Do we think Tina Fey was 'lizzing' as she filmed this Mutual Savings Bank commercial from 1995?

I will refrain from comparing Tina Fey’s first commercial, a Mutual Savings Bank spot from 1995, to Liz Lemon’s 1-900-OK-FACE sex line commercial on 30 Rock in a point-by-point analysis. We all know nothing can compare to OK-FACE anyway. Serious question though: Do we think Tina was “lizzing” (laughing combined with whizzing) in between takes? Judge for yourself.

The applique vest — as seen in SNL‘s commercial for Mom Jeans — is a nice touch. I wish she would have said “Hi!” in English, German, and Polish, but you can’t win ‘em all.

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  • Dustin


    • UGH

      The @$$ kissing of this overrated hack continues on this site…..

      • TVGord

        She’s hilarious and entirely entertaining. Meanwhile, I’ve never heard of YOU!

      • Brett

        No, she’s neither hilarious nor entirely entertaining. Apart from her Sarah Palin impersonations, I’ve never found her funny.

      • Bijou

        @Brett- You have never found her funny. 99% of the other people in this world find her VERY funny. So maybe it says something about you not about THE most awesome funniest most talented and most beautiful woman – Tina Fey.

      • Lala

        @Bijou 99%? Really? I’d say 99% of the people in this world have never even heard of this woman. Just ask the Chinese. Or the Indians. There’s lots of them.

      • stella

        I’ve noticed that most Tina Fey critics only know her from one thing, her Palin impersonations. Due to your unfortunate, limited exposure to the depth of Tina Fey’s awesomeness, you don’t realize that 1) she’s SNL’s first female head writer 2) She wrote one of the funniest comedies of the decade, the now-classic Mean Girls 3) She writes, stars, produces one of the most brilliant comedy tv series of the decade, 30 Rock 4) She works her ass off more than any other celebrity out there, and ESPECIALLY more than 99% of Hollywood comedians. What have you done lately?

      • UGH

        Apologies. I had forgotten that the Internet is now open to people of low intelligence, the unemployed, and just white trash in general. One of these days when you all get back on your feet in this bad economy, maybe you will strive to find someone more entertaining to enjoy than this overrated “comidienne” this magazine over promotes. Good luck with that.

      • Bijou

        @Lala 99% of the people who know her.And I’m sure some of them are Chinese.

      • Eric

        1) Head writer for one of the most dismal eras of SNL.
        2)Mean Girls? Haha. You mean the movie that was already made 70 times in the 80’s with all of the other teen flicks?
        3)30 Rock was promising it’s first season, but went downhill soon after. A waste of a show for real talents like Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan.
        4)Works her @$$ off to no avail other than to throw out mediocre entertainment to the easily amused.

      • Kerrie

        5)She can have a career making unfunny movies with the equally unfunny Steve Carrell.

        Also, to comment on “Lizzing”, it goes to show you that she’s a one-trick pony.

      • hutchy

        You know, at first I laughed when he said it, but as every day goes by, I think more and more that Prince might be right: the internet is over. Its impossible to go into any TB on anything without some D-bag (and always in the first few comments, like they are just sitting there in Mom’s basement hitting refresh every 10 seconds just WAITING to troll something)spouting some contrary trollish opinion, never with any facts to back up their position, as if because THEY feel it, it must be true. I mean, on another site earlier this morning, someone was spouting off about how much Jaws sucks as a movie (rolls eyes).

      • Kerrie

        Hutchy, you’re one of those morons who doesn’t understand that with the power of the internet, EVERYONE is entitled to their opinions. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

      • ^

        ooooh, burnnnnnn

      • Daniel

        I should have known better than to have expected intelligent conversation here. The flaming on this board is painful to my humanity.

      • Kerrie

        Oh, I left out:
        6) Her Sarah Palin impression was played out. Comedians have been doing impressions such as that for years (and better at that) and never got the acclaim.
        Daniel’s just upset that none of the fans have any intelligence to back up there adoration.

      • Kerrie

        “their” adoration.
        Damned no edit function.

      • klaseau

        Dear Ugh: Please tell us who you think is funny

      • Annie

        Seriously. Can we, for one moment, not rip each other a new asshole for having different opinions. Yes, I understand it is extremely easy when you can hide behind the internet, but what use is it to be so rude when your on a comment forum? Why don’t we try using these comment sections for what their meant for, creative evaluation and not cruel retorts. Essentially, lets be adults, and not be confused for 15 year-olds hurling insults while on X-box live.

      • ConcordantMind

        Do you whine about every celebrity you don’t like online? Or just this one in particular? Listen Hater, no one’s making you watch the show. So screw off. 30 Rock’s scripts are insanely witty and well written, filled with setup and payoff, hooks, character development, and not to mention hilarious jokes. Go back to watching Larry the Cable Guy “get ‘er done” jokes and leave Tina Fey the hell alone! Thanks for playing.

      • OMGq

        It’s OK if these trolls don’t like her because she made fun of their beloved Palin. Something tells me that she could care less. And the fact that her show has won a ton of awards is probably all the validation that she needs.

