a statement. “I cannot wait to share all the great experiences I’ve had over the last few years with them.”

Bieber himself confirmed the news in a series of tweets last night: “Next Valentine’s we r coming with a major 3D Movie telling the story with an Oscar winning director and also filmin the tour at MSG in NYC!!… the story the songs the concert. Can u imagine how big my man @kennyhamilton’s forehead [Bieber’s bodyguard] will b on a movie screen. Lol. Sorry kenny. Luv yah… a lot happened today. a lot of news…. oh yeah and i went swimming. that was fun too. chill day :)”.

A source says Davis Guggenheim, the Oscar-winning director of An Inconvenient Truth, is in discussions to direct. Bieber’s 3-D effort is the latest in a trend that includes 2009’s Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience and this year’s Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D. Bieber is also penning his memoir, First Step 2 Forever: My Story, which will hit shelves in October.

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  • night train

    I can’t wait for the Martin Scorsese movie about the Jonas brothers either!!! this is truly the golden age of cinema!

    • BFD

      I see jail and rehab in his future.

      • katie

        why ..?

      • Hyun-Su

        I see gay in his future? But he would be the most popular gay I know.

    • Joe

      That Haircut! Is it just me or does he look like a bald kid wearing a REALLY FREAKING BAD TOUPEE!

  • vinny

    Wait a minute. The girl is like 12 years old. How are they going to make a biopic about her life when the biggest thing of her life besides becoming a “singer,” was probably her 5th birthday party? Justine doesn’t have any talent and will probably fade into obscurity once her voice gets deeper. Go back to Canada, and take your bad hairpiece with you!

    • jared

      Your statement makes no sense. If he is a girl like you contend, why would her voice change? Dummy.

      • will

        so girls voices don’t change when they go through puberty…

      • dick mcdickinson

        why are you defending this obvious transvestite…lol yeah once his/her voice deepen we wont be seeing much more of him..except maybe on COPS! LMFAO

      • Adam

        Womens voices change and get more deeper overtime, dumbass.

      • TVGord

        She could become Beatrice Arthur. And hey, don’t send her back to Canada! I’m in Canada and we’ve got enough problems!

        I’m curious to see how they make a 3D biopic about a 2D celebrity.

    • Thomas

      Sounds like Vinny’s got some issues he needs to deal with.

    • rj

      This isn’t a girl, it’s a young man trapped in the body of a prepubescent female, caused by taking too many estrogen pills to delay puberty so that he could extend his “career” a few more years.

  • It’s a fact

    AUuuuugggghHHHHHH!!!!! Why????????

    • Cato

      Why? Simple. The people handling Bieber’s career know he does not have the chops to last long term. They need to squeeze every penny out of the Bieber fad before the next teen dream comes along. In fact, they should rush to get this movie in theatres before Christmas. By next February, Bieber could be the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question.

      • Flynn

        I agree.

      • Felicia

        “By next February, Bieber could be the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question.” Well said. His bullet train to oversaturation is right on schedule.

      • Janice

        And it’ll probably be a question that almost everyone misses, cause no one will remember him.

      • Kylie

        That’s definitely what’s happening. The guy is no Bono, there is no longevity in any of these tween stars careers. Look at the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. In two years their fans will grow up and realize they like rap or death metal better and that will be the end of their careers.

  • ObiHave

    To quote Michael Stipe…”It’s the end of the world as we know it.” Only I’m not feeling fine.

  • Ellie

    Like the South Park parents, I say we blame Canada.

    • Wottadoosh

      Hey, we blame the US for making him popular! We don’t want him back! (Although we do apologize for Nickleback, we really took that one too far.)

      • Mikeyd74

        You guys still owe us for Bryan Adams

      • Cato

        Cheers, Canada! You gave us “SCTV” and “The Kids in the Hall.” That more than makes up for Bieber. Unfortunately, nothing can absolve you for Nickelback, especially since it inspired an American knock-off, aka Daughtry.

      • Adam

        We have Canada to blame for a lot, but Arcade Fire is alive. That makes up for EVERYTHING.