      • GorgeousGeorges

        Huh. I wonder why, if you all hate her so much, you even bothered clicking on a blog post about her. Oh, wait, right. It’s because you have nothing better to do with your lives. Personally, if I don’t find the subject of a post interesting, I DON’T READ IT! Simple.

      • Lucy

        @Eric. Fortunately, your opinions pretty much defy the majority of popular opinion and critics in general.

        1) Fervently debated. All I know is that the present run of SNL is making me nostalgic for the Tina Fey days. (comparison of SNL guests is a good indicator) SNL is a collaborative effort, so you honestly can’t believe that a single-person turnaround is possible. Just look at poor Kristen Wiig.

        2) As a reader of EW’s blogs, you’re also probably familiar with the fact that EW gave the #2 rank of best teen comedy of all time to Mean Girls. So did an impromptu thread on IMDB by the hard-to-please fanboys. Dont even ask me. Just look for it on the net – there is overwhelming evidence that even after 6 years, Mean Girls is destined to be one for the ages. Adults love it. Guys and girls still quote it (and this is an ADHD demographic). Staple of its genre. Your argument is poor. The end.

        4) She is much better than you.

      • Lucy


        Oh, and 3) Baldwin’s career was in the freaking toilet before Fey bestowed her grace on him. He acknowledges it in every interview, article, appearance (oscars, anyone?). He’s getting a career revival because of her (again, his words, not mine). And I’m guessing that the place back in the spotlight, exposure to a new fanbase, and dozens of accolades (globes, emmys, sags) doesn’t hurt either.

        @Kerrie. Worst argument ever. You take ONE example of Fey’s brilliant stunts and call her a one-trick pony? Every single 30 Rock fan begs to differ. Have you SEEN “best of liz lemon” on youtube?

    • Jeff

      Well Brett, I guess if you’ve never found her funny then we should all bow down to your expertise. I apologize that we wasted your time and that even though you can’t stand her, you still didn’t hesitate to click on a link about…yeah you guessed it… Tina Fey.

  • JLC

    Wow, that barely looks like her. Remember when Liz called Kenneth an “apple-cheeked goon?”

  • BrandonK

    Wow…I’m starting to feel like us ’90s kids have as much to answer for (sartorially speaking) as those people we laugh at from the ’80s and ’70s.

    • Ilo

      LOL….pleated pants, vests and floppy hats with sunflowers glued to the front…YIKES

      • John

        I feel that way every time I watch a rerun of Martin. Tina looks a lot better now.

  • nodnarb

    I don’t watch 30 Rock so there may be a reference I’m missing… so by “lizzing” I thought you were making an absolutely inappropriate but — based on the mullet-bob hairdo in that picture — hilarious lesbian joke.

    • Trixie

      Lizzing = laughing + whizzing (peeing)

    • Ceballos


      Not gonna lie…a little bummed to hear you don’t watch “30 Rock.”

      • nodnarb

        The fall that 30 Rock and Studio 60 both premiered, I could only bring myself to watch one faux-SNL series. Apparently I picked the wrong one.

      • Ceballos

        That makes sense…

        I actually didn’t totally love “30 Rock” until the middle of its first season…that plus the pilot for “Studio 60″ is supposed to be one of the best things in the history of ever.

      • mickey

        the pilot of studio 60 was awesome: it went downhill quickly. and i think you’re right: 30 rock only really found its voice after about six or seven episodes, i think.

  • Faye

    i don’t know what i just watched.

  • Amanda B.

    what’s most out of date? The hair, the vest, or a high interest rate?

    • Brett

      …or the performer?

      • Riley

        Brett, as totally awesome and fun as it is that you’re making comments on a post about a lady you don’t find talented, maybe you should cool it and focus your energy elsewhere.

      • UGH

        Yay, Brett.

  • Mark

    Is it me or does that look like the same abandoned building where Omar shot Stringer Bell???

    • Cil

      I know enough to stay away from “The Wire” message boards since I haven’t finished the series, but I thought I was safe from spoilers on a Tina Fey “Lizzing” article. Thanks.

      • Faye

        if you’re worried about spoilers you should stay away from all tv related posts. the world can’t wait for you forever.

      • Cil

        I’m asking the world to wait for me because I wasn’t expecting a reference to “The Wire” on a Tina Fey post? Riiiight.

  • S.O.

    At least not as embarrassing as Evangeline Lilly staring in ads for Live Links before LOST started.

    • sam j

      Hey those are great commercials. They play those on the Sat 2am syndicated “Lost” eps in the L.A. market.

  • Peter

    Back when commercials were filmed by a camera dangling from a sting.

    • Lala

      Now we know were movies of the past 10 years got their inspiration.

  • Any

    I love Tina!!! So so so funny.. I’m lizzing myself!

  • Jay

    Tina Fey is a goddess.

  • GARY


  • Dinjab

    All 39-yr-old celeb women look SO much better at 39 than they did at 25 before they were famous.

  • Stace Smurf

    So funny and AthleteHookup was amazing

  • PR for PR

    Wow, I can’t believe she used to be a chunky lesbian!

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