      • Eric

        At least we got the BNL from you guys. Props on that one.

      • Karl

        Hey you guys gave us Celine Dion, Chantal Kreviazuk and Alanis. I’d say it’s even.

    • bringback80smusic

      I’m from his hometown. Keep him in the U.S. We don’t want him either, and yes, we blame the U.S. for making him popular.

  • Anonymous

    im so xcited. jb is so hawt! i luv him 2 death and 4ever <3 h8rz just dnt know good music!

    • dick mcdickinson

      no you dont know good music because ur 5 years old…

    • Adam

      You are the undeniable reason why I’m moving Iceland.

  • will

    WHO CARES? Flash in the pan. Potty trainng stories bore me.

    • kim

      Or trying to walk story. Or learning to say a word story. Or singing for the very first time story. Whatever this BIG BIG 3D BIOPIC wants to show, it’ll be epic……fail.

  • Todd

    h8rz? Being someone who’s actually literate, I prefer to refer to myself as a ‘hater’.

    • jujubeans

      vowels are dumb

  • Nicole

    Can we all agree that this 3D craze has reached its apex and kill it please? I mean, when the biopic of a 14 year old is being made in 3D, it’s over, right? It’s reached the point where I almost won’t see a 3D movie just out of spite for the massive overuse of the gimmick.

    Mind you I wouldn’t watch this movie if it a free video on YouTube, but that’s besides the point. I don’t know what to be more infuriated about: that they’re making another ridiculous 3D movie, or that it’s a BIOPIC about someone that was a fetus a short time ago.

    • D

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Adam

      Exactly. Maybe if that recently-fetus star of the biopic was a child that had undergone something traumatic, i,e the Holocaust or cancer or anything else to that degree would it be acceptable. I’m even younger than this flash in the pan and it’s getting ridiculous. Do any of you realize hat I have to go through on a daily basis due to Bieber-fever? He is what everyone talks about and it i the partial reason for why I believe America, and pretty much the world in general, is going to hell in a hand basket.

  • Josh

    And 3D has offically entered the badlands.

    The goods news is bad movies are usually the start of a downfall of a career. Look at the Jonas Brothers. They’re mostly forgotten by everyone but the media and I think they might be it for Justin Beiber. This our just two years until he starts growing facial.

    But the biopic should be exciting

    Scene 1: Born
    Scene 2: Got a bad haircut
    Scene 3: Got a record dead
    Scene 4: Became famous
    Scene 5: Had a biopic made about him.

    …I smell an Oscar.

    • John

      You know that’s probably exactly how the script outline looks.

    • rj

      I’ve never heard his music, and hopefully i never will. But these comments are hilarious and very true concerning the average teen made star.

    • ObiHave

      They should get Ellen Page to play him/her.

      • Dominic

        ObiHave – genius casting.

  • Kay

    Don’t they know that by the time this is finished, he’ll be over and the teen girls will be shrieking for someone else?

    I hope this is some kind of joke.

  • ingmar

    I Simply can’t stand the guy. He realy thinks he is everything and that he is better than everyone with his hair. He has a nice voice ; but most 12-16 years old do…but act? Seriously? I hope everyone discovers that its just another teen boy,prolly gay, that has nice hair according to some girls.

  • erik

    What’s worse? The fact that this movie is even being greenlit, or the fact that the fact that the guy who just directed “It Might Get Loud”, which features three actual musicians (which, let’s honestly face it Bieber fans, he is most definitely not), is now gonna be directing this????? Which is worse people????

  • Smork

    The day 3-D died. Seriously this may be what it takes for people to click that 3-D is simply a gimmick to distract you from a bad story.

    • Alex

      I really really hope so. 3-D may look cool, but it disenfranchises many audience members who do not find 3-D viewing comfortable, does not add anything to movies from a storytelling perspective, and has given theatres the excuse to jack the price.

  • khalil

    wat life story hes 15 come on guys fo course its just to get the money flow constant before he gets older or does something stupid — which if he does do something stupid their will be a follow up documentarty (BIEBER THE RISE AND FALL) lol

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